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  1. The Car thread

    Keep it?
  2. What grinds my gears...

    Finsterlicious! Finstagram! Finnerly it is happening to me, right in front of my face and I just cannot hide it! Finnegan Beginagain
  3. Depression

    That is great to hear. Any possibility of you telling them that you really want the role, but the night work isn't something you can take on due to suffering insomnia in the past? Or do you think that might impact a future opportunity?
  4. Lunch at work

    Shake shack burger and fries. A change from the usual sandwich from Pret or Waitrose. Was feeling a bit rubbish with a sore throat, so went with a treat.
  5. Depression

    There was a post around the other day which I cannot find from a young lad who was having issues at home. I guess he has deleted this now, but I wanted to post a few thoughts. My mother in Law suffers (we believe) from Narcissistic personality disorder, and the actions the lad mentioned were very familiar to me from the many hours of talking this through with my wife, and indeed seeing it myself. Read up on NPD and you find that suffers have no insight, and are very good at hiding it should they come across medical professionals or anyone outside the family, and you can feel very alone. There is sadly then little hope of this improving. HOWEVER, you will likely find that your wider family (especially hers) are not as blind to this as you think, and that your father while scared of the consequences of not falling into line, is also unhappy and trapped. I would suggest talking to wider family, especially those who might be estranged from your family - they are most likely to have seen the NPD related behavior, and may be able to validate your feelings that this is not OK, and even might want to help. Good luck! You may just need to stick it out. Believe in yourself, and try not to take to hear the criticism - it is all bullshit, you are I am sure a good kid, and the comparisons to others are not real.
  6. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    I'm not sure if this is great or appalling with such awful leadership on both sides. Meh.
  7. Ryanair

    Haven't flown with them since they let me travel to France with a slightly overweight bag without comment, only to charge me £40 to bring the same bag back again less some presents. Wankers.
  8. Dogs

    It sounds to me like she is either sick / in pain, or she has become convinced she is the boss, and isnt going to take this shit from you. Vet first to rule out the former, then indeed find a local animal behaviourist.
  9. Safehouse.

    Pretty quiet in here considering!
  10. Well, no one thankfully has been killed or seriously injured, there is no information about a suspect out there. What is there to say?
  11. Depression

    ITS OK TO BE A TORY! SAY IT WITH ME! *joke - not intended to start a discussion on politics in here.
  12. Yes I was thinking it might have been aimed at Victoria, which is a bit shit given I work there, and arrive by train. I am not there today mind you, and would have been clear by the time that tube got there anyhow.
  13. I wonder if he was going somewhere else to set it off..
  14. Well I hope those on the train get the help they are going to need to get over the fact that they a design flaw away from death.
  15. FC Koln Fans March Through London

    I don't mind the marktplatz and the river bank walk / run. Been a few times for work.