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  1. Can anyone send me a decent stream please?
  2. What I like is that we can change our game plan really easily with the players in the squad if it isn’t working. Think we’ve bought and developed players really well last few seasons.
  3. Unrelated but this thread name makes me laugh every time it gets bumped.
  4. I’ll definitely agree to disagree. I quite like the hornet on a few of them though, and to be honest as an initial draft where a graphic designer has spent a couple of days making them there’s definitely some decent options
  5. That’s what I meant really - it’s American crap
  6. Barkley tired and wasteful now. Too close for Maddison though I expect
  7. Chilwell has been our best defender (not saying much). But still why would you drop him he’s been alright
  8. Nice work by chilwell there. Sterling incredible again
  9. Sterling is our best player by a mile. Absolutely amazing
  10. Options E, L and R on that are horrendous.
  11. Well if it was me and I was getting overlooked I would move on quicker. We should be keeping our best players as long as possible and this could be an issue that makes players want to move quicker. But I take your point
  12. I get that but I’m sure those being omitted will play on the minds more with the players than those recognised. And look at who is picked over him, pathetic.
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