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  1. just been let down 1 adult or a 65+ spare for this at fv.
  2. Due to unforeseen circumstances I have one spare only to a season ticket holder with at least 300 points can meet a Burnley or West Ham
  3. We do parking near the ground £5 and quick to get away can’t think of the road there is a pub 2 mins walk very cheap beer 15 mins to ground
  4. If i thought any of my money went to the foxes trust i would give up my season ticket i have had for 45 years.
  5. I take it you have been around a long time and don't remember the old days if ever top sells us that £4 might come in handy and don't talk to me about our fans group the foxes trust. so away games for season tickets is £1 more you pay more than that for buying other tickets on line.
  6. Don't see the problem really most of the time i buy 5 tickets on line so an extra £4 a time. i want my club to spend money on big players, i want to see lcfc in Europe again. so while we are spending whats the problem, wasn't that long ago i was paying more than £30 to go away games.
  7. 1 spare west ham away face value.
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