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  1. 1 of my closest friends is Jewish and her & her family are all big Corbyn supporters who don’t know anyone in the Jewish communities they socialise in who are thinking of leaving the country because of Corbyn. It’s just a load of nonsense really
  2. I think a lot of people may be in for a nasty surprise with Rodgers when another club comes sniffing round him who represent a step up in any way
  3. The Rutland do a great roast. Church (owner by the bloke from Bring Me The Horizon) do very good vegan food. Five Rivers do some amazing Vietnamese food and Tamper is a place that does food from New Zealand that was bang on
  4. Apparently there won’t be another Sword & Shield game after this so I read the other day. I think they’ll definitely remaster an old game for the Switch and then maybe we’ll get a Let’s Go game based on Gold/Silver before they roll out the next main line game
  5. Always seems to be rumours about that whole area being gentrified but it hasnt happened yet disappointingly
  6. Be interesting to see which club moves to bring Poch in first. Can imagine Yanited, Bayern, Real and maybe Juve will keep an eye on him. Be great if he ended up at Arsenal out of spite
  7. Yeah Kelham Island is unreal for food and beer, I wish Leicester had an area even slightly similar to it
  8. This seasons home kit is by far the best looking kit we’ve had in the modern era imo
  9. Whoever signed off on calling a town Motostoke at Gamefreak needs sacking tbh
  10. I bought Sword today and it’s actually really good fun tbf
  11. I think it’s more surprising that Finland have never qualified for anything before tbh
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