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  1. Just silly. My opinion wasn’t even that outrageous.
  2. It’s fine. The guys most likely got problems of his own if he’s verbally abusing people out over the internet.
  3. Fair enough. I still stand by point that the team spirit was inspite of Claudio.
  4. The team spirit was already evident from the season before & being completely written off helped. Raneiri managed to destroy that the season after.
  5. Never seen any less team spirit than when ‘don’ was in charge.
  6. I think Brendan, someone who sees them day in day out is better suited to decided and doesn’t need to jusfty leaving players out. Why is Soyunucu out? iheanacho ? Etc etc , could go on all day.
  7. That was the vibe I was getting looking back the thread - that is was good before puel.
  8. It’s a shame. The atmosphere was blamed on puels boring football but we played well vs Brighton & Fulham and the atmosphere was dire. It’s much more deep routed than that. The clappers are the equivalent of putting a plaster over a broken leg. * it is not just home atmosphere either, the away is poor at the best of times.
  9. Norwich have a similar thing going on - the Barclay stand behind one of the goals where they all stand and make all the noise. Wolves seem have an end behind the goal where they all stand also. The plastic clappers need binning aswell.
  10. Got a bad feeling we won’t be willing to pay the ~ £40m for him and end up getting someone like John McGinn for £10-£15m as a cheap alternative. Would hurt if he ended up at spurs.
  11. I don’t actually think wes is partically slow, once he gets going. Soyuncu seems more nimble and light footed which I think will suit the game vs Bournemouth better. I also agree that benkovic will be ahead of him next season.
  12. Evans defiantly is our best CB, like Dragovic was last season. Not sure about Wes though, been made to look a fool too many times this season. Played well Saturday though and I’m glad he’s got his new contract but Soyuncu defiantly needs to start, especially against the pace of Wilson, Fraser, Brooks and king
  13. Albrighton has never scored more than 6 goals in a premier league season either. Maddison is on 6, he’s 21 and we’ve still got 8 or so games to go.
  14. Not sure it effects them really. Clearly only given a coach / reserved role.
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