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  1. My neighbour has a very sweet rescue Beagle. They drove to Wales to pick her up.
  2. What are you going to do with it exactly? Cuddle it till it feels better?
  3. Keep trying I got in on the 4th attempt. Tier 2 in the middle of west sussex. Nuts.
  4. Exactly. There must be reports coming at government continuously asking for money to mitigate this and that risk. You can't do them all, and even if they had bought more PPE the saving would have been small I am sure. More to the point would be whether some of the healthcare workers who dies early on would be alive had they had access to more or better PPE earlier.
  5. A reasonable report would have said the missed saving was the recommended stockpile at last years rates. I am sure there is a huge gap between what a stockpile might have been and the actual usage this year.
  6. I am loving the resurrection of the Religion thread in here. It's like Easter!
  7. Sunak cuts the foreign aid commitment from 0.7% to 0.5% of GDP. A sad day. I hope this mostly hits Pakistan - they really need to sort some shit out before we lift it up again.
  8. So many different reasons. I could say most of the people I know who voted for remain are professional people who want the freedom of movement and don't give a toss about the impact that is has on the low paid in the UK.
  9. It is only an embarrassing shambles if you read / listen / watch the neverending coverage applauding every move the EU makes and condemning every move the UK makes. It is such bullshit. In reality this is pretty normal negotation with pretty normal issues remaining as the deadline approaches. There will be a deal I have no doubt, and probably I won't like it much and you won't either, but such is the nature of compromise.
  10. This is the one of the most incompetent things I have ever seen. On so many levels. It's a huge number of people, and an even bigger proportion of the black community. Morally, politically just an obvious and giant misjudgement. Amber Rudd quitting was a great example of the minister taking the fall for an institution which then continues on much as before. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-55065061
  11. Good to hear thanks! Valuation is booked!
  12. I have a Help to buy loan, and I am sure that will take some time. Valuation next week.
  13. 65-70% is better the Flu vaccine in most years I believe.
  14. No need for that mate, I am not stupid, just realistic. Big Pharma have never and will never make major investment decision on the basis of altruism. Nor should they really, that is not their job.
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