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  1. If we was going to sign anyone it would of happened by now. Might aswel close transfer thread until summer. Bloody boring !!!!! Honestly hope we can hold onto top 4 with what we got but being honest we look tired worn out and without a Plan B
  2. Fox85

    Wahid Faghir

    Fun fact for you lot. Leicester turned down Ibrahimovic when he was a young teenager and said he would not be good enough
  3. Honestly if we do not have at least 2 key players signed by friday we obviously are not taking top 4 seriously.
  4. We need 2 Wingers that are game changes. Send either Barnes or Gray out on loan and get 2 in. We also need a CB. I cannot see us signing anyone and we are really going to struggle from now on. We have looked weak since Nowich movement needs to happen and it needs to happen as of 1730 today
  5. Spend some money team is just not good enough to sustain s full season. We desperately need. 2 X clinical wingers. 1 CB. By next Saturday
  6. Everyone could see this even at Boxing day. Deals should of been set up beginning of december to get the players in as soon as the window opens. We need new recruitment in and we need it now.
  7. This is why we need some signings and at least 3 or 4 to.stay competitive for the season. The team looks burnt out. Spend some F#cking money FfS
  8. Dont see what the hate is about with YT. He is one of the only ones to try risky passes that lead to KEY opportunities. Yes they have not come off so much at the moment but instead of the persistent booing from our own fans and getting on his back and other individuals in the squad let's keep there heads up and cheer them on. This makes them play better while realising thier mistakes. Booing players and getting on there backs does nothing but inflict negativity.
  9. All teams have a dip in form throughout the season. The good thing is we are not losing games and still getting results. We will be fine
  10. I will not accept anything less than 10-0. As we are at home and all that
  11. That sean from enderby geezer said maddison is holding out his contract to sign for Utd or Liverpool.
  12. Jesus sign some fecking players ffs!!!
  13. We need to make signings and ASAP. Individual so called key players getting comfortable knowing they will be picked. Get that money withdrawn and spend some.
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