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  1. Missed out "so far" but did say there was still a chance with our batting line up. Bairstow has proved a point but also allowed Morgan and co to justify moving him down the order.
  2. Wood is a really unlucky cricketer, seems to do a hell of a lot of carrying drinks. Also feel sorry for Bairstow who gets pushed around to accommodate other players all the time. Made a mess of this chase but you never know with this batting line up.
  3. Has the look of someone who is worried about something at the minute. Whether that be bad form or his back is concerning him. No need for the over the top reactions, he was fine before his latest injury, if not right at his best.
  4. Its frustrating, but worth remembering that outfield players don't get criticised every time they give the ball away. Kicking it out of play can happen, he doesn't always have much to aim at when aiming for someone by the touchline. Its the casual floaty passes into midfield which are the real danger, he seems to have cut the risky passes a bit lately but you're still guaranteed one scary moment. Him not coming off his line, ever, for crosses is a much bigger problem for me. I don't really pay attention to other keepers strengths but I'd be surprised if there is a bet
  5. We didn't go away from the back 3 yesterday even when we were chasing the game, it seems as though its the way we're going to go. But if we are to go with a back 3/5 we need to get the balance right. For this game I would be tempted to go the typical 352, playing Iheanacho and Vardy together, get bodies in the box, allows Maddison to play in a free role. Justin weakest position is the left wing back role for me, balance is not quite right with him there so I'd play him on the right instead of Albrighton, assuming Castagne isn't fit enough to start. Could play Justin in the back 3 but him
  6. Hoddle trying to convince us Winks meant that not a chance.
  7. Would just be our luck if PSG and Real Madrid drop into the Europa League, although I think Real will go through ok but whoever drops from that group would be a tough game. I'd be surprised if PSG don't do enough to get through too, Leipzig and one of Ajax/Atalanta will drop. Other than that though I reckon we'd have a decent chance against the rest.
  8. Is there any chance our weakened side at Zorya could have Castagne, Ricardo, Ndidi and Soyuncu in it? ambitious for Cags maybe.
  9. If ever there was a game to return to a back 4, this is it surely? Put them under pressure and we will score goals. They do have some decent attacking players to be fair so wouldn't surprise me if we did stick with the back 3. But if we do then we need to play the wing backs higher up the pitch.
  10. In my 6 a side football I hate the gobby **** who doesn't shut up. I know communication is important in football but I wonder if it pisses some of the others of. Organisation is one thing but shouting abuse is just very Sean Dyche.
  11. He has been brilliant in Europe and off the bench this season. The starting formation in the league hasn't helped him. Need to give him the ball around the box, he will make things happen. He's mastered that skill for the second goal, brilliant awareness.
  12. Fofana just needs to calm down a little bit, his aggressive nature is what makes him so talented but he can be a bit all over the place. Not that the goal was particularly because of that, he was in a place no centre back wants to be and had to foul. Justin was everywhere in the last 20 minutes, left centre back but was in the box every time we went forward
  13. If we keep playing wing backs I'd keep him in for time being. Offers a bit balance on the left, and uses the ball well. Obviously will make mistakes defensively but won't be perfect at this age. Great fitness as well, came in and played the full game without even looking tired.
  14. Imagine the scenes if we were out in Portugal tonight..so gutted. Got away with a bit who **** it, 2 academy graduates and Jamie Vardy sending us through to the Europa League knockouts. Who'd have thought that at the start of the decade Maddison was class, he has been in Europe, looks to suit this type of football. I'll be honest I was questioning Thomas still being on the pitch but he has popped up with a goal and brilliant ball down the line. What a feeling for the lad. Defensively poor but shown that we have a lot going forward if we get on the ball.
  15. We got done for thinking the job was done.
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