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  1. If I was Sean from enderby and knew teams news as a Leicester fan I wouldn’t tell anyone. Maybe use it to bet but not give the opportunity for the opposition to plan in advance of the 1 hour of team release.
  2. I’ve spent the last 11 days at the hospital as my father in law is ill. I missed some work and have booked next week off. I wasn’t out in Nottingham, haven’t had an argument with anyone but sometimes there are personal reasons you can’t be in work. Things you don’t want the world to know. It could be a family illness, fall out with a partner or variety of different issues.
  3. His wife is due to give birth I believe.
  4. Clearly is a player that needs an arm around him and someone that believes in him. Some are like that, others need a rocket. Where would Vardy be without Pearson, Walsh and shakey? Very possibly not playing football never mind one of the best strikers in the country as well as a premier league winner. Good luck to the lad. Let’s hope villa fans spend many years crying over this similar to Albrighton.
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