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  1. Different without a doubt. Both powerful reminders of the utter waste of human life we are capable of.
  2. What a ****ing waste of three years she has been. Should have been forced out after the failed election. God knows where from here - I think Boris committed to renegotiate with WTO Brexit if not might get it done. We will probably see other serious candidates stepping clear to let him take the job for a couple of years imo.
  3. Possibly not, I haven’t been, but it was up there with the killing fields in Cambodia for me personally.
  4. Or the war cemeteries in Normandy. I went one of the American ones when I was 12 or 13. Hundreds of crosses wide. Miles long.
  5. I shall be voting Tory; Much as the current debacle of a government has done nothing at all to earn my vote, I am big supporter of Dan Hannan, so he will get my vote.
  6. Sturridge would add something for sure. Wellbeck I am not sure, I like his work rate, maybe a bit of a Shinji replacement?
  7. Yeah burglars are well known for sticking around when they know they are on camera and have been seen. They especially live it when you tell them the police are on the way.
  8. Haha couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch.
  9. Makes a change I. The BBC to have actual Brexit voices on prime time!
  10. Spurs have a model and they should and will stick to it.
  11. I don't really care about his career to be honest; We need to replace him in the Summer, and if he leaves or stays makes no difference to me.
  12. Professional footballers score those when no one tries to stop them.
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