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  1. Unchanged for us, confirmed no Fernandinho for them.
  2. Anyone else feel something special brewing for tonight?
  3. If Barnes could finish he'd be unbelievable
  4. If we're just planning to sit back, we won't hold on to this lead. Brighton look dominant.
  5. We need to try absolutely everything to sign Tielemans permanently. The lad oozes talent.
  6. This lot couldn't score in a brothel. So, so frustrating.
  7. Just **** off Ghezzal. Never seen a player give the ball away so much and so needlessly in my life. Waste of ****ing space.
  8. Iheanacho couldn't score in a ****ing brothel
  9. We NEED another striker. Okazaki and Iheanacho simply aren't good enough. If Vardy gets injured we're ****ed.
  10. Ghezzal and Iheanacho wouldn't get into Newport's reserves. Atrocious.
  11. We're making Newport look like the Premier League team the moment. Embarrassing.
  12. Ghezzal is just a terrible, terrible footballer. There's no other way to put it.
  13. The BBC absolutely love wanking each other off when there's even a chance of an "upset" or "giantkilling". Insufferable.
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