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  1. It's in Man Utds interest for Liverpool not to qualify for Champions League so please let us win We are stronger when we play the wing backs further back defensively. Ricardo at right back and Castagne at left back. Not sure how given how fuming I still am about last night but I think we will come away with a point here. If Evans is fit anyway, if he isn't we've got a big decision. For me it would be back 4 with Mendy and Ndidi sitting to protect Fofana and Soyuncu, allowing Ndidi to follow Fernandes around. Perez in for Maddison for more energy and press
  2. Obviously winning trophies is important for anyone but I think for Rodgers long term career it's crucial he doesn't blow the champions League again in these last couple of weeks. Regardless of what happens in the cup final.
  3. Not good but 7 or 8 players were worse than him. Anyone picking on him in particular just don't like him.
  4. How many times have we finished a game and wondered how the **** has this group of players spent the best part of two seasons in the top 4. Another one tonight. Can't work out if Rodgers is shit to not finish the job or whether he's a genius for having us challenge. I guess the logical truth is somewhere in between. Great at getting a team challenging but then unable to manage situations over the line. Imagine having Brendan in charge for those group of 1-0 wins 5 years ago.
  5. Players are too nice to each other. When did we last see someone have a go at a teammate or motivate them to be better. Kasper is only one but he shouts at noone in particular and it's usually because it was his mistake. Someone to grab the game and say this isn't good enough. Doesn't come from the bench either.
  6. This is on Rodgers for me. We tighten up the back 3 in the first half after Soyuncu was struggling and we go on to win. Didn't even have to make a sub, shift Castagne or Ricardo to left back Best managers manage games, he has proven to be stubborn, arrogant and tries to be clever.
  7. Real lack of mental strength when the pressure is on.
  8. Terrible attitude. No leadership, no aggression from the manager, no ****s given.
  9. I'm actually glad we play those teams in the last 3. Games we can sit back in and not think we're better than we are
  10. Miss Justin and Barnes so much. Left side has been abysmal for months.
  11. **** off Kasper, need to be coming out or at least have a better starting position. Exposed to anyone who has any pace. Watching Chelsea the other night they will be licking their lips Lack of effort by everyone tonight. Arrogance that stems from the manager.
  12. How are we still playing a back 3? To plan to do it is one thing, lose Evans and still play it is another and then to carry on playing it when you're getting torn apart is inexcusable
  13. abysmal. Kasper summer up in one half. Brilliant save then a a header in the six yard box from a corner.
  14. Can't do mine until I do some research on the women's team no need to have people forced to vote for someone. Will be going for Tielemans v Man Utd, brilliant team goal. Tielemans for player of the year and Fofana for young player. Lots of people deserve recognition but the amount of injuries mean most of had time on the sidelines. Expect Youri.
  15. Having such limited tickets for an occasion like this is going to inevitably piss someone off. Even if there was 30,000 available, someone will be arguing they deserve a ticket because they had a season 20 years ago. I think I deserve something for sitting through the rubbish before relegation to league 1 and then the promotion back. Barely been since It's not the clubs fault the allocation is so small or the processes that will be in place. Season ticket with away points Season ticket holders Members How else are they supposed to do it? Only
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