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  1. I had heard in the summer Bayern Munich were looking at making a bid for Mcneil. He’s only got a left foot. Not sure he can even kick with his right but didn’t do maradona any harm!
  2. Clearly is a player that needs an arm around him and someone that believes in him. Some are like that, others need a rocket. Where would Vardy be without Pearson, Walsh and shakey? Very possibly not playing football never mind one of the best strikers in the country as well as a premier league winner. Good luck to the lad. Let’s hope villa fans spend many years crying over this similar to Albrighton.
  3. I live in Ruabon which is 6 miles from the Wrexham ground and watch them on occasions. My wife’s a bit nervous on the floor space in our house being requested should they get through.
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