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  1. If I'd been at school with Mason Mount, I'd have written graffiti in the school bogs which said "Mason Mound is a Nazi who bums dogs". #hatemason
  2. So we are saying that Ngolo didn't concede a peno because he has a silhouette like a T Rex whereas Wilf is all arms and legs?
  3. I thought that was a peno and the ref should have seen and given it in real time
  4. I don't disagree that he's a good player, but he had a front line advertising campaign when he'd hardly played. He was in the England side ahead of Grealish and Maddison when he was only occasionally turning it on for his club. And the media do fap excessively over him. The prospect of Glenn Hoddle salivating over him this Summer is actually depressing.
  5. Media darling and underarm deodorant advertiser Mason Bloody Mount. I mean, that was a lovely goal and all that, but he is tightening his grip on an England place for the Summer and he'll be Bob at the Euros. And the pundits will spend the rest of the season flapping over him. Ugh.
  6. Col, if you want Turt to stop going on at you about your assertions about VAR stats, maybe try and place a bet that he won't stop.
  7. Timo Werner continuing not to score is terrible for his confidence but great for Chelsea's competitors if Tuchel keeps selecting him. Long may it continue.
  8. I can't believe I missed the chance to say "Lots o' Fotze" Edit, do not do a search of that last word.
  9. Everton's next three games are Chelsea Burnley and Man City. Not easy.
  10. I want to hear loud Germanic swearing from the technical areas. The kind of foul language I used to hear only on betamax.
  11. Thomas Tuchel should call himself Tommy Tickle. It sounds like an old school end of the pier comedian. Anyway enough of my ramblings, I'd like a dour nil nil tonight, please...
  12. People moaning in here about Jamie Vardy losing a bit of form need to imagine being a Palace fan, waiting forever for Benteke to become a footballer again.
  13. Brighton have been incredibly, unbelievably unlucky in their recent games against Palace and WBA. The thread which I dare not mention comes to mind. 90 yard own goal off Vardy's backside incoming.
  14. Congratulations to Derby County who retain their record for at least another season
  15. An amazing goal, an amazing save, and we might have nicked it. Kasper MOTM. We looked better with Fofana in defence and Wilf in midfield.
  16. Soyuncu is gonna end up with a cauliflower arse at this rate.
  17. Hamza did great to get there and was unlucky in the execution. Not sure what good it does to call him s that in here.
  18. Andy Cole is actually comforting. If there is one thing I have missed during lockdown, it is ignoring a wazzock on his own in the pub corner, offering an opinion about football which betrays an utter lack of knowledge or research. Andy Cole is pub-corner-chatwazzock, but with a more expensive roll neck and jacket combo. Bravo.
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