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  1. It's hard to see BLM as much more than just the next incarnation of ANTIFA anarchist twats, with a smattering of Black supremancy. Don't get me started on critical race theory.
  2. I swear I can remember him doing an interview outside the Carling Stand when he joined, and was asked what he thought of the club. He looked up at the stand, said "it looks alright" and then interview moved on. THAT is insight. Reporters today don't know theyre' born.
  3. Oh I am well aware that many people's health deteriorates through no fault of their own, but there are plenty of people who don't look after themselves at all. I would include myself in that to be honest. I need to be a lot healthier.
  4. The days when people can allow their health to go to shit with obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease from poor lifestyle choices and expect the NHS to keep them going for decades might be over. Could be a big wake up call for a lot of people
  5. Aisling was rather lovely as a nurse in the Fall on netflix.
  6. My kids have been back at school for a week and both are off sick with colds. Snot everywhere! Presumably if we were all about to get Covid they would have that instead. This level of panic is nuts it really is. We will look back on this ****wittery with a wince at the vast economic cost, long term death rates from untreated illness including cancer, and loss of liberty. Meanwhile Sweden is out the other side and motoring.
  7. I would argue they have probably bought a lot of pleasure to a lot of Thai people with the league win.
  8. Meanwhile we are doing hundred of thousands of tests a day, more than other nations (partly due to more cases no doubt). Not sure this is really failure.
  9. They can have a cauliflower steak.
  10. This is rapidly turning into a Steakout!
  11. Did he not say in his interview he was taking a break from Social Media?
  12. They are already friends from the Turkey Squad. Like Chillwell and Maddison were from England U21. It's not complicated.
  13. I don't give a shit about his singing!
  14. I donlt think we bottled anything last season to be honest. We blew it but it was more a matter of injuries and COVID favouring others over us timing wise.
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