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  1. Have you ever watched a match between two more vile teams than these? The only thing that could rescue my weekend here would be seeing Ratface and "Sonny" run face first into each other, full tilt. Then keel over onto Kavanagh, destroying his VAR wireless.
  2. Kasper trying to take Amartey's head off with that clearance. And rightly so
  3. Kabak and Alisson not much of a goal prevention unit are they?
  4. Right, I may have checked the wrong source. Sportrac shows him signed to 6/2024 but transfermarket 6/2023.
  5. Yep, a borderline call. I didn't see any case for a red until they showed this angle. I'd want red if Cooper landed that one on Harvey Barnes.
  6. Has barely played in years (hasn’t played well for four and a half), and can’t sniff the pitch for Turkish also-rans. But wants to go back to Chelsea. His statements and actions demonstrate a removal from reality, and an inability to accept consequences. It was diplomatic of Pearson to label him a “complicated individual”. I had hoped he would get be able to get himself straight for life after football. This sadly appears most unlikely, and I suspect we’ll see this thread bumped once in a while with glimpses of a life unraveling. Danny, we saw you at your
  7. They were second best all day, and trailing 1-0 after 85'. But Arsenal missed a lot of good chances, then bottled it with a minute of stoppage time to go, giving Slavia their equalizer -- and away goal -- off a corner. Arsenal looked bigger, and much faster, but less determined. Be a good thing to get them out of next year's CL conversation once and for all!
  8. I’ve read several things lately explaining this: Not many years after declaring football a national priority, the dictatorship has now declared they really meant “football with Chinese characteristics”. i.e. building up the grass roots at home, rather than splashing hundreds of millions on high-profile foreign clubs and players. All these companies that made such investments have been told to reverse course, pronto. Huge investment in European teams is now seen as an unproductive export of capital. My guess, Fosun turning a profit with a PL club (and Gestifute) will
  9. You’d hope, after last year exposed our limitations, that the media and our fans would realize it isn’t as easy as he’s sometimes made it look!
  10. We led the table in a majority of weeks, so not ridiculous https://maheshsenni.github.io/dataviz-epl-table-2015-2016/
  11. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I do feel like sharing this. With an average score of 44 points out of 100, Romania remains one of the most corrupt countries in the European Union (EU), according to Transparency International's 2020 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI). For the first time, three countries share the last place in the EU ranking - Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary Without implying any more about this referee, it is a country where most things are for sale.
  12. Over to Liverpool Real. No way in hell will my blood pressure withstand another minute of watching this referee.
  13. Pen awarded without contact. Not even a foul. Romanian ref. He's not bent
  14. Is Emre Can always as horrible as this? I hate the Haaland circus, but can understand why he might want better teammates.
  15. Brown Noser, like hell! He and I are still duking it out over Claude Puel. Tosser, he is. (Peters, not Puel) (well actually both of them)
  16. When I see Talksport linked on FT, it’s usually dumb-assed clickbait drivel. The exception being when @UpTheLeagueFoxis doing the posting. A good soldier who ensures the occasional reasonable opinion expressed on his platform does get seen on here. If Mr Peters is the lone voice in the wilderness, does that prove we're mostly interested in the clickbait drivel?
  17. I think a summer to recover, and to train on the club's (rather than Southgate's) program, will be just what the doctor ordered for Maddison and Barnes. As they keep performing in the League, they will force their way into the conversation for Qatar. Plus I'll not waste time watching your country's matches on beautiful early-summer afternoons. Total win-win.
  18. Given that Fosun (Wolves’ parent) own 20% of Gestifute (Mendes’ agency), I don’t think this argument holds water. It was Fosun’s aim to get into the business of profiting from player trading well before they decided to buy a club. They then decided to vertically integrate, and bought WWFC. I don’t see how that is “boring” to Mendes, nor why Fosun would break up this clever little conglomerate. Gestifute/Fosun get a PL showcase. Wolves/Fosun not only get first dibs on the agency’s talent (with no independent party to negotiate high player salaries), but also effective
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