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  1. Ricardo watch and learn.....😂
  2. Same for me. But then we always used to stand home and away and we never really thought about sitting at all. By the time all seater stadia was enforced, my dad had long since given up going.
  3. Thanks DavieG, one of my favourite moments at filbo. Plus the near scrap with Ian Wright that followed just after 😃👍
  4. And I don't disagree with your point either. I was brought up and into football the same way, but you must have noticed that times are changing? For one thing, the ticket prices are forcing out many of the working class and the youth from the game. As I say, I don't disagree with your point, but if people really want more atmosphere, you have to include the majority. You can't expect the middle class mums and dads with their 6 and 7 year olds and perhaps some of the older gentlefolk who attend these days to join in. My suggestion was simply to focus a bit more on the songs that they can all join in with. For fox sake 😉
  5. Agree with this. Also think previous suggestions of handing out song sheets would help people to join in. Just one song per match maybe. Plus, and I know this will be controversial, but we need songs with less f'ing and jeffing. As mentioned in the away end discussion, our crowd has changed over time from mostly young blokes into a real family mix of different ages and we need to be inclusive of all these groups to get everyone involved. We've got some good songs like "Leicester boys are we" and "We only love love the boys in blue" etc that would fit the bill.
  6. Remember this amazing away end - 8000 "singing in the rain" in Nottingham
  7. Very difficult for everyone to sing in unison and build atmosphere when the away section is split so far apart by a massive pit like it was on Saturday. That stadium as a whole just wasn't conducive to generating noise. The home fans struggled too. What a come down after Upton Park. If lcfc split the away section at the KP it would probably have a similar impact?
  8. This would make a real difference imo. I'm in front of UFS, but a little further towards SK2. I hear some (sadly not enough) of our chants picked up in SK2 for a while, but they soon fizzle out. I also hear the occasional strong chant that must have originated from further across the kop, maybe SK3, which gets picked up by us in SK1, but by that time the rest of the kop has fallen silent again. It's a shame because the sound is so incredible when the whole kop sings as one Maybe getting UFS to set up centrally behind the goal would help getting the whole end singing the same chant at the same time. When I attended the England game at the KP, the England band set up behind the goal, so I don't see why the club would object?
  9. My favourite too. Wonderful talent. Seems a top bloke too.
  10. Maybe. But at least they should both be 'in tune' with the game. The "different interpretations" they all seem to have is a big part of what upsets the fans (and the players I guess). Need more consistency in refereeing. I know it must be incredibly difficult, so they need all the help they can get!
  11. Perhaps swapping over the ref and the 4th official at halftime would be a good idea and give them more of a chance to keep up with play?
  12. It's about getting the right blend, I suppose. But, today I was surprised he put the three of them together, when he had the option of Soyuncu to inject some pace at the back.
  13. My personal favourite City song in SK1 in recent times is the one we sing to the tune of the old Bay City Rollers hit "I only want to be with you" (okay, it was originally Dusty Springfield, but I prefer BCR's version). It's original and the tune is unique to us (I think). Particularly like the line that goes "the feeling that I get when I pass Filbert Street...". Unfortunately, never seems to get more than a hundred or so joining in. I don't know why? Big shout out to whoever came up with it though 😊👍
  14. There were boos and groans in the last 10 when we were trying to keep the ball and were recycling it back in our own half a few times. To me it's good game management. Maddison and Mendy were doing this well and being rewarded by groans.... I guess we all see the game differently, but as Urbanfox and others have said, this is a young team and we need to give them all the encouragement we can.
  15. Wasn't expecting to hear booing from our fans last night. 2nd half late on. Can anyone explain whether this was this for the new manager, memory of the old manager, the interim manager, the players, or just out of habit?
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