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  1. St albans fox said: WHAT THE FOOK DONT SOME OF YOU UNDERSTAND SOME PLAYERS ARE EITHER INJURED OR CARRYING KNOCKS OR JUST BACK FROM LONG TERM INJURIES THEREFORE THEY CANNOT PLAY TWICE IN 48 HOURS Absolutely, players need to be rotated but wholesale changes rarely work. But Vardy did play and, arguably, bringing him on when chasing the game would have taken more out of him than playing in a first half that we completely dominated. Given our first half dominance, had he played from the start he would likely have scored more than the on
  2. No glossing over this disaster. Barnes' brilliance saved a few blushes but Rodgers has failed again. Playing a second string against a Palace team completely devoid of confidence gave them the opportunity to grow into a game they would have been totally out of after 30 minutes had we begun with a stronger starting 11. With quality players like Zaha there's always a chance they'll get a goal on the break and then the confidence surges back. We all sensed what was going to happen and sure enough it did. What is most worrying is that a pattern is beginning to emerge. Below par performances agains
  3. Another huge opportunity wasted in a game where we surrendered with hardly a whimper. Deep block then crowd our 6 yard box for set pieces. It's far too easy. Every team in the league should know this by now. Worrying!
  4. You've hit the nail on the head. When the keeper, for whatever reason, does not command his area, and worse still, not even his six yard box, defending set pieces becomes much more difficult for defenders. I love Kasper, he has many other strengths, but this weakness is costing us cheap goals. The fact that he shouts "head away" hundreds of times during a game is quite telling. Changing our passive approach by attacking key offensive threats in the air would help but, as you say, this is a conundrum that Rodgers must solve sooner rather than later. Maintaining a consistent challenge at the top
  5. Vardy's legendary status continues to grow! 3 points off the top, qualification for the knockout stages of the Europa League locked up yet Rodgers continues to exasperate. Weird substitutions!? But that discussion is for another day. Vardy bails him out again. Shout out to Maddison for the crucial assist despite a poor performance otherwise.
  6. An overly cautious lineup as per usual. Hoping and praying for a win, but the fact that we are all so fearful we're going to lose against the bottom club says it all really.
  7. Clearly Rodger's position is safe - for now. But if he doesn't turn around this slump in form around sooner rather than later, serious questions will need to be asked. Aside from his stint at Celtic, with Rangers the only serious opposition (and for most of his time there they were not competitive either), what is there in his previous managerial record to suggest he will be able to stop last year's disappointing decline being repeated?
  8. Just listening to Rodger's presser. Tonight's performance was "not too bad".The man is delusional.
  9. Fourth in the table after a quarter of the season, qualified for the knockout stages of the Europa League with a couple of games to spare, all in the midst of a pandemic where games are coming faster than ever and an injury crisis that has taken key players out for an extended period of time. All this after challenging at the top for half a season and reaching a cup semi-final last year. Yet despite wins against Man City, Arsenal, Leeds away and Wolves at home we literally took a knee in the Liverpool game, bowed to their superiority and seemingly accepted the inevitability of defeat, despite
  10. Our current success, being able to mix it with the big boys on a regular basis despite being at a massive financial disadvantage, has been built on being a few moves ahead of the opposition.
  11. Three Leicester players considered to be good enough to play for the number 1 ranked team in the world. Lucky for them they're not English as they'd never get a kick at International level while playing for Leicester with Mr 'FA yes man' Southgate in charge.
  12. I was there too. I remember not being able to get my arms free and being carried on a euphoric human wave. You just had to go with it. Pure joy. Great memories.
  13. Over here in Canada, DAZN now have exclusive rights to show every PL, CL and EL game in addition to other sports: NFL (also every game), boxing, tennis. We used to be restricted to the games cable or satellite companies selected for broadcast. Obviously you'll need a VPN in the UK to access it. NORD is probably your best bet as they have multiple servers worldwide. The blatant financial exploitation of fans in England is a disgrace. Good luck all in finding a reliable alternative so we can all enjoy Jamie Vardy having a party in Athens later today.
