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  1. Who’d be a celebrity? Nightmare.
  2. Bloomberg has the best chance I think.
  3. What do we think about these deportation flights? I’ve no issue deporting people who came to uk as adults, but reportedly one guy has lived in the UK since he was three. Two problems with this 1) If he was raised here it’s our problem. 2) extension if Windrush type failure to clarify citizenship rights for people here more than ten years.
  4. Don't forget the £211m over three years the BBC paid for the highlights package. Honeslty in this day and age, taxing people to pay the EPL for TV rights? That is criminal. They are many amazing things the BBC does - and must continue to do, but these should be funded by central Government spenidn not the TV license. Take for example the education content - move that budget into the Dept of Education. The BBC is however now trying to be all things to all people. Online footprint is massive, half the TV channels show utter crap to low audiences. Needs a serious budget cut to force the tough decisions. I am thinking like 50%.
  5. Why would Rudders want us to sign Abidal?
  6. Always been a fan of Bananarama so I am all over this!
  7. That isn't just unpopular, it is utter nonsense.
  8. The power struggle is that if going on these shows makes things worse for the party / government / minister in question, then why would they do it? The media needs to allow them to actually explain what they are doing, which frankly they are doing a poor job of.
  9. Twinning Association members will be on a flight to France ASAP to restore relations I’m sure. While it was painted over the villagers probably couldn’t name the twinned towns...
  10. I think that is a decent assesment, and explains why no deal planning continues.
  11. It's unclear what they are playing at - it's a rather confused plan tbh. Whole lobby invited for some things, partial for others with no clear picture why.
  12. I am not sure you can call QT proper scrutiny to be honest. Its a soundbite shouting fest which doesn't allo any development of the argument. The media needs to evolve to be able to call on experts (not the man in the street ffs) to decipher and fact check what is being said. So instead of ignoring Boris' Brexit statement they should show it and then critique it. Not just ignore it in the hope that everyone doesn't watch it on Youtube / Twitter and take it at face value. That helps no one.
  13. There are some serious mdeia / government powerplays going on here - it will be interesting to see whether the power of the media is indeed as reduced as Number 10 thinks; they seem more then happy to pitch directly to the public Trump style. The days of the adversarial QT / Today program type of soundbite barrage might well be over.
  14. The question is, if this guy had served his full term, would he have been 1) More radicalised and likely to commit this crime or worse 2) Less radicalised and likely to commit this crime or worse? And how can we possibly know?
  15. So as expected the opening shots from each side are miles apart no way Boris agrees to level plaing field on all those areas. What would be the point? And lets remember that it is perfectly possible to trade without any deal.
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