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  1. Saw Ormondroyd in Sorrento the other year, but he wasn’t wearing his Leicester shirt at the time. Strangest thing ever would be to see an old player out down the pub wearing his own football shirt. Be like seeing a FKW, but player version.
  2. Don’t know what they are, but we never played in either. Maybe leisure shirts or something?? Weird, why he would have included these when he could have included the proper shirts.
  3. Aren’t two of these shirts wrong though? The two with the round Walkers logos?
  4. I was stopping away with work. Hotel in Blackpool, had a bath and there was all this hair in the tub when I let the water out. I think I was 30 at the time. You have photos taken and think oh god this is terrible, but the bad thing is, it’s better than it will be when you have photos taken the next year.
  5. No need to answer my PM now thank you
  6. It’s great to see their demise and I can’t see it changing. They don’t have the foundations we have so it will be much the same for them next season. A poor structure and ownership, the players having control of what is going on, a total reversal of what happened under Ferguson. I can’t see where it is going to end for them.
  7. I’d have a transplant tomorrow if I could guarantee the results. Tried to contact Danny Drinkwater to get his views on them, as I think his has worked well. In 20/30 years I think the population will look at old photos and think how odd we were walking around with bald heads, just like we look back at how old and unfit the population looked once they hit 40, or how bad teeth were years ago. So I’m up for a transplant me, provided it’s virtually guaranteed. My plumber has had one in Turkey, but you are put on a drip to ensure you don’t dehydrate? But I don’t fancy that. Don’t mind the needles in my head, but don’t like them in my arm.
  8. Angus Young and KK Downing. Spent an interesting day with the latter a couple of months back. Now that was an interesting day.
  9. Think they are grass snakes as they or it have been round a few years. The bloke who was digging the pond extension I had got bit by something and his arm blew up huge. He went to hospital and they said it could be a snake bite, so pretty sure it will have been ours.
  10. Squirrels - Another problem I am encountering. In the middle of a man v squirrel battle with regards trying to keep the bird feeders for the birds. 1. 1-0 to squirrels as he pinches the bird food 2. 1-1 as man buys squirrel baffler 3. 2-1 to squirrels as squirrels finds a way around the baffler 4. 2-2 as man buys squirrel proof bird feeders 5. 3-2 to squirrels as squirrels open up the tops of the squirrel proof feeders 6. 3-3 as man buys metal food bag fasteners and attaches them around the tops so squirrels can't get the tops off 7. 4-3 to squirrels as they literally un-tie the fasteners. I knew there was risk of chewing through the metal, but they actually untie them, even though I put several on. 8. 4-4 as man takes huge step and buys padlocks to padlock the tops on the feeders. Surely they can't get in now? 9. 5-4 to squirrels as they remove the top by breaking the hinge on the tops. My next plan is to buy different feeders. I will win. My missus was spending £30 a month on bird food and I was telling her the squirrels were having it all. So the battle has reduced my outlay, but they are still winning. On top of the £30 a month they cost me, they have pulled up the lawn so badly last year, I had to spend £100 on compost and seed to get it back to an acceptable point. I think the ground was so hard last year they struggled to dig holes so they took a huge amount of the lawn up, It was only yesterday they managed to get through the hinge, so today I go again. I will get to 5-5 and see what they do next. You have to admire their persistence and intelligence. To actually unwind food bag tags to get the lids open was pretty impressive stuff.
  11. Thought about this, but I may need 2 or 3 as the pond is huge. My net covers half the pond, so I still have a risk of losing some of the fish. I'll see how this option goes. Further problems compounded by a snake in the pond, so I am sure he will be feasting on the fish or newts. Its a good two/three foot long.
  12. If anyone is into Ponds and have a Heron issue, do not buy any of them eyes they spin around that cost around £30. They are supposed to scare off the Herons, but for me I have found they don’t work and I have spent £60 on them. I thought £60 would save my stock, but no, I just end up with £60 less in my pocket and the Heron just carries on feeding. Ive gone for a net now, which isn’t very sightly, but at least it keeps me in fish.
  13. 1. Think it was last season, I was in the bath about 12.30pm before setting off for the game. My son came upstairs to tell me he had been told the game was an early kick off. I thought it was 3.00pm, so three tickets wasted. Dried by bits and bobs and watched it in the telly. It had just kicked off. 2. Man City 1-0 Mark Robins. Think half the away support failed to get there that night due to the weather. For some reason went up the M1, got to Meadowhall and literally littered with abandoned cars due to snow. Turned back at half term when knew it was impossible to get there for any of it. 3. Hull away on a Friday night ( I think) travelled from London, turned back at Nottingham due to traffic. Think I turned back when I heard we were 2-0 down. 4. 15/16 Man City away - got there at half time. Went nuts in the car when I heard Huth had scored. Although missed half of it, one of the best away days ever. Just spent the walk back to the car finally thinking, you know what, we could do this.
  14. Got to be achievable. If you only have a button this won’t ever happen
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