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  1. Not sure how it can be managed? I’ve had it and could barely walk? Unless he’s had injections and stuff for it
  2. Out for the season then! Takes longer than 3 weeks to recover from plantar fasciitis
  3. Probably for the best - I’d have sacked the lot of them
  4. Half the team wouldn’t even play it I was the manager
  5. No, Spurs aren’t even at that level to do stuff like it. It was clearly laughed off within football sections and the media - just like if we were linked with son or loris?
  6. If fans were in the stadium, these players would be met with vicious boos and abuse!! Disgusting
  7. With what team? All the half decent players will Be looking for moves. It’s clear they can’t achieve their ambitious with us under this manager.
  8. 2 years we’ve bottled top 4. Rodgers is a good manager but an absolute bottle job.
  9. Hope West Ham do it. We’re an absolute joke, bunch of bottle jobs! Hopefully we end up 8th.
  10. Unfortunately we’re as ‘spursy’ as they come
  11. For the a top 6 side, we often play like a mid table one
  12. There’s absolutely no chance they can even play remotely a full strength team for both games! If they do, liverpool will absolutely smack them about because the players will be knackered!
  13. Yeah, I know! I mean maybe if we were 12th and had nothing to play for and were in financial ruin and needed the sale it would make sense but I just don’t see it! Tbh champions league is worth £40-50m? So isn’t that pretty much the equivalent of a sale anyway
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