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  1. Otis


    There's plenty of agents who would be happy with 1% so negotiate down or bin them. Don't pay anymore than 1% with VAT is 1.2% 1.25% with VAT is 1.5%
  2. Bloody hell they kept that quiet. You'd think the club would organise a family fun day with bouncy castles & a band to promote the new kit.
  3. This was exactly my point. After numerous replays and artifical lines drawn on the pitch it still can't be deemed whether it was the correct decision. The rules state "Clear & obvious" which this wasn't so the original decision should stand. I'm all for extra technology helping officials but using it to overule such close calls is wrong because the current system is not that accurate. And I think that's why the rule is "clear & obvious mistakes".
  4. They keep saying this but what we have seen so far isn't the case. We seen disallowed goals because a player is half an inch offside, which is utter garbage.
  5. Fist bumping the Queen...
  6. I once saw a fair gound van with... "No toffee apples or candy floss stored in this vehicle overnight"
  7. I would have scored 5
  8. Arsenal fans will be trawling the Chelsea players twiiter accounts for something naughty.
  9. Otis

    The joke thread

    Literally 40 minutes apart
  10. Otis


    No worries, sometimes you just need someone to ask, hope for a better day tomorrow and atleast you'll have a clear head.
  11. Otis


    How's it going now.?
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