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  1. Fox85

    Free agents

    Well we didnt score much. Not being funny but silimani is better than him. I want us to buy players that will improve not warm the bench
  2. Fox85

    Free agents

    You grumpy old git
  3. Fox85

    Free agents

    Hes Sunday league at best
  4. Could just sign lascelles from Newcastle. Or try and sign Jonathan Tah
  5. 35 years old wtf lol. Well might get 2 or 3 games out of him in a season
  6. Fox85


    I know. We would almost have the complete team. Zyech would be hard to get but the more big name players we get and potential we have the higher chance we can sign players of his calibre
  7. Fox85


    If we are able to sign this lad. You can almost guarantee more big names will want to play for Leicester. Zyech would not be impossible either. Securing Tielemans could be a show of intent we need to push on.
  8. Fox85


    Soyuncu after a full season could be worth 50m alone. I dont think it's a good deal for us. I believe he has the potential to not only be a good CB but a fantastic to one of the best CBs there is
  9. Fox85


    Do you actually believe that Celtic is a more lucrative club than Leicester? This is no disrespect but huddersfield has more attraction that Celtic and they have just been relegated to the championship. We can offer players to play in the best league in the world instead of the 78th best league in the world. We can offer more money which unfortunately is all that matters in the modern game. Also players who play for Leicester get recognised a million times more than a player that plays for Celtic.
  10. Fox85


    Jesus it's still going isn't it
  11. Fox85


    This is going to be a long drawn out episode isn't it
  12. We need to sign that Dallas from Leeds
  13. Fox85


    So your saying you cannot purchase a player before the window opens.
  14. Fox85


    No I dont think he has any release clause. If we really wanted to buy him the deal would of been done already. We could of put a 40m bid in for him before the window opens and the deal to commence when the window opens. However I think we have now lost out on this. I was confident we was gonna sign him but we have dragged our heels and concentrated getting Lee congerton in as a priority
  15. Fox85

    Jordon Ibe

    Diabate is better
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