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  1. I reckon I've had a weekend booze in just about every city centre in the UK except for Leeds over the last 25 years. Nottingham is by a distance the most intimidating place on a night out. Edinburgh, despite all its loveys and tourists, I've had a rough ride too. Leicester probably third for someone wanting to square up.
  2. Isn't it obvious how football works? We'll lose to West Ham, lose to Brentford.....fans in meltdown. Verbal and online abuse to some of the best players we've ever had. Shithouse a win at Villa on the law of averages. Form, mood and confidence slowly starts to pick up on the back of the win and we - against all expectation - produce a magnificent performance in the final v Man City and idolise players that were being called willy pullers a few weeks ago
  3. I largely agree with you. I was more playing devil's advocate. The previous poster was describing Maddison as a typical flash bastard footballer douchebag. That was imo too simplistic. Edited to add, I can't believe he wouldn't have worked out going on a night out after being 'ill'. I imagine he probably calculatd something like, **** it and **** Southgate. I'm going out
  4. Sorry. You might be right and I could be wrong, but I think you are reacting instinctively and buying his flash bastard insta persona, which is part boyish fun and part tongue in cheek. He speaks very well post match in interviews. His free kicks and corners.smack of hour after hour of practice. A young lad who went to Aberdeen to cut his teeth. An improvement in strength and stamina since he first arrived. Finally, I felt his casino incident was far from the error.l it was portrayed to be. I thought it a very subtle, very clever pop a the England manager.
  5. Another one who should try out another sport. If you think Maddison is average you need to jack this game in pal.
  6. Or it could be that subtle slices of luck goes our way sometimes but not now? Brighton penalty retake? Chilwell's mishit opener v Saints? Plus, I don't recall any complaints of complacency when Maddison and Choudhury fired in away at Newcastle. In fact, I remember celebrating our arrogance rather than bemoaning it
  7. You've just called half of our best players wank. If you can't handle defeat, I wouldn't recommend football to you. Why not try painting or pottery classes?
  8. It does irritate me that fans, generally, have lost the ability to lose - something that's kind of an occupational hazard in football. I hate losing it. Today has spoiled my day. My week even. But at The same time, recognisethat's the way it breaks. And of course, it breaks for us too: Burnley equalised at the KP in the last minute and was harshly ruled out by VAR. Everton deserved a point when Iheanacho scored with thelast kick. . Newcastle had FOUR players go off injured against us. Spurs would've deservedly gone 2 up against us but for an armpit hair.
  9. Obvs I see it differently to most. Cruising to victory, by miles and miles the better team even in third gear. But even awful teams can grab goals out of nothing and they did. That's football. It happens. We had everything go.our way 8/9 games and now things won't quite break for us. Entirely normal.
  10. Neil Lennon rarely gets a shout on these things. Izzet was sexier but Lennon glued it all together. The classic conductor of the orchestra. Positionally brilliant. Read the game as good as anyone I've seen. Gary Mac was the best passer we've had. Lineker could never play with Vardy. Alan Smith or Emile Heskey would be the perfect partner (for Vards!, Not Lineker.Vatds is light years ahead if Gary)
  11. My office in London - generally populated by younger things than me in their lates 20s/early 30s - is absolutely awash with coke. Is this normal with today's youth or a London thing, all of them trying to be wolf of wall Street?
  12. Am I the only one who enjoys the BT score programme? Pougatch is excellent. Tony Adams enjoyably eccentric. And I've now added Karen Carney to my 'to do' list.
  13. Good point. As I think Man Utd are capable of stringing 5/6 together. They're not THAT bad, just bad when compared to great teams of the past
  14. Tickertape was originally I reckon a late 80s early 90s way to camouflage small away supports. I remember 600 or so of us standing on the old open leazes end at Newcastle creating a buzz and it stuck. The Wembley play off tickertape receptions were magnificent. Derby supporters knew they'd made a booboo when the teams emerged out the Wembley tunnel to carnage in our end and absolutely zilch in theirs. (And they had no fans in the Olympic gallery, a long standing dig I've used as a stick to beat a Derby mate for nigh on 30 years now. Happy days)
  15. Agrees with all the good sentiments but the last thing he needs is a testimonial. He's fantastically wealthy and playing fiorentina or Freiburg or a Matt Elliot XI in front of 6000 nerds is an appalling way to bid farewell. A video, a tasteful around the pitch walkaround last game of season, and the presentation of a carriage clock from Top is the nicest way to wave goodbye to a lad who started with us at absolute rock bottom under Nigel Worthington
  16. Going off on a tangent, I wonder how easy/hard it is to blow a 5 year contract of, say, £80k a week? Bag of fag packet stuff. £4m a year of which half goes to the tax man. So £2m in readies each year. Spend prob 20% - 200k -on a sportsman's pension. 50k on2)3 nice holidays with first class travel. 50k blown on clothes. 60k on a car. Equivalent of 200k a year over course of a contract on a house (prob brought outright) ....maybe 30k a year spunked on nights out. ....so I reckon leaves £27k a month to blow. And I reckon that could be blown fairly realistically on a bird, an agent, family members and general poor money management a few years after the contract has gone
  17. There's double standards though. Huth, Shinji, SimpsonUlloa and eventually Albrighton, Fuchs and Wes are all looked on fondly as they are (or will be) asked to leave the club Drinky - by choosing to leave rather than being asked to - made a no brainer of a career choice to try and crack it at a big club and in Europe....and now gets the bum's rush from half our fans and euphoric schadenfreude.
  18. Before Man City and Liverpool redefined the league, having blips was the norm. Even marvellous title winning Man Utd teams u def Ferguson would have rough patches and defeats. The art is bouncing back and taking defeat out on the next opponents
  19. F*** Off Tielemans, you f****** w***** Word for word what the guy behind me shouted at the end as Tielemans came over with an apologetic clap. The state of some people.
  20. I don't think it'll be a problem as he clearly doesn't figure in the manager's plans. My point being is that the Praet of the last few weeks hasn't really been worth the bother. Let's hope it's just an adjustment thing and captures the early season glimpses of quality
  21. He had an absolute mare. I remember. But was out of character for him.lasy season. Every player is allowed the occasional shocker.
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