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  1. I remember hearing a stat about Vardy's shot/goal conversion rate when he was on a goalscoring tear prior to Christmas. Apparently it was incredibly high even when compared to other prolific Premier League strikers. The article pointed out that this was clearly unsustainable. Although it would have been hard to predict that Vardy's effectiveness would be completely nullified since, it should have been patently obvious that, since we weren't getting regular goals from anyone else, the club should have moved to address this in the January window by providing additional scoring cover. Not doing so seems like it's going to cost the club dear as we free fall out of a CL spot.
  2. Statistically wins against Palace, Sheff U and Bournemouth, plus a point at either Arsenal or Spurs would give us 65 points, meaning we'd go into the final day still in with a chance even if Man U and Wolves both win 5 in a row (67) points (law of averages says that is very unlikely). And as for Chelsea, given their result against West Ham today, who knows what might happen to them in their remaining games. I know that on current form gaining 10 points looks well beyond us, however, if Rodgers has the guts to change tactics and get us further up the pitch giving our attacking players the opportunity to affect the game positively before we are forced to come out and try to save the game second half after going behind, we know we have the players with the ability to do it. I keep trying to tell myself that it's the hope that kills you but we 'can' still do this! The remaining 6 games still represent the best opportunity we are ever going to have of making the CL again.
  3. The next couple of games are huge because if we don't turn things around soon our opportunity to qualify for the CL will evaporate, the vital momentum that we have been building will be squandered and our upward trajectory will be thrown into reverse. Because of the huge advantage that the big 6 have, the chances of any other team breaking through are remote. As Rick Flair pointed out, we have forced our way into the top four without having a top four squad. In order to have any hope of building a top four squad we have to find a way to stay in the top four for another 7 games. A chance like this is unlikely to come along again any time soon.
  4. An FA cup win would have been a sentimental choice but the big prize is still on the table. Only by getting Champions League football can we hope to build towards challenging the top 6 consistently. Arguably losing to Chelsea, however disappointing, could provide us with a better opportunity to clinch a top 4 finish from here. Another game against Man U and then a final against Man City would not have helped our cause in the league. If we can somehow get a win at Everton (a little luck wouldn't go amiss) then we are back in the box seat with 6 games to play and the quarter final defeat will be well and truly forgotten. Our recruitment in the summer will be very different if we've secured a Champions League spot. Only with more quality and greater squad depth can we progress from where we are now. Poor as our form has been since Christmas these remaining few games will likely be the best shot we are ever going to get. Just look at the way Chelsea, with all their current resources, are already retooling for next year. We have punched well above our weight this season and we are still in with a puncher's chance in the final round. Come on Brendan and the lads, pick yourselves off the canvas and give it everything you've got!
  5. Easy with hindsight as we had such a huge cushion during the January window, but our failure to strengthen is now looking like a huge mistake.
  6. A better performance. More positive at least. Now we can concentrate on the real prize. Play like we did first half and add some finishing and we could still do it. Bring on Everton!
  7. Can't help but think the cup game is a great opportunity. The pressure we have been under in the league will be lifted. Chelsea, on current form, will be favourites so we can afford to be more proactive in our approach. Pick a strong team and try and get our mojo back. If we win great but even if we lose no harm done. Champions League trumps FA Cup glory - It's the new reality, even though the sentimental part of me still yearns to dry the tears I shed as a young boy at Wembley when Man City paraded the cup in front of us!
  8. If we don't sort our shit out soon we'll be looking at a monumental capitulation; the great escape in reverse. We all know the result of the impact that had and should we finish 6th, which on current form is looking increasingly likely, the impact on our club going forward will be massive. Yes we'll miss out on a revenue bonanza but, more importantly, our transfer targets will have to change and we'll find it more difficult to hold on to our prized assets. The next 7 games are truly a watershed. If we do not make the promised land that was all but nailed on for most of the season, the future trajectory of our club will look very different. We're all behind the lads because we love our club but we're in a dogfight now and make no mistake, the stakes are very high.
  9. Unless Man U and Wolves slip up in their next couple of matches our safety net has gone. Protecting our massive lead since Christmas by adopting a conservative approach and tinkering with our formation has run its course. It simply hasn't worked. We now have 7 games to turn things around. Rodgers must adopt a more positive approach and instil greater desire in his players. They are playing scared like a bunch of players with everything to lose. They must play the remaining fixtures as if they have everything to gain. Seven cup ties lie ahead so go for it! As fans we can accept falling short because our team is not good enough but going down without a fight is inexcusable.
  10. No amount of 'keep the faith' sentiment or a myriad excuses can disguise the fact that this team has lost it's way. Before Christmas we were good enough to be challenging Liverpool for top spot, since then our form has been just about good enough to keep us out of the relegation places had the season started in January. Recreating the form that had us challenging Liverpool is unrealistic, not least because of the enforced break, but surely we can achieve the mid-table form that should still be good enough to see us over the line. I agree that our lack of creativity is most concerning and that Tielemans is key. He sees the pass quicker than anyone else on the team and, with the exception of Maddison, seems to be the only player who can play an incisive forward pass. Our sideways passing made it so easy for Brighton tonight it was criminal. We need to be pinging the ball around in the final third not lazily passing it around in our own half. We can still reach the promised land but Rodgers is running out of time to realize that now is the time to back our quality players and play on the front foot.
  11. We are playing scared. The cushion will all but disappear within the next 3 games if we continue to play like this. The lack of positivity in our approach is criminal. Europa League here we come!
  12. Only positive is that we are still on level terms. Rodgers must change things. Get on the front foot and we can still get the win we so badly need.
  13. Two defensive midfielders sounds negative but, paradoxically, it might just give us more attacking options. Madders licence to roam and Nacho to support Vardy plus real fire power off the bench. Bold move from Rodgers who'll be castigated if it doesn't work and lauded if it does. That's why he gets paid the big bucks!
  14. Since Christmas we've looked a little bit like a lower ranked player nervously trying to close out the game against a top ranked player at Wimbledon. Tonight we need to find the courage to make a statement to the chasing pack - 'that third place is ours!' To achieve that we must set out to win the game rather than playing too cautiously in order to avoid losing it. Our mindset and the way Rodgers sets up the team will determine our destiny, not the results of Man U and the rest. Come on you Foxes - go for it!
  15. We are all getting a bit twitchy as we prepare to ride this intense roller coaster to the promised land of CL qualification. Your reassurance is appreciated.
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