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  1. Testing is increasing. These stats are nonsense. They should be reporting people who are hospitalised, people who die (either before or after hospitalisation) and people who recover and go home.
  2. Surely the point that government is backing the loans means their risk is Zero? Interest rates should be at mortgage levels IMO. Pathetic.
  3. Deaths is about the only solid number we have.
  4. The figures are all over the place; The number of cases we find is dependent on how many people we test. We don't have any reliable figures other than deaths, and even that is not 100% comparable to other countries, or how we have reporting say Flu deaths in the past. Some things are clear though - if we dont start testing serious numbers of NHS workers, we are going to run out of them. If the Government don't start credibly answering on how many ventilators we have they will continue to look like ****ing idiots.
  5. All the best to him Una, he needs you so being super careful is the best option.
  6. You don't have any concerns about the reported 60,000+ urns being sent to families in Whuan and surrounds?
  7. Of course. They think they are invicible. 19 Year old with no underlying condition who died yesterday probably thought so too.
  8. Where does the 1 hour max come from? I haven;t seen it anywhere official?
  9. It's all supply and demand; There is only a few players at the very top, whereas many many people are capable of being a good nurse.
  10. It's as valid as the other partisan view imo, only with added benefit of not constantly criticising people who are doing their best to manage an incredibly difficult situation.
  11. Jesus. Poor Buzzard; albeit one getting a taste of it's own medicine as it were. Reminds me of when the kids and I follower a mother duck leading her ~10 very cute ducklings around throught the park for 10 minutes to the pond where a gang of drakes prompty drowned them all so they could try to mate with the mother. Was a bit horrible to be honest, fortunately managed to distract the kids...
  12. Give it a year and they will taste lovely I have a shoulder of lamb in the ridge for dinner tonight - was £11!
  13. All these leaders putting their own health at risk to run the country for us.
  14. No he closed the pubs. Despite the press trying to make it all about Boris, it isn't all about Boris. If nothing else, this whole situation should have made it abundently clear that 1) The Government has some very very clever people advising it. 2) That we are vry fortunate to have a government who's reflexes are not to grab power and shutdown everything as early as possible when the evidence does't support it. It is easy to look at one aspect of this and say Oh they should have done this - our leaders don;t have the luxury of a theoretical - they have to look at all impacts including economic, not just deaths. A horrible position to be in, not made easier by people taking an overly simplistic view.
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