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  1. Samilktray

    What grinds my gears...

    I'm not having this at all definitely did not happen
  2. Samilktray


    Black AND female
  3. Samilktray

    Rap & Hip Hop

    As a massive fan of his this has really hit me hard tbf. Gutting stuff
  4. Samilktray


    I'm not supporting the use of such language at all buddy
  5. Samilktray


    Well, the only person he called a faggot has referred to himself as a faggot numerous times. I dread to think what kind of reaction Eminem's first 2 albums would have garnered had they released in 2018
  6. Samilktray

    Leicester music scene

    Yeah I listened recently and they're great. Off to see them next week I think
  7. Samilktray

    What grinds my gears...

    I think the fact you failed to pull someone up on using the term "nig nog" says a lot about you tbh
  8. Samilktray

    The World Football Thread

    Most MLS sides have daft names to be fair, I think it's part of the charm
  9. Those pesky black folk, standing up for something that shouldn't still be an issue in 2018 and even worse, getting paid as a result.
  10. Probably gonna buy every bit of the Kaepernick range whenever Nike release it tbh
  11. Loved seeing so many pissy red necks losing there mind on twitter over this last night
  12. Samilktray

    Annoying kid sat next to your season ticket seat

    Knock him out
  13. You need to let go of all this hateful energy, it's no good for you
  14. Samilktray

    Nampalys Mendy

    I like him a lot