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  1. ... Especially when he's playing at Manchester City?
  2. Weren't they the same construction company that built The Pryamids?
  3. Looks lazy everytime he plays for us!.. Dreadful signing. But who's going to take him off our hands?
  4. Mix him with some left over Spuds and make some bubble and squeak.
  5. What bar is she at? I'll give it a crack.
  6. ... Imagine if he becomes a verminous Spud!!!!
  7. He's not a good caliber of goalkeeper.
  8. Another PL win!.. If not.. Rodgers out!!
  9. Err err let's err play with err some err quailiteeee.
  10. We're coming for you We're coming for you Tottenham Hotspur We're coming for you
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