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  1. Can't wait to see Morgan's effort.
  2. Shows that it's easy for players to take pens when there is no pressure.
  3. Whats the point of adding 250k? Must be confident this would be done else they'd have taken a 3rd keeper to Hong Kong.
  4. Put the extra sponsors on the player kits, why ruin the fan version?
  5. Don't see how Leo is going to be anything other than a bit part, if we are to have any kind of successful season. Maybe his hissy fit last season wasn't about game time but was about getting more money.
  6. I'm no football scout but I'm confident there are players across Europe of similar ability who would cost less. If he was worth this much we wouldn't be the club bidding for him. Personally think he is becoming massively overrated.
  7. I think he's a good player but I don't think he's worth that kind of money. You can definitely find better value for a similar level of player.
  8. I know very little about him but glad we are looking to bring in a more possession based player, we can't continue to be so poor on the ball.
  9. Absolute farce. Players are embarrassing too, going to put pressure on every decision.
  10. I think the fact Watford seem to be the only team in for Hughes, at £8m tells you what clubs think of him. Tidy player though who may improve has he gets older.
  11. From what I have seen he is nothing like a number 10, always been poor with his back to goal and link up play but he his shit hot in front of goal.
  12. Maybe Brighton have told him they're looking to replace him.
  13. Wtf is that Christmas schedule? 4 games in a week. Spurs away last day will be horrible if they can win or have won the title.
  14. These players need the opportunities now with their clubs. Too many talented players either stagnate or get given too much too quickly. Hopefully the under 21s can do something now, winning mentality throughout the young ages can never be a bad thing.
  15. Personally thought now would be a good time to go down a different route but he has earnt a shot. Its a big summer of recruitment and he needs to get it right and adapt our style. Interested to see who he gets in as help.