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  1. Can anyone pm me a stream link please
  2. I'm still puel in but the tielemens sub had my head in my hands
  3. For me one of the big problems is (surprisingly) democracy. Because of election terms, and the expensive and difficult nature of changing the way we live and how businesses operate, the party who offers the least radical changes will always win elections every 4/5 year period. Consequently, nothing major will happen and we will slowly spiral into climate change oblivion. So I definitely agree with the article. I'm doing a masters in Development and Climate Change at the moment and it's very doom and gloom.
  4. Would have preferred to start soyuncu but happy otherwise. Nice to see jamo playing
  5. Looking for two last minute pm me
  6. Train to Nuneaton then train Nuneaton to Leicester. 20 minute walk from train station to ground.
  7. Hayles Hayles Hayles Hayles We all dream of a team of Barry Hayles
  8. Wouldn't mind getting benkovic back and sending soyuncu the other way for the rest of the season. Clyne would be class. Don't think much will happen (or is necessary) though.
  9. Get him to keep posting his articles in a thread somewhere on here. Can get feedback and gives him an audience.
  10. It needs a lot of proofreading and more formal language in parts. Some of the sentences don't read properly and don't need as complicated language, as said above. Other sentences are broken up by commas which could be shorter and more direct. Also, I don't think the name of the article is great - could have something like 'Puel out? Are fans right to be talking about the Frenchman's job?' (not saying that's great but it then means he can make a position clear in his opening paragraph). Having said all that, it's a nice article and a good start! Some really good advice specifically on journalism on the comments above, but to go from being an opinion writer to a journalist it's important to get the basics of writing nailed on too! Good luck to him, it's great to have people interested in football journalism.
  11. This is absolutely awful. Keep the faith. We're a family
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