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  1. Semantics, we are saying the same thing. I am proud to be able to call these places home.
  2. I'm proud to be English, but also British, a UK citizen, European (not politically) and a person who has been fortunate to have traveled and met many wonderful people.
  3. It isnt. Nor is making sure that black BEM candidates are not overlooked in your screening and selection processes.
  4. I use apple music. All the devices in my house are on one account so 9.99 a month. We have iphones and airplay enables hifi so it is easy.
  5. That is no way to talk about Brexit.
  6. I can think of more fun things to watch to be honest.
  7. My lad Jack is a bit older, April 2013
  8. Has anyone got any home automation kit? Any comments on which route is best? I have just bought a Ring Pro doorbell on the recommendation of a neighbour, and I want to get a couple of external smart CCTV cameras. Also looking at Phillips Hue lighting for indoors.
  9. Which children would you have spent it on? There really aren't that many missing 3-4 year old kids not found for lack of funding.
  10. Rarely do they make one the kids wont watch on loop. Favorites in our house are Tangled and anything with Tinkerbell in it. Personally I like Big Hero 6,
  11. I completely agree, and there is clearly something to be done in increasing nursing training. Its not the first time weve screwed it up, hence the massive need for foreign nurses in the first place.
  12. Indeed, many people would be further away if the kids were at the end of the garden and they upstairs in the house or vice versa.
  13. Inflation is up a little, and we have had a crap quarter, which could still be revised upwards I think. It's a bit soon to be crying disaster over retail sales in my view, and my business (often a leading indicator of FMCG due our position in the supply chain) has seen pretty crap sales in Southern Europe in the past few months, so we may not be alone in this.
  14. Nursing would be top of the list I expect for jobs which come with a Visa/ work permit. Lets not pretend we haven't recruited loads of non-EU foreign nurses as well perfectly happily. Not least my wife who is an excellent Australian trained nurse.
  15. Yes indeed, however if there is a feeling in football that black footballers in general don't want or choose to be coaches, and a feeling amongst black footballers that they wont get the opportunities, then you do actually have to take action to change those perceptions, else they become reality, and nothing changes.