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  1. They deserved to win that. Dont care at all. Brilliant stuff.
  2. This was tempting fate a bit I feel
  3. I agree with all of this. There are some nuanced positions someone could take though which would still be logical. If someone didn't get a vaccine which was mandated to everyone else (for example), they would effectively free-ride on the herd vaccination whilst harbouring none of the risk (albeit low) of having a vaccine. If that person wasn't particularly at risk from COVID, they may assess the risk and decide that they shouldn't get the vaccine. From an individualist perspective there are certainly some interesting hypothetical choices which could be made. Again, I'm
  4. I'm pro-vaccine but it's not that stupid to question rolling out something that they can't possibly know long term effects of.
  5. He actually said not just the top 6 before listing those teams too.
  6. I absolutely love Kasper. What a man
  7. I don't disagree but it's easy to say in hindsight it was the wrong thing to do. If the current COVID situation had changed it may have looked like a decent option, whether you agreed with it or not (I didn't for example so didn't pay the £70).
  8. bmt

    The gym

    Weirdly I think there's a 15kg difference in what I can manage in the gym and what I can manage in a home gym. You may need to specify
  9. bmt

    The gym

    How much do they cost all in? Considering doing the same, we have some gym equipment in the garage but I don't get any cardio.
  10. Been a critic of Justin before but really good recently. Smashing it
  11. This guy is quality. What a ridiculous window we had.
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