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  1. He is a top manager at shithousing Italian style.
  2. Albrighton off, Nacho on Perez to the right
  3. Bugger. Mendy to play a blinder then!
  4. wish they would stop showing the replay of the goal, I am on a conference call and keep having to look away and every sodding time I look back the ball is hitting the net.
  5. Like lots of our fans then who wrote him off last season.
  6. I had forgotten Ndidi joined when Ranieri was here to be fair, but then this isn't my job.
  7. G'day Oz. How was your Australia day?
  8. Good advice, I've been taking 4000mui per day form months! It helps. I take magnesium to go to sleep some times. Seems to help. My stress levels are through the roof at the moment trying to finalise house sale and move into rental property. 7 year old is in anti school work mode and my daughter broke her arm at the weekend. Arrrgh!
  9. Then I suggest you would be pretty useless running a major country though a pandemic with few facts and lots of differing opinions. I agree Boris has delayed some key decisions until the decision was clearer, but lets not pretend they were easy decisions. You talk as if there are no long term side effects of every decision made to close businesses, to limit freedoms and close schools.
  10. To be fair if they had won the league 5 years ago and were back challenging I expect everyone would be talking about them in the same say. As it is they are having a decent season for the first time in about 30 years, but it could easily all end mid table again. Where is the story in that?
  11. Howe would be a decent shout, but I doubt he is up for the rebuild up there if he wasn't at Bournemouth.
  12. There are seriously more points for communications and vegan food options that for and of the first 6 points. What a load of shit.
  13. It's a fair view, but a divided nation will achieve less on the first two that a more united one. Lets see the practical examples as they come - too early to say really.
  14. What do we make of Biden so far? Some positive moves on climate change and the pandemic. but I am concerned about his blanket woke equality of outcome leanings, I fear this will divide not unite.
  15. I should think he will back himself to play. Footballers in their prime are not known for their modesty
  16. Try other lenders - are you using a broker?
  17. I mean it's better than two mid table finishes at Derby isn't it? Also got PSG to the CL final and did good work with Mainz/ Managed Fuchs and Shinzi along the way too!
  18. We can't be having only a 34 year old Vardy as a decent option up front. He will continue to get minor injuries, and we will I hope continue to be in Europe, so there are plenty of games for a second striker to play. We play Vardy every week because we have been lucky, and we had to play him with no decent alternative. He would be better off playing less and staying fit. The playing second fiddle argument ran out last year imo.
  19. Hope you are feeling better soon mate.
  20. I guess it is not an overnight job, expansion of existing plants and people is likely to be much quicker. I am sure there will be some new ones popping up though. Fortunately the AstraZeneca vaccines is made in the UK, as I don't like where this EU storyline is going, wouldn't surprise me if they co-opted all production from Belgium which is providing our Pfizer doses.
  21. RIP Sheila, people like this are the foundation of the club. How many players, managers, owners she saw come and go! Incredible to think how much changed in her time at the club.
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