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  1. I don't think we chose to sell one player each summer. Kante we had no choice. Drinky was a trouble maker so he forced our hand. Mahrez we postponed his inevitable sale until it became impossible to hold him back any more. Maguire we'd have preferred to keep it we honoured our word to him that he could go if an OTT offer came in. I suspect chilly was told the same last summer what Maguire was told the summer before. And I expect Maddison was told the same this summer too. That's why all three (Maddison tbc) signed up to new deals. Next year is going to be super difficult though. Ricardo's contract running down, Cags, Wilf and Maddison could all be rightfully itching for a move and attracting huge bids. There's some serious succession planning needed.
  2. KP lent LCFC the £91m? ....That's interesting. I wonder where the heck KP have £91m of cash reserves from.to dish out?
  3. I find the tactic quite interesting. Basically it's factoring. An overdraft in reverse. Plonking a huge chunk of cash in your account and running it down.... rather than running up an overdraft and waiting for the PL money to arrive months later to pay it all off. Slightly curious as to why we are so cash thirsty though. And slightly curious as to why the training ground outlay seemingly hasn't been mortgaged over the next 40 years. I don't see the rush to pay for it up front.
  4. When I said professionals managing a fund, it's just an ISA account I set up with Hargreaves Lansdown as the portal (the broker effectively) So yeah, just transferred savi GS cash to my Hargreaves Lansdown account and you pick and choose your funds or shares from their list. I actually found it quite interesting to research the professional managed funds, their CV, ethos, strategy and sectors I don't think there was a minimum. Maybe 100 quid. Perhaps not worth it though if less than a grand as you get charged abroker fee by Hargreaves for doing the deal (about 12 quid a transaction)
  5. Better day today. First for a while. My 4 stocks (bought a what I thought was rock bottom in April) have 'rallied' to a collective 15% down (from a disastrous 28% dip) Plus, I plonked some cash with the professionals - 2 managed funds plus a ftse250 tracker- who are (unsurprisingly) doing better than me. Aggregated 6% up on them 3.
  6. If this mini tournament works out, I wonder if it might whet appetite for a permanent EL 8 team end of season tournament, differentiating It from the CL and surely increasing TV revenue. Actually, this is yet another post by me on this thread. I think I'm slightly falling in love with the EL! That dark disco official music. A tournament that's part hipster, part hoseasons holidays. Nordic noir versus Balkan genocide. Interailers v Inter Milan. Love it. We belong here.
  7. Without any crowd and sponsor money, it's gonna be costing Barry Town and the others a few quid just to make the travel. Unless UEFA has some kind of expenses form the club's can put in for.
  8. So long as itsy local and not sealing off Glenfield, Braunstone etc when the problem was in East Leicester wards
  9. I don't think it's a conspiracy. I just think we are overreacting
  10. Yeah, but you miss my point. Kids have been interacting together in the parks, on football pitches, outside co-op, the chippy, in gardens, skateboard ramps at holiday parks for nigh on 12 weeks now. I know a school environment is indoors, closed and has 600 people (albeit there will be bubbles of 40-50).....but this potential dramatic upswing won't be because kids are interacting....as they already do that
  11. Kids haven't bothered with hand washing, elbow bumping and social distancing since about mid May. Ok, all the contact is outdoors with fresh air and perhaps two, three or four friends together. But the going back to school is not a quantum leap. Plus of course, all the kids of key workers who attended classes never caught it off each other...them being surely the most likely to have picked it up from works parents Edit; I do agree with you tho that Autumn will probably bring a major upswing. Once all the central heating goes on, indoor spaces are germ factories
  12. This isn't aimed at making any point it parallel to Covid, but how often have people actually contracted flu? As in proper flu, not a cold. I reckon twice, tops. I had it at about 15 and presumably once since then in the following 30 years (as my memory vaguely tells me the one at 15 wasn't the only time) Edited to add, I've never had a flu jab...
  13. Based on nothing other than a hunch, I wouldn't be surprised to see Man City come in for him and hijack the deal if Chelsea managed to agree a fee they felt was realistic
  14. Horse has bolted. It's either get the disease or inject a synthetic/mutated version of it in the form of a vaccine. Until 65% of punters have done one or the other, it's not going away
  15. Then you could've / would've stayed at home and sealed yourself off. That's fair enough.
  16. One of my kids at the time followed a YouTuber - Spencer - who was a west ham season ticket holder. He posted the normal match day video a few hours after the game (matchday 2) The footage of them at half time was the first hint for me we were on to something special. They were shellshocked. Visibly energised, bizarrely by seeing their own team ripped apart
  17. Well based on comments on herd Immunity via the post you'd replied to.....and your own comments regarding low deaths in proportion to lowering ages of infection....it does beg the question why under 40s were ever locked down in the first place. A golden chance to build herd Immunity via the young, during the summer (when contagiousness is less aggressive) has been blown thanks to collective world government panic and hysteria
  18. 11 flights landed at Heathrow in the last half hour. I'd suggest that the largest proportion of those passengers head for London upon landing
  19. London will be riddled with it. Multi generational Asian households -;tick High density, low income housing- tick Young population - tick People travelling in from all.over world - tick Low car usage, high use of Public Transport - tick Oh, and sweatshop style black economy of workers eg Chinatown
  20. Well, that was a point made right near the start of this. Govts across the world have terrified the public and now can't coax people back. Very early on, imo, there should've been a gradual phasing of normalising Covid and softening its 'image'. Good news doesn't sell though, I guess The emergency economic actions taken are what I'd have expected for a new bubonic plague, or if Ebola went (literally) viral.
  21. I'm not sure poor Alan Young was fed anything other than free corned beef sarnies and cans of Tyskie.
  22. Off the record, I'd avoid calling it a fixed term contract if I could. Once you have three payslips under your belt, mortgage lenders tend to be happy. In my experience they'd rather see three McDonald's wage slips at minimum wage than any kind of contract or self employment - even if the wage was much higher as a contractor. Essentially, lizard financial institutions prefer the weak and meek. Of course, if you knowingly lied on your application, that'd be mortgage fraud, punishable by imprisonment. Though, apart from EDL weirdo Tommy Robinson, I've never heard of anyone banged up for it.
  23. How cool do they look? I quite fancy getting one blown up and framed
  24. He was OK. Terrible winger but had some clever passes when played inside. Not THAT much difference between him and Perez, tbh. Terrific goal at Newport! He didn't half hit that.
  25. I think the extended season for Man Utd, Wolves and to a.lesser extent Chelsea (who are all but out) will severely impact next season for each. Although they'll get a delayed season start, mentally the players won't be rested. Our lads have three weeks solid R&R now (whatever form of r&r is for some of the lads) and switch off. Meanwhile Maguire and co are seeing out a 5-0 win in an empty stadium
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