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  1. Albrighton and Castagne have linked quite well at times so I'd like to see that partnership back on the right. Then it leaves the question who plays on the left, Ricardo or Under. Under on the left might actually discourage him from cutting inside and attempting ridiculous shots.
  2. Amartey has done well for us at times this season but last night wasn't one of them. Looked uncomfortable and nervous throughout, particularly on the ball. Needs an easy pass option and to be fair to him he wasn't given much options and they pressed him really well. He wasn't alone though, back 3 all struggled under the pressure of having 2 strikers up against them.
  3. Really annoys me when bowlers appeal with such agression and then don't review. The thing I don't like about umpires call is the fact the same delivery can be out or not out depending on what is given. I understand given power to on field umpire but I'd feel hard done by. I'd rather it be a pre-determined margin of the stumps that it has to be hitting and if it's not it's not out regardless of the onfield decision. As good as the technology is, there is still an element of guess work with ball tracking isn't there?
  4. I don't know how people coped when we really were shit. Too early to say whether last year is repeating itself but do need to get done good results over the next few weeks. The way the game went last night it was a point gained.
  5. We looked more confident playing out into midfield as soon as he came on. Partly down to him but also because Ndidi and Tielemans were able to receive better than Mendy and Choudhury were.
  6. Kasper Castagne Fofana Soyuncu Thomas Ndidi Tielemans Under Iheanacho Albrighton Vardy I would rather have someone else at number 10 but only other option is maybe Tavares. Or moving Tielemans. Be brave, Under should have beating of Dan Burn.
  7. Charlie Taylor was a threat down the left, can understand why he didn't come but do think we could've been braver.
  8. We saw why he probably wasn't involved from the start, ball just went over his head at all times. Got on the ball twice with one decent turn, but did run the ball out of play or close to it on both occasions. Impossible to judge. I think there is half a chance he starts alongside Ndidi and Tielemans at Brighton.
  9. Given their ridiculously shit home form I fear the worst. The ball will spend time on the ground so at least gives us an opportunity to play some football. Really need someone to play number 10.
  10. Lack of effort is a lazy criticism that always gets thrown around whenever someone doesn't play well.
  11. Iheanacho should've stayed on but we did look better with the one striker and Vardy was involved more in the last 15.
  12. Absolute battle so take our point and move on. Pressure on the next two though. Liverpool playing Chelsea is a bonus.. Balls into the box our worst nightmare and they coming in every time Burnley got in our half. We had to try and keep the ball to stop them getting forward but missed Maddison. We know players were out there that we wouldn't like but they didn't cave in. A winner would've been undeserved. We had noone to play the ball too, neither Vardy it Iheanacho wanted the ball to feet, especially when Amartey had it who was rubbishbon the ball. Tie
  13. This site is going to be an nightmare if we don't win, even more than normal. I don't care how we do it, we need to win to keep me sane tonight.
  14. In this case I think it's more so we can get Ricardo/Castagne further forward and have 2 strikers. Clearly doesn't want Under and Albrighton has wing options.
  15. Not a lot of options. It was always going to be a difficult team to look. Worth remembering that people wanted Tielemans rested. Game plan is to be solid and hope Iheanacho and Vardy can do something. Wing backs strength is going forward and they need to be good today if we are going to create anything. That team can still win.
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