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  1. Does he? Am I missing something because to me he's not even as good as albrighton. Has done nothing special. Barnes is 10X the player Mcneil is. Mcneil is a 12 to 15 million pound player nothing else
  2. Its not like it Burnley loaning a player out its a giant club A S Roma. Monaco did it with YT worked out alright
  3. Meh similar to gray isn't he
  4. Would he be better than Perez. Yes. Would he be better than Gray. **** yes Would he better than Albrighton. Yes Honetsly can see this happening if we buy a LB
  5. I can see us signing a LB and him being our main RB, Ricardo will be our winger
  6. We played really well in the 2nd half but let's not beat around the bush. We were lucky to play against a shocking team. Its clear we need a few more players. Barnes is so frustrating shows glimpses of real class a absolute menace going forward until he shoots. However I think we played some lovely football today and to say we was without ricardo and Evans that has to be appluded aswel. Honestly can see Ricardo being the winger we are crying out for Castagne is our RB and Ricardo will be our RW. Fantastic result well done
  7. 0nly 299 shots to go and he will bag a goal
  8. I wouldnt ever of put those 2 in the same bracket. Are you insane. Like I said he's a ok player might turn out to be good but his finishing is horrendous
  9. Barnes is a ok player nothing else his finishing is atrocious. Yea he scores 1 in ever 300 shots but he isnt the player everyone makes him out to be
  10. Fox85

    David Brooks

    Pretty sure he was sold for 12million? Why are you making up numbers to put someone's comment down. Brooks isn't worth more than 25m even at 25m thats a lot of money for a injury prone player
  11. The difference there is they were representing England during a pandemic they invited whores to the hotel. We are talking about a business transaction here 😂
  12. No they will tested to the max no quarantine needed. Quarantine is only for the average Joe.
  13. Fox85

    Dwight McNeil

    We actually can. There is money to spend regardless what some on here think. The club is just biding its time
  14. thank you for that in depth intelligent reply. I appreciate it
  15. Technically he isn't England CB as he isn't getting selected to play for England due to playing for Burnley so former England CB
  16. 50m Jesus well Burnly can sell or price him up all they want. He is a 20 to 25m player nothing more than that. Mcneil is about the same price if gravel throat prices them out of moves that could potential cause harm to their international career it could back fire on Burnley massively
  17. Well the owners must only accept a bottom 10 finish because im telling you now the way Rodgers sets up this team we will be fighting relegation next season as has showed since december of last year
  18. Nothing has changed since December 2019 we look good in defence but anything past the half way line we are poor. Whats the problem with this team? Im actually thinking its Rogers
  19. we need a striker aswel. We need 3 strikers next season. Pèrez is not a striker before anyone puts that.
  20. We need 2 good wingers and a striker and a CB before the season starts. I like barnes I do but realistically I don't think he's there yet and won't be for 2 or 3 seasons
  21. We are yet to see a single official signing
  22. He is the best RB in the league without question. Not only can he defend he can attack aswsl. The other one from scouseland can only attack but is brilliant at it. I'd have Ricardo over TAA all year long
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