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  1. Just out of interest on this topic is there somewhere to leave bad feedback? I haven't been scammed but had a lot of hassle to get Man City tickets which isn't in keeping with how others have been whenever I've bought or sold tickets on here before!
  2. Is it just me that think they're obscenely expensive? (cat 3 aside)
  3. Does seem strange that the two by white players are fine yet choudhury and gray’s aren’t. Not defending gray but the double standards are clear to see. Also he was 15 it’s farcical. I think the FA should be taken to a tribunal for discrimination
  4. Looking for two together. Cheers DM me please
  5. Looking for two sat together for tonight. Edit - friends found them themselves.
  6. Hi Mitcho, Had another person inquire by DM shortly before you but will let you know if they drop out. Cheers again @SheffieldRams
  7. Didn't think about that but could definitely do it. Will wait for OP to respond.
  8. Hi mate, Brilliant gesture. I'm a season ticket holder but share my ticket with someone else (as I am a skint student) so don't have it for the Newcastle game tomorrow. Was looking for two tickets for this game, and I'm driving back down to Leicester from Manchester later today so could divert via Sheffield. PM me if they're still available. I guess you can verify I'm a real foxes fan by my post count!
  9. Can anyone pm me a stream link please
  10. I'm still puel in but the tielemens sub had my head in my hands
  11. For me one of the big problems is (surprisingly) democracy. Because of election terms, and the expensive and difficult nature of changing the way we live and how businesses operate, the party who offers the least radical changes will always win elections every 4/5 year period. Consequently, nothing major will happen and we will slowly spiral into climate change oblivion. So I definitely agree with the article. I'm doing a masters in Development and Climate Change at the moment and it's very doom and gloom.
  12. Would have preferred to start soyuncu but happy otherwise. Nice to see jamo playing
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