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  1. Wow ok. Predictive text and the inability to check what I’ve written before submitting my reply. Guilty as charged. I notice the guy with the snotty reply didn’t notice though.
  2. Maybe we should ask what Richard Keys thoughts on PhD’s and the medical profession are.
  3. It’s like last season never ended. Unsurprisingly.
  4. Ok. He’s not a medical Dr. My sister has a PhD in History. She uses the title Dr but is not permitted to perform lobotomies or things like that. I’d forgotten how the spitting of hairs is a prerequisite to being a member of FoxesTalk.
  5. I think Dave has a PhD which means he can go by the title Dr but he’s not an actual doctor. Not sure what the problem was with having a very highly qualified and experienced physio and a Club GP, unless it goes deeper than that which knowing Leicester, it probably does.
  6. Not clear to everyone though, that’s the point I was making. Just because it was clear to you, doesn’t mean it was clear to everyone else. The club were not clear, they put out a very long wordy email on a Friday night and cleared off for the weekend. I don’t agree with what the club have done, some do and that’s fine but I’m ****ed if I’m going to keep posting the same thing just with different wording.
  7. If the stadium wasn’t at full capacity this season then we would’ve lost the money. That‘s what a lot of people were taking issue with because that what the club put out. Whether that was the intent or not, that’s what some were lead to believe. It was up to the club to be loud and clear about that and they were not, they changed it - great, nothing to see here now.
  8. It *was* money for nothing, that’s my issue. If I’m not happy with something, I’ll complain about it or moan if that‘s your preferred term - which it clearly is. Sorry if that doesn’t fit in with your happy clapper-ness but tough shit.
  9. As it stands between 10th and 13th. The lack of signings in key positions and a thread bare squad for the EL, I think I’m being optimistic. More than happy to have this post bite me on the backside at the end of the season if I’m wrong though.
  10. Yes, looking forward to more doughnuts and caps as soon as possible. Funny how they had to be mythered into making the £70 mean something though eh?
  11. “Putting fans first” 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  12. TalkSPORT are carrying on about Leeds being in the Prem like the second coming. The only people who care are Leeds fans.
  13. I’m glad he doesn’t think about the money, that’s a very privileged position to be in. Good for him. Some people can’t stop thinking about money when they’ve got bills to pay and can’t. I get he was trying to be relatable (Maybe) but it missed the mark. Also, depression Isn’t just sitting about looking sad. It manifests itself in many ways. Self-destruction being one of the many symptoms. Like I said before, he needs therapy, if he’s not already getting it, and not feel like he can’t or shouldn’t get it. There a reason why the male suicide rate is sky high.
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