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  1. Close thread its nonsense..... I mean come on 50m, would be more realistic if they said 110m
  2. Letter of the law there was contact so it was a penalty. However no referee in the world should be giving those type of decisions but the FA is corrupt and they are doing everything they can for liverpool to win the league. How many times did mane boot the ball away without being booked. Why wasnt Mane booked for diving. There is so much more that's dodgy from that game.
  3. Cant be beaten from open play by the top teams or so called. I hope for nothing but misery for liverpool the most hated team in the league possibly the world
  4. Ok ok ok. First of all fantastic performance. However Newcastle did not want anything today they were dreadful. Get a point or more next week and then that's impressive
  5. I honestly thought that was the end for Dennis Preat for the season, looks so bad in slow motion. Absolute leg breaker right there.
  6. Personally I'd prefer the Caraboa cup FA Cup And top 4 We look strong this season need to keep it up and recruit more quality in january but to do this we need to keep this form
  7. Maddison needs a 5 year contract immediately and the club needs to state they they will not even entertain bids of less than 150m
  8. Rodgers needed to invest in a winger and a striker. We failed to do this. This is why we fail in the final 3rd so much. We should play 2 strikers rather than 2 CDMs. This negative approach will guarantee is 12th at the end of the season
  9. This is not a one off. Out of ? il be generous aswel 85% of his games for leicester he has been dog shit. Would be great in league 2 and average in league 1. I'm honestly surprised hes a so called professional
  10. We just battered man its drastically all over the park at old Trafford. Yea Utd are relegation candidates and we need to beat teams like this but if we had recruited a better winger in the summer and a striker we would be more clinical in the final 3rd
  11. Best place for Gray......... In the Bin.
  12. Didn't even make them look good we hammered them in all areas but set up to defensive. We need to recruit massively in january for attacking power because this is what we lack
  13. Every game we have started 2 X CDM we have looked lacklustre and without a plan. Shit team selection gray needs to just tear up his contract and take up a new job because football isnt it.
  14. Gray and choudary need to make way. Get Perez and Barnes on. Should not of started with 2 CDM's we can win this if we are positive and
  15. Absolute crap. Get choudary off and gray get preat on and barnes and you will see the difference
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