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  1. It's on a knife edge. After the Man U game we were riding the crest of a wave: Favourable draw in the semi-final, big opportunity to put daylight between us and West Ham upcoming after a tilt at Man City and injured players returning to full fitness. What could go wrong? Then a combination of circumstances contrive to put a huge spanner in the works. Soyuncu contracts Covid, we fail to lay a glove on Man City and then 'Party-Gate' ushers in the shambolic performance against West Ham. With our points cushion all but evaporated what next? Bottom line is our fate is still in our own hands so we d
  2. Although we'd all agree a draw would be a good result for us I hope Rodgers doesn't set us up to play for one. As a top 4 team we should be and, in my opinion, are much better than that. Win and we'll go 7 points clear of them. End of!
  3. As I said, they are a big, solid, well organized team and they caught us on an off day. Fair play to them. They deserved to win on the day. But one-off games are not a reliable indicator of which is the better team. Any team is capable of beating any other on a given day in the Premier League but over a season class will tell. I would argue that our record over the last two seasons suggests we are better than West Ham. A win at the weekend would further underline that claim and it would go a long way towards cementing our position in the top 4. Wouldn't you agree?
  4. West Ham are a big, solid, well organized team but we are a class above. We've been in the top 4 for the best part of two years, while West Ham have just made it for the first time. Time for us to put up or shut up!
  5. Our gutless offering yesterday is already beginning to recede into the distance, particularly after Newcastle's late equalizer against Spurs. If Wolves do the business against West Ham tomorrow, then everything is set up for next week's showdown. If we win then we're odds on for a CL spot, even a draw would make us clear favourites. Frustrating as it was to see us surrender so meekly yesterday, Rodgers' team selection was all about preparing for next week's pivotal fixture. All the pressure will be on West Ham - lose and they aint catching us. With Spurs fading, Chelsea stumbling and Liverpool
  6. Can't believe anybody voted for England. I watched the World Cup Final in 66 and never missed an England game for 50 odd years. The Iceland debacle was the final straw. The FA appoint yes men above winners who then pander to the big clubs with biased selections. The recent World Cup run flattered to deceive. As soon as we played a decent team we were undone. We have talented and creative young players who, with a progressive coach and a free reign when it comes to selection, could elevate us to contender status at international level but we all know it just won't happen. Nothing will change, j
  7. Arsenal winning the Europa League is a possibility but Liverpool winning the CL and Southampton winning the FA Cup (they have to get through the mighty Foxes first) - highly unlikely. Even if the virtually impossible does come to pass, as I said, this Leicester side is a different beast and finishing 4th is a minimum expectation. Man U and Chelsea are our direct competitors in the run in and both have European commitments which we, thankfully, do not. Why shouldn't we finish runners-up to Man City?
  8. Just waking up to this sad news on the other side of the Atlantic. I totally idolized Frank during his time at Leicester. It was a golden age for the club and we really did play the most attractive football in the division at that time. When Frank was on the field he made you feel 10 feet tall as a fan in the knowledge that a player on your team was the best out there. He had outrageous skill, was a deadly finisher and played with a flamboyance, and, dare I say, arrogance, that intimidated the opposition and raised him to cult status in the eyes of us adoring fans. I simply worshipped the man
  9. When Barnes was carried off injured it seemed as if our chances of making the top 4 were slipping away again, but what has happened since, culminating in that demolition of Man U yesterday, has changed everything. Last year, as our form disintegrated we fans focused on statistical targets that seemed to favour us and found solace in the fact that others would and did stumble: Chelsea v West Ham, Southampton's last minute equalizer at Old Trafford. We suffered through the last 10 games in hope rather than expectation. This time it's totally different. Our team has survived a packed fixture sche
  10. On the ceiling boys! We literally smashed United - the scoreline flattered them. Southampton is no gimme but if we perform like we did today we could get a chance for revenge against Man City just over 50 years on. Nacho is the man! Hope Pep doesn't trigger that buy-back clause!!!!!
  11. An in form Vardy and we'd have been out of sight. One moment of quality from United. More of the same from us second half. If we can finish it's there for the taking. Our bench doesn't offer much if we get behind though..
  12. West Ham are certainly emerging as the biggest threat to our top 4 ambitions. They have benefited from a light fixture schedule and, as a consequence have had relatively few injuries. They have also had little pressure on them as they have sat outside the top 4 for the majority of the season. They are also a solid, well balanced, well organized team brimming with confidence. However, despite their relatively straightforward run in I think they might struggle at times. Against teams that set out to defend they are not so effective so I can certainly see the potential for draws against some of
  13. Despite having the cruel images of Tony Book and co parading the cup around Wembley seared into my memory, I still wouldn't swap an FA Cup triumph for a top 4 finish. The longer term ambition of positioning ourselves to compete at the top level, both at home and abroad, will be best achieved by CL qualification this season. Winning the FA Cup, sweet as that would be, would not significantly enhance those future prospects. It might simply become a fleeting triumph, a fond memory to sustain us through leaner times ahead if we were to miss the chance, once again, to build something bigger. Howeve
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