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  1. Those Rochdale goals having a mare at the back.
  2. Pretty much every man back and Silva can still thread a little ball through to aguero.
  3. Drinkwater has played 3 premier league games in like 3 years and all have been against many city 😂 all for different clubs. I know they are short on numbers but it's horrendous decision to throw him in as a starter with the lack of game time he has had.
  4. There probably has been some good games but in my memory the Welsh derby is always shit.
  5. Even with their form, it's not a game I'm looking forward too. Got Barnes winning a penalty off Soyuncu allover it. 3 at the back didn't work against Villa but I think he might be tempted again, without Ndidi we need to protect the defence and he may feel he needs 3. Needs to be Benkovic rather than Fuchs though. With Fuchs at wing back, hope Chilwell regains some form but he needs a spell out the side. Would play Tielemans instead of Maddison too, and Iheanacho and Vardy together.
  6. Barnes and Perez have had good moments but the fact we've been carrying wingers all season has caught up with us.
  7. Also, for me I'd give the players a couple of days off. Get away from football until Wednesday and then get back on it for Thursday.
  8. Kasper pulled some world class saves but do think he could probably have saved the ings goal. Lazy and casual distribution and not coming off his line as usual too. Praet, Ricardo (although it's not happening going forward for him either) and Vardy were ok. Rest were rubbish, even Evans and Soyuncu were sloppy. Important fans don't get on their backs though, in danger of becoming entitled and moan as soon as we aren't winning every game. Confidence is fragile. Rodgers has never really rectified the home performances, even when we were winning. Can't really use the excuse that southampton sat back, they were just better than us.
  9. Would have been a travesty if we'd got anything out of that game, fully deserved defeat. I don't know if we've ran out of steam but we've lost our way at home. Massively overachieved in first part of the season and have gone backwards. Looked poor defensively without Ndidi, and for some reason swapped Evans and Soyuncu round and they both looked nervy. Maddison is massively overrated, and we've haven't been able to create anything for weeks. Need to do business this month for some fresh impetus. I don't want to be too harsh because we've had a brilliant season but that was rubbish.
  10. Why have Evans and Soyuncu swapped sides recently?
  11. Maddison not brave enough with the shot, if he stands up it doesn't go in.
  12. It's just a lazy tackle, not sure there is too much force in it although Meyer has gone off. But once you've seen the pictures it will be hard not to give it a red.
  13. This is where he should look himself. Looks horrible in slow motion.
  14. Was that checked? Looked pretty close when the ball went wide. No way should that be going in.
  15. How do Palace get away without any questions about where all the premier League money has gone? Never spend any money of any significance and seem to have had the same team for as long as I can remember. Couple of free signings and loans here and there.
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