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  1. Fofana didn't look too happy coming off, nothing wrong with that but hope it doesn't knock his confidence too much.
  2. Need Vardy for games like this. See if we can get him through it and obviously rest at Brentford Chelsea have been shit but will be a tough game still. We're in good form and another point to continue at least. Interesting whether Soyuncu starts.
  3. What we're starting to see from him and Barnes is impact. In and out of games but make stuff happen. He's been further up the pitch too
  4. I thought the pitch looked a bit heavy but assumed it was my TV picture quality.
  5. Don't get many games where Vardy gets as many half chances as that and we cocked up the through ball a few times too. Got a bit frustrated I think.
  6. Solid and hard thought win. Great to see to be honest, they'd have been a bigger threat with Inga of course but we handled them well second half. Impressed with Soyuncu, thought it was harsh on Fofana to take him off but worked out ok. Not Vardy best day, not just his finishing but lack of finesse was frustrating, just smacking it at defenders right in front of him. We need him against Chelsea though so fingers crossed. Good all round performance.
  7. FFS. Vardy will be fine I reckon, often comes off late in games like that.
  8. Vardy been poor tonight, why he cutting in there? He'll keep going of course. Just hope we don't regret not getting a second, had loads of chances to give a better finish or final ball.
  9. It's a red because Azpilicueta is screaming around on the floor. Fine now I see. He jumps in the air to make it look worse.
  10. Didn't have this down as a high scoring game. You'd love to be a penalty taker now wouldn't you, almost guaranteed 10 goals a season.
  11. Yeah I watched the first episode with the Mrs a while back and felt I needed subtitles. And was a struggle to get through. I wanted to stick with it because of how good everyone says it is but Mrs wasn't having it. Difficult to watch something with so many episodes unless we both watch it.
  12. Great to see Root back in the big runs. Batting line up always looks quite weak without Stokes in it. Sri Lanka showing how badly they batted first innings.
  13. Oh man, it's going to be Mendy and Ndidi against Chelsea isn't it? Youri has definitely been a bit more cynical this season, noticed Maddison trying to stop counter attacks too in the last couple of games too.
  14. Large crowds will be a way away, certainly full crowds. But hopefully by April/May we will be able to do most of the things we were able to do during the past summer. Social distancing doesn't bother me too much, neither does mask wearing within reason, expanding rule of 6 to maybe 10, most things open and a bit of outside freedom. Then hopefully by next winter vast majority have been vaccinated and there is no real impact. Eventually they will stop testing in the community and we'll only go off hospital admissions.
  15. A lot to like about Yan Bingtao. Another good win. He has the one thing Ding has lacked in his career, bottle. Got the makings of a very good player. Higgins/O'Sullivan tonight.
  16. Tier 2 restrictions will feel like luxury to be honest.
  17. Part of Under's problem has been the formation, difficult to pick him when we played with wing backs. I know we had 3 forwards but they were more central. And since we've gone to a back 4 he's been injured. I don't think Rodgers trusts his defensive work too much yet either, which makes subbing him on difficult unless we are extremely comfortable but then the games dying out and not a lot happens.
  18. None of us have any idea about his ability now but surely someone needs him. Wage demands too high or wants a team near where he lives? Obviously the fact he's been or is injured hasn't helped.
  19. Did someone say we were trying to sign one of Derby's youngsters. Looks like they're going to need to sell.
  20. Sad for him and a real set back. Has to be slightly concerned about his euro place too. He's not always impactful but We have noone from midfield like him, noone who makes the off the ball runs he makes.
  21. Where has all this footballers are being targeted bullshit come from? Mainly from ex-players to be fair. They've been asked to tone down the celebrations a bit for time being, that is all.
  22. Well I guess its up to the league bosses to decide. Celtic tried to get it postponed but it was refused, think it was more them making an example of Celtic after the Dubai trip to be honest.
  23. For so many players at Villa to need to isolate they've clearly been lax in their social distancing at the training ground, it would be interesting if they told everyone how many positive tests they've had and how many are just self-isolation.
  24. How has Crawley got away with that? Saying that, the fact he's ran to the other end and back suggests there was a single there.
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