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  1. As ever with technology we over estimate the short term impact but underestimate the long term
  2. More like becoming the we’ll take any mp as we have so few. Poor call to be honest.
  3. I asked how exactly people who want to cancel Brexit think our relationship with the EU will go from now if we back down. No answer.
  4. Tell me what % of people did not have paid holiday before 1995? I worked part time at Tesco on minimum wage and I had paid holiday in 1993.
  5. You really couldn't be more wrong. Even if you are right and this law was revoked, companies compete for talent; cutting holiday pay would be a ridiculous decision, which is why most companies if not all had it before the EU law. Your idea that we would suddenly go back to Victorian times is seriously paranoid. The irony here is most board members are non-execs so they don;t get paid holidays now. You could probably argue that those on the lowest pay in casual work might be at risk of not getting holiday pay, but even that is seriously unlikely.
  6. Seriously? If employers stopped paying holiday pay?
  7. I think you are completely deluded if you think any British government would remove those rights. The UK will need to compete more for talent not less. This is complete nonsense. There would be a general strike seriously. I would strike!
  8. As I always say when driving, you can’t expect judgement from someone who buys a car like that.
  9. Oh good god. You are actually insane. I know the opposition are currently useless, but a drunk rabbit could win an election against any party which proposed to remove paid leave, maternity pay and sick pay.
  10. Hedge funds. The clue is in the name.
  11. I am not questioning their integrity, I was responding to "why would a pro-brexit government produce a document which could cause panic". They were no doubt asked to document all the risks, and did so. Since then, they have been no deal planning to give us confidence that they won;t all come about. Some will no doubt. Still, publishing this would be counterproductive, and the MPs who voted to do so are being deliberately difficult.
  12. Fortunately it appears they took it as intended, and worked on mitigation rather than wasting time editing an internal private document.
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