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  1. Will be a tough one this but the lads have shown their balls finally to find out a 1-0 win me thinks.
  2. About bloody time I say. Hearing villa fans moan and spiffy say it was a big moment in the game that went against them has conveniently forgotten the blatant handball not given against the foxes when they played Villa.
  3. In the following order; N'didi/Evans/Soyunku/Perera
  4. Ooh he almost got the glory goal against his boy hood team top really rub the salt it. Lol just got too excited and clobbered it into the stands. Good game from Albrighton gives to show we do have a need for him and in the summer another fresh, young, fast winger.
  5. It's not over till it's over. Yes can we please allow ourselves and the team to enjoy this win. God knows we needed this to boost the ol confidence levels. If we cannot follow up with a win against Nige and his boys then we're back to square 1. It will be a tough battle but this team finally looks up for it. Onwards and upwards we go. Bravo
  6. Brendan please give JJ more game time! Chillwell's time out is a blessing for us. The more this kid plays the more like him and so self assured too.
  7. COYF -FFS!!! We can do this. JJ and Barnes to run riot in this game. Put those buggers on the back foot, get a goal, turn the screw until they fold no let up. Make it impossible for them to get back into the game. High intensity, High pressure, zero mistakes.
  8. Not outstanding tonite but a wins a win and atleast saw some drive and determination to move the ball forwards. Chillwell was taking chAnces on making runs down the wing so hopefully he’ll keep on doing that. We’re still fannying about sideways and backwards but i guess that’s going to be a hard habit to break for the rest of this season atleast. Thanks to Ricky for heading that in and sparing us all extra time. Now let’s see a real performance against villa! It’s the big payback
  9. Now carry fighting spirit into the Villa game lads!
  10. I take heart from what the NBCSN commentators in there US (Robbie & Kyle) said after the Norwich game. Leicester are in a slump but seasons not over yet. They need to re-watch the games from 2019, Kasper and get up an go again before the chasing pack catches up! It's that simple. If they do that champions league is theirs for the taking. No relying on anyone else it's in their hands. N'didi is back, Vardy will be back soon, Kasper is back in form, Nachos is scoring we will have a full strength squad to finish the season strong. Brendan & Kolo just needs to light a red hot fire under their collective asses and start winning games by hook or crook. We the fans don't care if its not sexy football just get the 3 points. Motivation, leadership and confidence is all we are lacking.
  11. It's the day after the day and I've exhausted myself to the point where an entire weekend was almost ruined. starting to feel better. I don't know how or why but I have the feeling the norwich game was a watershed moment. A win in the FA cup followed by revenge against a villa side that lost today will save our season. We need to find that confidence! gotta get behind rogers and the team to turn this around. if drastic measures have to be taken than so be it. Thank god chelski, manure and spuds dropped points. I'm not going to get angry anymore at the dispicable refereeing calls against us. Will see at the end of the season how those stack up and then I hope the club makes a case for an investigation. N'didi is back and we just need vardy back scoring again!
  12. When is our next game folks. I want us to get back to winning ways again and hopefully look back on this slide as a temporary regression that was haulted. Surely these players and the coaching staff have some better ideas than what we have seen so far??
  13. I like Rogers I really do and want to continue liking him but I do find him annoyingly over reserved. By that I mean he doesn't express himself like certain other managers. I know its a personality trait but there are times when i feel like he needs to be more animated like Klopp to signal to his players urgency or desire or danger. Yes we are a young squad and maybe lack a hot head captain that can start rallying the troops when the need arises. In his post match commentary what caught my eye was rogers body language. I practically muted the audio because I know what was coming out of his mouth was the usual stuff. What I saw was someone bottling up some serious frustration and anger. If I had to guess I can sense some serious hair dryer action in the changing room. We know and he knows that our chance of holding onto 3rd spot is now slipping away. VAR is not going to help us that we pretty much know by now. Only hard earned performances are going to get us out of this rutt and get back our confidence and swagger. Sounds like a bloody broken record now but our next game has to be a MUST WIN and the one after that and the one after that period.
  14. If its going to continue to be like this its really hard to keep watching. What has happened to us. Top needs to call a board room meeting and bring rogers in lickety-split. Need answers from him on what the hell he's going to do to change these performances around. He's getting paid way too much for us too be kind to him. Time to face the music.
  15. Totally! No other way to put it. The stats don't lie. It's quite sickening to be honest
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