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  1. Finished off the 12 pack of punk ipa with some help from my wife, so went and bought another 4 from the co-op, and drink them too. Feeling it a bit this morning.
  2. I hope he gets the footage of him holding up the cup! BBC switched to a crowd shot.
  3. I know. Thanks buddy for this forum to enjoy this great day.
  4. One can do both. However Porto won it not so long ago and we’re better than them.
  5. Good man. I can highly commend the depression thread in general chat mate. You are not alone, and there are some incredible people in there to help you.
  6. You were wonderful boys and girls. I hope you have a brilliant night!
  7. I’m not sure that’s fair. They were double teamed against him from the first minute.
  8. Ah I’m gonna cry again. TOP is sitting next to an empty seat with a scarf on it.
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