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    I know it’s a house you want, and they have you by the short and curlies, but I don’t like behaviour like that. Yes it is their house to do what they want, but a very good offer from you and they are using you. I would go elsewhere and not tell them. I honestly would. Let them think they have a purchaser and when they agree sound excited and then go quiet with the estate agents. Hate it when they use your offer as a mark in the sand. I am in a lucky position, but when I have had situations like this I have said “ I’ll give you to the end of the day and then
  2. Two dealers that I was looking to buy from. A dealer not connected to the car brand, and an independent dealer who stocks a range of different cars. It was the independent dealer who took it. He didn’t even look at it and offered more than the others just on pictures alone.
  3. Just purchased a new second hand car. Pleased that the whole process took less than 48 hours. 1. Got annoyed with my car, it had an issue that kept annoying me. This was Wednesday afternoon. 2. Looked on the pre owned site for the car I wanted that afternoon and emailed two main dealers at about 4.30pm. 3. Thursday got an email back from one at 10.30 and immediately went to see the vehicle. Agreed to buy it after a 15 minute test drive. 4. Sold my car to another dealer as soon as I got back, after getting four offers for my old car. 5. Friday morning my old
  4. I’ve taken a few. It’s fine, not a lot different to normal to be honest. I am talking here lessons with an instructor live. I am not structured though, I just text him and tell him to work out a specific song for me and we go through it in the lesson. It really isn’t that much difference to face to face to be honest, in fact it is maybe more focussed as face to face we get distracted by the guitars in the room. I would say these isn’t really any loss on line, I did mine through zoom. The other type I was told was decent is the fender lessons. I have
  5. Everyone has a choice as you say. Leicester City did make a stance, but I would think they won’t be refusing their sky monies as part of that stance. The guy hasn’t “let us all down” he certainly hasn’t let me down. An offer has been made for him and others to watch a football match and he has decided to take it. “ let us all down” gang mentality, uncalled for.
  6. At the moment I am paying for it. But if a stream looks good I’ll go for that. Not happy with the decision they have made, but for me personally I want to watch my team play and if it means £15 I’d rather pay it than miss out on seeing them play. Ive just put my time hat on. Crack on.
  7. I’ve got his Sunderland one, the actual one he wore , but always wanted this Leicester one.
  8. People are saying Fundsmith will stop growing at some point, but those conversations have been going on for a few years now. In the meantime investors have seen growth of over 20% every year. I have other funds too that aren’t as volatile if the stock market dips, but I still keep over half in Fundsmith and Rathbone as growth is incredible.
  9. Rathbone Global is a great fund. I’m 32% up over 18 months with this. Fundsmith was my number 1, but I’ve now split it with Rathbone as the performance is so good. Its difficult to work out due to timings etc, but Fundsmith is up above 25% over 18 months also. Both of these are incredible funds, performed brilliantly over recent years and were a game changer for me. My mate who showed me these funds has become a millionaire backing these plus one other over the last five years. He’s got a decent job, but he makes more through his investments now it’s been built up with the growth
  10. Every situation is hard, but at the moment virtually every person is having restrictions put on them. So I suppose the caveat isolate “where possible” could be mentioned. An example to help could be you give financial support to help those near retirement so they can retire early and stay at home. This sort of thing is hard to monitor, but you have a better chance of getting the funds to the right people, rather than now where ALL businesses could just ask for £50,000 and get it the next day. This highlights my point really. We are having to give help to the
  11. If you take Sweden a lot of the initial deaths were in care homes where they have larger amounts of elderly in these places compared to other countries. So it swept through the care homes taking many lives. Now you see not many deaths as the vulnerable have been taken. I would imagine Peru is similar as in the vulnerable have passed on, leaving the healthier ones to catch it who have a better survival chance. You can’t die twice, so I would think in Sweden and Peru the death figures will be minimal going forward. I did read that there was a lower than normal f
  12. Keep them at home where possible, visitors to their homes to wear shields, benefits to keep them away from the work place. Isolate them as much as possible.
  13. Time to turn this on it’s head. So of 67m population we have deaths Of 42,000. Let’s say this gets to 67,000, then we are saying it has taken 0.1% of the population. So 99.9% of the population are facing restrictions, the economy is on its ass and implications with regards to people’s future is increasingly worrying. We are in a devastating situation, yet we are trying to protect maybe 20,000 people. We need to turn this on its head. We need to isolate those at risk, put money in the pot to help them, and let the rest get on with their lives. With social distancing wher
  14. It’s hard to keep going. I am determined to carry on, and have tried a number of methods to keep going. 1. keep buying new guitars to keep the interest ( not recommended, very costly, but has worked ) 2. Place the guitar in an area that is easy to pick up, so it’s not a big decision to play it. You basically can’t avoid it. 3. Get the guitar tabs app, so you can play the tunes you like, follow the tab and if you see something you like it gives the incentive to pick the guitar up. It’s hard to keep going, you have to find a way else it will just drop off.
  15. Rob1742


    My two pence worth. It’s a real tricky one as if you change your purchase option to another house, there is three months worth of hassle buying that, and potential chains there too? You could give them the ultimatum to reduce the price by enough so you could move out and rent somewhere if they aren’t prepared to do so. Or check what the situation is with the new option chain wise to see if it would be easier. Im stubborn and if they were not willing to help I’d go after the other house and pull out when I was sorted, and not until. But it maybe they are willin
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