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  1. Watching bundesliga again . Another horror show for Schalke getting completely outplayed by Wolfsburg at home 0-2 already
  2. Most of our late goals are scored when we are ahead . How many late goals have we scored when losing or drawing going into last 15 mins
  3. SD have sorted it out . I can now log in . Just in time for match tonight .
  4. Cheers . I've raised a ticket and hoping for some response before match tomorrow. It's been working really well recently just annoying that an auto renewal messes it up.
  5. My Sd subscription has auto re-newed and since then I can t log in to any iptv or websites . I have checked online and my account is active . Re booted everything logged out but can t log in Any ideas ? Thanks
  6. Schalke actually winning a game 1-0 up at HT
  7. My Sports Donkey is down . No channels working . I found a stream on KODI
  8. I watched Dormund / Schalke match on SD . No issues , no lags , no buffering - this was a stream from BT
  9. Teams I have been to watch so like Schalke 04 Vfl Osnabrück Aachen AZ Allmaar England dislike Spurs too many reasons Liverpool - sense of entitlement Arsenal - celebration after last min win Spain - got beat up by Spanish police at Spain match Man Utd just because
  10. The point was that when the goal was given we didn’t t have to check or wait for VAR to find something to disallow it ie Nacho S challenge with keeper for first goal and Maddison’s collision with defender for second
  11. Brilliant to watch a game without VAR if only we could attend matches . Can actually celebrate the goals without waiting shame they will bring back VAR for knock outs
  12. I think CB s can play a lot more games than all other positions as your basically jogging from half way line to edge of the box for most of the game.
  13. Can't believe some not up for this . any chance to watch another game has to be a good thing especially European football. We need to build up a co efficient so we get better draws in future comps.
  14. Should play our strongest possible team for all the home matches. For the away games some first teamers can be left at home. its the travel that effects the following performances more than the games . Win the 3 home games and it should mean only 1 away win needed.
  15. I sat through the Schalke match and followed it with the city match so a great evening last night . It was another painful display from Schalke . At least it was a draw( lucky as Berlin had loads of chances in first half ) and not another defeat. Now 20 league games without a win . Dortmund next week so make that 21. The unthinkable and unimaginable is happening - Relegation.
  16. Hi St Andrews ball court 111 walnut street Leicester opp pure gym near the Kp stadium 7-8 pm
  17. Hi Anyone fancy trying walking football We are trying to increase numbers Thursday evenings in Leicester Any standard welcome Let me know Ta
  18. Schalke 3 down at half time . New manager bounce not working . Its tough to go to Leipzig but Schalke looked like damage limitation straight from kick off. Dreading second half
  19. Need to stop conceding from corners though
  20. Wow Bayern lose 4 - 1 to Hoffenheim . We meed to avoid these in Europa league group
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