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  1. Goodnight, sweet Baggies. The very sad thing is that it is very unlikely that Jamie Vardy will ever again score at the Hawthorns and noise up their fans...
  2. "Alkardyce" is a spello, but I like it and it seems to fit, so I'm leaving it
  3. If you look up "Maddison" on Twitter you will get some football content, but there are also comments from people in the USA telling young ladies that they looked lovely at their prom.
  4. Tell me about your childhood...
  5. Not only has he looked not at his best (which I attributed to struggles with injury) it has been noticeable that he has had a look on his face like he has the right hump. The stuff in here doesn't come as a massive surprise.
  6. Possession stats last 5 mins: West Ham: 105% Everton: minus 5%
  7. Is Richarlison the Brazilian Portuguese word for "Resting Bitch Face" ?
  8. On his day Richarlison can be devastating, but today he has not been on it, making runs which spoil the break, not passing and putting DCL in. And of course there are those three rolls and a scream when he is tackled. I don't really see the point of him today.
  9. A great illustration of the fact that being mardy arsed all the while will add years to you.
  10. We have to win our own games so as not to rely on our competitors failing. However, since we've gone a bit poo recently, please Everton, please - stop being crap and beat these. And a red card or two for West Ham would be appreciated.
  11. Short of them all getting pissed the night before and maybe taking a hammer to their own ankles, could Brighton sabotage themselves for the West Ham game any more than they have done today?
  12. Saints have been fairly decent. Liverpool just better at taking their chance. If Liverpool play like this against a fairly full strength Man United next week, they will drop points.
  13. If Pep doesn’t come out and utterly roast Aguero, he is a coward. Kün ? He is bleddy missing a letter.
  14. Pep Guardiola played his third blind eleven in a formation he rolled on dice beforehand, against a top club. He got what he deserved this evening. Screw him.
  15. Ake has nearly cost Man City a couple of times. He cost an absolute fortune.
  16. Shut up Neville. It is nothing to do with tactics and everything to do with Aguero being a smug dick.
  17. Waiter, I’ll have Sergio Aguero’s testicles on a plate, chargrilled.
  18. The only time I’ve ever wanted half time punditry from Souness and he ain’t there
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