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  1. I dont think it's enough for a foul, but both hands go on his back meaning if chiellini goes down enough then it's given as a foul. "Smart" play meaning he's bought a foul and saved their asses
  2. Both hands on the guys back which makes it a push in the laws these days
  3. Apparently the on the pitch screen wasn't working, so the official had to take the word of the video guys
  4. Made me chuckle, but such a back handed comment; a former ref against 3 players
  5. Cheeky comment from Jake Humphrey there "correct in your decision, not necessarily what the 3 former pros think"
  6. Its rather ironic given how much Salah has fell over this season
  7. Commentators noting Sule falling over easily; ignoring Henderson and Salah doing the same
  8. "Jamie earns a good wage" 100k is a bloody incredible wage, good wage sounds like he works down at Morrison's
  9. So like a wing-back? The highlights make him seem a decent player, just hopefully he learns the position and his roles better!
  10. I'd say nearer to 25mill, which I'd still snap their hands off for
  11. After watching the highlights, your number 22 looks to be a good player, great cross for the first and some good trickery for the second
  12. Commentators being incredibly patronising to Newport at times
  13. Expect to see the cost drop in the next week or so with the amount of packs expected to be opened
  14. Some ratings upgrades have been released; so far just prem OTW cards Anderson And Alisson now 88 Richarlison 84
  15. Tanners booting out a lot of click bait style articles these days. Hate how online journalism is heading towards that way of attracting clicks with snappy titles rather than with content
  16. It's 2 over 18's to an under 18, you then pay for the privilege to be stopped and ticket checked thoroughly every time you enter. It's a good rule in theory, but it gets broken and abused a hell of a lot. Wouldn't hurt to make those spare available to general sale, if "families" won't be sitting there why let the seat go to waste.
  17. Maguire looks best in a 5 (or 3) when he charges forward it leaves them exposed at the back and unless England play dier, they don't have anyone to really drop in and cover. So, agree with your point.
  18. Can't imagine how hard it is to build up points to be in the chance of getting a season ticket or even to away games. Can never tell if the empty seats are from people not turning up or not being sold. Feel it's the former, and its why a trade-in scheme would help. Gets people in and allows "new" faces in the ground to build up points to get into the chance of having a ticket.
  19. Even with it being a pain travelling from uni, hugely reluctant to give up my ticket with how difficult it is to get one these days
  20. Was more an observation for the tackle with minimal contact that sent him down than anything else. Diving and simulation are way too common in the game, as shown by Gayle being charged with his dive that bought a penalty in the West Brom game the other day.
  21. 20million on top of all the other money he spent on transfers and the likes of Sanchez's wages. Jose has turned to be an extremely expensive period for United.
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