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  1. I live with 3 people who all tested positive and who all put me down for track and trace, I didn’t receive 1 call or email from track and trace. Mad really
  2. I’m really intrigued by Finland not existing but I really don’t want to disappear down that rabbit hole today
  3. A lot of the meat substitutes aren’t amazing but Beyond Burgers are unreal. Well worth the price tag in my opinion
  4. Doubling down on talking nonsense. Fair play
  5. Been watching his Cornwall show this week and I’ve found him quite irritating in that
  6. It’s hard to be surprised when Hancock reminds you what a cretin he is. He pretended to cry live on tele after all
  7. Samilktray


    Put the deposit down on a beagle puppy today. We got scammed just before Christmas when we initially thought we’d got 1 so it’s a relief to have it sorted.
  8. They’ve bought Footpatrol, Hip Store and Size? In recent years so it does seem to be something they’re doing. Footpatrol & Hip haven’t really changed since they’ve acquired them so hopefully wellgosh continues in that vain
  9. Wellgosh has been bought by JD Sports. Be a real shame if they were to change anything about the place
  10. Took a 4.5 mile drive to Abbey Park for a walk this morning. Better than I remembered it being
  11. I went to school with 1 of them and I’m not in the slightest bit surprised at how overly dramatic that article is
  12. We’ve made enough profit selling players to buy a state of the art training ground and reinvest in our squad very well
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