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  1. Get some goals early and put the the game to bed. 3-0 sub out our most precious players after we take the lead.
  2. Didn’t realize cags injury was that bad! What makes it worse is he did it in training with the Turkish national team. He didn’t even flippin play.
  3. I’m genuinely worried we might not get anything from those games other than a scrappy draw at best. Our depleted 1st team struggled today even when there were opportunities to exploit. a much needed win in the week will boost some much needed confidence.
  4. wasn't ever concerned about injuries but we are at crisis point now. Club has to use every bloody trick in the book to keep all our remaining fit players OUT of internationals. Wenger and Fergie used to do it all the time.
  5. little Wes is already starting to look like big Wes's replacement! Considering how fresh he is from a completely different league he showed some balls out there with his performance. The confidence for such a young guy. He didn't deserve to lose for all his efforts. Can't wait for this crap injury situation to improve. we need everyone back fully fit and firing on all cylinders. Looking like it will be a strong finish at the end of the season but a struggle for large parts.
  6. WE JUST NEEDED TO HANG ON! There was only a few minutes left on the clock. Barkly should not have been allowed a free run down the center of the pitch to shoot. Ah heck we really needed Kasper to come up with a great save too. Anything would have helped. Such a gut punch to lose in that way. Villa huffed and puffed all game. A point a piece was a fair result. Hope the lads feel real down and come back strong next game. Bummer of a sunday after having enjoyed watching the spuds collapse to the hammers.
  7. looking at this without getting peed off we have a miss mash side out there with players coming back from injury plus some newbies and lots of key guys out. I was starting to think villa would win this easy. Well villa was villa with greasylish predictable in every way but Timmy had him as contained as one can. Look lads we almost had a point until the end which is the real kick in the balls if you ask me. Damn Damn Damn! Hope this doesn't dent our confidence. Oh and Slim sorry man if we can't get the ball to you in the box you're useless. I'd rather Under come on for that 2nd half. Oh well le
  8. I’m hoping the villa players are as over confident as their fans lol! Be nice if we thumped these lot with the team we have another Brendan master class.
  9. We look so buggered! Was looking forward to this fixture with a full strength squad! smiffy & villa must be licking their lips how vulnerable we look. Only good thing is villa will be quite open as they will go all out attack. I may be dreaming but this is the perfect game for our new boys Foffana, Under and Timmy to show everyone what they’ve got. Just hope whatever formation and strategy Rogers selects works. cross all fingers on this one.
  10. Chillwell, Abraham’s and sancho are out of the squad against wales and Belgium due to breaking covid max gathering rules! lets see if Barnes goes straight into the starting lineup...
  11. Our physiology & coaching team will have him ship shape no time. Player like him needs to stay fast, strong and sharp! This is the premier league he will learn soon enough that every game is intense.
  12. Even if Barnes doesn't get a run out in any of the games which he bloody well should but knowing Southgate you juts never know I think it will be a good experience. Shame Madders isn't there too and give him company but Chillwell might be so at least 1 familiar face. Looking forward to the match up against Belgium!
  13. Reading everyones POV and knowing what we already know about possession based football to me it seems clear. Whether we play a defend & counter or possess and cut open strategy we need to be flexible if we are going to win these games. To be effective in either of these styles our players need to be freakin ON-IT from kick-off to full time. We do have the players to do it but they haven't been able to do it consistently. I know there human after all and there will be days where they are all off it and yesterday was one of those days. In similar fashion so was Liverpool. Also what can't be
  14. Youre needs a good team performance around him to thrive. He can’t do it all on his own he’s not that kind of player (yet). Bring back madders and Praet ASAP!
  15. Put it this way today’s game is a great video nasty for them to all watch before our next game. They will all improve as no one can hide from that performance. Even kasper who seemed like a spectator for the most part will feel he needs to somehow come up with spectacular saves in games like these (like his dad used to) to help his team out and keep them in the game. It’s a tall ask but these are the moments that great players should thrive on.
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