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  1. No we won't finish top 4 unfortunately. Other teams in better form than us we are weak in the closing of the seasons. The past 6 games we have been playing with 10 men as Vardy isn't doing anything atm
  2. They are just better than us in every department. Well done westham credit where credit due
  3. Can Leicester come.back from 1 goal..... YES. 2 Goals no chance
  4. Get vardy off no point starting him we are litterally losing a position on the field with him being on atm
  5. Are you mad???? Strict discipline during a fantastic season is absolutly vital and he as the manager should deliver strict punishment no matter what. Strong discipline squad is a professional and successful squad on and off the pitch
  6. We haven't lost a league game away from home since November thats quite incredible..... As much as people want to admit it today is a must in game in terms of confidence leading upto the run in. However a draw is OK but in order to remain in the top 4 ideally we need to win 4 out of our next 5 games and hopefully have a 9 point or more lead coming into the last 3 games of the season. I can see us winning today and it will be a good game
  7. If we don't win tomorrow I dont think we get top 4. Win and I think that gives us the confidence to win 3 out of the next 4 games. We have bottled quite a few games we should of easily won this season but I guess a lot of teams this has happened to as well.
  8. Due to the way things have worked out and the run Westham are on, this is the most important game of the season if we lose this or even draw it will leave us with a hell of a lot of work to be done to achieve top 4.. We need to get atleast 12 points from our next 4 games while taking 3 of those from Westham
  9. Never do business with Liverpool. We would end up paying around 65m for him in the end for a player that is broken. We ended up with ward from them who yes is a steady goalkeeper but Max Value being there 4th choice keeper at the time should of been around 3 or 4 million not 14
  10. Meh I don't care about losing today. Look we are playing a team that have never earned a trophy through hard work. There squad is worth 1.6 billion and they are struggling to beat us. The referee has been dodgy to say the least extremely favourable to Man City but its clear the officials will do everything they can to keep the usual in the top 4.
  11. No I didn't, I won't watch dross..... I take it we didn't progress because you would of said Final..... However I'd imagine if we had a good manager not even of any quality just to a good standard England may of won it. International football is crap has been since the 90s
  12. The 17 that voted England must be absolute weapons. I can safely say I haven't watch 1 England game since that idiot Southgate took over as manager and I ner will... he will not take them anywhere and it will just end in disappointment. He must be the most unqualified person in terms of football managers and ge got the top Job. Honestly Ritchie Wellans would be a better choice than him. So yea all in all Leicester anyday over England
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