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  1. Half-time and only 1 shot... and that was off target
  2. Otis


    More & more starting to understand it. All these props only help the the downsizers not those climbing the "ladder".
  3. As stated, The service charge is the brokerage fee charged by DHL for collecting and processing the Austrain VAT. LCFC should refund you the original VAT you paid in the UK. As you will be paying Austrain VAT to DHL.
  4. There's no rules saying face coverings should be worn outdoors.
  5. From that video. They are just standing watching. Obviously no easy targets.
  6. I take it all those people were issued with a fine. Much easier to fine people on a isolated walk.
  7. Crazy and illegal double standards isn't it.
  8. Yep. Then we see shit like this.... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9129555/A-English-lockdown-Met-Police-probe-officers-spotted-flouting-Covid-curbs-INSIDE-London-caf.html
  9. Totally agree. If they are breaking the rules.
  10. Tell me you weren't driving?
  11. There we have it. How many live within walking distance of a heritage site, virtually no one. So for the government to actually include this in the guidance they are saying it's ok to drive somewhere. But for those that don't want to then don't and keep your nose out of other people's business.
  12. Yes you are. You are missing the point that there is no danger involved.
  13. I know. This seemed to bypass them.
  14. Jesus, I'm just going for a walk mate. I'm not mixing with anyone.
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