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  1. Part of her video ended up in the montage anyway. Well proud 😎
  2. My daughter has done one and it’s really good. Reluctant to post it in here though in case you lot take the piss 😂
  3. I think he got rid years ago, as did I. It’s a massive pile of crap to be fair. I can only imagine what it’s like at the moment 😖
  4. Did no one really know about any of this? 😂
  5. Erm, I think I need to update you on a few things Finners... 😬 Me and Fez split up about 3 years ago and he’s now married. Alex has a kid. When did you last speak to either of them? 😂
  6. Aww cheers mate No one could or should forget @stez and his legendary advent calendars back in the day.
  7. We don’t know how long Vardy is out for again. Maybe we should play him up front with Nacho, we’d definitely see a different Perez then I’m sure. Not sure how that would work in our system though.
  8. We were all moaning at Southgate because he wouldn’t play Madders but he’s dead right. He shouldn’t be anywhere near the England squad, never mind first team at the moment. He’s got a good heart, anyone can see that but he’s been acting like an absolute dick recently. It’s obvious he doesn’t have the same affection for us as he does for Norwich.
  9. I’m actually sick of him, I’ve just done a massive rant about him on Twitter.
  10. No but it’s one expense after another. Why not add some games to the season ticket again? If they want a good atmosphere (I know!) and the ground filling then they have to help us out a bit.
  11. No. The little bitch has made his feelings quite clear about us. He made his bed, he can lie in it.
  12. Wilf could well be back. I’m scared of risking him again though, we definitely rushed him back before.
  13. He IS great isn’t he. His dad would be really proud of him
  14. We all know the ‘papers’ love to pinpoint someone and make comment on their every move. They did it with Beckham, Rooney etc and now it’s Madders’ turn. Notice how they’re all English players too. His clothing is flamboyant as well so they’re having a field day with him. The rags need to leave the lad alone.
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