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  1. Week 2 of losing to shite teams we should be beating. fs
  2. a full strength city side is much better than a full strength Aston villa side. Injuries make this game hard to call though unfortunately.
  3. Schmeichel Castagne Fofana Evans Justin Mendy Tielemans Under Perez Barnes Vardy if evans is injured just forefeit
  4. But our injuries seem to be to key players, not crappy players who are named in the squad that never play or in the 23s
  5. We really should be winning this. We need to learn to beat these 'smaller' teams in the division. A top 6 team at home vs bottom half / relegation candidates is usually a home banker... hopefully we turn up and some of our injured players return.
  6. Why? we are a much better team than West Ham. Bar our top 4 competitors, we dominate most games we play. West Ham will be sitting back (just like most teams do against us now), it will be up to us to win the football match. Cannot imagine there will be the space in behind or in between their defence and midfield as there was vs Manchester City for us to exploit. First goal is key.
  7. I can see us having 60/65% possession, so need to be patient and let our quality show. If Tielemans is on form, he’ll dominate the midfield. Just need to take our chances and hopefully we can handle the long ball to Antonio.
  8. Ward Justin Morgan Soyuncu Thomas Maddison Ndidi Choudhury Under Iheanacho Albrighton
  9. The only memory I have of Morgan vs Lukaku is when Lukaku put Morgan on his arse when Everton beat us 2-0 in that dreadful premier league season that was 16/17...& when had Wes ever played against prime Wayne Rooney?
  10. Leeds don’t look great, Fulham look dreadful but I guess it doesn’t matter, Leeds have to beat the teams around them in the bottom 6/7. Can you imagine if they were to give us as much space in the middle of the pitch as they are Fulham... Tielemans and Maddison would have an absolute field day.
  11. As a Burnley striker it must give you a huge boost knowing Morgan is playing. We will have to move the ball quickly and we will be camped in their half, with all that room in behind i would be very uncomfortable seeing Wes plays considering every time he has to run at any intensity it seems he pulls a muscle.
  12. Just didn’t really do anything tbh. Runs about and presses sometimes.
  13. Albrighton swinging aimless crosses in against Burnley no thanks
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