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  1. Was he playing tonight? I'm adamant we only had 4 players on the pitch tonight
  2. Going off today's performance and a few others of late and the fact the club failed in another important transfer window my prediction is we lose this by atleast 4 goals.... If this team wants to take things serious and get upto the next level they need to invest in the squad and get atleast 5 quality players in in the summer. GOD WE LOOKED SO ****ING SHIT TONIGHT !!!
  3. Honestly a lot of those players on the pitch tonight need 2 weeks wages taken from them for not turning upto work
  4. This is another reason we had to get players in, in January like last season we look tired and out of ideas
  5. He was the hardest ever. This is a guy if you seen him in a dark alley you would never use that alley again and always go the long way round.
  6. I have confidence in that team to get the win. Back the lads and we will be victorious!!!
  7. Kasper Castagne Evans Cags Thomas Under Youri Ndidi Ricardo Barnes Vardy
  8. Due to every other time we have had the chance to get a bit of space when other results have favoured us we have choked it. Hopefully we are at the top of our game and we don't blow it again. Still I think we will win LCFC 3 - Villa 0
  9. 100% a absolute must win game given the results from today and it has made the 3 points even more important if we blow it, it just proves we are not ready for champions league football. Tomorrow's game is the most important game of the season
  10. I stand corrected but still my point is he is a better player than Albrighton. Yes Albrighton helps out defensively but it's not our defense that needs help its our attacking threat. Under is the 2nd best winger at the club by a country mile and needs to be used more if we want to progress and also clinch the top 4. People giving him shit are idiots the lad needs game time has potential to be 1 of the best wingers in the league
  11. Albrighton stats this year. 22 games 2 assists Under stats 15 games 12 of which as a substitute 2 goals 1 assist.
  12. Omfg the scenes in my living room coffee table broken due to the officials trying to cheat us and 2 mins later LCFC truly make me emotional for good and bad but my god we look incredible now
  13. We just don't want it we don't want to play Liverpool ever there is no excuse. We are making them look better than they are. Subs should of come on at 50 mins now we are ****ed
  14. When playing awful 1st half BR usually gets a tune out of them 2nd half expect to see a much better showing
  15. It wasn't a Liverpool free kick so half time is better for the Ref
  16. Honestly looks like we can't be arsed. Cant soak up play for 90 mins. And when we get a chance to go forward the decision making is appalling
  17. If they watched last night's performance or the last 2 games performance even Bournemouth would of been wanting to get us. Form is starting to drop players looking tired hopefully this will change
  18. Let's just hope we have our injured players back and the Utd team has the shits that day
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