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  1. Montana has a superb body tbf
  2. I wonder if Sevilla fans will be arguing over whether that's a Monchi signing
  3. Why do we still have that shit site to sell kits on with the weird distorted photos when we've just had a nice new website? Why are the photos of stuff for sale always so bloody bad
  4. 1 that's in the bin
  5. The fact its took this long for Chloe to go, and that Jess was already sacrificed for her is outrageous
  6. Another signing that probably won't happen
  7. BBKs set on the other stage looked properly mad, great seeing Grime so prominent at Glastonbury and just in the UK mainstream in general.
  8. The man sold out Wembley 27 nights in a row, broke chart records, is renowned for being a great live pop artist and everyone there is singing his songs word for word. He's arguably the biggest pop star on the planet, or at least 1 of. Of course he's a bloody headliner
  9. It was bought from a retailer and wouldn't have been marked as high value goods or a gift.
  10. Does anyone know much about customs charges on parcels from America? On the royal mail and government website it says that anything below £135 won't be charged customs, but I've had a package delivered that's worth about 40 odd quid and been given £20 customs charges.
  11. Pretty sure him, Aubameyang and Aguero would score more than Kane if Aguero played more than 3 games in a season
  12. Prodigy of Mobb Deep passed away it would seem, absolutely gutted about this
  13. Aslong as your trainers/socks are brand coordinated I have no problem with normal socks and shorts. Nike socks with Adidas shoes for example is sacrilege, mixing those 2 brands at all is wrong tbh
  14. No socks with shoes is revolting.
  15. Those kits are absolutely garbage