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  1. Went to the Novotel on Saturday night to see what it’s all about. Looked down the side and saw the old train station and thought how fantastic it looked. Really good. Seems things are changing, finally we are seeing massive improvement in our planning and this could really be a great area. I understand the council have also purchased the car dealership on Woodgate, purely so they can determine what happens there and have something in keeping with the new area. Credit where credit is due. Is it Soulsby? Is it the planning department? Not sure but our City has been a real mess, but the last few years it’s seen significant decent improvements
  2. I love the way the schools have sold the idea of the changes to academies by focusing on the word “academy” as if it is a huge change where everything will be wonderful. Basically it just means they will be taking control of everything, or a group or trust will. The problem is suddenly you have head masters, or school people taking control of something they don’t have the experience in. They are basically now running a business, rather than running a school and so their skills need to change and many aren’t prepared for that. Our local school changed to an academy at the time another one did in the area, so then two schools are competing for places. This competition means winners and losers and one of them suddenly saw a huge drop off, yet they didn’t decrease staff numbers, leading to a situation where it virtually went bust. Another trust then had to come into rescue it. But in the meantime these non business people running it just carry on thinking something magic will happen. I could see it happening from the start. People with no experience of running a business running a business. And if your kid is there at that point you end up suffering because they have to cut back on everything. The head was a pretty good head master, but obviously a very poor business man. The public have been sold a dog. The amount of people going around “thinking” an academy would be good because they are told it is by the school and they all follow and get excited by the word academy thinking it’s something special. So basically an academy just means the school will be responsible for how it spends the money it gets in from the government. They get so much per kid they take in and they then decide what they do. For me it just showed how gullible the public were in our area, and how poor the people were that ran the school. And for me it was so easy to spot. I got it straight away. When I saw the other school was doing the same thing and there would be competition for places I knew it would go wrong. You don’t want winners and losers in your area schooling wise, you just need winners.
  3. The people who insure my cars are a company called Certis. It’s a broker, but without going into detail on here it is high end service and I deal with the company owners whose knowledge is second to none. Much better than a call centre or online form as you know exactly what you get and they will match your personal requirements. Cant go into detail on here, but it’s competitive rates but also tailored to your needs. Great for insurance of any kind.
  4. There was a chicken one, think it was chicken supreme, it was stunning. It had a token green bean in there, the pure token ness meaning it was hunted out from the off. I lived on this ( not very well) and the Bernard Matthews Turkey Roast, but due to cost the BMTR was a rare treat.
  5. Find it odd that Fenwicks appeared to let Leicester go down hill. Their Newcastle store is amazing, a real flagship with a much younger audience that Leicester had. They have a Christmas window scene that literally is a talking point for the whole City, and there are queues at the unveiling and for days after just so people can take a look. I know retail is tough, but I always felt Fenwicks missed a trick in Leicester as changes to our store really could have seen a vast positive change in that part of the City.
  6. This is a prime example of Leicester being ruined. So many examples of nice buildings being saved and utilised in the UK, yet ours seem to disappear. Drove past the Ovaltine building on the way to London the other day, it’s now apartments but the building remains. Builders by nature want to build and n my make things happen. We should have protected sites and our City would look much better. But like I have said loads of times, Soulsby seems to be the saviour and is an instigator in creating open spaces and bringing out the best that we have left.
  7. Probably too late, unless it lasts all weekend but John Lewis price match on Black Friday so you can go and pick up all your perfumes and aftershaves knowing they will be the cheapest around. Only 10-20%, but better than buying it in two weeks time. Designer clothes aren’t a great deal as the sales will be along in a few weeks anyway, so it’s only a rehashed version of what will be coming along in the next few weeks anyway. I bought several perfumes and aftershaves, a coat for the missus, which maybe even cheaper in a few weeks. The worst purchase though was a house. I offered £130,000 for it Thursday, was in a battle with another investor and had to pay £133,000 on Friday. So my Black Friday didn’t go too well
  8. Apologies if I have posted similar before, I can’t remember whether I thought about posting or actually posted. I find it hard to understand why anyone would vote for the blues or the reds at the moment. Both are like two groups of school bullies. One side is full of liars, the others position themselves purely to get into office. They are both smiling at you saying they want to give you something, but aren’t telling you the bad side of the deal, exaggerating or lying to you. If they were your employers you would move companies. If they were your friends you would disown them. I liken them to drug dealers, being nice to you, then you will have to deliver a package for them. They are like groomers. Not sure of the other parties, but if they are similar my voting card will have a drawing of a cock and balls on them before I send it off. Conservatives would be the best option for me personally. But ethically I just can’t give them a vote as they are liars. Why anyone would vote for either of the two parties when they are clearly treating you like a moron is beyond me. Draw a cock and balls and show them we won’t accept this behaviour anymore. We should take to the streets more, but unite against both parties for treating us like idiots. They both don’t deserve your vote whatever it will mean for you personally. We need to show them they can’t treat us like this.
  9. I want VAR binned. It has taken the excitement out of the game and left us questioning decisions more than we did before. First game of the season and Wolves had a goal disallowed by it and I thought this is going to be a farce. It went in our favour that day, but I knew in others it would go the other way. For me that feeling when a goal was scored and the referee pointed towards the centre circle was a fantastic feeling. The feeling of your team scoring, it was amazing. That very best feeling in football has gone. You can’t celebrate as you have to wait for it to be looked at, that golden moment in football now no longer exists. I think there is now more controversy and analysis with regards to goals, and that golden moment has been taken away. For those reasons I think we should revert back to the old way. Yes there were errors, but now we are replacing the old errors with discussions about shin pads or laces being offside. It’s pathetic and I don’t want to lose or gain a goal by 10mm decisions. Bring back the old dodgy referee and lino. It was part of the game, and it was a talking point. But they were better talking points than a shin pad offside talking point and we would get that golden moment when a goal is scored back.
  10. In the 80’s we went to Old Trafford and lost 5-0, then the following week we lost 5-0 to Forest. i went to the Forest game, but the worst thing was the joke that was doing the rounds after those two games. ”whats the time” ” ten past Wallington”
  11. Just been to Dubai, under duress I must say. Didn’t want to go, but I just go where I am told holiday wise. What an amazing place. Without doubt the best service I have ever come across, and the hotels and restaurants are first class. Atlantis The Palm Hotel is the best hotel I have ever stayed in with regards to the room, service and facilities. All the negative thoughts I had were not apparent when I got there, a very friendly, safe, clean and entertaining place to visit.
  12. Oxford is ace. I went there a month or so back. Cowley Road is like a really posh Narborough Road, then you have the centre. Then the area we didn’t visit was Jerico? So you get three places in one. Oxford really is good, great new shopping centre too. Stopped at the Malmaison, which is an old prison, literally stopped in a room made out of three old cells, with original cell doors. Yours Sincerely Oxford Tourist Board
  13. My latest one is called Savile by Keiko Mecheri. It’s a great fragrance, but however great it is, she has no chance of selling it in volume over here with a name like that.,
  14. I thought it was something about Man U fans. So pretty sure you must be spot on with your memory there
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