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  1. F A Cup such a devalued competition now compared to year's ago.. I'm not really arsed about it anymore! By the way... How much you asking for your Granny... might be interested 😁!
  2. If Villa win tonight I'll boil my goolies in vinegar!
  3. Wanted Bournemouth to be demoralised for when they play us.. if they win tonight they'll be right fired up on Sunday!!
  4. Can't wait to turn them over when we play them...a Soyuncu 'Huth type' headed winner!
  5. Have you seen their form over the last 15 games or so??... I can see them easily winning the next 4.
  6. Do you really think we'll finish above Man U?
  7. Yanited are going to finish 3rd.. it's between us and Chelsea for that 4th place.. Chelsea have it in their own hands now and I don't think they'll let it slip. 5th it is!
  8. West Ham lost as well.. luvvilly jubbilly!!
  9. Hopefully Maddison back for this? Could be trickier than it looks though as they'll be fighting for their lives.. But we simply have to win this one. 1-2 ...Ian and Kevin.
  10. Both single..but would prefer to be a couple.
  11. Just hasn't been our last 43 years!!!!
  12. If they were down to 7, I couldn't see us scoring!
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