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  1. Yeah fair, I know it has been discussed that Rodgers should play Madders in the middle. We can still play a midfield of Wilf/Youri/Madders and just restrain them a touch more than usual. I'd play Barnes over Albrighton, Perez will give us workrate and more of a threat than MA and Barnes pace would indeed trouble Chelsea.
  2. People suggesting Maddison could be dropped after one average game but would select Albrighton. Wow.
  3. Until the quarters when they win here on pens.
  4. Where we will finish? 9th Top goalscorer? Vardy Player of the season? Maddison Young player of the season? Barnes How well will we do in the Cups? Quarters of both Surprise of the season? Söyüncü (in a good way) Game you are most looking forward to? Villa away Premier League Top 7 In order: Man City; Liverpool; Arsenal; Spurs; Man U; Chelsea; Everton Cup Winners Man City both Relegation from PL Norwich; Burnley; Newcastle Promotion from Championship Leeds; Albion; Cardiff Winners of CL Barca
  5. It's not actually been the liveliest window so far, can only see this coming week being nuts. Half the league will want two/three more and there's a few like us who need to shift deadwood.
  6. Wolves been linked with Olmo. Heard about him first last summer and from what I've seen he's a real top talent. Can play attacking midfield, from either flank or as a false nine, would suit Rodgers perfectly.
  7. Easy decision to sell. Wouldn't get into our first XI or second XI. Popular player but our squad size is ridiculous and clearly needs trimming.
  8. I've been as critical of Albrighton as anyone on this forum, but happy to say his preseason has been class. Two goals and two assists in 27 games last season was poor, but to me Rodgers is getting him to play to his strengths and at the same time benefit the team. I thought his role in the diamond today was ideally suited to his attributes and as a bonus he scored a quality goal. Everyone knows his attitude is first class, my criticism previously has been his lack of impact on our attacking game given his obvious technical ability, whether through tactics or his decision he's struggled over the past two years and resorted to desperate hoofing from deep. But Rodgers appears to have had a big impact, as he's looked lively in the 4-3-3 as well as the diamond today, his passing and delivery has been excellent. Pass to Ricardo to "assist the assist" if you will against Scunthorpe, the goal against Cheltenham, the goal today, all were quality. Shoe in to start versus Wolves for me.
  9. Even better for you I'd imagine with the PR nightmare Man City have had out there. You do need to bulk out the squad though, much news on incomings?
  10. Thought he was good today and looked fully focussed. If the move doesn't happen I've no doubt HM will be fully committed.
  11. Rodgers is very good at this. Learnt his lessons from the silly quotes of 4/5 years ago but he's always said he right things about his players.
  12. Great to see both fullbacks assist today. There's an argument they'll be our most important players this season if we play narrow formations such as the 4-3-3 or diamond.
  13. Didn't think it worth it's own thread, but BT Sport at 8pm are showing our classic 3-3 draw with Arsenal from 97/98. I remember being off school ill that day but still managed to persuade the old man to take me in the evening. Bergkamp was unbelievable.
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