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  1. Well south Koreans achieve this in 24hrs so not bad
  2. Would you prefer the league to be null and void? That's how it will go if the league does not finish
  3. They should just do that anyway but televise the matches. All the players should be tested before games and when or if al clear the games can go ahead. We will end up smashing the season 3 games per week.
  4. You cant buy players in January. Since man Utd have bought players in January they have been brilliant, hard to say but they have. This is going to be our downfall, we need to start winning and quickly
  5. All serious thou we need to be loud tomorrow we need to shout attack attack attack. We was almost unstoppable when we attacked from the off now we are to cautious. Attack them and they lose
  6. We will set up the same be 1 on 1 with the keeper, dribble round the villa keeper and see a open net. We then contain ourselfs and concentrate on possession football. Quick cruyff turn and launch it back to Kasper. To start again.
  7. That Silimani bloke is doing alright. Infact proving to be one of the best strikers in europe. Also there isnt many people much bigger than him
  8. Would you say tactics are negative when we get into an attacking position then pass it back to Evan's and then Kasper. That is called turning a positive into a negative this is why we cant score goals we dont know what to do when we attack
  9. Pressure???? Pressure is not being able to afford to feed your kids and support your family. Not feel the heat against bloody Norwich and Brirmingham 不不不
  10. I dont agree with booing. However fans are paying a hard earned money to watch this crap since december. Negative tactics and lacklustre displays all over the pitch and no ideas in the final 3rd boils my blood much more than letting the players know they are just not performing that is even close to acceptable.
  11. Maddison and chillwell are both not in the line up. That's not knowledge it's what I want
  12. I heard exactly the same before we played Norwich. We wont win unless we change to a formation that will get us goals.
  13. 瞿1495 bloody hell. Good luck with that 不不不不不
  14. Shoot everyone down for wanting the best for Leicester. You maybe someone who lacks ambition but I want Leicester to be the best they can be I want us in the champions league. Not a team riding middle of the table.
  15. But the reality is we are not. We are a team that was doing really well until they got some limelight. Madders has been shocking Chillwell shocking Perez shocking Vardy shite since december I cant be arsed anymore. Let's just not have any ambition and let's just appreciate being a team that hovers around middle of the table. Let's not get excited or want to get champions league football. Let's be happy we are 3rd and only for 11 points in 12 games. Let's just accept that at the end of the season if we got 6th we would be well happy
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