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  1. Yes. Totally unworkable, especially when scaled up to hundreds of events taking place.
  2. ... to people who have had the vaccine.
  3. Exactly. So no need for any of this.
  4. Having paid £40 for a ticket you can't use. That's going to go down well.
  5. It's his way of justifying this lockdown. When you have a lockdown and the vaccine running side by side he can't be certain the falling rates are a result of one thing more than another.
  6. Agreed. It was on SSN so odd.
  7. I tend to agree. Covid is all but finished in this country.
  8. Whilst Chile has a strict lockdown & their cases are 2 & half higher than ours with a population of less than a third. Apples and oranges..
  9. Good post. IMO People are breaking the rules because they are becoming less scared. 30 deaths a day doesn't have the same impact as 1200 . But we can't stay locked down forever just incase a mutation appears that is vaccine resistant. By Sage saying restrictions could be needed for 1-2 years they are acting like anti-vaxxers. We need to trust the vaccine and let it do it's job.
  10. Not sure I understand what you're saying? If a vaccinated or unvaccinated can spread it then what difference does it make to the third party potentially catching it? If someone doesn't want the vaccine then that's their risk. The vaccine is there to protect yourself only surely? This is why i don't understand the need for a vaccine passport.
  11. I thought the vaccine was the way out of it? Not an unreliable test.
  12. There I was thinking the vaccine rollout was going really well & is very successful at preventing serious illness & deaths.
  13. It's not like Boris has a habit of u-turns & telling lies.
  14. You know very well why cancer and heart disease isn't comparable. It's not contagious. I agree Covid is more dangerous than the flu but we now have a vaccine that's + 95% effective. So with the vaccine the death rate should drop to flu death rate level or maybe less. If we can't get back to normal with the vaccine then what's the point.
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