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  1. Really like this. One of the best new chants to come out in recent times. Could it possibly be followed up with a few rounds of a good old fashioned "There's only one Jonny Evans, there's only one Jonny Evans"? The players must surely still like to hear their name chanted in this way too?
  2. Wilf is back. Everything will get better from here
  3. Very well written, truly insightful. Thank you
  4. Thanks K1 for posting it. This was the fixture after the tragic helicopter crash. Emotionally charged day and everyone was of a single mind. I felt very privileged and proud to be part of this. If only we could get this level of togetherness on a regular basis and in more 'normal' circumstances. It just goes to prove we have this in us though. COYB!!!!
  5. What also defies belief is the booing at the end. So, we're having a bit of a downturn in form, with some players out of sorts or clearly leggy and with big bad Wilf out altogether. We're still top 4. Get a grip!!!
  6. Or possibly, "...and his hair would suit a nice perm, Caglaaaar Soyuncu!" 🤣
  7. I like him. His turn on the ball is really good, he regularly gets his foot in to nick the ball and he links up well with Ricardo, because his technical close control is better than Albrighton or Gray. That said, like the other alternatives in that position, BR will ultimately judge them on goals and assists. Unlike the others, maybe, stats say he'll most likely improve those stats over the second half of the season.
  8. Agree with this. You hit the nail on the head when you talk about "teams we are expected to beat". I don't want to say we've been spoilt, but perhaps we've been affected by having all our dreams come true in 15/16 and then those epic Champions League nights the following season. People struggle to get up for the so-called 'run of the mill' games, but we should remember how, not all that long ago, we'd have given anything for any kind of Premier League action. Then again, I also remember at Filbert Street how we were regularly out-sung by the visiting fans, so I don't think it's necessarily a new trend. The most impressive spectacle though is where the entire four sides of a ground seem to sing something in unison. The noise is incredible. Sheffield United's "greasy chip butty" anthem this year comes to mind. We've done it too, most notably in recent times with the Vichai song at the anniversary of the tragic accident. If only we could find a way to create this around the entire ground on a more regular basis. COME ON YOU BLUES!!!
  9. To be honest, I'm worse watching at home than when I'm at the match - jumping off the sofa and yelling at the TV screen at the top of my voice....shortly before getting told to "calm down" by the wife 🤣 I rant the same when I'm at the ground - ref decisions I don't agree with, players diving, anything really - but no-one tells me off there. In fact, I'm always surprised that no-one else seems bothered. Used to seem like everyone ranted at everything in the old days at Filbo, or is my memory deceiving me....?
  10. Just a suggestion, but if they printed a song on the clap banner, this would have two benefits; (1) more people would learn the words and join in; (2) they then wouldn't be able to clap the banners
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