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  1. I like Townsend. I think he would be a good fit for the squad and play better for us. Palace have not been a bad team the past two seasons with him in it.
  2. Oh definitely, I don't disagree with your main point. Twats.
  3. Attenborough though, thinks flights should be made more expensive to discourage people from, err travelling and seeing the world. Presumably we are supposed to just watch him seeing the world and telling us about it. I guess he travels by boat or something. At least only the poor will be impacted.
  4. Claude did sign a few good'uns though...
  5. I doubt it will happen to be honest, i think Parliament will vote through a transitional deal of some sort so we leave with a grace period; better all round than a WTO only exit.
  6. He had to go after the leak unfortunately. Standing up for your man is one thing, flogging a dead horse quite another. The furore should be aimed at the leak rather than the inevitable outcome. Embarrassing all round really.
  7. It’s almost like you need to be highly skilled to get a work visa from China! One of my team had degrees from Shanghai, Copenhagen and LSE, and had ACA quailed at PwC when I hired her.
  8. Moving to Australia when we can sell the house.
  9. Lots of short haul planes don’t have proper business class
  10. Now now your Envy is showing.
  11. To be fair, we stopped playing Okazaki becuase we rather stopped being very effective.
  12. If we can afford to live in Clapham.
  13. If we have an election shortly, you can imagine a Tory/Brexit party coalition with Farage as number 2 to Boris. Libs will improve but won't want a coalition with any of the other parties, Labour can't do it on their own as they are toxic.
  14. Nazis could also face in different directions shocker.
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