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  1. Samilktray

    Football Manager 2019

    I’ve been playing on switch and was wondering what the switch version is missing compared to the PC game?
  2. Not sure the Vardys fit in with Lamborghini’s brand identity
  3. Samilktray

    Pep apologises to Mahrez

    The sky is blue, grass is green and Fif is still boring us all to death with his weird, unhealthy vendetta against Mahrez.
  4. Samilktray

    Is the City of Leicester a dump?

    I think we’re going to see a nice bit of gentrification on Frog Island and it’s probably gonna be a very cool place to be in a few years
  5. Samilktray

    European Football 18/19

    Piatek is going to be a serious player in a few years.
  6. Samilktray

    What gigs are you going?

    You go to music gigs hoping to hear football chants? I’d probably want to leave if I heard football chants, that’s not for me at all. I’m not sure any venues allow stage diving but if the performer does it I don’t think there’s much they can do. I saw Odd Future a few times when they first emerged and there was a load of projectile musicians throughout, just for 1 example
  7. Samilktray

    What gigs are you going?

    I’ve been to numerous gigs where this has all happened so I’m not sure what you’re saying tbh
  8. Samilktray

    Nintendo Switch

    I was only interested in the new Pokémon game announcement and that didn’t come so it felt like a very underwhelming direct for me
  9. Samilktray

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    I don’t particularly like nor dislike spurs but why on earth would we want to ‘get behind them’?
  10. Samilktray

    Also in the news

    Yes it’s amazing that grown men still wear 1 of the most popular items of clothing in existence. A revelation.
  11. Samilktray

    Also in the news

    You think you’ve read it all on here and then someone suggesting retailers should be limited to the amount of hoodies they can sell. Absolutely baffling stuff.
  12. Samilktray

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    I’ve been watching Attack On Titan this week and I’m enjoying it
  13. Samilktray

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Just very aesthetically pleasing aren’t they. What a brand they’ve created
  14. Samilktray

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    PSG are a dislikeable club?
  15. Samilktray

    Best musical cities

    Not sure who’s got it worse, Kasabian being our best selling band or Devon’s being Muse