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  1. Is it right that Vardy hasn't won any player of the season awards whilst being here? Not fan voted one anyway. Might not have won this year either but would have had a good chance.
  2. Worth seeing what pubs/restaurants are now offering delivery service. Got a burger and chips from one of our favourites one night last week. Had to get in order early and chose a delivery slot.
  3. As long as the saved money is to pay non playing staff, otherwise what's the point? It's the right thing to do though, players shouldn't be getting obscene amounts of money for doing nothing for months.
  4. Surely there's need to be a universal decision across Europe? Particularly the top leagues. For me, assuming the league's can't be finished before or during the early summer, would be to complete this season between August and December. Write off the 20/21 season and get creative with a tournament style league between Jan and may leading to the euros. Hopefully then being able to begin the league system afresh in 21/22. I know that brings own questions regarding player contracts etc and when or how do people make transfers. There is no easy way to resolve this. Just realised the post above is pretty much the same idea.
  5. I'm not sure waiting every day for the latest death figures like we're watching soccer Saturday is helping mine or anyones mental health. I get importance in making sure people realise how serious it is currently but think I'm going to try and avoid these daily updates the best I can. I don't know how many people die every day, for whatever reason, but its just something you never think about. Over 500 in 24 hours just seems ridiculous.
  6. I've just finished the Aussie Cricket documentary and enjoyed it. Great behind the scene look and insight into the stress, frustrations and disappointment of professional sport. It made some of them quite likeable but at the same time reminded us to dislike them at times. Not sure about Langer, comes across a bit of a dick at times, Aaron Finch seems a good guy and the relationship between Stoinis and Zampa is a bit weird, good insight into the different personalities within a dressing room.
  7. This weekend I've started to miss the void of having some sport to watch. I have plenty of jobs I could do but struggling to find the motivation even though I have nothing else to do. Hard work having my 3 year old all day everyday is hard work too, I went to work to escape that I think he's enjoying the home time with us rather than being at nursery, but hard to not take him out and he does miss his little play mates. Was on leave last week but will start 'working from home' on Monday but will have my toddler with me as my wife has been classed as a keyworker. That should be fun. Managed to get out for a short walk most days, but found myself eating and drinking more than I usually would.
  8. Done it through first choice so hopeful they will get through this period. They're offering a pretty low deposit and balance only has to be paid a month before departure. We thought demand will be high once this is over, fingers crossed, so thought we'd get in early and hope for the best.
  9. Just booked our summer 2021 holiday, not sure if it's a stupid thing to do or not but felt like as a family we needed something to look forward to.
  10. Went out to small number of shops near me and it's quite surreal, streets aren't empty by any means but it all seemed calm and sensible. Shops monitoring customer levels, and stock reasonably full. Nice weather is making it easy for me, although do feel guilty sitting in the garden with a beer whilst there's chaos within hospital walls. To be fair though, I am on my honeymoon.
  11. I don't know if it's just because I've had other things to think about and the constant need to keep updated with covid-19 developments but has anyone else not really missed football as much as they thought they would? So far anyway.
  12. Interesting how they will police this. It's more of a reinforcement of what rules are supposed to be anyway. Taking away non essential shops as temptation to go out.
  13. The supermarket situation needs to be resolved, a lockdown but you can go shopping is just going to lead to mass numbers still using them at once. Needs to be a clear method, even if you say no more than a certain number at one time, people will just queue outside. Maybe give every household a weekly 30 minute slot at their nearest supermarket. Would have to show a letter/text/email to prove its your tkme. And maybe a decidated number for those unable to get into store, will give their order to a picker and this gets delivered. No idea if that is plausible, nor how you would prove it but some sort of organisation needs to be in place.
  14. Currently sat on a bus and lots of over 70s didn't get the memo. We're going to have a situation where we'll all be self isolating and the most vulnerable carry on as normal.
  15. Are whole families going to be at home for 14 days because someone has a common cough? I understand the need to be cautious but surely we need to ensure only people who actually have the virus in their household are isolating.
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