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  1. In the 80’s we went to Old Trafford and lost 5-0, then the following week we lost 5-0 to Forest. i went to the Forest game, but the worst thing was the joke that was doing the rounds after those two games. ”whats the time” ” ten past Wallington”
  2. Just been to Dubai, under duress I must say. Didn’t want to go, but I just go where I am told holiday wise. What an amazing place. Without doubt the best service I have ever come across, and the hotels and restaurants are first class. Atlantis The Palm Hotel is the best hotel I have ever stayed in with regards to the room, service and facilities. All the negative thoughts I had were not apparent when I got there, a very friendly, safe, clean and entertaining place to visit.
  3. Oxford is ace. I went there a month or so back. Cowley Road is like a really posh Narborough Road, then you have the centre. Then the area we didn’t visit was Jerico? So you get three places in one. Oxford really is good, great new shopping centre too. Stopped at the Malmaison, which is an old prison, literally stopped in a room made out of three old cells, with original cell doors. Yours Sincerely Oxford Tourist Board
  4. My latest one is called Savile by Keiko Mecheri. It’s a great fragrance, but however great it is, she has no chance of selling it in volume over here with a name like that.,
  5. I thought it was something about Man U fans. So pretty sure you must be spot on with your memory there
  6. Him and Mackail -Smith ???? Something like that. Two that never arrived and took massive strides backwards after that.
  7. He rang me up about a year ago, just out of the blue one Sunday afternoon wanting another ex players number. He was out with a friend of mine. As you say UTLF, what a thoroughly nice bloke. An unexpected call from a real gentleman
  8. You must be an old timer to join in this one. Anyone remember the donut sellers? Walking around the perimeter of the pitch at Filbert Street selling donuts in little paper bags? Think they walked around the whole game. I remember them in 1974/5, but I was a new fan back then so wondered if it was a new thing or not? The story was that one of them got robbed of the cash once so they stopped it. Would be great to know how long it went on for? Was it just LCFC who did it? Was it a LCFC venture or was it a company that came in? I seem to recall having them on a few occasions
  9. My mate had a lodger who used to leave the bog in a right state. When we were out in the pub he would be constantly complaining about him and saying action needed to be taken. So his plan was to inform the guy that in the mornings, he could only use the bathroom after him. So my mate went in at 7.00am, the lodger would follow at 7.30am. This way if he left a mess, he could get the lodger to clean it up in the evening. Then one Thursday night we were out and had a few too many. He woke in the morning and was struggling to get up so thought it best having an extra half hour kip and letting the lodger use the bathroom first. When he finally got up, he was obviously getting late for work, rushed in the bathroom and this log was protruding about a foot out of the bog. He flushed and flushed and the lodgers log wouldn’t budge. In the end he had to wrap his hands in bog roll, lift it out, snap it in half and put half down the bog, whilst still holding the other half. Once the first half had gone through the system, he was able to release the second half. He was fuming when he told me the story the following night, you could feel me anger and frustration in him. Me on the other hand was bent double laughing my bollocks off.
  10. Our City has core support, always has done, but it’s not as hardcore as the likes of Newcastle, Leeds, Chelsea, Sunderland, Man City etc. Okay, now clubs like Chelsea have tourists, but there is a bigger hardcore of what you could call “natural” fans than what Leicester have. I do recall going to St James Park years ago and I think there was only around 12,000 there, but that is very rare and I think certain Cities have a more committed fan base than ours. As an example they used to say in the 80’s that productivity in the factories would be up or down on a Monday in the North East dependent on the result on a Saturday. Having been a fan of LCFC for 45 years, i can honestly say certain other clubs have a more hardcore fanatical fanbase than ours without question. With regards to leaving early, let’s just look at crowds when we were around the play offs in the Championship. Think it was 18 to 20k per match, which means suddenly we have found 12 to 14k more fans who want to go to a game. These are fans who follow us dependent on how we perform, so I would think a lot of these are the same who wouldn’t be that fussed if they missed the last five minutes of a game as it probably isn’t such an important thing in their lives as the 18k who watched us in the Championship.
  11. Just wondering whether it’s a coincidence or a well thought out plan. I actually think it’s a bit of a clever plan by our management. 1. We sign a Luton right back for £10m, when we clearly don’t need that level of cover when we had Simpson and Amartey 2. We buy Praet when we clearly have enough with Ayoze and Maddison. My point is, are we buying in advance, knowing we are going to lose the likes of Ricardo and Maddison a year down the line? So rather than replace them at the time, we bring in a replacement a year early so we don’t get held to ransom once other teams see our income. Another example was we were looking at a centre back as cover for Maguire and we brought in both Benkovic and Soyuncu. Both big money buys, which were never going to oust Maguire. Our owners are clever folk, and to me it looks like we get a replacement for the outgoings a year in advance, which saves us money and also gets the player used to the environment.
  12. When our key games were versus Notts County, Barnsley and Derby. Those were the big fixtures to look forward too. We played Forest in the Zenith Data Cup and there was always only going to be one winner, we were so far behind them with regards to quality. Spearing ( not Jay ) , Nick Cusack, Phil Turner, Grant Brown. In those days you literally went to just watch Ali Mauchlen for his tackles and aggression.
  13. Rob1742


    Not really. If we are exiting Europe, relationships could sour and dynamics can change.
  14. Rob1742


    One thing for sure, Putin will be rubbing his hands seeing us lose our close relationship with Europe. If we dont get a deal there will be clear conflict with Europe, and that will please Putin no end
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