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  1. He was squirreled away from us before we knew it.. Loved watching him play.
  2. Let him loose on those defences so he can make those runs behind.
  3. Well we've got the youngsters on the pitch.. Gray, Ndidi, Maddison, Barnes.. The kids are alright.
  4. That's true. I'm getting anxious about the Brighton game on Saturday. I reckon they'll just park the magic Bus and be difficult to break down.
  5. Nailed on to go to United.. Then he'll sign Kane.
  6. Tricky question but I won't get fooled again.
  7. Mourinho showed himself to be totally out of touch with the modern game at United.. He's a dinosaur! As a replacement for Pochettino it's a classic Spursy decision.
  8. Wouldn't swap Vardy for Kane... No LCFC supporter would.
  9. Christ!.. What's he caught.. Foot and Mouth??
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