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  1. First election I've stood in. Thanks to anyone who voted Greens in Markfield, Desford and Thornton!
  2. They would definitely get the backing to make a super league if you did all of that!
  3. This. One of the things I found hilarious over the past few days is the sky coverage of this. They are the ones who have been pushing this idea of six clubs being more elite than the rest. Big six league tables and all sorts.
  4. I've said it before but there needs to be a push for the ringleaders (Liverpool and United) to have to change their ownership models (perhaps to 50+1) and legislation that means all other takeovers from now have to do something like that in mind. They should the six clubs from voting or having a voice on football issues for the next 5 years. It's more important to stop it happening again than it is to punish them imo.
  5. Haha. Amusingly there's all those links but their site has crashed
  6. I think we need to be realistic about what the other clubs want to happen. This situation is crap for everyone but having them turfed out the league would be terrible for the clubs who have invested hundreds of millions of pounds (such as ours). People should be pushing for leadership changes in the clubs responsible, being forced to have 51% supporter ownership and legislating so that other clubs have to do the same when their ownership next changes. That would be so much better than any talk about banning them or anything.
  7. I'm not sure you understand what an incel is.
  8. I think Man City will back out of this within 24 hours. Its undoing everything they have worked (and spent money) for by undermining the current tournaments and leagues. The first one to back out also has first mover advantage and could probably avoid most punishments by saying they were forced into it and would have been left behind if they didn't. They also have a strong case to say they just wanted leverage over UEFA as they have been fighting for years.
  9. Was thinking this. Imagine how Everton would feel after they'd built that stadium for half a billion lol.
  10. Doesn't surprise me about German clubs but fair play to PSG. They genuinely suffer by being in a shit league and yet they stand up to something which clearly would benefit them. Well done.
  11. I don't really agree with docking points. What they should do is enforce new ownership structures on those clubs, they aren't fit or proper owners anymore and that is evident.
  12. This is amazing. Not a huge Gary Neville fan but he has got this so right.
  13. The keeper could have realised his mistake and still got that if he didn't give up haha
  14. I find it so funny how wound up some of you lot get about this. Who cares? We did him a favour by not letting him go to Arsenal, they're not the top level.
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