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  1. The planning application was rejected so great news for the area. I heard a rumor that plans are also being drawn up for the dissused Haymarket Theatre and Belgrave Library as potential sites.
  2. Do your maths. There are over 80 in Leicester of which 20 plus are in and around Evington. That is surely enough to meet demands?
  3. Hi Forum members, I take it everyone is safe and well. A planning application had been logged for yet another Mosque in the Evington Area (village) and in a place that is already congested and really cannot cope with any more places of worship. I appreciate this is group is indirectly related to our beloved foxes 🙂 Any valid objections would be welcome as this is a numbers game! --------- https://planning.leicester.gov.uk/Planning/Display/20201142 Please can you help out and send your objections to the planning online for this mosque 🕌. They always send the application under D1 use for education and training but eventually becomes a mosque. Go on the link and see the tab “Comment on this Application “ on left hand side top. ----------
  4. Just a theory so interested to hear from others... 1. When Liverpool last played in Europe in the 80's, = all English clubs were banned. 2. When Liverpool played in the tragic Hillsborough FA cup semi final , = led to all seater stadiums. 3. Liverpool win 2020 season title at Goodison = all scoucers out celebrating with no social distancing = sudden spike in COVID around the UK = the end...zombie apocalypse!
  5. There was an announcement from the Prem League that 2 Free NowTV voucher codes will be given to each season ticket holder across the PL clubs for the televised games. Does anyone know if Foxes ST holders will also be getting these?
  6. If there is an opportunity to get him Mr Rudkin, get the f@@k on with it!! Jarrod probably sussed out those WH load ...
  7. Oh dear.. At least he has Prem experience and can speak English!
  8. I hear that Carlos Kickabouts may be available from FC Bonfica. He has a decent goal scoring record as a winger.
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