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  1. Damn had Norwich held out for a draw at half time I reckon they could have finished the same way leaving chelski with just a point. We're gonna have to go all out and do this the bloody hard way now. Not gonna enjoy watching these games. proper squeaky bum time!
  2. Did anyone else sense Rogers being a bit defensive in his news conference. I sense the pressure is getting to him and the criticism of his tactics during the Bournemouth game. A clanger like Kasper’s could have happened at any point. Credit to him he would have probably saved the rebound had n’didi not stuck his long leg out. Freaky. As to how we folded so badly after that under the Bournemouth pressure we will never know. anyway, I’m sure the lcfc hierarchy are as pissed off as we fans are that we’re in this predicament. Rogers knows he has to get results now or atleast show what he can do to save our season. Anymore embarrassing capitulations and he will be gone whether we agree or not ( my 2 cents). Let’s hope our fortunes change and we can fall in love with this guy again.
  3. Without all our key players this game has gone beyond the usual mental shakeup and go again philosophy. All I can think of is revert to route 1 football. Might go against everything Rogers wants to do but it’s all we got. We still have Vardy and if we feed him the service he needs he will get us goals. We are weak now in defense so all we can do is ask everyone to put in 110% for 90 min and perform balls to the walls defending as Sheffield will come at us wave after wave they are relentless and fear no one. This game will be exhausting to watch if our boys give it all they got. We may still lose, we just draw or if the football gods will it we may just win by a hair. Our destiny is in gods hands now not our own.
  4. Gotta get Hamza back for this game somehow and give him a specific job to do!
  5. if we can win our next 3 games with the squad we've got left I'm a monkey's uncle. Now if madders and chilly magically make a rocky Balboa like come back then I'll get excited again. Maybe Ricardo on the bench with a knee strap and Cags disguised as someone else than I'll start dancing.
  6. I can't help but think the whole premier league season is turning into a farce towards the end. TV networks were probably capping themselves during look down that they will lose millions of viewers and revenue. instead they've found fortune in comedy. jammy buggers!
  7. and who's telling them to play that way I wonder?
  8. that's hilarious and crazy when you say it that way but its based on a 100% true story. Comedy capers so wild and rediculous even Hollywood can't dream it up! Gotta love LCFC providing quality entertainment since god knows when.
  9. Form, luck, tactics, injuries, covid-19 lockdown, missing fans did I miss anything? we lack mental resolve and game management and that is why we are where we are folks. yesterday just epitomized all that has been wrong about our season. I have very little confidence left in this team now. We’re a lame duck and the sharks are circling waiting to finish us off. They should make leicester city the new dictionary definition of the word: SPECTACULAR ’a football team that goes from spectacularly good to spectacularly bad in a season’
  10. He's manned up like Kasper and apologized thats enough for me. He does care and lets ben honest he was probably pissed at Evans for not clearing that header and leaving it all for him to do which he had no chance. Getting shoved into the net just sent him over the edge. It was catastrophic moment of madness as it put us a man downed and ended his season but we can't make him a scapegoat to take all the blame.
  11. oooh shall I stay up for this drama or hit the sack? I really can't take any more disapointment after the game. Maybe go to be and wake upto some good news for a change.
  12. I'm gonna reserve judgement until the end of the season - depending on how the team responds and more importantly his tinkering. When he had a good thing going pre xmas he needed to do a Ranieri and keep it going at all costs. Thats it - just one job to do. Anyway, you lot in the UK are lucky you've had a chance to sleep on this fiasco where as us on the west coast of America are only just turning out the lights. I hope and pray Rogers is not a fraud - really did not like his excuses today. Every analyst, sports commentator, fan etc has agreed that there was nothing wrong with Nachos and nothing needed to change other than improve the finishing so we can 2 or 3 more goals to kill the game off, ie crank up the intensity. Bournemouth had to make the all attacking change as they had to go for broke. What was Rogers thinking? He's looked like a right plonker now and yes its the players that made the mistake but he was the catalyst! Now we have to face a fighting fit and emboldened Sheffield Utd. Are we ready? Hell no!
  13. It was like I was frozen in disbelief at the carnage unfolding and not a damn thing I could do to stop it. The torture scene out of clockwork orange is the closest thing I can think of to the nightmare that unfolded!
  14. I would not want to be Rogers right now. What excuses is he going to pull out when Top walks into his office asking for an explanation? that was diabolical! This was the season we were supposed to honor Vichai by doing something special not self inflicted humiliation! what is wrong with the mental state with these guys. Were they really that fragile going into this game? They have no mental steel - zip - zero. Nothing to do with some our younger players. This one is on the doorstep of all our experienced pros INC the manager. Implosion against the 2nd worst team in the league. WTF no game management no brain cells.
  15. Really love kasper but there has to be something wrong under the skin for us to have capitulated that badly from a crazy mistake by kasper. It's not like him to do that. we've seen other keepers do it already but he wasn't under any pressure. Just a freak accident as a result of a bad decision and momentary loss of focus. The team collapsed after that. still can't believe it. did the team bus run over a basket of black kittens on the way to the vitality stadium??
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