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  1. Hopefully Man City are as unfit at this next weekend.
  2. It's not just the centre backs though, full backs aren't good enough for the level they want to be and defensive midfield is rubbish too. And Ole can't organise them.
  3. Everyone will laugh at Maguire but Lindelof has been abysmal. Miss seeing the mass walkouts at old Trafford in situations like this.
  4. Did Atkinson look at handball himself? Surely he should've done. The look on his face suggests he doesn't think it was an handball. You can argue that it would've been disallowed if it was the attacker which is fair but that doesn't make it right. Neither should be handballs.
  5. De gea did exactly the same the second time round.
  6. Ayew is ****ing shit. Madness. Is back foot looks pretty close to the line? Rules are a ****ing joke when the person taking the penalty can do whatever he likes.
  7. Shouldn't be running offside. Palace are going to regret missing these opportunities, United will make something happen at some point you'd imagine.
  8. Zaha bottled it twice now, reckon he gets there first both times.
  9. Palace wasting some decent situations already in the second half.
  10. Good to see the promoted sides have come up nice and organised this year.
  11. Simpson 3 years ago maybe. Who knows what he'd be like now after barely playing for a couple of seasons.
  12. Calvert-Lewin will be the next English striker to sit on the bench whilst Kane jogs around. Now he's added more goals to his game he looks a very good forward. West Brom are rubbish, haven't improved their defence from last year and it weren't great then. Don't think the quick turn around in seasons has been helpful to them. Bilic won't last. Hopefully with the all the talk on Everton we can go under the radar a little bit.
  13. Stupid from Gibbs but ****ing hell. Hope James is ok
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