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  1. It was my turn in our punters club and I popped a $20 on them also. Boys were saying we don’t know much about the EPL but good luck. 9-1 for the top side. You’d never get that again.
  2. Totally agree. We haven’t got the squad to compete in more than a couple of comps at once. We looked a bit thin on the ground last night. I’m happy we can now just concentrate on EPL and Europa.
  3. Great performance by the Foxes. Can’t believe what a good pick up Castagne was. Some of our lesser lights playing well. Let’s hope we can keep it up. Real test comes next week.
  4. Ha ha ha. Thanks for the heads up. I’m unfortunately an Essendon fan in the AFL. They are pretty much the Foxes version in our league so I’m well schooled in lack of optimism.
  5. Great win Foxes. That silenced the naysayers. Good solid second half. We want to play more like that this year. Castagne, what a way to introduce yourself to the faithful. Vardy, who else would you want taking a penalty?
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