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  1. The arses showed some grit to come back in that 2nd leg match which is more than I can say for our guys. That aboomarang is starting to score for fun too. cmon Jamie we need you back mate get us some goals pleeeease! 🙏🏽
  2. The arses are back in form! Maybe this is just the tonic to bring the fight out of our boys! cmon Lester
  3. What I see missing in Vardy at the moment is his mental sharpness. In the past even in games when he’s had scraps he’s stayed focused in games till the end just waiting to pounce on a defensive mistake or space for him to turn and run into. Yes he’s not had a lot of service but he’s had some chances and his first touch has let him down on occasion. For any other ordinary striker that can be frequently forgiven but Vardy has set an extraordinary standard for himself. Maybe we have to accept like him that some of the magic is wearing off naturally. All we can do is support him and root for him.
  4. Embarrassing. This is a damaging defeat and will show on the weekend against the arses who will also beat us. WTF has Brendan and the coaching staff done?? Some tough tough questioning I expect of the media of Rogers and his backroom. This was terrible no sugar coating this.
  5. is this gonna be a I told you so or is someone readying the Brendan MASTERCLASS banner in anticipation of a late comeback??
  6. I'm furious this is NOT us! Why are we doing this to ourselves? If this is how we are going out I'd rather we not have played at all.
  7. sheez this is dire. My only hope is we go into half time 0-0 and rogers fires a flippin rocket up everyones arses and we start playing like we are the home team and we want to win this match.
  8. This is like watching a bad comedy. It's painful to laugh but thats all we can do. Our players get fouled and their man drops every time. Are euro refs really that daft? Just want 1 goal to change the dynamic here otherwise its just torture. We can't drop dow to their level and style of play.
  9. strong mentality needed going into this game is key. We are at home they are on our turf now so we boss them! Put em to the sword right away and bombard their goal. Hope Vardy and Barnes are clinical on the day as that will be in their interest and the teams. We don't want to concede an early goal from a mistake and end up chasing the game deep I tot he 2nd half throwing everything at them. Play efficiently be deadly in front of goal and defend ruthlessly and we can be home free by the 2nd half. Rest half the team with subs. Ideally speaking of course lets see how it actually plays out. Foxes
  10. We won’t collapse like last season. Rogers won’t let that happen and the players want it too much to surrender. There will be games where we will really have to fight for the result and that carries risk. still my prediction is we will just finish in the top 4 AND lift one of the cups
  11. To your first point I would say it’s a balance. We have proven and now become renowned for finding talented unproven players from overseas and turning them into something really special. Our academy products seem good so far it’s not a conveyor belt yet like others have said but we’re starting to gain some momentum. i love the fact we are a one city club that is competing with the very best. The better and bigger we come the more interest and talent we will attract. Also near and dear to me is hoping to see a future city star emerge from our proud Asian community. The next Mahrez cou
  12. Don’t go Brendan! Become a legend here at Leicester. You have everything you need to be a long term successful manager. Why do all the graft of laying down the foundation to then walk away and go sort out someone else’s mess? There will be money to spend in the summer too. I trust in our club owners to keep everyone happy.
  13. Let’s get the job done quick in a 1st half blitzkrieg! 3-0 than shut up shop for the 2nd rest players that will probably need it like Vardy feel sorry for tillemans as he could use a little break but he’s just too important to leave out and if madders needs to recover he has to stay. Oh yeh a better ref for this game please UEFA (last one was absolute pants)!
  14. Hey does anyone know anymore about kaspers dangle berries getting squeezed by traore. Villa fans and some pundits were up in arms about why kasper was so pissed during that altercation. Was mentioned by stringer on his podcast too. maybe there’s video footage? surely if the FA investigates it could mean possibly sexual assault charges? I mean in any other walk of life it would be why not football? just saying...
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