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  1. Benkovic Evan's for 19/20 season Bekovic soyunchu 20/21 season
  2. Even top players can be bought at risk. Adrian Silva is a perfect example. He is a top player and has proven this over his career just didnt fit at Leicester but doing well at Monaco. Kramaric is a top striker and doing well now didnt fit at Leicester.
  3. I agree with the Tielemans reply you said the rest is nonsense. You dont need a premier league quality striker for 40 50 million. You could actually find a player for 10 15 million who would be premier league quality just depends on the scouts that same for the winger aswel
  4. Keep looking at there goal. Kasper needs to be doing better I dont think hes the keeper he once was this season he has been average at best
  5. Bar 20 mins best football I have seen us play all season look so much more positive.
  6. Should be playing 442 at home until the summer and we buy players more suitable to 4231. I dont like the formation seems it's to accommodate Madison. Personally I think the lad needs to be benched hasn't been great for 6 or 7 games now
  7. Gonna be offered a new contract by sounds of things. Rodgers wants to keep him for another year
  8. Telles what? What ya gonna tel us
  9. Fox85


    The player knew he was leaving his arm out as he turned. This is a new way of cheating to buy the referee, turn your back so if it hits your arm doesn't look deliberate. I'm glad he got caught trying to cheat. Could be worse. Could of been a challenge miles outside the box and a penalty to be awarded
  10. Fox85


    100% a penalty and I Hate UTD. Was the shots heading towards goal. Yes. Did the player make his body bigger using his arm regardless if he turns. Yes. The referee made the call on VAR and it was the correct call.
  11. Hes had 4 days in charge hes not a miracle worker. A game is made out of 2 halfs. We will win this game
  12. Other than the early goal. We have looked good tbh.
  13. Facts. Ranieri won the league on the foundations of what nigel Pearson built and his back room staff. Our form actually clicked from the great escape the season before. Ranieri left all the training with Craig Shakespeare and didnt change anything. After we won the league Ranieri sacked 65% of the backroom staff and then bought his own in and conducted his own training this ended in failure.
  14. Hmmm. Let's see I think hes going to get a lot thou. Top wants to push for it now i guess have to wait and see
  15. Just read the owners are giving Rodgers 200 million + player sale transfer money for the summer
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