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  1. In my line of work 'normal' people have been, rightly or wrongly, forced into finding employment. In some cases this has led to people living a better life, earning more, providing more and building confidence and own self-esteem. People have actually told me that cutting their benefits was the best thing that could have happened to them. I appreciate there are going to be many other negative stories but there are positive outcomes out there.
  2. I'd be trying to sell him to China.
  3. Really hope Hull can beat Palace tomorrow to keep it interesting for the last game. I would love Palace and Big Sam to go down.
  4. Away from the decisions.. Mahrez was much better second half, chilwell was excellent for large parts, Benny has done well on the whole but we need to improve defence and simpsons distribution was as shit as ever. I was a little disappointed with Ndidi, don't know if he missed drinky next to him.
  5. He's a crap referee, not disputing that but I have sympathy with the first goal in the sense that the rules make it confusing for a ref when they have to make a quick decision. Even more so with an offside as they rely on the linesman making the decision.
  6. Have a little sympathy with Madley for the goal, as there is so much confusion with the rules. If you're in the 6 yard box and in an offside position you should be given offside, end of. Then there is no confusion about interfering with play. I don't think sterling as any impact of Kasper but he does on Fuchs. Penalty is just unlucky. Rule needs changing though, encroachment is a retake so why shouldn't a accidental double touch also be a retake? Good second half, Fuchs was my MOM, thought he did really well out of position.
  7. I would like to see Huddersfield come up, always good to see a new club in the Premier League and chances are they'll go straight back down. As long as it's not Reading.
  8. So is he still a ranieri signing now he's turned out to be decent? No reason to sell really, unless we're making wholesale changes at centre back in the summer.
  9. Job done. Well done to Shakespeare and the team for getting us to 40 points, was unimaginable before Ranieri left. Can look forward to a summer now, need to progress the squad.
  10. Adrian might be a possibility. Hennesey? Back up keeper is something I could see us looking for an a free.
  11. Not sure about Ulloa and vardy away at Arsenal, would prefer Okazaki in his usual role.
  12. Opening this thread to find out he's 26 years old and plays of Oxford is a bit disappointing.
  13. Jansson has already agreed to join Leeds permanently in the summer hasn't he? He gets overshadowed by Keane but Ben Mee always looks good when I've seen Burnley.
  14. Newcastle's transfer policy last summer was a bit bizarre, stock piled players with Championship experience but would struggle in the Premier League. Need massive upgrade in the summer, especially in defence.
  15. All this talk about Spurs not having much depth, that's because they've spent millions on shit.