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  1. Can we class Mahrez at Man City given they spent 65mill on him?
  2. Fingers crossed for more of this next week...
  3. As if they're actually blaming the pitch. This is the premier league, every pitch is like a carpet, it's not as if it's Prem vs League 2 and its more mud than grass. Let's stop making excuses now.
  4. Hate to say it, but Roy has done a good job there. But we'll see if that lasts next year with VAR maybe hitting the amount of penalties and free kicks they get
  5. Just stay on the thread to hear the crap they come out with
  6. You do what Morrison did anywhere on the pitch its a foul, you can't put your arms round a player, hold him and pull him back/down. Naive defending
  7. Not really, on many he's fallen cheaply, but this one the defender is an idiot. No need to put both arms around him and pull him back and then push him. You simply can't do that in this age
  8. Neville: "I don't know what the celebration is about?" *Milner doing an old man celebration*
  9. Oh no doubt, but with all the updates in knowledge about head injuries, this type of thing should really be brought in
  10. The example of Fabinho makes a mockery of the sub system and head injuries. Why not take the role of rugby, if there is a head injury and the guy needs to go off after assessment, give them a 'free' sub almost.
  11. You see, with the right manager who won't stand for the shit at the club; they can be back to their elite. It's just a case of getting the right manager in. They have huge problems, but none aren't fixable.
  12. United are a good manager away from being an elite again. Spurs aren't an elite team, even with their fancy ground.
  13. Are they really talking about the pitch being watered
  14. I give him another year in a Man City shirt, if he hasn't improved or adapted to Pep style by then he's out. See with Bernardo Silva, he was in and out last year, this year he's been a consistent player.
  15. Ours is better than a lot of the teams in this league, we consistently sell or nearly sell out. Same can't be said for West Ham, Man City and probably loads others.
  16. He shot himself by missing that penalty against Liverpool, he's been on an upward battle since. Doubt we'll see him much till next season.
  17. Pickford will get caught for pulling people over outside the box one day; probably for England. It'll take that for him to stop being such a ****
  18. It's impossible to try to get tickets or move people currently. Maybe in the summer but I highly doubt that'll happen.
  19. He needs to shed some pounds and go back to the powerhouse in the box, not the sluggish target man he's trying to be
  20. The way the league has been shifted from the die-hard fans to more causal followings is due to the money and showbiz brought to the league.
  21. Still sat outside the KP waiting for the players to turn on Brendan.
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