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  1. Tbh we are not great and havent been since december
  2. Still a lot of games to go. Also at this moment in stage it doesnt look like we know what we are doing when we get into the attacking 3rd due to us not buying a good winger in january. A point will be best for this game.
  3. I read that it was the signing of that Swansea striker for 30m wilfred Bony
  4. So short that he was a key figure to our success. Maybe your memory is just as short
  5. Because the cost of said transfer would be more than what man city paid for him. If you get him at a loan it can set the club up to get a replacement when the loan finishes. Hes 27 now soon to be 28. Get him for one season and if we do well again we can open the door to buying much better players depended on champions league or Europe.
  6. 🤣🤣🤣 I'm glad we have cleared that up. I'm saying that it's not impossible that he would not come back. Anyone saying they wouldn't have Mahrez back are fools. If we had him in our team yesterday and many before we would of ripped them apart. But I guess people would choose Perez over Mahrez everyday of the week. Yes he said those things about the club but I dont want him for his personality I want him for the footballer he is. A Loan I would want a transfer No
  7. A) 1st stutter B)If they lose the appeal then they will be out for 3 or 4 seasons.... D) so many said never gonna happen to us winning the league. E) I'm assuming you have a stutter??? But just incase you dont. They also said vardy would Never break the consecutive goals record. Never is a word what people use when it in reality there is a high possibility.
  8. Its bloody disgraceful shite Tatics. 3 wins out of 10 games or something soon to be 3 wins out of 11. I think we have had a fantastic 1st half to the season, we showed we needed some fresh blood in the side middle of december. So we got a CB on loan. If we carry on like this we could quite easily slip down the league very quickly
  9. We lack pace. We lack attacking instincts. We lack ideas. We defended ok at times. We will struggle if we carry on like this the form is shocking. BR needs to change his tactics and also start attacking teams again instead of going to attack then pass it all the way back to Evan's. We was attacking and then passed it back to the half way line under pressure and that got Hamza sent off.
  10. 100% we needed to recruit in the transfer window. We look like we have zero ideas when we get into an attacking position
  11. Some people are just idiots. We just run out of ideas when we get into the final 3rd that's all
  12. If they lose the appeal they could be looking at 3 seasons out of europe. I hope they lose the appeal
  13. It's probably around £300m to £400m in money from European football even more with commercial loses. Absolutly fantastic news
  14. Mahrez is coming home to the club that made him what he is today
  15. He might play them both with Chilly playing slightly higher up and fuchs just behind so that if he gets past 1 with pace fuchs will be there to pick up after
  16. Behave......... The team just needed strengthening that's all. Poor management from the scouting team and recruitment. Signings should of been through the door 1st week of jan. We would be better off in the league and going to Wembley if we had prepared better
  17. Simply not true. Clubs do sell hense why clubs have made signings
  18. This is why people with no ambition are happy being a mid table team. If you are performing extremely well in the league and in a position to cement top 4 and get some silverware then you need to make sure you follow it through. Yea we have over performed but why shouldn't we see it through to the finish line. People say there is no players available??? The same players are available in the summer and winter. Sometimes they cost more but the rewards at the end are worth it.
  19. Are you saying what he said is wrong? Bar the maddison part he is 100% right. We needed to buy players we are just not good enough, we did well the first half of the season and towards middle of December it was clear we needed strengthening. We have failed in the market and this will cost us the season.
  20. We have 2 days to get some key players bought in or bye bye to top 4 as well. We have looked crap for weeks now
  21. Failed this transfer window. We needed more ****ing signings
  22. That has to be given its blatant handball. Arm is stretched in a unnatural position. Everything is stacked against us
  23. Also how has the ref not booked any villa players. Many fouls let go after we start breaking. Many consistent fouls aswel.
  24. We are ****ing shite in the final 3rd sometimes. Every shot we have had has been outside the box.
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