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  1. canons park £1 all day a pub kebab house and 3 stops from Wembley plus easy to get in
  2. 100% this After 50 years of watching city home and away i am becoming frustrated with the home support. we win and they moan we lose and the boo and moan Puel cannot win. the biggest problem is a lot of fans dont like him so if we won the league or fa cup they would still want him out, I think he is building a good young side and given the chance he will do alright.
  3. I will be on holiday so I have 1 ticket in the sk2 don’t want nothing for the ticket just a donation on the 5000/1 walk .
  4. we drove down at 4.30am and traveled back and caught the 11.35pm ferry back to Dover and yes i would do it again its not always about the cost,
  5. its not southampton mate virgin give all away fans £10 back there not as cheap as man utd on kids tickets
  6. we always park near the quadrant which is free and get away straight after the match no problem .
  7. did we not have the 4 w's whitworth worthington Weller and wallington playing for England if my memory serves me right ?
  8. Best footballing manager i have seen at leicester, Just a couple of players short of winning the league a real nice guy always had time for the fans A real Leicester Legend and glad i was around to watch is football.
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