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  1. Vanilla Pod? Sugar pod, something like that.
  2. Is there much history of unionisation in the BAME community in Leicester? Also while I think about it, unions generally fought for legal protections like the minimum wage, which is indeed enshrined in law. So the workers do indeed have rights. The question is why in this community those rights are being willfully ignored by all sides.
  3. By the sounds of if they are also paying everyone in an apparently legitimate way, but under recording their hours by more than half to get the true pay.
  4. Tricky one - we rented for 4 months to make our new build buy work timing wise - I would be strongly suggesting that to the seller.
  5. Plenty of people in their spacious houses with their loved ones tucked away in the country are happily condemning those stuck in pokey homes or apartments with sod all out door space, for daring to go out to the park, or the beach or now the pub.
  6. It's snobbery pure and simple. Meanwhile the hospitality sector is on it's knees. Go for it I say, and help protect your local pub!
  7. It is amazing that someone so ill equipped to deal with an obvious question can be selected to be the candidate. Less amazing that she was elected.
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