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  1. Big Wes done. Might make a silver team for silver lounge
  2. Whats his agility and balance?
  3. Looking at that he will only be a 88 if not 87. That card could be Trent. If not VVD 91?
  4. Could be trent but highly likely to be Virgil. He won't get any special cards this season this is EA Chance €£$
  5. Record breaker Vardy and VVD
  6. It never stopped at the Ricoh due to station size I believe and not enough room for flowing traffic
  7. They were more bothered about winding us up that day then they were actually celebrating.
  8. Was high but it seemed to work every fvcking time he did it.
  9. Played against some cock yesterday who thought he was well good in rivals. He went 3-0 litterarlly using pace every single time. Werner, Sarah and Sterling upfront. Kept doing a certain kick to the wings with his goal keeper and a lot of the time getting in behind. Anyway his third goal. That kick on a diagonal from his keeper to Salah. Gets in behind and starts running at Regulion and Sanchez. Rainbow flicks it over Regulion.. sanchez somehow stands still so it goes over him too and he volleys in. Now the old me would have quit instantly but no, I actually gave it a
  10. So apparently Ndidi will only receive a plus 1 on his upgrade? Just look at the original graphic used by EA
  11. 88 Rttf Ndidi confirmed last night. That upgrade is going to be dirty.
  12. Apparently this new promo is record breakers..
  13. Probably not the end of the year but season? Yes.
  14. Defence is the potential worry here other than that, its a strong side and the big boys on the bench should we need to call on them.
  15. Yeah. Priority 1s and that getting first dibs is a dream πŸ˜πŸ‘€
  16. They'll be a few big boys come out the CL. I've not looked at current group standings but if Sevilla come into the EL then its a competition they take very seriously and that trophy is practically their own.
  17. Koulibaily and Laca in my 81 upgrade pack. Fodder.
  18. Played 59 minutes. Looked good. Up against some Corbet(correct spelling?) kid.. he looked decent too. Apparently he turned down Man U to go West Ham.
  19. Hearing top priority ones will get first dibs and the rest will have to wait πŸ‘€πŸ˜‰
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