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  1. Probably can't read properly.. thought is was a cockdown!
  2. Can we upgrade the manager during his contract to Sam Sung Alladyce?
  3. That's virgin on the ridiculous.
  4. Pay cuts!!.. They're all multi millionaires. Stopping their pay completely for 3 months is hardly going to put any of them in financial hardship is it ? Perhaps one of their many supercars may have to go? FFS they should be volunteering for this to happen!!
  5. Player's out of the country? Really?
  6. Rumoured that the tea lady is on £3000 a week as her job can be a strain.
  7. Yep... But not as f**ked as Liverpool 😂😂😂
  8. Exactly right.. Another reason why people just may be put off the game when it resumes.. millions struggling, nurses paid peanuts when putting their own lives at risk to help others without the correct ppe!.. And there's the likes of Ozil still picking up his £300,000 A WEEK!.. for practising keepy uppies with a bog roll. Obscene isn't a strong enough word.
  9. I think many others will feel this way too. The longer this isolation goes on, the more the people will adapt to having a different view on life in general and readapting to their previous routines will take quite a while, perhaps changing them forever.
  10. Not so sure. Especially if this season is cancelled. It will make a mockery of the whole game.
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