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  1. Samilktray

    James Maddison Confirmed

    It makes your skin crawl to see our players celebrating a goal they have scored for us? I suggest you should probably get a grip tbh
  2. Honestly don't think Wolves have been at all relevant to anybody since they had Doritos as there sponsor
  3. Must be absolutely killing Jose, seeing Pep managing his city rivals, playing outrageous football, winning titles and having the media purring over them. I don't feel sorry for the bloke at all tbh
  4. Will we ever see a team in England as good as this Man City 1? Probably not I'd say
  5. Samilktray

    Vardy red is not a sending off

    no it doesn't mean the players have to wear Adidas boots, he's just an Adidas sponsored player now
  6. Yeah it's a prime exclusive
  7. Samilktray


    Champagne papy
  8. Samilktray

    Nice pubs in Leicester

    Did you enjoy them?
  9. Samilktray

    City break recommendations

    I went for a week last year and still didn't see everything we wanted to see
  10. Samilktray

    City break recommendations

    Used it in London a few months back and the host was sleeping on his sofa as we let ourselves in. Very surreal moment but he bought us some beers to apologize for whatever reason.
  11. Samilktray

    City break recommendations

    All city breaks should contain trams imo
  12. Samilktray

    City break recommendations

    I've lost count of how many times I've used Airbnb and had zero problems. I've even become Facebook friends with a lot of people who's property I've stayed in.
  13. There is an interesting picture of Bobby Market doing the rounds on twitter, and 1 that I can't unsee
  14. Samilktray


    No it was a shambles but the performance itself was decent enough