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  1. Villa.. Are you tottenham in disguise??
  2. 3rd place is really up for grabs.. Manure, Chavs and Spuds are looking well dodgy! Arsenal only marginally better.
  3. Wonderful times indeed... Add the smug Spud fans as well!.. Thank you God.. Thank you so bloody much!!!
  4. Yep.. 3 points (or at least 1) down the pan.. They were there for the taking!
  5. Manure are Doggo! How the Hell did we lose to them??
  6. Smammers 1 Manure 1 Palace 2 Bayern Wanderers 1 Arse 3 Vanilla 0 Scouser's 3 Chavs 1
  7. Time to give him a rest?.. and give Praet a run in the side.. Looks the shadow of the player we had on loan last season.
  8. We just need to play Ndidi and Hamza together in a defensive two.
  9. Watford fans.. Stay away from the after 8's tonight!
  10. My brother in law (🤐🤐).. Spuds season ticket holder!.. Reckons Poch is a dead man walking!
  11. Wash your mouth out!!.. We played Wolves opening game of the season!!
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