  14. As others have pointed out, Rodgers will not change his philosophy. The passing game is fundamental to him. When the tempo is high, we rip teams apart and are capable of beating any team in the league, when it's slow we are vulnerable and can lose to any team in the league. To play this way effectively requires players that are technically gifted (see Man City). Unfortunately we don't have the financial resources to have 20 or so players who can play at that level. This is why our form is inconsistent. Our first eleven, god knows when we'll ever see them take the field, is a match for any team
  15. Agreed. Vastly different circumstances so a different approach required. He must have been anticipating West Ham's deep block and his error was further compounded by not changing things sooner. In fact he didn't change the shape until Amartey's injury. Arrogance?
  16. Hate is a strong word, mate. Rodgers was tactically out-thought today. Setting up like we did against Man City away for a home game against West Ham is hard to fathom. I think he must put his hand up and protect his players by accepting responsibility. He set them up for that today.
  17. Rodgers! Will he be man enough to take responsibility for that embarrassing shambles? My guess is he won't.
  18. Tempting to focus on some below par individual performances but Rodgers entirely to blame for this. He set them up for this with his tactical 'disasterclass'. He is too clever for his own good. Credit to West Ham but this is the easiest game they'll have all year!
  19. Rodgers got it right last week but terribly wrong this week. He must change to a 4 - 4 - 2 second half. Agreed, Perez offered little and needs to be replaced by Under. But who to take off in order to get Nacho up front with Vardy? I agree with a previous poster that Amartey has been the pick of our centre backs. This won't be popular but I'd take off Evans. Although Soyuncu is having one of his poorer games I don't think Evans is fully fit and we really need to speed things up when playing out of defence. An early goal and we'll be right back in this but Rodgers has to change things fast!
  20. Huge morale-boosting win. Because we're are all so emotionally invested reactions are often polarized and will inevitably swing wildly. Although this result lifts the gloom and emphasizes the fact that we have a young, talented squad, the rest of the transfer window will be crucial in determining whether we can build on last season's 'success'. Our squad remains thin and being forced to continue to put square pegs into round holes is not sustainable. Two or three quality signings is what we will need in order to further consolidate by again challenging for a top six finish and having a real go
  21. Disappointing outcome but winning today was always going to be a big ask with such a decimated and inexperienced team. Our poor finishing cost us in the first half and then one big mistake from Choudhury and we were punished. We now need to understand why we fell away so badly in the second half of the season and then build for next season. We were not ready for the CL and in some respects had we crept over the line we'd have been under pressure to spend massively in order to avoid being embarrassed. It might have been a question of one massive step forward but perhaps two steps back. If we ar
  22. As we all thought it probably would, it comes down to the final game. Cast in the role of underdogs is where we want to be. That is our mantra. It also eases the pressure and will allow us to play with more freedom than we've been able to since we got 'nailed on'. Come on lads, lets spoil the big boy's party. It would be so sweet to see all those biased pundits having to eat humble pie and give us real, rather than patronizing, praise at the final whistle.
  23. I'm in the 'totally relaxed about tomorrow's game' camp. We've been the hunted for months and finally we're the hunter. The pressure is now all on Man U and Chelsea. They are expected to qualify for the CL and failure to do so would be borderline catastrophic for both. We blew it, missing numerous opportunities to leave the chasers with too much to do, but now we are the underdogs and remarkably, given our poor form, numerous injuries and huge squad advantages of the big clubs, we are still in with a puncher's chance tomorrow. Europe is already secured. We have little now to lose and everythin
  24. We'll be massive underdogs on Sunday - just the way we like it! Can't wait to see the faces of those sycophantic pundits if we pull it off!
  25. As a delicious aside... 'The Forest, aggghhh, The Forest, aggghhh, The Forest aggghhh!'
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