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  1. Ability?
  2. Taking in Surrey v Middlesex at The Oval tonight. Should be decent, though this hangover isn't helping .
  3. Anyone use either Mobdro or Asylum? Lass at work reckons they're decent.
  4. In pieces today. I'm off to The Oval this evening for the T20 so it's only going to get worse. The boss is also going by chance and has suggested having a few at lunch to warm up .
  5. Good work. Looking forward to seeing him in the first team sooner or later.
  6. West Ham paying Arnie £100k p/w!?
  7. Not sure I'd use the term "get rid". I'm thinking more "keep" when talking about our most talented player.
  8. I'll be making full use of the dual screen. Sorry lads .
  9. Can see this being one of those that go to the wire but he'll leave eventually.
  10. Love the fact Fed went on the p**s until 5am and then tells all the younger players to up their game.
  11. That's a belter. Just a shame about the state of the club .
  12. FFS here we go again .
  13. Was excellent for Monaco. How's he done for Valencia?
  14. Backed Muguruza since round one, she's definitely playing some decent stuff. I watched her against Kerber and thought it's a bit of an embarrassment that the number one seed can't even serve. Did get to the final here in '15 so that should stand her in good stead having already won a slam. I think Cilic would give Federer a match in the men's. Could easily be a straight sets win that said .
  15. What's the reason behind this? I know he started his career at Inter, is he a Milan lad?