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  1. For the first time in years and years, I'm gonna sit down and watch that red filth tonight. Nice little early Christmas treat to see them struggle
  2. Weren't they in for Soyuncu but faffed about? I suspect had he have joined them, he'd have turned into a clown like Guendozi
  3. Surely upon surely we'll beat this shower of shite at Thier place for the first time in my entire life
  4. I liked Glenn tbh. I still think that 0-0 away at Italy was tactically the best I've ever seen England play (which is rather damning for England, when compared to the best events France, Holland, Italy, Spain and Germany all have)
  5. Pleat was a curious era - a slow death of a football club. I despised him at the time but think there was more to it....a lot of antagonism between him and the board I think. He started brilliantly with 4 really shrewd loan signings (best being Peter Weir from.Aberdeen) to rescue us from the dreadful Bryan Hamilton. Then he (or the board) signed all sorts of relatively decent championship strikers who he wouldn't play alongside the excellent Mike Newell; Wayne Clarke, Jimmy Quinn, David Kelly, David Oldfield and then Kevin Campbell on loan. Bearing in.mind he had the basis of a very good team; Newell, the strikers above, Gary Mac, Steve Walsh and Ali Mauchlen he then car crashed the club with bizarre tactics and signing the likes of Ricky Hill, Terry Fenwick, Martin Hodge, various Southern Irish freebies (any remember the extraordinary tale of Pat O Toole?), Tony Spearing....I could go on but it's too depressing to name all his failures.
  6. Almost every single week we improve as soon as Perez goes off. Is it tactical that we DELIBERATELY play a slightly weaker team from the off and lull the oppo into a false sense of security?
  7. Yeah, it's an option but kids will get the arsies if is unplug PS4 to bring downstairs
  8. Dunno where to post this, but guess somebody good with tech can answer; Can an Amazon app (I presume there is one) be cast to my telly via Chromecast, like I do sky (via nowtv app) and BT Sport app?
  9. Well Ornstein is the John Percy of Arsenal, and he suggests a polite decline on Rodgers's part. Seems case closed to me. Also, when we were in for Rodgers, 'sources' close to Rodgers made hints in the media that he'd welcome an approach from us. No such sources have been gossiping this time. I think there's manager's guidance from the LMA never totally rebuff a club. In short from a manager's viewpoint you never know when you might need that club
  10. Wasn't at all surprised that Everton pinon a good display. Samebas Arsenal tbh. Premier League teams have quality and match winners aplenty. Rarely is there a gimme in this league. A great great win
  11. Fuerteventura. How comes every middle aged builder, plumber and leccy with three year 6/7/8 kids, the obligatory BMW 4WD and excessive house extension go there for holidays?
  12. Can't say I'm not enjoying their demise. I really wish I could.like them,but I don't. Relegation to non league Rugby would be a marvellous pill for the glory glory, tut tutting, patronising, 'man's game', holier than thou, welly wearing Tigers fans City had to put up with during the 80s, 90s and 2000s
  13. I like Jenas. I remember him having the decency to be honest when joking with Lineker during the title run in that we were the last club he wants to see win it.
  14. Chelsea aren't top level. Today is the start of the drop off and battle for 4th/5th/6th with Spurs and AN other form mid table side
  15. I'm astounded at the appalling strategists at both labour and liberal hq. All NHS. Even the public aren't that daft. Attack lines on Boris that would reasonate with public 1. His two articles, pro and anti Brexit, written for the telegraph ....Brexit is a career move for Boris. He's a shyster who will say and do anything for power; lie to the queen etc 2. His lack of marital values; affairs; unknown amount of kids. Such morals would appall the average daily mail reader. 3. 'Briton Trump' - even Tories dislike Trump. Association with that fool is toxic.
  16. Possibly the most ridiculous thing I'm ever about to post, but the knifeman's shoes didn't look like you average terrorist's shoes
  17. I got your point first time. Does the manager knowing best only apply to Rodgers and all fan discussion, debate, opinion be disbanded for him? Or does the 'manager knows best' rule apply to discussing all manager decisions? Puel, Emery, Pellegrini, Silva?
  18. I'm sure you're right. I'll just take Rodgers's view as your own and you need never comment again.
  19. I'm fully prepared to be wrong here, but are there any stats to prove this supposed workrate? Personally, I don't see it. Plus, if I wanted workrate, I'd choose Albrighton. Not Perez. If I want skill and/or pace, play Gray. If I want a conventional right sided midfielder, I'd play Praet.
  20. Great point. It's becoming increasingly the norm for media and the public to refer to 'the big six and Leicester' as the tough games. I'll take that
  21. Good spot. ThanKS for the heads up. Great top on.
  22. Random thought to type, but I think it every time I drive past it....but the old corah building would make a fantastic arena. And it'd regenerate / spruce up a delapidated corner of town
  23. Vardy's head superimposed on Simon 'coathanger' Morgan's body 😂 That kit though kinda ages well. Simple blue and white
  24. I've always thought the city would be improved if the Haymarket was bulldozed for a mini park / garden square. And the shops within it distributed around the various vacant units along Charles Street, Belgrave Gate and Churchgate Brings the quirky and edgy Humberstone gate into the centre instead of being blocked off, and curve/phoenix too
  25. I remember Zagorakis couldn't speak English and spent his spare time in Oadby chippy talking Greek to the owner. But, tbh, players don't need to.learn the whole.language. Some basic structure of past and present tense and then there's prob only 200 football words and cliché; 'we were unlucky' 'we go again' 'great set of lads'
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