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  1. What are the thoughts on Pearson? Any grumblings yet? Couple of decent results early doors and obviously the Liverpool win but looked dreadful since coming back..
  2. Stupid from Capoue. Pulisic is going to win so many penalties for Chelsea, very Hazard like.
  3. Chelsea play before us as well on Tuesday so could jump ahead which will add to the pressure. Man Utd play villa ☹️ this is a big game for us.
  4. Watford have to hang in there but doesn't look likely. They're lucky the bottom 3 are in woeful form.
  5. It's going to take a wasteful Chelsea or a blinder from Foster to stop Chelsea scoring. Dive from Capoue, on a yellow card.
  6. If Chelsea win then top 4 is still very much all to play for, it's just one less team to worry about. Obviously not all lost for Wolves but going to be difficult for them now, they couldn't afford a slip up. Man city ban upheld then we are very much comfortable but don't want to rely on that.
  7. He did ok, but it was terrible bit of marking that allowed the Cahill header. Good to have the option.
  8. Got to be brave, I fear Rodgers will drop back into a more conservative selection.
  9. Another boost to the goal difference too, and for Man Utd, could be crucial.
  10. I've always thought Zaha was overrated but that's comfortably the worst I've ever seen him play. Remember when people argued he was worth more than Mahrez give Justin credit of course but it wasn't made difficult for him. He just plays like a guy who thinks he's too good for them, so doesn't bother trying.
  11. Thank you Crystal Palace, they were absolute woeful. We were better, no doubt, but nowhere near our best. What a nice feeling to relax whilst we wait for a favour from Arsenal or Watford.
  12. Ayew is more dislikeable than Zaha, miserable ****.
  13. Get in, great ball by Youri, terrible from the keeper.
  14. I genuinely wondered who that was. Let's see if 3 at the back works then.
  15. Not terrible by recent standards but we're just incredibly ordinary. Perez has done ok, Vardy shite and Iheanacho a combination of dangerous and clumsy. Our games are just torture because everyone does a palace and stinks the game out knowing that is all they have to do.
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