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  1. I think it is worse yes; some degree of anti-muslim feeling is to be expected given terrorist activity and child abuse stories in the news in recent years. Not justified, but to be expected. People fear the "otherness". Jews are being treated appallingly on the basis of utter nonsense, and held responsible for Israeli government actions many object to very much. It is certainly worse imo.
  2. As if Corbyn is being smeared.
  3. You are very confused man! VAR is the death of all good things!
  4. Perth, my wife' home town. Unless I can't get a job in which case Sydney!
  5. Any odds for next Labour leader? Please god a competent opposition in the next parliament!
  6. I see the poll gap is moving in favour of common sense!
  7. We are already in West Sussex, much further and we would be in the sea! So we are moving to Australia late next summer!
  8. It’s an online cv. What do you expect?
  9. No one earning less than £80,000 a year will pay more tax (for example) And all of this utter crap! https://twitter.com/darrengrimes_/status/1202643283278811136?s=21
  10. It’s the incompetence that gets me.
  11. I serioulsy doubt it. Nothing says we have confidence quite like "we will and see how well you do before we committ ourselves".
  12. Whether altruism actually exists is a debate in itself. Do you do what you do becuase you help others, or becuase you get pleasure from helping others. Both are fine and laudable, but defining one as self interest and one as altruistic is dubious imo.
  13. He said he usually watches it in the morning, which is a lie. Boris lies all the time no doubt, but lets not pretend Corbyn doesn't. He also lies about dealing with anti-semitism among other things, and he is lying to the country about his plans.
  14. Are you deliberately missing the point completely perchance? Why would he lie? No one cares if he watches it, it is the fact that he cannot help lying when he had no need to whatsoever.
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