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  1. Neil Young 🀬 can't forgive him for scoring THAT PENALTY in 69 fa cup final! 😟
  2. Having Marshall as a kit sponsor is very rock and roll 🎸😎
  3. Obvious! You could Google what time the libraries open and look them up!
  4. Edit: I'll try again 😟
  5. At least you've got your BFH mate.
  6. Hopefully posted in the right place...is there a thread on here that lists other club forum sites? I (and presumably others do) find it quite a timesink to trawl through the many ghost forums on the net. I like to read what opposing fans think of upcoming games....and post game...if it's gone well for us!
  7. I picked up on this from motd commentary, after checking man city's upcoming fixtures it does look a possibility, but as wigstonwanderer said theres a long way to go yet.
  8. Aside from some true greats already mentioned, would like to add Jack Bruce.
  9. Rory Gallagher ? check out Beat Club Sessions on YT
  10. A Scottish friend of mine has had a season ticket for over 10 years at Newcastle, said he couldn't put up with the SPL any more.
  11. Flamey


    Tell you what shouldn't be on 'Match' of the day......Agueros Hair and Beard...
  12. I just saw an advert for a new low fat milk.....it says it 'tastes like semi'......i reckon I'll pass ?
  13. i had this pop as an advert. I had to look twice.
  14. I honestly feel like I need counselling after that ?
  15. That would deny Burton of some much needed money though.
  16. Wonder what the highest goal tally is in a 2 leg match ?
  17. I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 128 seconds  
  18. Flamey

    Christmas 2018

    I watched santa on the norad tracker last night, he spent ages over London then headed to Cardiff, I stopped watching then... he must have come to Leicestershire at some point though as I have a new Wah wah pedal under the tree ? maybe the tracker needs calibrating! Merry Christmas to all!??β›„
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