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    Demari gray . Keep or sell?

    If Bournemouth still want him for £20/25m then I'd sell. He really needs a loan to a championship club where he can play every week.
  2. OhYesNdidi

    Dragovic countdown thread..

    He was defiantly worth more game time. He was not only relatively quick, which meant he was able to cover for Maguire but was comfortable on the ball and was able to by pass the midfield straight to the strikers with his passing. Our defence finally looked calm and assured. As soon as Wes came back in not only did we lose dragovic's passing ability, but we lost that composure at the back. It looked like Wes was making the other defenders more nervous. Dragovic looked like a mix of both Harry and Wes. He had the composure and technique of Harry, but was also an excellent defender, throwing his body in the way of shots like Wes.
  3. OhYesNdidi

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Van Dijk had 5 years left on the 6 year contract he signed at the end of 2015/16 season.
  4. OhYesNdidi

    Dragovic countdown thread..

    I thought Dragovic was our best defender last season.
  5. OhYesNdidi

    Vardy to Atletico

    I disagree. Leicester City goals - 56 Riyad Mahrez has 10 assists and 12 goals. He's provided Vardy with 7 assists I think, Vardy is class but he heavily relies on service (mainly from Riyad), most of his goals are from inside the box. Mahrez has been directly involved in 39% of our goals this season, that's not even counting his rebounding shot at home to Brighton or his pass to Albrighton for Grays goal away at Newcastle. Its no coincidence that when Mahrez plays well, Leicester do. As a team, we already lack creativity. If Riyad does leave, I'd hope we sign someone to fill his position + a number 10 also.
  6. With Macia in charge we've signed; Ndidi, Iborra, Silva, Diabate, Maguire, Iheanacho & Pereira. I'd say that's a pretty decent track record. Considering the players we signed after the title win I'd rather try and keep Macia.
  7. OhYesNdidi

    Vardy to Atletico

    Griezmann plays behind Costa like Okazaki played behind Vardy. Unless they are planning on selling Costa aswell then I don't see why Madrid would be interested? I call bs.
  8. OhYesNdidi

    Silva and Drinkwater minutes played.

    Brilliant business by the club in fairness. £35m!!!
  9. OhYesNdidi


    The lack of creativity on the wings is an issue in my opinion. Not sure Albrignton fits into to what Puel wants from his wingers.
  10. OhYesNdidi

    Dilly ding Dilly Gone

    Claudio actively went out of his way to not replace Kantè when he signed Nampalys Mendy over Idrissa Gueye. Games with Ndidi in the side like Southampton away, Swansea away, Burnley away were still awful. The fact he kept playing the same back four, even though we were getting beat comfortable every week. We went to places like Burnley, Southampton etc and just parked the bus, we even let Middlesborough boss us home and away. Claudio was given £80m to spend after the title winning season. He and the recruitment team had a mare. He went into the new season with the intention to trying to retain the ball better without getting ball players in during the window. Hull away, Swansea away, Sunderland away, Watford away, soutjampton away, Middlesborough at home, Liverpool away, Manchester United away and Chelsea away were all worse performances than anything we've seen under Claude IMO. with the players who we are targeting it shows that Claude and the recruitment team seem to be on the same page and I think we are in better hands now than where we were after 2016 under Claudio.