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  1. Anyone played Dragon Quest? Worth a go?
  2. How as a Burnley fan do you get excited about anything to do with that football club
  3. Looks bespoke. For some reason prodirect sell and promote their kits. Must be a reason
  4. People who work in retail don’t get paid enough to challenge morons who more than likely will blow up if you challenge them. What do you expect them to do
  5. Saw it earlier but forgot to pick it up. Does sound tasty
  6. Quite mental to see the younger generations being blamed when the over 40s struggle to keep a mask over their noses
  7. Just watched the first episode of ‘The third day’ with Jude Law in it. Bit weird but seems decent
  8. Might wanna start an Xbox thread bro we’re PlayStation boys in here
  9. This Somebody beat me to it and it was the bloody Wolves fan
  10. Wolves third kit is literally what a Portugal shirt would look like if adidas supplied them. I respect the audacity of it all
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