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  1. I hear that the club are having two releases of the tickets, (1) the first round to those fortunate to have season tickets, (2) next release for all foxes members, regardless of loyalty points! Basically means that any Charlie, who does not attend regularly but has paid a one off can get tickets (with a chance to tout them). The club did the same last year for the Athletico match. They need to give priority to fox members who attend regularly and have a decent number of loyalty points (like they do for the prem league games)!
  2. FFS Kasper (and Stowell!!

    We all agree that Man City are unstoppable, but today's display was truly shocking (comical display on parr with Bravo and Hart). Mr Rudkin and Stowell need a serious rethink ahead of the summer (as rotten wood cannot be carved) Bring on the Sheff Utd on Friday and let's hope we see an improvement!!!
  3. FFS Kasper (and Stowell!!

    There are some serious failings with our Kasper, the regular f@#&@ up distribution, set pieces. Putting sentiments aside, longer term GK options are needed over the summer!!
  4. Smelly supporters

    There is LCFC shower gel on sale at the Club Store @ 10 quid a bottle. Speak to Jim D (fan liaison officer) in case the club are generous to donate him a case of the stuff!
  5. Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    Casper, whilst he made some wonder saves, was very poor with distribution. His clearances were also bad.
  6. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    Rafael Benitez or Pulis should be ideal candidates. Mike Ashley and the NUFC board did not support him during the transfer window,l.... Whilst Shakey did well at a number two, the owners and Whelan need to take actions during the international break!
  7. New Members - Please Introduce Yourself Here

    I am new to this forum. Been a foxes fan since the 80's as a youngster, when David Pleat was in charge. Now go with my kids and sit in P3.