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  1. 2018 Russia World Cup Qualifying

    Get Germany in the group and then we can't meet them again unless we got to latter stages.
  2. I don't know if Denmark are better than I thought they were or whether Ireland are just shite.
  3. England v Brazil.

    Vardy and rashford partnership not really working, missing an Okazaki type to link with midfield. Would have been nice to see Kane and Vardy together. Cant fault the defensive organisation, not pretty but it's where we are against the best.
  4. That's a great goal, Denmark have played some decent football.
  5. 2018 Russia World Cup Qualifying

    Wasn't pretty but incredible effort by Sweden. Italy were shite though.
  6. 2018 Russia World Cup Qualifying

    It's funny seeing the Italians whine about time wasting tactics.
  7. England squad

    What are the chances of Vardy being on the wing?
  8. England squad

    These games should be more than just a pointless friendly though, these are meant to be preparation for the tournament. What's the point Southgate trying to integrate a 343 formation if none of his first choice players are involved. Maybe we should have had just the one game though. They've become pointless because clubs are the priority.
  9. England squad

    Southgate should be fuming, as always wants to use friendlies to prepare for competition and players pull out. No doubt will be fit for the next league game.
  10. Next up . . . Manchester City (Home) thoughts?

    I'd be surprised if its anything other than 433 for this game, probably King for Okazaki, he might consider Albrighton/Chilwell to help out Fuchs against Walker but it would be harsh to replace either Gray or Mahrez. Can't see us keeping them out enough to win the game but can see us scoring. 2-4.
  11. Stoke Post Match Thread 2-2....again

    Frustrating not to win but it was encouraging at times. Two avoidable goals conceded. People kept saying Iheanacho is a number 10 when we were linked but I'm yet to see anything to suggest that's his position, I would prefer Slimani personally. He did a couple of decent things and I think he tried to do the defensive side of the game but arrives late and gives fouls away. Hopefully Iborra injury not serious.
  12. Stoke (A) Match Thread

    Bad decision by maguire but that is a problem with only having 2 in central midfield. There to be won this game but need show better quality in the final third from open play.
  13. He'll play on FA Cup third round day, and get a season-ending injury. Either that or he'll come on with 14 seconds left.
  14. England squad

    "this is the worst squad we've ever named" is said every time, not sure who else is expected to be called up?