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  1. Hasn’t the game itself been fairly well reviewed? I thought the uproar was surrounding the fact you can’t transfer alot of your Pokemon from old games onto the new?
  2. Is there any decent vegetarian/vegan restaurants In and around Leicester?
  3. Just watched the first episode of The Mandalorian and it was thoroughly enjoyable
  4. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was Hearts/Hibs
  5. I reckon 80% of Leicester fans were surprised he came here because he wouldn’t look out of place at Barca or Bayern or a club of that ilk. Don’t think we realise how much of a coup he was tbh
  6. I look forward to the Liverpool team walking out for the warm up in there next game wearing T-shirt’s in support of Joe Gomez after this
  7. Yeah he’s not shown any signs of maturity in the last few years tbf
  8. Not really sure why Joe Gomez is in the squad, let alone dropping our best player because of him
  9. Enjoyed the new episode of Rick & Morty
  10. Is Voidu the cheapest place to buy it this year?
  11. I actually think it’s his defining album as far as rapping goes, very impressive
  12. Eminem’s last good album was Relapse 10 years ago. Even before that he only had 2 good albums imo.
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