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  1. He just needs to graft more and harder -not easy as he's going to want to out the shift in and work on his weaknesses. The talent is their for sure. put it this way if he was in the current Liverpool squad how would clop coach him?
  2. This is a BIG BIG game on so many levels: 1/ we are playing at home 2/ we need to avenge that humiliating loss at the Etihad 3/ Rogers needs to show everyone he's learnt a lesson and prove he has a brain and some pride 4/ Lets do to them what they did to us with Mahrez and unleash Nachos on them who will be chomping at the bit to hurt city 5/ We need all 3 points and take back the number 2 spot 6/ Get back to winning ways with a confident high tempo play Of course it goes without saying but the PT dept need to get Wilf back to 100% quicktime. 3-0 to the Foxes!
  3. Is manure really that desperate?? Sad bunch of money bags! Can’t help themselves to keep hassling other clubs for their marque players. Wish The Board would go public and say none of our top players are for sale period or put insane price tags on them so go elsewhere.
  4. I do want Benko to get over his injury hoodoo and have some solid consistency. There’s a brilliant player inside their wanting to come out. just hope like with Celtic he has a great spell in the championship but then returns to us crocked again
  5. Really unlucky yesterday poor hamza. Did not deserve 2 yellows. 1st one was a great tackle! 2nd one should have been a caution. He’s not a dirty reckless player he’s physical and his job is to be combative. I hope we appeal the 1 game ban. We need him for the city game unless N’didi is ready to be back. Hope the trainers are accelerating his fitness regime. like others have said hamza is unfairly targeted by some biased refs.
  6. I continue to be a big fan of all our legends that helped bring home the premier league title but I would have preferred Mahrez left quietly on good terms like Kante. Drinkwater is another one that left a bad taste in the mouth. Saying that I can forgive and forget if he were to apologize to the fans directly. Anyway it’s pretty pointless as there’s no way he will come back. maybe a move across town to United for a reasonable fee seems more likely.
  7. If the next game we aren't up for and playing full guns blazing I will be annoyed. The boys have had a nice holiday break and today I'll put it down to just starting to get the engines warmed up again. No excuses next week though. Need to finish strong and claim our CL spot as well as prove to everyone that the 1st half of the season wasn't a fluke. Buck stops with Rogers. Club is paying him a small fortune so he has to figure it out. Be positive, confidence, brave and play on the front foot. I so want Ricardo to go full steam at defences he has the capability. Showed some mad skills today in the game we just gotta unleash him!
  8. Kasper is trying but is obviously going through the motions at the moment. He's allowed some slack by us fans as long as he's genuinely making the effort to get back to his very best form which we know he can. Let's get behind him folks. If the rest of the team can start hitting top form again maybe that confidence will spread to Kasper.
  9. I'm not getting excited at all by this just yet. Let's wait and see how it all plays out with their appeal. UEFA like FIFA are a face of an organization to be quite frank. Their incompetence in handling the racism issue is a case in point. My question is why haven't other repeat offenders like PSG, Real Madrid etc not been punished this severely? Or is it a case making an example out of an English easier for UEFA. Right now I just want some payback at home when City visit so come on Foxes get ya sh## together!
  10. What MATT said. No service! best ball all game to hi was that one pass down the wing from Albrighton
  11. Norwich for sure barring some Devine intervention! There will be 1 big shocking club to get relegated this season. Could be the hammers as they’ve looked dodgy for a few seasons. I liked villa only cuz its a fellow midland team but they have one hell of a ‘big club’ complex and after they dumped us out of the cup I couldn’t care less. If greasy Grealish in any way is nullified they could drop too otherwise Bournemouth who need putting out of their misery.
  12. Hypothetically speaking; who would we/could we buy of quality in the summer that is a traditional winger?
  13. great idea 'clever fox' some competition might help kasper to get his mojo back and give him a rest if he needs it.
  14. Kasper needs help. Might be mental. He just doesn't look his best self out there. He's got 2 weeks to sort himself out with whatever he needs. Maybe he's tiring or things are catching up with him like stress and pressure. As captain he needs to lead by example and today was disappointing on so many levels. He's better than this. Come on Kasper!
  15. For me if the guys in the VAR room can't see from multiple angles that it's intentional then there not doing their jobs. Like BR says its 'cute' meaning a clever disguised handball that did just enough and he got away with it. We are not getting the calls at the moment so what can we do. Hope it does even itself out and we get some luck. The whole team got their fight back today and some of that missing intensity and courage to move the ball forward at speed. Even Chillers looked more positive going forwards. Perez putting a shift in and trying to make things happen. We should have put that game to bed and come away with 3 points but in a way I'm glad this happened only for the fact that we don't paper over the cracks. Hope the team rests up and get to reflect on the season pre-xmas and post. We need to get back to what we were before the dip. Figure out what that winning formula was and go at it with fresh impetus. If we were able to win with consistency before we can certainly do it again. COYF!
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