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  1. Concussion replacement for the concussion replacement
  2. Youd think he'd be a potential doubt if anything like the Smith hit.
  3. Ryan Loft taken off at half time for Carlisle, they're currently 2-0 down to Cheltenham
  4. The fact that any transfer seems to have gone completely quiet is interesting considering he performed well for Monaco last year. Wonder if there's more to it that meets the eye
  5. Big respect for Danny Rose. He's come out on a few occasions and opened up on his struggles with mental health and pushing that you aren't alone. Especially when his own fans started to turn on him for talking too much.
  6. It's honestly scary to look at how both clubs have fallen. The ground is basically empty, whichever way the camera pans its mostly empty seats
  7. Blackburn keeper just made a top class save from a penalty
  8. Basically what everyone is saying. No issue with VAR laying down the law, a lot of the time its the law that's the issue. But it's moments like that tweet capture that we can't lose. Football is little but a game without the raw emotion and passion brought to it by fans. Clubs and authorities spend thousands to create the atmosphere. Why ruin it for technology that isn't properly utilised
  9. I wouldn't call having 2 designated penalty takers as winging it. Both on the pitch, they should choose whose having it.
  10. I swear I read/heard that the PSG penalty was the first senior Man United penalty he'd taken.
  11. Another player racially abused on social media after missing a penalty/opportunity. We're a few weeks into the season and we're already up to about 4 players. Whilst it does need sorting, Maguire's idea is a tad too extreme for me. A simpler solution would be to set up a bot of some sort that picks up on words and phrases and bans posts prior to them being posted.
  12. Surely having competition of the takers means they need to stay sharp and continue scoring? You back Rashford (having taken 2 senior penalties) or Pogba who has taken a huge number more? Letting them sort it unless something goes wrong.
  13. This is simply bullshit. There are 2 or 3 other teams in arguably better positions than United. This is just another case of blowing smoke up their ass.
  14. Don't see the need to set "number 1 taker". Let them sort it out till it gets to a point they're squabbling on the pitch and missing frequently.
  15. You're extrapolating a bit there mate. What's wrong with having 2 designated takers, when both are on the pitch let them manage themselves. Only step in when it's not working, they've missed 1 penalty, it's hardly all going wrong.
  16. They were trying too bloody hard today to praise them for anything possible. "He's talking to his defence, great leader". But ignoring any wrong doing ffs. It's taking the piss with the bullshit they come out with now.
  17. UniFox21

    Retirement age

    What's a retirement? If they raise it to 75 fack knows what it'll be by the time I get anywhere near that age
  18. Interesting point at the end there. That potentially lower class officials may be nervous or unsure to call a senior ref as being wrong.
  19. What I've got from today's game is that Lindelof and Maguire can both be got at when isolated. Both were pushed off the ball or into a mistake.
  20. Wolves have shown twice in the last few minutes that if they can isolate Maguire or Lindelof and pressure them that they do make mistakes
  21. If that was any other team or player, they'd be lambasting how he's missed the penalty and should be scoring. But with United they've switched and focused fully on the winning of the penalty
  22. Now we have VAR surely they can idnetify when a player has dived or clearly dangled a leg to be caught
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