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  1. Sheffield Wednesday lost to Arsenal in both the League Cup final and FA Cup final in 1993.
  2. Surely depends on whether you've had your recommended daily intake of fibre.
  3. He's always been a class finisher but this season even that's deserting him. I really hope he can come through this. Goals (G) - Expected Goals (xG) 2017/18 +4.3 2018/19 +0.5 2019/20 +2.7 2020/21 -4.1
  4. Just stumbled across The Day Of The Jackal on Sony Movies Action. Had forgotten what a ruddy brilliant film it is.
  5. I've also heard he doesn't replace his divots or repair his pitchmarks.
  6. For the first 65 minutes every single one of them looked like they'd never seen a football before.
  7. Loving Son and Fernandes' duel to see who can be the bigger ****.
  8. I'm pretty sure Amartey is going to get blamed for Roy Essandoh's goal for Wycombe soon.
  9. Surely that's Amartey's fault though. Everything else is.
  10. It doesn't matter what anyone says you do treat players differently depending upon their value to you. That's just a fact of life. Do people honestly think we'd have fired Dennis Wise all those years ago if he was any good instead of being a 30+ year old has been? It could be a long way back for Perez and Hamza here because they are not all that anyway. But Maddison is way too important to us, both on the pitch and in terms of future market value. I remember the Dallas Cowboys early 90's Superbowl winning team releasing a bottom of the roster player for falling asleep
  11. Decent squad filler. But any team relying on him for creative output is in huge trouble.
  12. We're built to be frontrunners. Even Man City struggle to comeback when behind.
  13. Champions League is for knobhead clubs anyway. West Ham are much better suited.
  14. Or just get the guy who does little Wes' heart to shave a cock into their hair.
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