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  1. We want revenge for the League Cup exit and we need to play ourselves into some form for the run in. we can't keep scraping, we need a performance , something to suggest it will be good for the next few fixtures to keep ourselves on track for the top four.
  2. Stan sounds like the sort of bloke who would drive of a cliff with his girlfriend in the boot!
  3. Yes we have struggled recently but overall it has been a good season, we still need to keep it going, securing Champions League football and doing our best in the F.A cup. what we have achieved so far will mean nothing if we fail to get top four.
  4. We are still in a good position to finish top four but we have to act quickly to stop the slide.we started so well but we can't afford to tail off.
  5. What's gone Pete Tong!. the players look jaded and tired. we are going through a sticky patch which we hopefully will come out of. the players need to get back to basics of hard work and working together.
  6. Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarek has died at the age of 91. Mubarek spent three decades in power, before a popular uprising swept Egypt. he was found guily of complicity in the killing of protesters but that conviction was overturned and he was freed in march '17
  7. I doubt he will do everyone a favor and do an Epstein. he thought his wealth would make things go away by paying people off and when that didn't work he tried looking ill and frail with a zimmerframe hoping for sympathy. the guy is a total sleazeball and scumbag. he can either die or rot in jail. his choice.
  8. Really pleased if he stays but i thought he wanted to leave after this season! but what's one more year.
  9. These are the games we need to be winning, yes they are fighting for their Premier League lives but we need to consolidate third place.
  10. subconsciously referees favor certain teams and discriminate against certain players. they have in their mind players who they percieve to be cheats or who are always looking to get an advantage. referees should walk on the pitch with their mind a blank slate as to what previously went before or what they have heard or what reputation a player has. decisions should be based on what they think of the incident in that moment and not have other factors influence them.
  11. Robbie Fowler after a penalty was awarded in a premier League game at Highbury in '97, he claimed he had not been foouled by David Seaman. the referee still awarded the spotkick so Fowler hit a weak shot straight at Seamen. He recieved a FIFA commendation for it.
  12. Anyone heard from Enderbyfox!
  13. If he improves the squad and was happy to come back( which I doubt he would be) then yes I would have him back. You can't blame players for wanting to better themselves and playing for what they believe is a bigger club with more chances to win trophies. Only the fans kiss the badge ad truly mean it.
  14. With three suicides,two former contestants and now a former presenter serious questions have to be asked about the level of care and consideration of the people on the show are getting. How many series of big brother did we have and we didn't get any suicides and that was a more stressful show you would think. This days society is making people instant celebrities of ordinary people who then struggle with all the attention and criticism that they get for being on a reality show, not to mention anyone now can become an armchair critic who say anything about someone without thinking or caring ab
  15. A good point away from home considering we didn't play well and with Hamzas sending off. Wolves fans will feel rightly aggrieved at their dissaloed goal but that is what VAR was brought in for to see the miniscule decisions.
  16. let's be honest UEFA would never ever dream of banning real Madrid or Barcelona, it's because Man City have pumped in soo much money sooo quickly to get to where they are now so they can compete to at least with the big European heavyweights. if the ban sticks you would think Pep will just walk away and probably alot of their players, no one there wants to be out of playing in Europe for two years, it would seem like an eternity for Man City. it needs to be a level playing field in Europe . Man City are by no means the only club giulty of financial doping. UEFA needs to be fair and it needs to
  17. There are a lot of offensive words in the dictionary doesn't mean we can use them. Steward " stop chanting that it's offensive" Fan " well it's in the dictionary" Steward " o.k then chant away"
  18. It is going to be very difficult for the democrats, they need someone with a personality as they are going up aginst the Donald. if they stray too far to the left they will easily be attacked as in this country with Jeremy Corbyn with such right wing press not to mention the Republican Fox news. it is also going to be hard as in most cases the imcumbent usually is given a second term. as with most elections the inner US states will all vote Republican. it does not look like the Democrats have a Bill Clinton type person to defeat Donald. Bernie is too old and too far to the left.
  19. Is the moral of the story that is is not how much money you spend on players, it is how you coach them and how you get the best out of the team or squad, week in week out and how you manage them. you can spend millions on players and still be dross, look at Manure.
  20. For a person who has suffered racist comments and abuse it is not very bright, you would think he would know better!. or does he think it's only racism when a white person does it!
  21. Really hope it doesn't go the same way as Michael Barrymore with a dead body in his pool or somewhere else!
  22. There is so much choice now with regards to what people can watch and how people can access their news that the Licence fee is becoming more and more irrelivent. the BBC needs to be more streamlined and cost effective in an age of Netflix and Amazon. I for one would welcome the BBC becoming fully commercialized and the abolishment of the Licence fee. it would generate more money for the ailing BBC and help millions of families out of debt. it is a disgrace that i have to pay a fee to the BBC even if i don't use any of their services.
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