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  1. Dunno why so many people get as angry about our kits as they do tbh we always have shit kits, most of these blokes are probably dressed by there missus and I reckon 85% of the people getting the arse had zero intention of actually buying a shirt anyway
  2. Every time I see a New Balance kit I’m very grateful we’ve never had one, absolute poverty
  3. Absolutely no point in Var if goals like that are being given even after using it is there
  4. Imagine how great being a Man City fan is, never struggle for a ticket, you get to watch the best team in England every week and I bet they give season tickets away with happy meals to shift them
  5. All English knock out ties in the Champs League are nearly always the bollocks I reckon
  6. I think everyone’s been asking for a pink kit tbh
  7. Strange that they’d use that Germany graphic on anyone else’s kit
  8. I have a beard because I can’t be arsed to shave and look like a thumb
  9. Looks like it has a chequered design all over it
  10. Hasn’t it already been mentioned in the show that the night king is a stark? Maybe I’m imagining I heard that in the show
  11. 4 of the episodes are 80 minutes long
  12. I went to the most recent Canteen event a couple of weekends ago and was pretty underwhelmed compared to the previous 1s
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