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  1. All this talk about Spurs not having much depth, that's because they've spent millions on shit.
  2. It's even better that Spurs will lose despite being on top "but we had 10 corners"
  3. What has Dwight Yorker done since retiring to deserve a decent nanyang event job? Paul Ince would be managing at a high level now if he was successful at the jobs he has had. Might be be a bit naive but with more black players in the last 10 years or more I expect there to be more black managers in the coming years.
  4. I'd be suprised if he doesn't get it now, and i'd be happy enough with that. I was a bit reluctant at first but I think he's earnt an opportunity and I don't really trust the owners in choosing an alternative if I'm honest. He will need help though, either someone to control transfers and recruitment (that isn't Rudkin) or someone to help out on the training pitch.
  5. As usual in these circumstances there are some people so far up Mahrez's arse that he can do no wrong, and then there are some people who are overly critical. He's had an average season at best, even last night he had the odd moment but generally was dealt with comfortably by good defenders. People blame his defensive responsibilities but he was asked to do that last season and still managed to peform better going forward, far too many little flicks in recent weeks which haven't come off. Fantastic player on his day but he's not had a good season, for a number or reasons.
  6. Mr consistent this season, I just wish he'd offer a bit more going forward and quality on the ball, he'd be superb if he could. An occassional overlapping full back would help Mahrez too. A lot is made of mahrez not helping Simpson but it works both ways. He's probably only behind Kasper for player of the year for me.
  7. The only reason I could see Amartey coming on instead was to keep a physical prescence on the pitch for set pieces but I still would have brought Gray on, just for the experience if nothing else, game was pretty much gone by that point anyway.
  8. Hard not to feel immense pride at the end last night, not just for the effort during the game but for the effort in the last year and a half. (we'll forget about the majortiy of this season ) Unfortunately the away goal killed the tie in the end, stupid rule But we had our 15-20 minute spell at the start of the second half where we coudln't quite take our opportunity. Incredible effort, don't think we were at our best quality wise, Ndidi and Drinkwater were poor on the ball at times but we gave absolutely everything. Atletico are a great side, i dislike Simeone's antics at times but I hope they go onto win it. I'm warming to the idea of giving Shakespeare the job full time, shown he's not scared of making tactical changes. it wasn't pretty second half and I wouldn't want to watch that every week but it made for an interesting half of football. Fingers crossed its not the last time we see nights like that at the KP.
  9. Us conceding a penalty and a Vardy yellow card is pretty much nailed on tonight I feel.
  10. Both hopefully. *****.
  11. Should have bought gray on for mahrez but the two subs were spot on. No point risking vardy getting a booking when we're settling for the 1-0.
  12. Defence superb. Drinkwater was terrible on the ball, gave it away or passed the buck onto someone else rather than trying to take control. Albrighton worked his bollocks off. Unfortunately just can't see us beating these, we can't afford to attack from the off because of the risk of an away goal. Still, going to be a huge occasion on Tuesday.
  13. Some ****ing morons in that video FFS
  14. Difference in our case is the vast amounts travelling without tickets, doesn't happen very often unless it's for finals etc. Spanish police not keen on big crowds it seems and they only know force as a way of dispersing people but all that does is escalate the situation.
  15. I'm still in disbelief that we are actually playing Atletico Madrid in a Champions League Quarter Final and I believe we could get a result. How the **** did this happen? It will be a proud occassion tonight, as long as we avoid a beating it will remembered as a great night. Stay in the game please, give us half a chance in the home leg.