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  1. Palace Home Post-Match 0-3

    Bloody french coming over here and not speaking English as well as we can all speak French #brexit
  2. Let's have a films thread.

    Has there ever been a more feeble than Kylo Ren? Every scene hes made to look a complete punk and yet we have to put up with his whining for 3 movies. In fact this whole trilogy has wasted potentially good villains throughout so far
  3. Let's have a films thread.

    Ok yeah, that was pretty shit. Me and my friend both said it was no better than any of the prequel trilogy. I was really excited for where they were going after TFA but I'm a little more apprehensive now.
  4. Let's have a films thread.

    This is the only part of the internet I've seen bad things said about the new Star Wars so I'm still excited to see it
  5. Is Demarai Gray an enigma?

    This is absolutely the most ridiculous post I've ever seen
  6. Monster Hunter: World

    Just started playing the beta. Always meant to try the game out on 3DS but never got round to it
  7. Snow

    I'm due to start at 9 and I haven't bothered.
  8. legendary shirt numbers

    Cambiasso came and made the number 19 legendary here
  9. Snow

    Took me about an hour & a half to drive home from work this morning, normally takes 15 minutes. On top of that I nearly died about 8 times. Safe to say I'm not going in work tonight
  10. The World Football Thread

    Good draw for the Wolverhampton Globetrotters today
  11. Candidates for 2025 City of culture

    I've never known another person to consistently hate everything that is and isn't English
  12. 90s Babies.. Toys help.

    I remember spending way too much birthday money on a bumblebee yo yo. Something like that.
  13. Favourites of 2017

    1 of the better albums of the year I'd say
  14. Favourites of 2017

    Didn't see this thread yet so apologies if I've overlooked it. What's everyone's favourite music of 2017? Albums of the year The Ooz - King Krule Common Sense - J Hus GSAP - Stormzy As You Were - LG Damn - Kendrick Lamar Love What Survives - Mount Kimbie Tracks of the year Rodent - Burial Biscuit Town - King Krule Fisherman - J Hus Fear - Kendrick Ratio - Floating Point Will you be there - The Sherlock's Favourite artists King Krule Burial Kendrick J Hus Feel free to add any additional categories. All in all a superb year for music I thought, definitely missed a lot of very good stuff but I put the album's/tracks that had the biggest impression on me for the year at the time of posting
  15. Xmas party - Stockholm

    Hamza as a Teletubbie has really amused me