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  1. Samilktray

    Netflix Sunderland Documentary

    Jonny Williams seems like a lovely chap
  2. Samilktray

    Netflix Sunderland Documentary

    I’m 6 episodes in and it’s great, can’t beleive how buzzing they all were for Chris Coleman coming in, mad.
  3. Samilktray

    Nice pubs in Leicester

    I still think it’s crap and I’m not too surprised it’s closing if true tbf
  4. Samilktray

    Macia to Villa

  5. Yes the important part of this message, his spelling.
  6. Samilktray

    Let's have a films thread.

    Which nobody is forcing you to watch
  7. Samilktray

    Nice pubs in Leicester

    I don’t really see any problem with paying £5 or a little more for a good beer
  8. Samilktray

    lifted's RAVE THREAD (1992-2005) for those who know

    Zomby’s ‘Where were U in 92’ is a fantastic tribute to the 90s rave scene
  9. Samilktray

    The World Football Thread

    Tbh I’d take any women claiming she was raped, asked to twerk or asked to make a sandwich with a pinch of salt.
  10. Samilktray

    Nintendo Switch

    My girlfriend has got me a Switch for Christmas, just wondering what the best local multiplayer games are for it?
  11. Samilktray

    Your last Pint?

    Pretty sure I had this in Soar Point this weekend. It was crap tbh
  12. Samilktray

    Your last Pint?

    They’re stout event at the Devonshire Cat this weekend. Not sure how local that is to you in Sheffield but I have a couple friends who work there and the line up of beers they have for it are excellent.
  13. Samilktray

    What grinds my gears...

    I'm not having this at all definitely did not happen
  14. Samilktray


    Black AND female
  15. Samilktray

    Rap & Hip Hop

    As a massive fan of his this has really hit me hard tbf. Gutting stuff