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  1. Get rid. Has shown time and time again he can see a job through. Shite substitutions. Get rid and get rid of congerton
  2. BR rodgers to blame no one else. We was untouchable until he subbed off ihanacho
  3. Happens with transfers and most football media all the time. Leaks happen. Can see Man Shitty getting away with it because money always talks. Ask OJ
  4. I dunno I think they will escape it all.
  5. Its probably the most creativity up top we have in fairness
  6. Fox85

    Said Benrahma

    There is a difference to 3 bad games or 7 bad seasons 😂
  7. I think we will beat arsenal. For a change we will play a team that will come at us instead of 11 players defending. Should be a good game
  8. I dont think we need to panic im feeling a win today even if it is a ugly win. Today is the day
  9. We have poor options for wingers and its that, that is really letting us down.
  10. Behave your self, i can think of 6 other players that have been like that since the restart. Anyone who is slagging off Chilwell for this mess is clueless. Worse players than Chilwell so far. VARDY JJ TEILEMANS ALBRIGHTON BARNES GRAY
  11. One of the best players on the pitch. Idiots on this forum need to stop slagging him off. The person responsible for these piss poor performances is BR
  12. I know I'm just saying you can guarantee if BR was sacked now we literally would win all the remaining games. Its the Leicester way. BR plays tactics to safe. He should encourage fast attacking football from the first whistle. To not win then is embarrassing
  13. If BR was sacked now, we would win the remaining games. Because that's what we do. ****ing shocking
  14. We have only achieved 5 shots on Target since the first kick off against Watford. Absolute dog shite. Get Rid. Or Attack Attack Attack
  15. We have had 1 shot on target which wasn't even a shot
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