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  1. Evington Fosse Fox

    Who then......

    After watching the dross on Saturday and then hearing Claude Poo Hells post match interview on MOTD, as the majority are stating, we need him out! For my 2 pennies worth: 1. Antonio Conte (he is available) 2. Brendan Rogers (could be tempted) 3. Raffa (wants out as Ashley not releasing an Jan window funds) 4.Cambiosa (has not managed at this level but has coaching badges)
  2. Evington Fosse Fox

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    Hey Lesta2014, Funny mate as you think you have a devine right to see the 15/16 season repeat each year along with sexy high tempo football.. Suggest you join the Liverpool gravy train instead if you are not prepared to follow your team through the lows as well as highs.
  3. Evington Fosse Fox

    Newport County hospitality

    Hahaha! Brian Potter at the Phoenix, eat your heart out!
  4. Evington Fosse Fox

    Baghdad Bounedjah

    Really? He plays in Qatar for a milk shake league (mind the pun as having a Pub League team in Qatar may get you decapitated!) and he regularly scores against Tanzania and Madagascar. Jock McScotland from the Highland leagues or a John Smith from the Conference would be a better option!
  5. Evington Fosse Fox

    Baghdad Bounedjah

    Yet another potential one to join the illustrious Akinbayi, Nacho, Slimani, Musa hall of fame.
  6. Evington Fosse Fox

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    Antonio Conte!!
  7. Evington Fosse Fox

    Vardy transfer request rumour

    That little shit Wise should have stayed in the fricking jungle and got poisoned. I can still remember the days when Wise and his pimp (agent) Eric Hall tried to screw us over when the chips were down. The little shit now writes for tabloids and gets his kicks by these types of tabloid bull headlines.
  8. Evington Fosse Fox

    Loss of momentum when attacking

    One line of thought is: 1.Ship Nacho off on loan to the Scottish SPL pub league or another league in order to get some confidence back (assuming he does not do a Slimani and goofs up on loan). . Failing that, go to the Man City's trillionaire Sheik with the receipt and ask for a full refund! 2. In the Jan transfer window, find an experienced journey man with ariel threat who can be nuisance in the box with Chilwell, Albrighton and Ricardo crosses. If this journeyman is Slim and this is the best Rudkin has to offer, we will be fcuk'd. Not sure if Andy 'sicknote' Carol is available to fill this void.
  9. Evington Fosse Fox

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    As I said on a previous thread, Nacho would also fail to score in a brothel. Mid season January transfer window will be pot luck as you will get a choice of many journey men and very little quality. Slim looks to be on his way back to the KP due to his shite form on loan, however, I cannot see him making any difference either.
  10. Evington Fosse Fox

    Claude's black eye!

    I hear he got into a brawl on Saffron Lane whilst going to visit Iborra.
  11. I am a left handed vegan who is also a practising Jedi Knight (not the dark side!). Happy to hear thy the club is promoting diversity and equality and would allow me to set up a recognised and club approved Leicester City Jedi group!
  12. Evington Fosse Fox

    Tifo Donations

    Hey Union FS, The Let Dogs one at the Seville game was awesome. What did you do with the original display and would it ever be used again for another match?
  13. Evington Fosse Fox

    Keith Vaz at the Burnley game

    Look closely at Shakespeare's face, like he wants to wallop Velcro Vaz!
  14. Evington Fosse Fox

    Keith Vaz at the Burnley game

    I came across this picture. Not sure if anyone has seen this doing the rounds.
  15. Evington Fosse Fox

    Puel in, but the debate should be there.

    Good article.. (Are you watching Mr Ian Stringer!).