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  1. Minimal physical training when playing Sun - Thurs - Sun. Although we don’t have that concern anymore!
  2. Decent outcome of this game now is to have no more injuries.
  3. Lol while they were characters, this current lot are doing alright to be fair!
  4. Maybe Matt Elliott and Steve Walsh will salvage a 3-3 draw in the 98th minute
  5. Stupid rule. It’s natural to use your arms to elevate your body...
  6. Evans must be shagged. Played so many games for a 32-33 year old
  7. I fully admit I haven’t paid attention to the style of football that the academy plays, but I thought that part of the grand plan was to sync all teams and all age groups with the same brand of football?
  8. Also as well in this new style of football he won’t be as effective as he was when we relied so heavily on counter attacking. Don’t write him off just yet.
  9. My old man is convinced he’s gone as a top level striker. I’m not so sure, he’s had slumps before and come back strong. In JV we trust!
  10. Feeling better about it today for the reasons stated by people on this thread. I do think, however, that we had enough quality on the field to win. But it was such a poor performance when both legs aren’t taken into consideration. We do look knackered, but so do everyone else. Hopefully for that reason we won’t tail off like last season. Praet, Fofana et al can’t come back soon enough.
  11. Players need to take responsibility too for not beating a weaker team over two legs. But I get the criticism
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