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  1. I can't wait for the game. It's what football was made for. Big games, big pressure, big rewards. But for Barnes and JJ we're just about at full strength 💪 and man for man have AT LEAST 9 of the best 11 players on the pitch. Bring it on
  2. I'll take those comments as a plus point 😛 Always been a late bloomer me. At 21 I must've looked about 16/ 17. At 30 looked fresh-faced early 20s. Now in 40s I like to kid myself that I'm some eligible bachelor in his mid 30s...albeit an 'eligible bachelor' with teenage kids 😛 Back.to topic, I'll hang fire and let all the proper over 45s rush to the front of the vaccine queue. I wouldn't want to stand in the way of their elderly, feeble bodies being protected
  3. Noooooooo! I wanted to stay with all the young dudes in the low priority categories. I don't wanna be lumped with all the old fckers
  4. I'd suggest Philip wasn't a racist. I think he looked down on everybody as scum, regardless of colour. Inakways considered his bluff personality as simple rudeness. He knew people would be uneasy and nervous in royal company and delighted in playing on those nerves. the object of his 'humour was virtually defenceless and unable to hit back. As all comedians know, you punch upwards, not down. This bluff was the hallmark of weakness, not strength
  5. As per, people look at the score and not the game. We.looked the slightly more controlled and composed until Lingard's unusual opener. Two rare pieces of poor play either side of half time adm we were done for. We looked rattled for another 10. Before realising we really are good enough to outplay anyone when we up our game. Lesson for the players. Keep your heads..we are too good to need to lose.our cool. We can worry any team with sustained pressure, no matter the score
  6. Which is all fine, so long as we all get a week off work for 'mourning'....which, obvs, we won't.
  7. It's a tough gig, but there are always spin offs. i went out with a critical.care nurse for a few months. Three tough 12 hour shifts a week but she had soooooo much holiday it was unbelievable. Was always wangling shifts so she'd have a clear 8 or 9 day work free run. And also frequently did bank shifts to top up her half decent band 5 wage. And paid study time.
  8. Exactly, 'party' suggests DJ Jeff on the decks, randomers doing lines in the bogs, police being called.. Whereas I'd wager this was a small private 'do', bbq with partners all sitting round playing charades
  9. Might give County a rare chance of stretching the match until day 4. That assumes of course at least one of the days has been lost to rain 😛
  10. Don't be so ridiculous. No doubt Rodgers would be furious. But it's a bollocking, not a sacking. If i was to guess, after months and months of being cooped up and a relentless two games a week, the relaxation of garden rules meant some young fun rich guys decided to blow off some steam at what they probably guessed would be a largely footballer only (and therefore all covid tested) private event. Misjudged and unprofessional. But entirely human.
  11. Two people have died as a result of taking the vaccine? ! Have I read that correctly?
  12. The few times I've seen Newcastle, they always look ok. Steely at the back and sprightly going forward. Except though when they play us, when fortunately they seem to play their very very worst
  13. I'm totally relaxed about it. We're a really good side. I trust the process that, generally, teams end up - more or less - where they deserve. We'll end up somewhere between 2nd and 6th this season, injuries permitting
  14. Haha. We've had it drilled home for weeks now since all the vulnerable have been vaccinated and hospital admissions have collapsed that the great bogeyman on the horizon is the all conquering mutation. Yet, you are saying that mutations are our way out of this?!
  15. Agree. Thank goodness for Netflix etc. Seems a bit OTT to devote every channel to identical tributes. Totally off topic, but the TV reminds me of new year's day 2000. I can honestly say one of the worst days of my life, lol. TV was on a loop (fireworks.in Beijing! Fireworks in hawaii!) I went in town for a beer to break the boredom, as all the locals were shut. No.sport either. No Internet then (well not like today) I was horrified that everywhere in town was closed too. Without any hint of exaggeration, it was like a scene off 28 days later. I remember walking in the road arou
  16. That summer was dave Bassett as DoF wheeling and dealing. Used every number in his little black book to call in favours. It was a marvellous effort with f all money (the Premier.money we'd normally have had being used to service the admin buy out) Adams did the signings on his own the following summer; keown etc. A disaster. Adams was a credit in the promotion season. And very nearly pulled off an unlikely survival in his second, but for the much documented last.minute disasters. Credit to the man's honesty..He resigned after the QPR farce but prior to tha
  17. And round and round we go. The people likely to get very ill.from.Covid will.have been vaccinated..so wont get very ill. So all that's left for you to infect are people who are v v unlikely to get v v unwell. Some fit healthy people will no doubt die thanks to bad luck and/or an unusual set of circumstances..just as fit healthy people sometimes die of cancer or strokes or meningitis or whatever
  18. Totally agree. But much of the brain dead English 'boris' brigade (I use English deliberately) have been incapable of making their own risk.assessments.since day 1. It's the single most thing that's irked me.of the whole thing. Morons want to.know only if something is 'allowed'....and flatly will not calculate if something is safe, or low risk
  19. The weirdest subset for me are those that follow the rules through rigid fear, even when the rules increase their risk.profile.. I work from.home, shop.alone, don't commute, exercise alone...but I've 'illegally' visited/had visit a.couple of freinds since Xmas. Rule breaker! Bad man! Yet the rule followers who had family round for Xmas as it was 'allowed', go to work, cycle with freinds, natter at the school gate and now have weekend barbecues in the garden. The righteous!
  20. Derby at the baseball in the early 90s. First time we'd played then for 6 or 7 years. City brutally muscled their way to a 2-1 win. 4k in the away end. Then 300 or so of our hard core baby squad piled in late without tickets as the police didn't want them outside. Literally hundreds all over their end, including me in the old.popside. Wimbledon semi second leg. Dismantling Newcastle 3-0 in the title season. In the corporate area. Just everything about the day was right. The perfect Saturday.
  21. Absolutely. and I understand the concept of charisma and personality. . Yet, funnily enough, he appears to.lack that in person His direct meetings with the public often seem excruciatingly awkward. I wonder those that worship him would feel the same if they were confronted in person by his apparent lack of social skills.
  22. The middle aged, comfortably off middle england plus the low / low to middle income, working suburban English (certainly not british) seem to have some cult like worship of this appalling man. It's not a pro Tory thing. Theresa May or even Cameron would've been destroyed for this...
  23. I kinda like Noble but, fortunately, he's blowing out his arse after 15 mins of running. Gotta be the least fit guy in the league
  24. And that's a poor take up from those on the books. Pure guesswork but I suspect there will be several thousand off the grid living in Leicester who haven't been invited for jabs and never will be.
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