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  1. weller54

    Wilfred Kanon

    He was a wheelie good detective!
  2. The verminous Spuds are our biggest threat!
  3. weller54

    Wilfred Kanon

    We'll have to try and sign David Ball from Rotherham... Love to see Kanon & Ball together.
  4. weller54

    Wilfred Kanon

    What a load of balls!
  5. Heard he's a great intercepter.
  6. He's contaminated!!.. Would need to be quarantined for 6 months before coming to us.
  7. He obviously rates Iheansnacho?
  8. Signing this guy = serious lack of ambition.
  9. Demanding 90m it's reported.. If Manchester City will pay that he's gone!
  10. Bit like signing Carlos Teves then?
  11. You're missing the point... The money we get for Maguire will be used to strengthen the team... We have adequate strength in that CB position without Maguire.. Cash in.. Buy Tielemans, Bowen and Che Adams (and still have some loose change left).
  12. ... Still a better option than Iheanacho!
  13. Can we sign Batman as well please?
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