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  1. Have you got Leicester fan tv to share it they have a decent following
  2. Good post, was too young to know/remember some of this.
  3. I’m excited for the lighthouse which comes out soon
  4. If you’re meat eaters/beer drinkers I can’t recommend this place in cologne enough https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g187371-d966510-Reviews-Lommerzheim-Cologne_North_Rhine_Westphalia.html
  5. To be fair I’ve only seen it on a couple of articles so Maybe not a fair sample!
  6. One of the few times I agree 100% with you haha
  7. Did anyone see the guy at the England Bulgaria game with the racism? so he’s white and says something like ‘I hope nobody else has to go through what I have today’. Ignorant ****
  8. This is so so infuriating, i don’t remember it ever being as bad as sky in this january window. It’s disrespectful to ignore what someone says and ask the same question again too
  9. Same I always feel sick when I wake up and need to leave it an hour or so, or go hungry. And I will definitely work slower if I’m hungry
  10. Isn’t that the normal opinion? Most stuff I have seen has said he did the right thing, unjust as it is.
  11. You're a moron. Has no footballing ability - bad defending/opposition or not I dare you to watch this video (obviously you won't because you have no interest in anything except moaning against a home grown player): I would suggest that he had a poor game the other night (although not as bad as people make out), but he's been better than people make out this season and certainly most of last season. I think him being forced to make the easy pass recently has been due to poor movement from others as much as it has been from him. He looks best when he hits the byline or when he drives inside which both work better when we break quickly. When we did against Villa players were so behind the pace he lacked the option to do either. Praet also was looking around with nobody to pass to when he was on in the first half, and ended up passing it backwards usually. Fuchs was also off the pace, he's a good defender and really good backup but he is definitely not what we need. Also Justin is right footed, he's decent cover but you can't be playing right backs at left back, it makes no sense.
  12. This. When did 22 become too old to improve too? How old is Vardy again? Absolutely ridiculous.
  13. That's what I mean - "I'll drive him and won't even charge him the petrol!!" brigade are out. I don't think general fan opinion is a very good benchmark
  14. If Chilwell was to leave Leicester half of foxestalk would be saying how shit he was, and then he would go and be good elsewhere. I'll take fan opinion with a pinch of salt.
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