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  1. Weird 1st half played nice football at times but the majority was awful. I can see a sending off in this game and I'd be cautious about keeping Albrighton and Fofana on. Time to bring on the 2 Turkish delights
  2. It's a set price really if both party's are happy at the end of the agreement. Obligation to buy means it must happen for that price no matter what.
  3. Roma have the option to say no to us yes because that's their option if he rips it up in the premier league. LCFC could say they don't want to pay that price at the end of the agreement and then come back in for him with a smaller price a few weeks after but like I said it's Roma option to say yes or no
  4. I think with it being option LCFC could say we don't want to pay that amount but could offer a different amount ofcourse it could get rejected. Obligation to buy is a different story
  5. I suppose that is the key word isn't it. What IF he hasn't refused to play and all the talk is BS which is more likely.
  6. Under is a good player and the little time he has had he has made an impact if it wasn't for him Leicester would be 7th and not 4th due to his instant impact in the arsenal game. The guy can also take a corner. Players do not get to show what they are about whwn they don't play
  7. I'd rather just get That Thauvin in on a free, low risk possible high reward
  8. He won't be included in the weekends squad. He has been taken off because we have a shit development squad manager in Beaglehole. The guy should of been sacked 5 years ago
  9. Preat is out for 3 months give this kid his chance to stamp his mark in the 1st team
  10. What because im confident in my teams ability to take a cup game seriously and want to win. I believe that Leicester will have a easy game. Easier than most that was in that draw. It's negative people like you that I despise. Is it a tough game depends on team selection but if our first 11 play their first 11 there should only 1 result. Apologies if I hurt anyone's feelings with my confidence in Leicester.
  11. If people are concerned about Brentford they need to wake up its 2021 and we are not a bog standard team anymore. Good team yes. A win is almost guaranteed.
  12. Fox85


    JJ has a 30% sell on clause. Harry Maguire had 25% sell on profit clause. In this market you can get 25m including add on for hamza so selling him for 15m with a high sell on clause is more than realistic.
  13. Fox85


    15 million and 50% of next transfer fee. I think that is fair and many clubs would take that.
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