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  1. Time to break the safety glass and read the riot act to the entire team Brendan. Enough pussy footing around anymore. They are all experience pros this level of performance drop is not acceptable. If we need Top to give them a good kicking so be it. In business he won’t accept sub standards so why should he in football. Sort it out quick!
  2. Its was all psychological today 100%. something was not right and it all fell apart quickly. shocking display at this point in the season
  3. so much for redeeming yourself Maddison after your Covid shennanigans.
  4. Was on a long call since half time. What did I miss?
  5. I'm switching off can't bare this. way too stressful
  6. everyone is playing shi# scared at the mo
  7. This really is not looking good. how on earth will they dig themselves out of this god only knows. Rogers should rip a new a-hole in every one of them at halftime.
  8. ts Maximo is having the time of his life in this game. why are we not even completing passes. not having this were tired BS have had a while week to put a shift in this game.
  9. what the F#%^! was cags doing?? just had to keep it simple. Already had a warning shot prior to that cock up. Sheer madness under pressure. Need to come up big now to get out of this mess.
  10. we must win today bag the 3 points and then watch all the chips fall. Re assess the situation then. Atleast we can then go into the manu game high on confidence regardless of their starting lineup. Foxes are fearless!
  11. Winning formula please Brendan! Start quick and shock an awe putting the game to bed with 2 or 3 goals in the 1st half. No silly mistakes by our defenders and a Youre masterclass. I'm not sure how many more weeks we can keep saying this but Vardy really needs to find his shooting boots. Nachoman ready to provide the goals when the chances come. Fofana/Evans and Cags keeping things tight at the back (no silly unnecessary high line offside traps please). Perez MUST start he loves playing against his old club so his work rate will be at max. Madders can stew on the bench until half time then
  12. Buster gonads! Someone needs to Print that and pin it up in the players changing room. Time to man up and yes that means especially you sir Vardy our lord and savior. Now is the time to start bangin!
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