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  1. Indeed. If the owners want to spend 12 mil on a goalkeeper then that’s up to them, it’s their money. He’s a fair bit younger than Kasper so he’s clearly his replacement in a few years or even now (I have a sneaky feeling Kasper will leave this window) I think it’s a good bit of business personally. We seriously need to get out of this habit of slagging players off just because they don’t fit in with what we, as fans, think we might want or need, we aren’t the manager or the owners. Liverpool fans rate him highly so I think we should just chill somewhat and see him play before we go into typical Leicester City fan meltdown.
  2. I feel sorry for Vardz when he plays for England. He doesn’t stand a chance with Golden Boy Kane around, even when he started on Thursday he couldn’t get into the game and everyone (pundits) slag him off. I know we all have to arselick Kane and I’m glad when he scores but I just can’t do it.
  3. My mum and step dad are really good friends with Russell Grant and his partner, my step dad is his gardener in Wales. Met him loads of times and spent New Years Day with him one year. I have also met Jack Butland (once, really nice bloke) Xherdan Shaqiri (several times, he’s hilarious and sweet and not anything like people assume he is) Lee Evans (exactly how you’d imagine he is) Frank Skinner (teased me for wearing a Leicester shirt but was quite sweet) None of this lot have played for Leicester...yet! As for my friends, you’d have to ask them.
  4. Well this is good news, I can get tickets for this but in the ‘wrong’ end.
  5. I hope so. I’m just impatient, I want to pre-order the damn thing ?
  6. You’re back! You really are a real life person then ?
  7. Actually. He has a look of my ex-boyfriend about him, good job I’ll just be looking at his feet when he’s playing.
  8. Aw he’s just done a very nice message to us all on LCFC’s instastories. I’m very impressed with our two signings so far ??
  9. It’s really, really smart, just wish they hadn’t ballsed the women’s shirt up.
  10. Urgh. I already fork out loads a month for Sky Sports and BT Sport and two LCFC season tickets, I also really like watching La Liga which Sky have now lost the rights to, so that’s another package to buy whenever that’s sorted and now this! If anyone was in any doubt that the powers that be don’t give a shit about fans then here is your proof. Don’t get me started on diminishing Saturday 3pm kick offs either ?
  11. Katy


    I’ve never liked Strikers or goalkeepers being captains. Defenders lead from the back and midfielders are (literally) in the middle of everything, so taking all that into consideration I’d go with either Maguire or Iborra whose English is way better now than it was when he joined us (obviously).
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