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  1. Nah.. Like we've never bought any expensive duds have we?
  2. Will Gray ever improve?... He's been stagnant for almost 3 years!!
  3. He needs to figure how to wipe his own arse first!
  4. Rachel certainly has!
  5. Who are you calling Big Nose?!.. Big Nose!!
  6. Absolute Buffoon!!. God help us.
  7. No thanks.. He failed at his last club so he's not good enough for us!
  8. weller54

    Papy Mendy

    They couldn't afford Andy King!!
  9. Jesus was a proper profit.
  10. Nah.. I'd use.. How are those Super Spurs boys getting on today Sylofox?.. COYS!
  11. Cheers.. I'll bear that in mind if I'm ever held captive.
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