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  1. Don’t suppose anyone can confirm this? Edit: just seen the link above
  2. bmt


    I am so excited for this to finally happen. It will give such confidence that he has chosen us with other clubs interested, really a sign of the times and shows how excited we should be as a fanbase
  3. bmt

    Adrien Silva

    For someone who we have completely left out to dry (and that isn’t me saying I think he’s good enough to be here) I actually think he conducts himself quite well. His Instagram every summer shows how hard he works on keeping fit and preparing for the next season, unfortunately he just isn’t a premier league player. Yeah okay the videos are a bit cringe but not worth people taking the piss.
  4. Lool this isn’t gonna go down well
  5. No it happened twice and by the time she bit into it we were back in our seats! To be honest though if it was an allergen it would actually be a major problem so it isn't on. Think that's a better shout.
  6. Every time my girlfriend has ordered a veggie pie she’s ended up with one with meat in it. Should probably have made a proper complaint
  7. You may well be right, like I said most of it was based on football manager!
  8. I'm just talking from old Football Manager experience but I think unless stated it's on the transfer fee not on profit. It's worth noticing that this gives clubs selling young players for a fee which they believe to be low (but where the player wants to leave to a bigger club) a bit of protection. Eg. A Club in League One have a decent 22 year old player who was decent in League One but unproven elsewhere, and Man United want to buy him for 10 mil. If they give a sell on fee on transfer fee of 25%, even if the player turns out to only be okay and moves to say Brighton the next season for 10 million, they get a decent extra payout (2.5 million). If it's only on profit they receive nothing. Example in media: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/627160/Premier-League-transfers-sell-on-clauses-profit-sportgalleries "The Burnley centre-back moved to the Toffees for a fee of £30m yesterday. And the Red Devils will pocket £7.5m of the cash after Louis van Gaal negotiated a 25 per cent sell-on clause with the Turf Moor club when he sold Keane." There are some sell-on fees which are just on profit, but they tend to be stated.
  9. Sorry I didn't actually look at the numbers, just that 30 mil initial fee is more than 33 mil minus 10% sell on fee.
  10. That's what you asked wasn't it? If you buy a player for 30 mil plus 10% sell on clause you lose 330k. I wasn't sure how it was linked to what the post you quoted was saying though. He was saying if you buy a player for 30 mil on a 5 year contract, and sell him for 33 million with a 10% sell on fee after three years, it would be more accurate to say you have gained value: 30 million / 5 years = 6 million value per year (amortization rate) 3 years value = 18 million sell on clause = 3.3 million Transfer fee + playing time value - Initial fee - clause = 51 mil - 33.3 mil = 17.7 mil So even though its a slight financial loss in terms of value it would be a good investment.
  11. bmt

    James Maddison

    Foden? You sure?
  12. Just out of interest on this topic is there somewhere to leave bad feedback? I haven't been scammed but had a lot of hassle to get Man City tickets which isn't in keeping with how others have been whenever I've bought or sold tickets on here before!
  13. Is it just me that think they're obscenely expensive? (cat 3 aside)
  14. Does seem strange that the two by white players are fine yet choudhury and gray’s aren’t. Not defending gray but the double standards are clear to see. Also he was 15 it’s farcical. I think the FA should be taken to a tribunal for discrimination
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