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  1. Albrighton has just contributed two goals and two assists in 27 league games this season. I get that people like him because he’s a good, honest lad who cares, but mustard? Never in contention for an England cap, never linked with a move to a bigger club, there is a good reason for that.
  2. Having seen Robben as recently as the weekend, he most definitely starts when our options are Albrighton, Gray and Ghezzal.
  3. Gonna be a long summer. Player himself is ok, not great though. Everton would not sell to us anyway.
  4. From what I saw of Robben at the weekend, he’d be an asset for a year.
  5. To those tempted by Dembele, might be worth remembering the case of Ryan Gauld, once likened to Messi. Not exactly happened for him. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryan_Gauld
  6. Evans as well, bizarrely, the Albion fans wanted rid.
  7. If we want to be a top six team then we cast off deadwood like this.
  8. Yeah, obviously we'd have swapped places with them, but it could well suit us. They currently have a small squad so will need to add to what they already have with at least 4/5 first teamers, as well as wanting to naturally upgrade certain positions. But they'll get that done as they clearly have the resources. Will be down to how they deal with trips back from far flung corners of Europe after a gruelling Thursday nighter, which has undone so many over the years.
  9. Wolves aren’t messing about. They’re pushing ahead with the stadium improvement, have cash to burn and a relationship with a super agent. No point being salty, they’ll be a genuine threat to the top six next season and won’t stop there.
  10. Probably not an overreaction. Can't be a coincidence that Brendan has withdrawn Ndidi in both of our recent home games and trusted Hamza in the midfield. He's been correct to as well, imo.
  11. Doubtlessly another unsubstantiated rumour. As we’re not a top six club, the press have almost certainly forgotten we spent £32m on two promising centre backs last summer. All they’re interested in is Maguire.
  12. Transfer Oracle here. Clearly have no idea how a transfer works, why post this crap?
  13. Lovejoy

    Jordon Ibe

    If people are going to get worked up by garbage articles such as this, it’s going to be a long summer. Ibe will be in the Championship next year if he’s moving.
  14. Danny Baker had no idea whose baby it was. A bit like Wayne Hennessy had no idea who the Nazis were. Have a day off lads.
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