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  1. Not bad, not great. It’s very adidas.
  2. He’s taking the piss out of the biggest football club in the world and I am here for it
  3. You could make a case for Chilwell doing this but who the hell is paying the money for Maddison? United look very good again and will fancy themselves to be able to sign better than Maddison now
  4. Lovely seeing how pissy Liverpool fans are about this, this morning tbh
  5. The only reason that explains signing him in January is that we are skint
  6. If that red shirt turns out to be true that is absolutely crap
  7. Never understood the hype at all tbh
  8. Don’t really like those Southampton kits. Look a bit cheap
  9. Umbro make some really horrible kits
  10. Five Guys are expensive but I always laugh when people say the burgers aren’t good. They clearly are a good burger
  11. Cat people are always weirdos
  12. Not sure Mark wants those kind of rumours posted in here floating round his forum
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