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  1. More than 1 club can be called city you know. ****s sake.
  2. Time for City to use their academy. Is that centre that played against us in the cup still there? It will be Fernandinho or Rodri dropping back though I’d imagine. Might go to a back 3 with Walker being a centre back.
  3. I don't follow county cricket too much, not enough to know about quality of teams and standard of each league. I get why you might think there are too many teams, and the better players are spread out amongst some average journeymen cricketers. Far too many players show they can score runs in the county set up but can't make step up, mainly because they don't face anywhere near the same level of competition. Pitches don't help, scheduling doesn't help and lack of top quality overseas players doesn't help either. Once a player gets selected for England they rarely play any more red ball cricket outside of test matches. I think players will only get better by travelling the world playing cricket in different conditions. I guess the lions tours are supposed to do that.
  4. Interesting winter ahead with the tours of New Zealand and South Africa. Some big decisions, starting with whoever takes over from Bayliss. I'd like to see separate coaches for white and red ball but doesn't seem like they will go with that. There is a talk of a temporary coach for the New Zealand tour. Imagine Stokes, Bairstow, Root and Buttler might get some rest from the early white ball stuff. I heard an interview with Morgan and he wasn't 100% certain he would carry on as captain due to his back troubles. If Roy is serious about test cricket then he needs to get himself to Australia for the winter and play some red ball cricket with the aim of getting back in next summer.
  5. Weird thing is we play 2 DMs but how often were they actually alongside each other? Hamza found himself in attacking positions at times especially in the first half and that's where we want Maddison and Tielemans to be picking up the ball. Everyone is being crippled by Rodgers when we play with no wingers. Players out of position, even our full backs are losing out because they generally have no-one infront of them to play one-twos. I think Rodgers wants the 3 at top to be forwards rather than wingers but for that to work you have to control in the midfield. Maddison is not a forward, he isn't dynamic or pacy enough. He is a midfielder who can pick a pass and try to dictate play. 3 forwards of Barnes, Vardy and Perez with Tielemans, Maddison and Ndidi behind them. If we need to bring the extra defensive option in then that's the sub to make, not to start with.
  6. Have sky still lost all the winter tours? I suppose no point renewing Gowers contract just got home test matches. Ian ward is good, so should get a promotion.
  7. What is the point of taking the ball off the keeper? What is the benefit? Maybe if it's used as a diversion and then chip the ball to someone in midfield over the high press.
  8. Guendozi is up there with the most annoying footballers, holebas not far behind either.
  9. There's always potential against Man city if you press them, sometimes they play well and go around you but occasionally they lose it. Helps that it's stones and otamendi.
  10. otamendi Annoying that this makes a Liverpool title more likely. Be cool if Liverpool blew a point lead again though.
  11. I am struggling, and I think the players are too, to see what kind of side we are. We are a possession side that can only really threaten on the counter, how does that work? We don't have any options out wide apart from full backs who then have to turn back, we don't seem to have options for Ndidi and Choudhury to pass forwards either despite Tielemans and Maddison being there. We need someone to run with the ball, surge through a space to create space for others. Maybe Praet can do that?
  12. Try the diamond if we're not going to play with wingers. Ndidi, Praet, Tielemans and Maddison. Get Perez upfront with Vardy.
  13. If you want to play 2 holding midfielders then pick players Infront of them who are suited to the positions. Tielemans is not a 10 and Maddison is not a winger. Youri doesn't know where he is meant to be.
  14. Good win for Chelsea. Surprised by Abraham but shows what a bit of confidence can do. Maybe it's just the manager getting more out of him but Mount is ahead of Maddison for me. When do Wolves start to worry?
  15. Evans and Tielemans better players. Soyuncu recovered from the penalty pretty well. Kasper had very little to do. Rest were poor.
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