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  1. Are some people still on the last page?
  2. That would depend on what those people were doing presumably.
  3. Great speech. I continue to be amazed at the negativity towards opening ourselves up to the world. Clearly those who came here from outside Europe, including Kemi, are much in favour.
  4. Tats were all the rage at Trinity in the late 80s.
  5. It does appear the driver had a green light. Stupid not to stop in the circumstances, and it rather suggest there is a reason they didn't, drink or drug driving perhaps.
  6. Go and see some more. Seriously. I bought the 2nd house I saw and it was a pain in the arse.
  7. Ah it's not that bad.
  8. Upperton Rd
  9. The thing I find strange is that despite all the apparent efficiencies the Police are supposedly delivering, that the % of Police in front line roles is stable at 93% from 2009 to 2015. Surely the idea is to be more efficient in back office and put more front line officers investigating crime?
  10. 1996 Playoff final for me, I had been in Leicester just under a year at Uni, and got swept up in the exitement! Despite not lving in Leicester since 1999, I still seem to be hooked 18 years later. Bloody team!
  11. Indeed the brilliance of the BBC is really not in the front men and women, it is in the production values and quality writing / news research and editorial.
  12. The BBC only have right for Premier League highlights in the UK, so they cannot sell it to other nations or broadcasters. So Lineker gets what he gets for what you see, not some hidden revenue stream elsewhere.
  13. All of our mainstream banks offfer completely free basic accounts. So who cares what they pay their execs?
  14. Or at Chillwell playing in the Champions League.
  15. If that is just for his radio show he can foff to LBC.