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  1. It was OK.. But Drinky showed him how it should be done!
  2. Iheanmendyho?
  3. He was coming on but he dropped his water bottle on his foot.. Initial scans suggest he'll be out for at least 9 months.. Mendy (or 'Lucky' as he's known by his nickname) said ' O well, shit happens! '
  4. ....we would if we signed Sigurdsson!
  5. Agree.. Love to see him and Barnes given opportunities... But not sure it's going to happen unfortunately.
  6. Oh his name is Iheanacho He's not even signed Don't you know why that is.. Cos he's changed his mind...
  7. Take it you don't rate Gray much?
  8. Iheanacho has been disappointing so far....
  9. And I bet he's not on 60k a week like Ronnie Bobbie was either?
  10. OK campers!.. Rise and shine and don't forget your booties, cos it's cold out there.. It's cold out there every day!
  11. That's not hard!