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  1. foffers needs a serious reality check. Whatever he's done to change in the kist 3 games he needs to stop it! he was fine before not sure what's happened. He's not tackling enough and when he does he a second to slow plus his passing is off. He does make good charges forward and still can head the ball higher than the opposition. Keep it simple lad and stop trying too hard.
  2. We fell into that old mindset today of 'dropping our standard to match the opposition' instead of believing who we are and playing to that strength and intensity. The irony is Fulham actually upped their game once they realized they had an opportunity and didn't need to fear us if they just simply out muscled us for the ball. If I was so invested as a loyal fan I'd find great humor in watching us today but as it stands it hurts my brain.
  3. I have a feeling Rogers handed out a proper bollocking in the changing room tonite. Let's see what the reaction is the next few games as that will tell.
  4. I think we are asking too much for old legends like Fuchs, Albrighton and Morgan to carry the team. The young bloods have to learn from these guys and put the shift in as they should have the legs and the stamina.
  5. I agree with you but don't you think that simply papers over the cracks? There are gonna be games when the ball doesn't go in so easily than what? we need some mental grit to grind out the wins and a few of our players to play out of their skin in those moments to drive on the rest of them. We need more belief!
  6. I don't wanna hear anymore comparisons about madders to Grealish. that ship has sailed now. If its motivation and belief that was lacking than it better come back soon because they can't take anything for granted in this league. Thought they learnt some hard lessons last season? Anyone else think foffana suddenly looks sub-par? I hope he hasn't got big headed because his passes, lack of interceptions and brains has seem to gone off the boil. maybe we figged him up too much too soon.
  7. Players looking off it today regardless of what Brendans masterplan was. Boys looked looked lie their boots were full of sand and what's up with the crappy weather in Leicester? Didn't we all say we needed to start this game on the front foot and put them under pressure? Even If Foffana finishes his chance we still looked like we were missing some zip. Need N'didi, Ricky and Timmy back asap now before this malaise sets in and we start to slide. Slightly worried but cautiously optimistic. Great chance missed to go joint top.
  8. Thats terrible news. Football means nothing compared to a family loss. I hope there is a ray of sunshine this 2nd half for what its worth maybe a sign your dad is still smiling down from the heavens. Keep the faith my friend
  9. Evan's situation resonates with us mortals who've had chronic injuries but especially a back related one! pain killers/anti inflamms & physio all help to take the edge off but the best medicine is rest. Evan's has landed on his back so many times that the sight of him clutching his hips arching his back is now becoming all too common. Either he's rested soon or we lose him for the rest of the season. I'd rather have a fit player than a liability one struggling with pain. Maybe big Wes can help out for a while? Oh and tell the Irish Fed to P off with regards to anymore pointless internation
  10. I’m with many of you in that high tempo from the get go will be key. Overwhelm them! i know we’ll create a ton of chances when we play on the front foot. I just hope our attacker’s are clinical on the day. Can’t emphasize how important that is. Hope Barnes has his shooting boots on and Vardy bags a few too.
  11. We’ve already qualified thanks to Vardy but will tune in on Thursday just to see Wilf, cags and Ricky back on the field or even the bench!
  12. I’m sure Brendan will be easing wilf, Ricky and cags back very slowly and carefully. Remember he gets to see them everyday in training so knows best if they are ready or not. We just have to trust the coaches the rest is upto the players. Agree with everyone that our Mighty Mouse Mendy has performed exceptionally.
  13. We were not right in the heAd last nite. Maybe at the beginning with all the hugs and high 5’s which the Liverpool players also were doing but the difference was Liverpool backed it up while our lot looked they wanted to do the bare minimum! Was it tiredness, fatigue or attitude? You can see nice the game got going that Liverpool showed energy & intent and were not gonna slow down. Our players should have matched it. Instead we allowed the momentum to swing for Liverpool. In games like these I want to see Brendan get up from his seat, throw down the blasted note pad and start screaming at
  14. Let’s see what Brendan has to say about that debacle.
  15. As incredible as foffana has been and I admire his gusto to get up the field and start attacks today was not the day to try that even though the rest of the team needed that kickstart. he was too easily beaten today and also misplaced passes. He has enough credit in my bank I’m gonna let this one go as for the rest of the muppets!
  16. His own goal was an unforced error. For someone like him to do that was either laziness or tiredness or both. Very odd! played a few hospital passes today too. needs a long hard chat with himself and the coaches in whether he’s up for this season cuz so far it’s been poor.
  17. Think it would be better if NETFLIX picked it up and created an original documentary featuring real footage and interviews mixed with some re-enactments. The movies made about Maradona or Stanley Mwas exceptional. Doesn’t need to be some overblown epic. Keep it simple and classy.
  18. All in good time mate! If it's going to happen its more likely to be us than any other club so long as we continue to be successful. While I don't see LCFC becoming a Barca in that respect allowing fans a small owners share in the club could be healthy thing for owners and fans. For now let us enjoy this ride to the top we are on.
  19. How is Foffana? any news out there on his injury status?
  20. Our med team will have him all fixed up in 2 weeks! Hopefully he's just aggravated it after all the ki has been playing hard these last few games.
  21. Beating this Liverpool team will go a loooong way in making up for the collapse last season. I think we can do it. On our day we are one hell of a team! Besides no better motivation than to remember last season. Foxes can do it and then we can really start talking about being title contenders. Managing our injuries and grinding out consistent performances will be key. COYF!
  22. I think who gets rotated in all depends on how match fit and sharp they look in training. Ricky, Cags and Timmy to a lesser degree will need some time getting back to their best no matter how ready they are mentally. Anyway, thats why Brendan and his backroom staff get paid the big bucks. It's their job to manage that very carefully.
  23. What’s the latest on this foffana knee injury? He’s currently with the French U21 national squad. Their apparently assessing his knee! If he’s knackered cuz of this international break I think Top should personally call deschomps and give him a right earful. City medical team should have the right to fly him back if he’s not a 100%. He’s just a kid still and of course he’ll want to play but this is getting rediculous now. How many of our top players are getting crocked. We really can’t afford to lose him for 1 game let alone several. Very concerning news.
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