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  1. 16/17 was turgid. Even that Copenhagen away game was an awful game. We just hoofed it forward and tried to defend a 0-0 from minuet 1. Southampton and Swansea away give me nightmares.
  2. OhYesNdidi

    Arsenal away next😳

    Or, 6 points and a new contract
  3. That’s probably the case
  4. He’s not won a single game this season. No thanks.
  5. Lasted 6 months or so with a Madrid side that went on to win 3 consecutive champions leagues. May have been 4, not sure. Had all the attacking talent in the world at his disposal.
  6. The only realistic manager that I’d take over puel is Marco rose at RB Salzburg.
  7. What? I’ve not seen a team down tools so much on a manager. We were awful. At least with puel he has history of being able to manage clubs for a longer period of time and the players, especially the young ones seem to enjoy him as manager judging by the videos & photos. Not saying it will be amazing under puel but at least we have the safety net of not being relegated under him imo
  8. Totally agree. Puel should have been goal side of sigurdsson.
  9. OhYesNdidi

    What do you do with a problem like Wes Morgan?

    Not just puel. Wes has been undroppable under the last 3 managers regardless of performance (Pearson, raneiri & Shakespeare)
  10. OhYesNdidi

    Nathaniel Clyne - Reported January target

    I also despise people making up faults in players for no reason. His comment would be similar to a arsenal fan not wanting to sign Vardy because he’s ‘lazy’. Clearly isn’t true. It just seemed a pointless, negative comment that clearly isn’t true if you’d ever watched the player.
  11. Just thought you’d know him quite well considering you’ve just said you don’t like him
  12. Know puel well then?
  13. People seem to think he’s much than he is as a result of him not playing. Some players best games are on the bench
  14. OhYesNdidi

    One step forward two steps backs

    The fact we made Huddersfield look like Man City under Shakespeare & couldn’t beat West Brom says all we need to know about Shakespeare and his managerial credentials. About the run, we had 3 or 4 incredible chances to beat Burnley, should have won. But we lost so according to 90% of this forum it was sh** and the manager has to go. Swansea at home we should have been 2-0 up, kelechi missing from 5 yards out. The only awful games were West Ham & palace imo, Southampton was boring but if you want entertaining football every week then you’re suppporting the wrong team. Youre acting like we were playing like prime Barcelona before puel was appointed. We had been awful for about a year before he came along.
  15. OhYesNdidi

    One step forward two steps backs

    You call him a buffoon yet he’s the only manager who’s not had us struggling near the bottom of the table since coming up in 2014.