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  1. Injury has cost Ricardo 10 months of his career. What's your point? Silva was able to get settled, slowly integrate with the team with the view of being ready after four months. He bombed, massively. Of course there'd be massive expectation if Eriksen arrived - as with any big name signing. But he would be gone again by summer. At worst he'd be a moderate gamble that didn't pay off; at best he'd play a significant part in achieving our short term goals and regain some of his fading reputation and increasing ours in the process.
  2. See my previous comments. I think your worries are unfounded. Spurs players for example were not up in arms when Bale joined (quite the opposite), nor are they queuing up at Mourinho's door as far as we know. This would be a loan - the whole point of it being a loan is that it's temporary as we obviously couldn't afford Eriksen on those terms otherwise.
  3. So he cost us maybe, what, £80k a week and £22m in transfer fees (not mentioning sign-on and agent fees)? His contract was terminated, i.e. we paid up even more AND got no fee. You could pay Eriksen's wages between two and three years for that amount, just to give that some perspective.
  4. He would not swap one bench for another obviously. But he's no primadonna. He will know he has to prove himself and wait for an opportunity. With Praet and now Vardy out, he would be getting chances. Listen, to people objecting to this idea, I don't recall the same apprehension at the Silva deal - and look how well that permanent transfer turned out.
  5. I respect that. I would argue that the wage rise to those players are far more likely attributed to the title win, CL quali, and their respective importance to the team. We were trying to protect our squad from being plucked clean. I think you're overestimating any potential detrimental signals here. When Vardy et al have been negotiating new deals, they weren't comparing their wages to existing Leicester players - we had no precedent to follow. So their agents will necessarily have looked at other clubs and their players' wages to put forward their demands. As I
  6. He's not been given many chances at all. The few times he's been deployed as an attacking midfielder behind Lukaku, it hasn't worked. Conte's system doesn't make use of a 10.
  7. I'm not comparing them to eachother - I'm comparing their roles in their respective teams, i.e. they have carried teams based on their individual qualities.
  8. Fair comment. He will not carry a team like Messi, Grealish, Hazard etc. Without a solid team he will not shine and he's not got individual qualities like Barnes or Maddison to create something out of nothing - except from free kicks I suppose.
  9. Unless you speak for the players, then your guess is as good as anyone else's surely? I don't agree that it's irrelevant whether it's a loan or permanent. By your logic, we will either see massive wage increase at Spurs or a mass exodus of players thinking they should get Bale-level wage. That will not happen though because no-one will pay them anything close to that - with the possible exception of Kane. Our players are handsomely paid. Our young players who are performing well will be demanding wage increases which reflect their value regardless of whether Eriksen comes or
  10. I genuinely think you're way off. By your logic, every member of the first team squad* would now be asking for Silva or Slimani-level wages as they contributed close to the square root of F all during their stay here - and they both came on big money initially (as have Perez, Iheanacho and Tielemans, although the latter has maybe justified the outlay). The way football wages are negotiated just doesn't work in such a simplistic way. Once again, I will reiterate that if we ended up eg. paying 0% of his wages but paid a £5m loan fee, then we wouldn't have this discussion. Eriksen's c
  11. I could see that happening with Barnes' rich vein of scoring form, but there'd be an argument to keep him playing in the same role that's bringing results. Not sure who'd play left wing - Albrighton to switch over and Perez/Ünder/Perreira on the right?
  12. Bit harsh on Kasper, Nuge, Vardy, Ulloa, Fryatt, Simpson, Morgan, Drinkwater, Knockaert, Mahrez, Dyer... On second thought, you might be right!
  13. Hey Nicolo, can you have a chat with Christian about this? I know Antonio prefers you, so Eriksen's no threat to you really Behave. He was in the PFA team of the year less than three years ago and an integral part of a squad that reached the CL final less than two years ago. Meanwhile, he's still been performing for the national team, so you're being overly harsh here. Would he still be a gamble? Absolutely, every signing is, but there is undoubted quality here and I have massive trust in the environment our club provides to players with the right mentality. If there is somethi
  14. If we paid £5m in transfer and now wages it would amount to about the same. Don't see what difference the particulars in a loan deal would make, so I don't see this being an issue. If anything, the squad will already know we can 'easily cope' with surplus highly-paid players like Slimani, Silva, Gray, Morgan etc.
  15. OK to Good. He obviously score many important goals during the Nations League, but most of those were penalties. With Hjulmand taking over the reigns, there has been a lot of rotation of the squad and a change in style somewhat, so Eriksen's role might switch as well. Under Hareide he was really playing as a shadow striker - with great success as well.
  16. It's not that much money in the grand scheme of things to cover his wages for half a season, if it means we have a quality option to push for PL and EL then this could be wise. How many he would play is obviously down to his form and injuries to other players. I wouldn't worry too much about his fitness. He just got 120 minutes under his belt yesterday and he is a naturally super fit player. Just look at his injury record and minutes played throughout his career. Don't get me wrong, it would obviously be a gamble, but I don't think it looks that silly just because he's got big wages.
  17. When have you seen a top club loan out a player in form? That doesn't happen. As we are clearly not going to buy Eriksen, it's a question of paying about £5m for a quality backup/first team option with proven quality. We paid about the same for Inler taking his fee into account. Don't think I need to remind you what happened during his time here.
  18. Krépin Diatta gone to Monaco
  19. It's odd with Eriksen. The season before he left Spurs, there was serious interest from Real Madrid. He played in a CL final and then suffered like much of the squad. The move to Inter looked, on paper, to be an excellent one, but he's hardly been given a chance by Conte. There is no doubt that should he rediscover some form, he would be a superb addition. I would expect the environment at Leicester to be just right for him as well and Rodgers would be able to coach him into a better player. If the reported wage is correct, that's an obscene amount of money - but maybe not that bad for hal
  20. There's a reason staff are given media training, but these days we also have to acknowledge there is a lot of personal promotion and branding which is important in careers - like it or not. I think Maddison's enthusiastic and seemingly sincere comments are refreshing and different to the same old same old that we get from the careful types like Vardy, Evans, Justin, Tielemans, Morgan etc. It's really only Schmeichel and Maddison who will break the mould a bit (not too much).
  21. Not familiar with the Lonney Tunes...
  22. What exactly did he give away that you think isn't obvious to opposition staff? That we changed our formation to a 4-4-2 when out of possession? That we had studied Chelsea on set pieces and worked on that move on the training ground? The only really revealing thing was that Maddison actually noted what the pundits were saying about him after the Sheff Utd game. That doesn't surprise me given how much Maddison seems to like the attention and showing off - my only worry about this is that it might be a bit too easy to get into his head.
  23. I agree with all of this, but who are we (as in our fans who are guilty of this) to mock Southampton fans when we could easily be mocked by Liverpool and Man City fans by that same logic? I don't see why some need to behave in such an arrogant way. So pardon me for pointing out that our fans are as guilty of endulging in what is most likely also a brief visit to the pinnacle.
  24. They have a good squad, but losing Benrahma and Watkins makes them somewhat weaker than last season I feel.
  25. Yeah and we're top after 19 games (likely not for long). Still a helluva long way from ending there! How is that so much different?
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