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  1. I am hoping the men's referees in the premier League will make a better fist of VAR then women have in this competition. Literally seem to be checking every goal and refs not making on field decisions. If that's the way it's going you may as well not have a ref.
  2. Shame Afghanistan haven't been able to get over the line against India or Bangladesh, struggling with the run chase tactically. Credit to Bangladesh though, especially Shakib. Think we'll beat Australia tomorrow but then lose to them in a knockout match
  3. Should be a comfortable target but no doubt will be hard work. Roy and Morgan injured, Buttler may not be at full capacity. Bit of pressure on Root, Bairstow and Stokes to get this done.
  4. I've applied for a number of group stage games across different locations, hoping I don't win more than one game because it will cost me a fortune. Not overly bothered about it being an England game.
  5. Doesn't have to be moved but I would guess it will be anyway.
  6. Tough final 2 games to cement champions league places
  7. Tough game on face iof it but given their European commitments in August might make it a good time to play them. Alternatively they will be better prepared having played competitive fixtures already.
  8. Probably won't happen but I would be for it, seems the sort of player who would fit in here. I want to sign an experienced but not too old winger and he fits the bill. He's been linked to Premier League every window for as long as I can remember but he's pretty probably deemed 'too old' for one of the top teams to come in for him. Probably in a group of established good level players who we could possibly attract.
  9. The more I see of VAR the less I like it, yes it will stop the occasional horrendous decision but it is mostly going to be used for marginal decisions that are open to interpretation. Eventually teams will stop celebrating their goals too heavily whilst waiting to see if it is checked, next time Jesse Lingard goes through and scores he will naturally think twice. Players will become wise to it, they will try and win handballs, already at least one attackers goes to ground at every set piece in case something is picked up and they will start demanding everything is checked. VAR refs should notify the ref if he has made an absolute howler, otherwise it should be left to the on-field referee to decide.
  10. What if none apply? I suppose it's like the guaranteed interview for people with disabilities as long as they meet the essential criteria. I don't know what football clubs could set as essential criteria though. The press are already writing the story that BAME candidates are interviewed but none get jobs meaning racism still exists.
  11. I think the job Southgate is doing is a little bit puel-like, he's done well to an extent but I think he's lacking the ability to take us to the next level. Focus now on the euros and bring in the young talented midfielders and see what they can do. Need players who can get hold off the ball else we'll always struggle to beat the better sides.
  12. Nothing wrong with playing out from the back. Just have to be ****ing better and know when to give it to the keeper FFS. Only went back to stones because there is no ****er to pass too.
  13. Never get anywhere until the midfield is resolved.
  14. Southgate showing limitations again whilst we were ahead. Midfield needed changing way before he did. Pretty shit overall but had chances, the Sancho miss crucial. Going to lose on pens.
  15. It's so close it's ridiculous really but I guess it has to be given. Bring back the clear daylight offside rule.
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