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  1. Greedy cvnt Andy Burnham. Blimey
  2. Started shaving mine completely bald this year with a razor (not even 30 yet). Best decision I’ve made, bald and sexy
  3. I had an Xs when it launched but then switched to the new SE earlier this year, so this is going to be a massive jump from that. I’m paying £47 a month which for a new iPhone contract seems quite reasonable
  4. Probably because we couldn’t afford one
  5. Genuinely quite surprised the first 0-0 of the season has come from Burnley (and West Brom)
  6. Pre ordered an iPhone 12 Pro last night. Quite excited
  7. Piss myself every time I watch Perez and think about what we paid for him
  8. Didn’t think he was as bad as some will probably make him out to be
  9. Lewandowski would have struggled out there tonight tbh
  10. Kamakaze released his first full length project today
  11. Yes I’m sure they “turned a blind eye to it”
  12. A very impressive stadium and training facilities, consistent European football (champions league up until this year), a champions league final just over a year ago, arguably the best striker in the world (he’s up there at least), a very good squad overall, big worldwide fan base. I don’t know to me they’re a very big club despite the lack of silverware
  13. The time between the 6s and the latest phones in technology terms is huge and would definitely warrant an upgrade, is all I’m saying
  14. People can make up all the nonsense they want about Spurs. As it stands they’re comfortably 1 of the top 6 biggest clubs in this country and are viewed by most of the footballing world as an elite club
  15. Asking what’s the point in upgrading from a 6s probably isn’t the best example to be honest
  16. I really like the look of the mini but I bought the new SE when it launched earlier this year and despite the battery being awful, I don’t think I want to spend another £600 or enter into a contract again
  17. Oadby closed down nearly a year ago now
  18. Work in retail so nothing has changed. My disdain for the general public has however increased ten fold throughout this all
  19. David Attenborough was in his 50s in 1979. Knocked my socks off hearing that
  20. I’ll manifest it into normality
  21. Delivered his Waitrose shop to him once upon a time. Nice bloke
  22. Jumped up to £51 now but it’s stansted
  23. £33 return flights from 1 of the London airports on sky scanner
  24. Chelsea and Liverpool both got reasonably straight forward groups aswell tbh
  25. Back in the Two Tailed Lion for the first time since February. Drinking a girthy stout as the rain patters against the window. The only thing more edgy than me right now is @Miquel The Work Geordie glorious jawline
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