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  1. Dreading the queen passing on. If this is what we get when he goes, it will be unbearable for a month or so.
  2. Maybe you are one of those who I pass in the street who about jump in a hedge when people walk by.
  3. Young lads break lockdown shocker !! Think most on here, live in some sort of high moral bubble. I would have preferred it didn’t happen, but you have got to expect young people doing what young people do. I can’t believe what a massive thing people think this is, get over it. Concentrate on your own lives rather than bother with everyone else’s
  4. Gutted they got shopped. Someone must have spilled the beans. The amount of people breaching lockdown rules is not minor, so they are only doing what lots of others have done. Wonder the percentage of people on here who are saying they have acted irresponsibly but were around their mates house last night. Not many long haired folk wandering around this lockdown, particularly not in the football circles which show the majority of them have broken the rules.
  5. I own several houses with these service charges. I don’t put the costs of them onto any tenants, I take the hit as they are obviously charges that people don’t like and can cause issues. However it’s another cost along with a raft of others coming in that now make being a landlord a less desirable occupation. I think it was basically a way for councils to reduce their costs, but also long term business created for companies so you can see why they have been created. The councils would have enjoyed passing plans for building approval where they don’t have to mow the greens monthly
  6. As a kid he was my hero, and I mean real hero, everything was centred around Frank Worthington. I would watch his every move he made, even in the warm up. I would be outside after school doing keepy uppies for hours, I just so much wanted to be him. I drew pictures of him and often had my hair flicked back to go to school to try and look like him. A proper hero, a proper footballer who entertained the crowd and it was very easy for kids from Leicester in that era to be drawn towards him. I am so pleased I had someone like that to watch and he was a great footballer to grow
  7. I started my own business and when it started doing well I used to dream I could fly. Just about a foot or two off the ground, but I could actually fly. It was great and was reoccurring, brilliant time dream wise, and personal wise. If I am ever really ill I have the same dream, had it all through my life. In a field, and the field moves, hard to explain. Think I had it initially when I was about seven with measles, then about half a dozen times since. Chicken pox, flu once, a bug that knocked me out. When it turns up it makes me think that it’s the dream I may have before I die, as
  8. The company doesn’t have the resource and has made a decision not to invest in it, despite the implications of losing all the business. The paperwork and red tape involved is ridiculous, it’s not a one off, it’s with every delivery, it’s not easy and companies have to decide on whether they employ someone to do it or walk away from it. It’s that much work involved. The company is huge by the way, a brand that is in every major supermarket and corner shop. I myself have walked away from some export business as we don’t have the resource and the profit of what we
  9. The red tape is horrendous and there are real issues. So I have supplied 450 UK stores with a product for years, of which 20 of their stores are in Northern Ireland. We can’t now supply the Northern Ireland stores as the owner of the product won’t supply the paperwork as it’s “only” 20 stores and so too much hassle for them. But the retailer is saying if we don’t supply their Northern Ireland stores we will lose the listings in all 450 stores. So it’s likely we lose this business full stop. There is now a border between us and Northern Ireland that didn’t used to b
  10. There was a definite advantage, but if you were Ollie Olsen or Les Collins or Jason Crump you could have been in lane two with your bike facing backwards and they still would have won. What I used to think was when the riders came out, if Regeling or whoever the minor riders were at the time, there was no chance of them ever winning a heat. So straight away your heart sank and you put all your hopes on the other rider
  11. There are those that continue to break the rules, there are those that interpret and adapt the rules and there are those that follow the rules. If they tighten the rules today, there will still be those three groups of people. The only changes that will occur is slight switches between each group, but the mentality will still be the same so there won’t be much change. One thing I find interesting about people’s behaviour is that their double standards are not as bad as your double standards. People will look down on a rule you have broken, but justify their own
  12. Just watched this, great memories, think I used to go down the season or so before that. Tuesday nights I think it was, great occasions, great memories.
  13. Here is another anomaly from that period. The Ind Coupe shirts had the advertising printed into the fabric, but then once they were used and more were needed, they didn’t have the material left so just got standard replica shirts and put an ind coupe transfer onto it. There are pictures around of both style shirts being used in the same game. Not sure if I have seen both styles used in the green jerseys, but there are plenty of us wearing the blue shirts in both designs in the same game
  14. I remember having a pint in a pub when I was 20 years old and a wise older fella said to me “ you just don’t seem like a salesman to me, your not like the ones at our place” i must admit I wasn’t very good at the time, but it showed me that at a young age you can be very conscious of comments from others and doubt yourself. A few years later I had to pick a company car and I told my Mum that I could have a Rover and she said “ nobody would give you a Rover as a company car” Roll on around 15 years and I was going to start my own business and the mother in l
  15. Good sales people are ones that fit the product to the person, you are doing absolutely the right thing by this. Those that go for short term wins don’t go far.
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