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  1. Barnes and Gray both been shite We need top class wingers in January like I said the other day. Jesus that was awful
  2. Sign aubameyang. Not impossible if there in a relegation fight 😂😂😂😂
  3. Barnes is just not cutting the mustard for me. Like Perez tbh. These 2 areas are our weakest links. Yes they have played well in some games but the majority they have been piss poor. Sign Zaha and Sign Bowen. Loan barnes out to Norwich or villa until the end of the season
  4. Leicester will not sell a home grown talent. Englands number 1 Left back. And one of the leagues best LB for less than 130m we dont need money and I doubt ben would want to move anyway this is his home
  5. January could be the perfect opportunity city to get the key players in that we need given our form and position and football that we are playing. We need to make it count. Not go crazy but buying 1 or 2 key players is a must. Zaha would be good. Haaland not impossible Bowen good goal ratio. Fraser not impossible but expensive. Punt on deloufeaou if spelt right as a back up
  6. Villa are definitely the dirtiest team in the premier league. How at least 2 of their players didnt get sent off is beyond me. Shows how shite that club is when thier fans cheer a corner. Well done Leicester a performance of champions
  7. Si senor Si senor. He goes by Perez and couldnt hit a barn door. He will offer us so much more Si Senor Si senor. But before that he rolls around on the floor. Senor senor
  8. Extremely tough game at villa. Honestly cant call it
  9. So like leicester in the past 2 games we have made significant changes to win games. We will catch them hopefully the start of there down fall will be boxing day
  10. If that was Mane would of been a penalty. Funny how Utds and Liverpools penaltys was less contact and we dont get a penalty but awarded a yellow.
  11. Neither of them are better than Preat or cant even get in our squad. Zaha thou would be the best option to buy I'd be well up for that
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