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  1. Based on?? I'd understand something like this if he was hitting the back of the net on the odd occasion. However let's not pin to much hope on the young lad. I generally think if we start Ndidi and Choudary we will lose. We need to attack this young chelsea team and put them under pressure for 90+ minutes and make them make mistakes
  2. You can argue because it is the rule of game now. Fact is some will go for us and some will go against us. 100% miserable Nuno will be saying VAR is the best thing since lifestyle bread if he gets a decision go his way in 93rd min to get his team through to the next round of europa cup or 3 points in the premier league. We all knew it was co ing and every single VAR decision that was made over the weekend was correct.
  3. He was on the bench wasnt he? If he was on the bench he has been given clearance to play
  4. We need to learn that the pitch has a goal to score. So until we train on that area we will only be able to succeed a point or less
  5. Not good enough going forward. If games are won playing nice football in our own half we would do great. More attacking coaches required. Perez Meh Chillwell Meh Tielemans Meh Set up with 2 Dm at home shit tactics. Soyunchu played well Maddison was good Ricardo was good Vardy did what he could
  6. Absolute dog shit going forward. Defended well at times some very sloppy moments. In truth Failed to even attempt to try and beat a extremely tired wolves side. Much improvement needed or its bot going to look good for us
  7. Look like we run out of ideas when get to the final 3rd. Maybe Hamza or Ndidi may have to give way to make us more offensive
  8. With what ever you just said great.... However we should not be expecting to much this season hopefully we do well but I'm guessing we finish between 8th and 10th.
  9. So the window started great and we looked stronger than most teams we should be competing against. We have got to this point and in reality we should just expect the same position as last season. Our main rivals fighting for top 6 are much stronger.
  10. Dont think he will be on the pitch much this season. Bags of talent but cheats alot. VAR will destroy his career this season
  11. No we want Zyiech 😎😎😎😎
  12. There wasnt any info to be leaked other than cover your balls with deep heat due to a storm. Just miserable
  13. Why delete it what a absolute joke. At least people were having a bit of enjoyment out of it regardless. Silly really
  14. In short..... There is a big ****ing storm so peg your tent down. And cover your balls and wifes tits in deep heat. Because shit is gonna get real.... Ohhh and preat is small fry compared to this
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