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  1. Needs a new agent, this sort of stuff is not going to make him look good. Yes it is frustrating, but he's at a top club with top players, I think he's actually played a fair bit considering and hasn't had much impact in those appearances. I'd take him back definitely.
  2. At some point clocks will be stopped to counter time wasting, and football clubs will only have themselves to blame. Booking players for timewasting is a waste of time because refs do it as a last resort (whilst actually wasting more time to book a player and then not adding it on) and they only ever do it once, to a player who isn't already on a booking.
  3. No doubt Ronnie will come out with some reasons why he didn't really want to win. Great win for Cahill, to do it over the longer world championship format as well is incredible.
  4. Fair result really, same problems persist but quality is there when we get it right. Nice to see Barnes tried from the right and delighted he got his goal. Even, average game from everyone. 7th is Watford's to lose but can see us beating one of the big boys we have left.
  5. I think he needs a fresh start, I'd be happy to cut our losses if we got a reasonable bid. A loan abroad would be a good move. I think Brendan will get him back in preseason but 5 minutes at the end of every game isn't going to do him any good.
  6. Pep seems to struggle tactically over 2 legs, particularly defensively. Can't concede as many goals as they have against Monaco, Liverpool and now Spurs in the knockout stages and expect to get through.
  7. Maybe Man City should have made more of an effort in the first leg. I don't know if I could carry on watching football if Liverpool win the premier League and Spurs won the champions League.
  8. How lucky can spurs be, unintentional touch from Bernardo makes him offside.
  9. Think that will be it now for Spurs. The thought of them potentially being in a champions League final makes me sick.
  10. You wouldn't get a penalty for it I wouldn't think so it's fair enough. Definitely hit his arm though.
  11. Shitting hell, what a game. Would love Spurs to lose from this
  12. Chilwell Ricardo Ricardo v Man City (Can't see Gray v Cardiff not winning it though) Fuchs is a beauty of a goal but it doesn't feel right voting for it given the circumstances it was scored in.
  13. Puel did an important job and was not a million miles away from doing an excellent job. Some faults were his, some were the fans impatience and some were certain players not adapting well enough. I wish him well but I can't see him getting another job in England. Puel, and now Rodgers, have struggled due to the lack of quality depth in the squad. Options from the bench are atrocious.
  14. After the first 10 it looked like they had a chance but they've chucked it away.
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