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  1. It seemed to get better as it went along, a lot of plot holes but a very easy watch.
  2. Yeah, this one has a new set of charactors. Loved the trilogy, been a fan of his for years.
  3. Elevator Pitch by Linwood Barclay
  4. Otis


    Live and let die
  5. Otis


    That's what we did, simple process.
  6. I take it you know what dubbed is?
  7. The Platform. Very much a mirror of society in general.
  8. Otis

    Corona Virus

    46 is he sure, That would mean almost certain death.
  9. Puel got the sack for less than this.
  10. Thinking about doing the same, it's a cold hard decision, but it's got to be done.
  11. None of the other top teams won either.
  12. But who's fault is that? We have the wealthiest owners we've had, yet we're still persisting with average players like Gray. But i understand the problem, "Game changers" want to play regular football not sit on the bench. But this is a problem most clubs have.
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