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  1. And Prime Minister David Cameron said it was a "once in a generation, once in a lifetime" decision, saying the UK had "referendums not Neverendums".
  2. Yeah well that has been in the offing longer than Brexit!
  3. Can some of you remainers explain what compromise you would be offering to the Leave voters if you had won? Anyone? My bet is you would have moved on and we would not even be talking about reforming the EU or any of the other bollocks. Go hard or go home.
  4. Why would you want to buy 5 year old technology?
  5. Yes, my house was a field, with lots of cows init until 2013.
  6. As we say in my family; “you can’t expect good judgement from someone who buys a car like that”
  7. No one said you had to talk to them. May obviously.
  8. Are you still convinced people were duped? Really? I maintain that leaving now is a better plan that waiting a few years for the EU to fall apart.
  9. Hahahahahhhahhahaahahhaaa suck that Dyche!
  10. Shut them down. We should be actively killing these forums.
  11. I get what she is saying, it is "LOOK AT ME AND MY INFLAMMATORY ATTENTION SEEKING TWEET!"
  12. I think the guys want to be known as terrorists. I would rather we called them murderers.
  13. His guilt. Unfortunately there is only one living victim in this specific trial, and of course no witnesses. Lots of people maintain he is innocent. Clinging on to theories that it was impossible as the opportunity wasn’t there in a busy cathedral. He might win his appeal to be honest. Guilty as sin imo, of this and a huge list of other crimes.
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