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  1. Agree it looks unlikely to be lifted. It took 12 weeks for the lockdown to have an effect nationally. But then as the Government doesn't seem to have any idea on the criteria for ending it it could go on for a few weeks more.
  2. He looks like the level of quality we are most likely to get.
  3. reynard

    Luka Jovic

    Absolutely zero chance of him coming here.
  4. Wouldn't blame the guy for wanting any move away from us.
  5. I want a reaction, I expect a reaction and frankly if we don't get one it will be a disgrace. The play since the mid December has been very poor but the performances since the return of the league have been little short of abysmal and last night an utter embarrasment. There doesn't appear to be an ounce of mental toughness in the entire squad.
  6. Nailed on defeat I'm afraid.We've folded completely and utterly. Spineless performances from the payers and management and now shown for the complete lack of quality in depth in the squad. We've been flat track bullies most of the season but when the chips are down and we've needed to roll up our sleeves we've gone missing. I don't believe these players have the courage to do what is required any longer. 2-0 to Sheffield United. Another team that will simply want it more than we will.
  7. If there is no reaction to this in the next 3 games then the management team can go.
  8. Seriously there has to be something wrong in the camp with the way we've played since Christmas but especially since the league returned.
  9. No way we will finish top 5 in any case
  10. No nerve at all I'm afraid. We will finish below Wolves, Sheff utd and next season looks likely to be one hell of a struggle.
  11. Suspect their players will simply want it more than our lot and that will probably be enough.
  12. Simply the biggest league game we've played since the season we won it. Absolutely must win nothing else will be enough. Have we got the balls to do it? Not that confident we do.
  13. They play Man utd in the FA cup not the league
  14. Won't win another game this season
  15. There is a chance this might happen but far from certain. What is certain is we have dithering incompetent government run by a clown who now thinks he is FDR. Lockdown too late Plenty of time to have worked out a strategy for local lockdowns but it is clear they have not got a clue how to organise it. No liaison between local and central government. An utter shambles all round.
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