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  1. The difference is the example of Vardy's goal against Arsenal. Tielemans is probably only player who would see that pass rather than shooting or taking a touch and getting crowded out. Incredible unselfish vision. Maddison is brilliant receiving the ball on the turn, making space for himself under pressure.
  2. I don't know if Ndidi has improved massively on the ball or we are just generally using him better and not expecting him to do too much with it. To be fair though he is capable of the odd ping out wide to Ricardo. Superb player and would take a huge bid to get him. We have so much value in this squad its unreal.
  3. From what I know it seems a bit pathetic. If there is more to it then fair enough but could easily have handled without the fuss this is going to cause. There is always going to be the odd confrontation in training, even more so when they have to meet up the day after playing.
  4. if Liverpool can get through December with a similar lead then I don't see them blowing it. They had a bigger lead last year though, drew too many games to allow Man City to catch up but Man City don't look good enough to win all their games like last year.
  5. It would be ****ing briliant if Liverpool didn't win the league this season. So many reasons to dislike them. But they are an exceptional side at the minute.
  6. 100% handball for me. You could argue it hits Bernardo arm first but I think that was accidental.
  7. If that hit his hand then it should be a penalty. Couldn't really see because they shown the replay so quickly.
  8. Don't think Arsenal were too bad, we are just better than them. Dominant in midfield and defended really well. Some great football in and around the box. Solid all round performance. What a great position we are in.
  9. Not much interest in the New Zealand T20 tour in here but impressive performance from Malan (103 off 51 and Morgan (91 off 41) in a score of 241. New Zealand tours always so low key, would love to get out there one series. 2-2 with one game to go.
  10. I don't think there is much chance of playing for England again. He's not going to give up his free time to be a squad player at this stage of his career. If Kane got a long term injury he'd might consider it but it would be pointless for him at this stage.
  11. Have to be wary of Arsenal because they have players who can score goals. But there is no doubt we will be able to cause them problems by putting them under pressure. Could be a high scoring game and its a great opportunity to beat them. No need to change anything at the minute.
  12. I don't think the refusal to watch the screens is anything to do with time but more to do with the on pitch referee not dealing with the pressure of having to reverse a decision. They think the ref will get less abuse because the decision was made elsewhere.
  13. Contact is not a foul for ****s sake. It's getting more and more embarrassing each week.
  14. Turns out to be an unbelievable pass but that is abysmal defending.
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