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  1. Gave up on him much much too early!!🤬🤬
  2. Nice firm prostate?
  3. Is it better than Bradford?
  4. Where are they exactly?
  5. weller54


    He's always injured.. Bentabit.
  6. I'm the urban Spaceman baby I can fly I'm a supersonic guy.,
  7. In St Etienne.. inininininin Etienne he was nineteen.. N n n n n n n nineteen.
  8. We shook up the World! We shook up the World!!
  9. I'll give him about 25 minutes into his debut before he's slated and Rudder's is lambasted for wasting 30 odd million on a load of crap 😂
  10. I'm feeling excited.. At the Fofa.. Fo fa Fo na Music and Passion was always in fashion.....
  11. Pursuing around the Fromage Frais aisle?
  12. weller54


    We haven't got a Woger.. We've got a Wodewick!
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