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  1. Harvey was restricted at times today by a good defensive performance from Souttar, but he persevered and was rewarded with a deserved goal. As you say, he gets better and better.
  2. Best prospects since the MON glory days. In Brendan we trust. COYB!!!!
  3. Memorable 'afters' with Ian Wright & Co too 🤣👍 Happy Birthday Walshy, and thanks for the memories.
  4. "Hopefully it breeds a 'Don't panic' mentality" Amongst the team, or here on FT? 🤣
  5. What a player! I remember feeling so gutted when he turned down a one year extension and decided to move on.
  6. He played well enough, but the trouble is that too much goes through him and he's not the most creative player
  7. Really like this. One of the best new chants to come out in recent times. Could it possibly be followed up with a few rounds of a good old fashioned "There's only one Jonny Evans, there's only one Jonny Evans"? The players must surely still like to hear their name chanted in this way too?
  8. Wilf is back. Everything will get better from here
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