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  1. Remembering semi obscure old FT posters

    I fear I’ve left it too late 😂
  2. Remembering semi obscure old FT posters

    I’m still here, I just don’t post (apart from now). I miss the old FT days but life goes on. Just realised this is really old thread, soz.
  3. Just a reminder that 'Fez' is going to be on Radio Leicester from 6pm tonight. The boy is getting famous!
  4. Mansfield Away

    Maybe a tad late now but I have a spare ticket as I now can't get to the game. Just needs picking up at their ground if anyone wants it.
  5. Here comes the moan in

    Stringer interviewed DD after the Man U game if I recall correctly.
  6. Sat 28th - where you gonna go?

    Grantham Town are playing FC United of Manchester at The Meres
  7. Everton Away

    I have an adult and child ticket plus fox travel to sell. £75 all in. Inbox meh.
  8. Did Big Nige just wave goodbye?

    The fans behind me weren't behind Pearson, they were chanting 'One Neil Lennon' and yelling at anyone who didn't sing. When a chant of 'One Nigel Pearson' filtered around the away end, they were booing. Way to support your team guys!
  9. I'm trying so hard not to think about this game yet
  10. Ex-Leicester City player news

    Sean St Ledge is having a trial with DC United apparently, I hear he's still holding out for Dubai Rovers though.
  11. We were right at the front at those yellow barrier things near the corner, so you can imagine the scenes when the players came over to celebrate. Awesome day!
  12. Atmosphere tomorrow

    I hope it's another atmosphere like Liverpool, I love it when we're sarcastic!
  13. It'll be massively disappointing if we go down and not just for the obvious reason. We've had so many opportunities to put games to bed and we haven't, I was terrified when we got promoted as I thought we'd get hammered every week but we haven't as yet. We should be mid table with the amount of games that, on reflection, we should've won. It's frustrating but I still have a bit of hope that we'll stay up, simply because we're not miles adrift even after the poor run before Christmas.