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  1. Not posted it yet. It would be spoiled if I changed it, and as a postal vote is it numbered and assigned to me only so no swaps. So I could not post it, and it probably makes sod all difference either way in this constituency. Somehow though, T May has made it uncomfortable to vote tory.
  2. Got my postal ballot through as I am out of the country on the 8th. With some difficulty I have cast my vote and sealed the envelope.
  3. Avoid appearing Gay in the deep south.
  4. Yeah Dallas is a bit dull, tower blocks and money. Although we did stay with a crazy old lady who got pissed and told us about her friend murdering her husband. Which was nice.
  5. You would have any trouble at all turning up in places without a hotel or motel booked, America is full of them. you just call up a few places if you get stuck. RV rental would be expensive, and restricts you in cities. I highly recommend driving from SF to Yosemite National Park for a couple of nights, then via death valley to Vegas. Quite a drive. You should also make sure you drive over the Hoover Dam, and head to the Grand Canyon, and monument Valley AZ. Amazing scenery. You need to spend at least one night in New Orleans, no point otherwise. Memphis is worth a stopover, and you really should pop into Graceland while you are there. Don't go all the way down to Miami without driving down to Key west. Crazy highway. I am jealous now!!
  6. Fantastic news!
  7. In the current crazy world of player wages that looks quite reasonable really.
  8. That wage was apparently bullshit, is £65k a week for 3 years.
  9. Was anyway, not so sure these days.
  11. 6:32 pm in the USA, 11:32PM in the UK.
  12. And then what. You send them to jail for their stupid beliefs?
  13. Would you be happy to replace this with sending our kids off to other nations to fight wars? This would be the end result if you start the ethnic cleansing of the country, which is pretty much where your thinking leads.
  14. So we need to do something in prisons to stop that radicalisation happening. The stripping citizenship thing is an interesting question. Are we not just passing our problem citizens to other countries?
  15. I agree, and we should no doubt provide more resources to the intelligence services to gather that evidence needed to prosecute, but we still need to have evidence that stands in a court of law.