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  1. The defeats hurt the same amount, but my willingness to look at the current squad as something in transition, and accept that results aren't the be all, is way higher.
  2. Hi mate I've got one in k1. Looking for 30 quid as paid 41 for it. DM me if interested
  3. Got a single ticket going tomorrow K1 row S, £30 (face value £41) - I've bought two in different area of the ground. (For Everton game) Now sold
  4. bmt

    New training ground announced

    Turn up to in large groups but not all leave at the same time like at the end of a football event, and it's that direction which would cause the problem. But your second paragraph is probably a fair point, just think it's all conjecture really. Having said that, the club has offered to improve the junction so it's easy to get past.
  5. bmt

    New training ground announced

    I don't think the problem is more traffic total but I can see why it would lead to spikes in traffic, which is when people might make rash decisions going onto the A46 towards Leicester. Neither a golf course or the other types of events held there would lead to the same 'spikes' in number of cars taking that route eg. end of training, end of a training match etc. It isn't unsurmountable at all but I definitely think the traffic argument is a valid one.
  6. bmt

    Jonny Evans

    Lol what's that based on?
  7. Hope soyuncu can come in soon. Need someone young and swift next to maguire
  8. He's talking about Gray... Thought Chilwell looked good. It was clear other players were happy to sit on the lead in the last few minutes when he overlapped but looked very composed.
  9. When we went to Bruges away I had a Leicester fan also racially abusing my mate. It's never okay. Report it and make sure something happens
  10. Not a huge fan of wolves but that was a good performance. Don't know why everyone on here is so miserable
  11. bmt

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    Some of you lot are hilariously miserable. Good luck to the lad.
  12. bmt

    Capital Cities Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 10000/100 My Time 0.52 seconds
  13. bmt

    Burnley (H) Match Thread

    Why are so many comments negative? I don't get it at all
  14. It's better than your non-fact based opinion because he hasn't been in that league for 4 years.