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  1. Have to say, given he apparently is playing hardball over a new deal, this Faustino Anjorin looks pretty average. Will probably now go and sign a £120k p/w deal until 2025 in the next two weeks.
  2. Holgate has looked decent as a centre back recently but that was schoolboy stuff. This could be a cricket score.
  3. Reading some of the defeatist comments on here you'd think it was Barcelona. Arsenal aren't a big deal in 2019, there's nothing to worry about.
  4. Is it normal to not have a Sports Interactive folder in Documents on a Mac even after loading up the game and creating a save? EDIT: Sorted
  5. Malen looks a player, surely the type we'll be watching if we can qualify for Europe.
  6. Have I been transported back to 2016? People still think Albrighton should start and is underrated. Two goals and two assists in 27 league games last season. Zero goals and one assist in this calendar year. His only contributions of note have been to give away idiotic penalties at Newport and Liverpool that cost us both games. Respect for past contributions, but seriously, there is no case for him to be anywhere near the side now apart from cup games against lower league opposition.
  7. Any chance we get more for this? Circumstances have changed so can now go, surely palace won’t actually sell the difference.
  8. I have one adult spare in row KK if you want it?
  9. Bar his first month or so for the club, ever since he's been a fixture he's been our best and most consistent defender by far. Mad that Puel didn't see him as an automatic starter. I describe him to people who don't follow Leicester as that player who's 7/10 for every important attribute. Won't get the headlines, but does everything well and has no real weakness. Captain material too.
  10. Think it was Ndombele, looked like he might have got injured in the process at the time .
  11. Dragged my heels on this, after one please if anyone can help.
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