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  1. I could see Harry Mag playing for Utd, but I can’t believe we’d get over £50m for him.
  2. Bear in mind he was carrying an injury when he joined and signed at the deadline, meaning he had no preseason with us. Add in he didn’t speak a word of English and I think next season we’ll see a more polished player. I think he’s got plenty of potential and we’ll look to develop him ourselves.
  3. Deactivate your account immediately.
  4. Really don’t get the stick he takes at times given what he can do. When you consider someone like Albrighton gets rimmed by our fans despite having nowhere near the impact this season, I can only assume it’s because people believe he has the talent to go right to the top?
  5. Perhaps he’ll be staying, looks like City are facing a two window ban like Chelsea.
  6. He’ll obviously go to Wolves.
  7. Stuck at Schiphol Airport as my flight is delayed yet again. Happy days.
  8. Nice memories of Shinji but if we’re serious about cracking the top seven, let alone anything more, we have to move away from this sentimental mentality. No way on earth he gets a new contract.
  9. If we’re signing another striker it will surely be a Mitrovic type.
  10. Been very critical of Wilf this season but he was great today, definitely plays best in the 4-1-4-1 with the other two lads able to create.
  11. Shame about the Neil Etheridge, otherwise Perry Groves was spot on.
  12. Is the winter transfer update imminent?
  13. Very sad news, a proper legend.
  14. This will continue to happen as long as we chop and change managers every year.
  15. We will never challenge for a trophy or the European spots in the league with either of these players.
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