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  1. What a twat. Hopefully no over 65s die as a result of the wasted vaccines caused by his bullshit.
  2. Yeah but there’s definitely a little lump in my arm. No 5G yet tho.
  3. Thanks to whoever did the dusting, I think we’ll be here a bit in the coming weeks.
  4. If you’d bought with a 10% deposit you might be better off. Find somewhere and buy it!
  5. So we did finally exchange on Wednesday, same day we picked up the rental keys. Big relief, now madly packing and moving the garage contents. Removals on Thursday, complete sale Friday. Exhausted.
  6. If it’s good the fat can be the best bit!
  7. You aren’t eating the right bacon!
  8. I’ve got a bloody sore arm now!!
  9. It’s probably just the box saying Potato Head, and the parts to make whichever you prefer!
  10. Ha me too, although I didn’t ask why at 43 I was on the list. My wife too. Pfizer, in a sports hall. Very efficient they’ve done over a thousand a day all week. I think honestly if you ask why you just hold things up.
  11. To be fair amartey, Thomas, under are barely in our second choice XI
  12. I don’t understand why Brendan started a team without Barnes with Maddison injured. With Amartey instead of Castangne or Ricardo. Really strange. Completely outplayed, outfought and out outthought.
  13. We are supposed to be exchanging today.... everything crossed as I have already signed a lease from tomorrow, paid a deposit and a months rent, and 50% of the removal fees...
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