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  1. Agree. Next two matches must be won in my opinion. It would be a big boost to our chances if Man utd were to beat Liverpool. Chelsea have a tricky run in and now an absolutely great chance of making the final of the Champions League which they could easily win. Like to see Arsenal dumped out of the Europa League too as that would mean 4th would definitely get in to the Champions League. Right now we need to be targeting 3rd place. There is a chance it might go to the last game against Spurs with us needing a win or a draw to be certain.
  2. Another simply massive game. I really feel we need to win. Anything less will put us under a lot of pressure in the last three matches.
  3. Hard to see us scoring at this rate.
  4. After all the Man City pressure and Spurs basically camped in front of their own penalty box they will probably win 1-0.
  5. I know there is a lot of dislike for Spurs here but you can't take away their history as a club, nor can you ignore their stadium which is one of the very best around, nor can you ignore the fact that they are a very sizeable club. And so they are a very attractive proposition to any ambitious manager. The key for me is where does "project Leicester" go next for Rogers? If we were to win the FACup and finish top4 or just finish top 4 how much further as we currently stand would he think he can take us? I think the answer to much of what happens next lies with what commitm
  6. Agree completely. I'd add Barnes to your list too. I'm afraid Ricardo may never regain the level of play he had pre-injury. Our biggest signings of the summer would be new contracts for Tielemans and Cags.
  7. Did any of us actually watch though or just fall asleep?
  8. I think the speed of the "repentence" and breakdown of the ESL has probably saved them. Some good will come of it in the short terms as there will be no chance these 6 clubs will get enhanced power in terms of voting or redistribution of funds and much less influence on committees. It is possible the 14 could get away with a suspended points deduction for so many years in the event of similar behaviour or indeed any behaviour that brings the league into disrepute. Anything else would likely end up in the courts for a considerable period of time. Personaly I'
  9. I think this is correct. There is a real dichotomy here. In that a points deduction could be seen to punish the fans who in turn are being portrayed as the very people who helped stop the ESL. While many see the arguments for heavy punishment in balck and white the real situation is for more nuanced. He's also correct in that the whole thing would end up in the courts and run for a long time meaning in effect the league would be suspended as no one would truly know the correct and final league standings.
  10. 14 I believe. Though there have been quotes of 75%.
  11. I think they will need to stay in the hotel. The following is another quote from the same source which is interesting in relation to major sporting events like the Euros. Our plans for The Championships have been made to protect you, the players, and the integrity of the Minimised Risk Environment as required by the UK Government as a condition of holding The Championships. We will keep these measures under review as The Championships approach. It is important to keep in mind that The Championships is a mass international gathering of potentially tens of thousands of people over the cours
  12. A well connected source on a completely different message board posted this about Wimbledon this year. "Players (and their teams) won't be able to leave the official hotel under any circumstances, not even for dinner, buy groceries or going for a run. It doesn't matter if you have caught COVID before or have been vaccinated. The only time they will be leaving the hotel will be to access the Wimbledon grounds to play their matches and to practice. They will be escorted all the time and it will be forbidden to use any public transport (taxis included) from the time they arrive in Londo
  13. I agree. Really need 3rd place as 4th might not be enough this year. I think Liverpool will all their remaining matches.
  14. Think this is pretty much spot on. Probably some alteration or re-affirmation re future voting percentages so these 6 clubs can have no chance of putting through their own agenda without the overall consent of the Premier League. There may be a token small fine but there won't be a points deduction or similar. I don't expect UEFA to do anything other than just say welcome back don't do it again though, there will be a few years, probably, where they have less influense in the various committees. Of potential more long term interest might be the Government review. They could ch
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