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  1. I’ve had some great beers from them, that looks great enjoy mate
  2. Becoming a comedy club isn’t it?
  3. Tesco are announcing another brewery they’re going to be stocking tomorrow morning
  4. Do you honestly think Martinez would leave Villa to come here as competition for Kasper
  5. Italy away. Apparently Puma are going with this logo style for their clubs next season. Looks weird
  6. Booked in for Saturday. My missus was there last night and said they struggled massively with the service
  7. Grown men putting themselves in a situation where they have to hide in the dark How can you take these people seriously after this
  8. Sending condolences to you and your family at what must be a heartbreaking time for you all. He was a really good lad and will be greatly missed by many.
  9. I think I know the lad you’re referring to (a massive coincidence if it isn’t him) he was a good bloke and it’s absolutely tragic. 2 in the same place of work is very concerning as somebody who is yet to have the vaccine.
  10. If we cancelled their contracts we couldn’t put them on the transfer list as they wouldn’t be employed by the club anymore
  11. But did Jeremy Corbyn say anything yet?
  12. Does 3 England caps make you an England international? Did he start any of those 3 games? Can’t even remember him playing for England tbf
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