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  1. This crossed my mind last night and I thought ‘nah they won’t have the balls’ to do something quite radical. Fair play to them.
  2. My wife is a Physio and says with some injections he could be ok for next weekend. And you’d play him if he was 50% fit so I’m sure he’ll play * caveat being with no knowledge of what he’s had done in it to date!
  3. Limping like he did there’s no way he’s match fit for next weekend
  4. Are people actually watching the after match chit chat? Jesus
  5. It’s games like this that still gives me hope that me, my dodgy knees, beer belly and man boobs can do a job at this level of football.
  6. Bit of dignity with two, and some fight I suppose. Big question now is do we go to OT with ‘full strength’ whatever that is, or play a total B team?
  7. If you want to make yourself feel any worse, then take a look at West Hams fixtures. They could easily take full points.
  8. Now on par with Bournemouth. All we need now is for Soyuncu to do something even more stupid like start snogging the ref. **** me.
  9. My only thought is that it’s a week before a cup final, and it’s on their minds
  10. It makes you wonder of something is rumbling on behind the scenes. This is such an important game, and we are effectively throwing it
  11. We’re doing our level best to copy the capitulation at Bournemouth I see
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