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  1. Bet the Maddison one has sold out then 😂
  2. If one of them got a pulled stitch and unravelled would they be Mike Stringfellow?
  3. The Cags one took another couple of ounces of wool.
  4. What's happened? Is he dead?
  5. I've just given my head a serious wobble.. didn't work!😂 I want them hung, drawn and quartered!
  6. Those Muppets need an executionist!!….
  7. Dear Madders Do you know that £5k rucksack of yours.. Well the players have all left a little present inside it.
  8. I bet Kasper is absolutely livid. And how does something like this go down with the likes of Tielemans who you can guarantee is the ultimate professional?..… could it possibly make him think his future is elsewhere?
  9. And that's why the beautiful game is getting uglier by the season!
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