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  1. Maddison can’t be happy with that surely
  2. PSG have registered the white kit as there home shirt for the champions league
  3. I did not see the reveal at the end of Top Boy coming at all
  4. The iPhone XR has the best battery in an iPhone until the 11 & 11 pro release
  5. A very dull album imo
  6. Netflix brought back Top Boy and didn’t ruin it. This new run is the best season they’ve done.
  7. This has no relevance to anything and no foundation either really
  8. Best shirt this season imo. Just a shame Danielle De Rossi isn't around to really do it justice.
  9. I can't really see what point you're trying to make?
  10. Pretentious meat eaters are worse than vegans & vegetarians tbh. Eating a steak isn't a personality trait nor a badge of honour.
  11. Have they improved the Switch version this year? Didn’t get FIFA19 and probably won’t get this unless the Switch version is worth it
  12. I use Monzo and probably won’t go back to a big bank again unless forced
  13. We got to the semi final you absolute cabbage
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