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  1. Baffles me why he's still a free agent. Would do a great job for someone like West Bromley or a pushing championship team
  2. There's no reporter in the land that would listen to Klopps rant then counter it by asking about the trent standing on one of our players. Media reporters are a soft touch and stary eyed when it comes to the so called top 6 teams.
  3. Yes we are third, but I think people are worried for how long!
  4. He's not missing loads of chances because he's only getting one or two a game. It's the supply to him. We have no creative players in my opinion.
  5. I've just recieved 2 free now tv passes from Leicester City via email
  6. He was a "winger" at Newcastle but they have a different set up to ourselves. They had a big holding man up front who could lay the ball back off to the wide men.
  7. Are the club putting scarves on seats in the ground? Was thinking of bringing the white scarf from last year but I've heard there will be scarves on seats. Just dont want to bring two. It's not even that cold!
  8. I think players like Ghezzel (was in a Puel team before) and Diabete (Puels son scouted him, played in same team) are "Puel" signings.
  9. I wouldn't say crap, but I believe other people would have got better and better during the 3 seasons.
  10. But it's not one game is it though. He's had 3 seasons!
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48988682 He's only gone a signed for Accrington. Can't believe Man U missed out.
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