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  1. Katy

    Goalkeepers: Jordan Archer + Jakupovic / Hamer

    Kasper has been way too complacent for the past couple of seasons knowing he’ll never be dropped. His performances, particularly this season, have proven that. We need to sign a top quality goalkeeper and make KS worry a bit, his attitude this season has really annoyed me. Jako is a good goalkeeper but not good enough to trouble Kasper, and Hamer has always been shunted down to 3rd choice for whoever comes in (Schwartzer, Zieler, Jako) but is a good person to have around the place so he’ll be missed in that respect. Not sure why we’re so obsessed with having 3 goalkeepers anyway, surely one of the development squad lads can be the 3rd?
  2. Katy

    Demari Gray. Keep or sell?

    I’d keep him for another couple of years, he’s still very young and with the right coaching could be incredible for us. The attitude is a concern though, you don’t have to know him personally to see how he comes across sometimes. He also needs to stop posting the semi-porno shots of him and his girlfriend on instagram 😝
  3. I wish they’d announce when they’re reopening or creating another garden. He current one is closed to new inhabitants and my dad is waiting to be placed there 😔 he died at the beginning of March and we’re just in limbo waiting for them to sort themselves out. The club have been as sensitive as a brick about it.
  4. Katy

    One player from each relegated club

    Mawson, Rodriquez, Shaqland (can’t decide between who I want more out of Shaq and Jack)
  5. Katy


    Don’t have a problem finishing 9th at all, it is the manner in which we finished 9th that is concerning.
  6. Katy

    Lap of honour

    I think it was for the sub in general. I just hope Gray didn’t think it was because of him coming on, not good for a young lad to hear that.
  7. If Mark Hughes mk 2 doesn’t get the boot before the end of the season then we’ll be doing a Stoke next. We are devoid of any ideas or desire to have a shot on target, never mind actually having enough intelligence to win a game anymore. I’m not buying it that we’re simply ‘on the beach’, I think it’s much deeper than that. Possession based football is all well and good but if you do **** all with the ball when you’ve got it then what’s the point? I’m fully expecting a relegation battle next season, regardless of who we get in this summer. Yesterday was horrific.
  8. Katy

    West Ham Home Pre Match

    Moyes would be daft not to play him, they need the points, principles go out of the window in a relegation scrap. Although if not they have others players who can equally punish us and we’ll let them. Really not looking forward to it.
  9. Katy

    Christian Fuchs Off Next Summer

    I was expecting him to go at the end of this season to be honest, he’s barely featured this season so doubtful he will next.
  10. Katy

    West Ham Home Pre Match

    Filbert Way will turn into Toxic Towers when we go 1 down, which will be fun. Arnie will tear us a new one and we’ll spend 99.9% of the game in possession but doing eff all with it. Could well be 3-0 to them in the end.
  11. Puel can get out and take Rudkin and the majority of those twats masquerading as players with him.
  12. Katy

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    I’d have Shaqiri any day of the week. Seems like the perfect replacement for Mahrez for me. He’s acting up at the moment as he’s playing with a bunch of duffers for Stoke but stick him with far better players he’d create and score goals for fun with us. I just hope he’s on Puel’s (if he stays) radar. We’ll need another exciting, creative player when Riyad goes AND we could afford his fee and improved wages.
  13. Katy

    Southampton pre match

    I would never wish injury on a player but if Kasper is not fit enough to play on Thursday, then I hope Jako/Hamer come in and have the game of their life and keep him on the bench for the rest of the season. We all know that’ll never happen though. I’m sick to the back teeth of Schmeichel, Simpson and Morgan and they all need consigning to the bin - just my opinion of course.
  14. Yep, that could be it. The guy looks thoroughly miserable whenever I’ve seen him