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  1. Not sure what school of man management you've been studying.
  2. Really depends on who rests who etc. Personally I think the effect big Duncan has had on them will be the telling factor. Everton to win 2-0.
  3. Bit of a train crash from start to finish. First up Norwich played well. Their full backs were spot on, they competed for everything and had two of the best players on the pitch. However, the constant rolling around pretending to be injured was tiresome and quite how noone was sent off for the Kelechi incident is beyond me. As for us we simply had no idea how to really break them down. I'm not a fan of this diamond shape on the whole and though we did well at Villa with it, more times than not we struggle. Positive is we didn't lose but were lucky to get away with it. Need to improve hugely not get absolutely stuffed by both Man City and Liverpool. Play like that and Everton will beat us too in the cup. If we are serious about a top 4 finish we have a lot of work to do and a top quality winger/wide player who can actually score goals is a necessity. I'm sorry but none of them are good enough. Barnes may be one day but he's currently hopeless in front of goal and he and Chilwell seem to be on a completely different wavelength most of the time. Maddison had his worst game ever for us. Not sure Rodgers got it right today at all.
  4. Over before it began. Just media talk.
  5. I'd like to think he would but Man City would be very hard to turn down. Don't forget Toure also played for them and as Rodgers usually takes his team with him...
  6. Though this is the Daily Mail I would say that we should be concerned about this. Pep may well leave at the end of this season and if Man City come calling they can easily afford any release clause fee and would be a more than enticing prospect for any manager. We all know that contracts in football mean absolutely zero.
  7. I think you've taken my post the wrong way. It is possible to support any legitimate party and condemn racist sympathisers at the same time. Racism should be condemned by all parties. Unfortunately neither Labour nor the Conservatives have dealt with it. The tone and words used in the election campaign will be used in their usual twisted manner to further endorse their own ideas. The fact that the election was won by a party seen to have a strong anti-immigration message is exactly the sort of message these people want to hear even if it is not accurate. I'm certainly not belittling those who voted for the Conservatives in any way.
  8. I can promise you there are many more on the far right who see this victory as an endorsement of their own views on immigration and racism and they are much much worse than Katie Hopkins.
  9. Not really sure intelligence or lack of it comes into play. You would hardly call the Germany of the early 1930s unintelligent.
  10. 22 games to go. Man tud and Wolves have 24 points so maximum possible for one of them is 90 we have 38 points so 17 wins gives us an extra 51 which is 89 points. think this is correct
  11. Well put as usual. I think Trump is rather over stating his influence here though as I thought any trade deal would actually be sancioned by Congress?
  12. This is all excellently phrased and put. The Tories ran the best election campaign and probably deserved their win. However, like you I know a great many, especially young people, in this country who wanted change as something to hope for. Especially those suffering mental health issues for whom the Tories have done and will continue to do nothing. In many ways I'm the perfect Tory target, white, middle class, in a decent job, not especially left wing. Pretty much a boring old centralist I suppose. Last night and the last few years have left me pretty despondant about my country. A country which appears the have become an isolationist, xenophobic one where racism is on the rise and a politcal elite who have felt the need to pander to the extreme right wing. I found some of Boris's comments on immigrants from the Eu to be profoundly xenophobic and even racist. We have a Prime Minister found to have been guilty of closing down parliament illegally and who flip flops from one policy to another depending upon what suits him at the time. The future will prove what sort of politician he is. For now we really don't know as he never answers any questions honestly. He's basically a watered down version of Trump. Moreover we now have a broken political system with one party with a huge majority, not a good thing for our democratic system. Parliamentary democracies like ours need strong opposition parties to function in the best interests of the whole country. We don't have that now for at least 5 years and possibly longer than that. Scotland is an issue which will not go away and I feel they must now be given the chance once more to vote on independence. Though all my life I have felt that our electoral system was the best method now I believe the time for electoral change is long overdue.
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