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  1. Don't recall people questioning Lingard's attitude as much as his ability. Dele Alli would be a "No" for me. His purported attitude aside, he's beginning to look like another Barkley.
  2. 3-5-2 is to compensate for the unavailability of Barnes and the lack of a right-winger. Without wingers/wide-forwards, we are compelled to rely on the wing backs for width. Second-half, we switched to a back 4 and Ricardo moved upfield to RM/RW, with Castagne and Thomas as FBs.
  3. It’s always been the worst part of his game. Almost always holds up play, and so many times just end up passing back to Kasper. Take the good (which is great) with the not-so-good though.
  4. Disagree with the first part but agree with the second
  5. Played much better second half when we started to pile pressure
  6. Less than nothing special. There was just no there there today.
  7. Exactly! The start was disastrous but we showed grit to fight back and frankly were unfortunate not to nick an equalizer. Personally, I am now relatively much happier going into the FA Cup semi-final next weekend than I was at halftime.
  8. Exactly dude, we seem to be taking a disease that has killed over a half a million folks on this side of the Atlantic (and millions worldwide) too “seriously”.... Would disagree with any overreaction, such as binning the players off completely, but a fine and suspension seems quite appropriate, given the situation. Asking for a bit of responsibility as part of a 100K/wk pay package is not exactly modern day slavery.
  9. We conceded a similar goal to their second in the first game (Fornals scored that one). You would think we would be looking out for that ball over the top.
  10. Should make Matty James feel at home when he invariably returns
  11. Doubtful they'll be selling when they are set to return to the PL
  12. He’s obviously not talking about himself in this instance, but why would anyone think it wouldn’t be applicable to him as well?
  13. He’s not behind Lingard (except to the extent that Southgate is more likely to return to players he’d previously used rather than turn to new ones). Seems some have already forgotten what a terrific season Madders was having before his injury. He was darn near unplayable in stretches. Lingard brings more energy, but certainly not the skill or vision of Maddison.
  14. We liked him from the preseason friendly against us...
  15. Never seen it before now. So, if it indeed old news, I'm glad someone dug it out.
  16. Coincidentally (or perhaps not), I saw the ones on the Browns, Bengals and the Jets, and each team went on to be crap that season (or, in the case the Browns, just crappier).
  17. Apart from being a Sicknote (thus far at Liverpool), he'll also be gone for AFCON.
  18. Bless you. I was just about to ask 'why Bertrand'? I see little or no upside, and would rather continue to give Thomas more playing experience.
  19. We've gone to the back 3 to compensate for Barnes' absence (and lack of other wingers/wide forwards), using wingbacks to provide width.
  20. Probably agree with the first part, but disagree with the second part.
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