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  1. Breaking Bad Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 1 seconds  
  2. Leicester City's 2017/18 kits thread

    Unlikely fella. I popped in at lunch at the bloke behind the till said they'd had a call from the club and they weren't to sell any without the badge on. They were frantically going through all the shirts hanging up getting it pressed on, managed to grab myself one of the few still without it though.
  3. I have posted this in the Puma kit thread but it might have got lost in all the other comments. Basically, I went into the shop last week and picked up a few shirts for myself and a few friends. Got the Premier League badges put on them. Only when I got home did I realise that one of them was an XXL - they had put it on an L hanger and I didn't check the tags on all of them I picked up. The club won't except returns once they've had anything stuck on them so I'm trying to shift it elsewhere. I have no need for an XXL shirt so if anyone wants it as cost - £52, please drop me a PM on here. Thanks.
  4. Leicester City Blue Commemerative Plaque - For Sale

    Why is the first word of each line capitalised?
  5. I've got a XXL shirt with the premier league badges I'm trying to sell on as I can't take it back due to the badges. I spent 3 hours queuing yesterday to get this shirt along with others for the family, only to find out it was the wrong size when getting home as they'd put it on a large hanger with all the other large shirts. £52 face value, save yourself queuing and help me out! Drop me a PM if interested.
  6. Lurkers

    Always lurking! Been on here nearly 9 years now, would love to know how many hours i've spent just reading.
  7. Satellite TV - Card Sharing

    Do you have some links for the NBC subscription and what VPN are you using for it? Definitely looking into something like this since ditching Sky this year.
  8. Christmas Markets

    Been to the Hamburg quite a few times, large market at the Rathaus with lots of smaller ones throughout the city. Fair amount to do their especially if you can tag a St Pauli game in too...
  9. Poznan - time to stop?

    Always something to moan about with some people
  10. It is for every match up to and including the Final. The ticket type is TST7 is you want to read up about it (points 10 and 13): http://www.fifa.com/mm/document/tournament/ticketing/02/15/43/31/ticketproducts_neutral.pdf
  11. We didn't get an option to post the tickets out so hopefully this will reduce the number of touts. We have to pick them up from the stadium the day before the match. The major downside with this ticket is until the draw is made, I've no idea where to book my flights to as I won't have any spare time to travel before due to limited time off work. There are plenty of direct flights from NY/Miami to the major cities so just need to find out where we will be playing... and fingers crossed from a decent set of big guns in the group
  12. To quote the confirmation email:
  13. Got my confirmation email through last week, looks like i'm off too! Applied for a couple of tickets for to follow Iran - seems like a smart move as not many people will applied for them... Have all 3 group games, then following the winner of the group into the last 16, the winner in the quarters, the winner in the semis and bloody final tickets!!! Still buzzing from it. Just can't wait for the draw to see who we will be watching!
  14. Weather & Boro At Home

    735 viewers on this thread, insane! Took me 3 1/2 hours to get back to clarry park from Loughborough. Looks like the Boro bus will make it, more boro supporters than Leicester tonight??