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  1. And I thought I was really the best example of negativity but I think you trump me. One thing for sure is we fans need to be loud on Saturday and really get behind whatever team Rodgers puts out.
  2. I'm not merely judging on one game and it is just my opinion but there seems to be a missing piece of the jigsaw when it comes to certain matches. It isn't just about results it is about perfomance too. It isn't about deserving to win it is about winning. No doubt this will hurt badly in the dressing room tonight and Saturday against Chelsea will be a big test of their mental strength as well as their footballing ability. Also a big test now for the management team.
  3. Possibly. Not sure on tactics but a young team yes. Though it is about winners and that mentality to do it time and time again.
  4. I think your being a bit harsh here. We have got to where we are in the league by playing great football and by winning the games we should win. However, in certain big games we simply have not turned up/ bottled it/blown it or however you want to phrase it. Three of our best results have come playing against ten men for much of the match. Forget this match over two legs and just think back to the Liverpool match at home. Ok so they are fantastic but that was a "big" match. Live on TV moved to the prime 8pm kick off 1st place vs second place in one of the top leagues in world football. Domestic league football doesn't get much bigger. Yet we really barely turned up, looked completely overwhelmed by the occasion and lost without them really breaking sweat. And didn't just lose but lost very badly. In fact we nearly blew the quarter final against Everton. Great 1st half lousy second half. I don't know why but I do feel we lack that "big match" mentality.
  5. Ok how do you want me to phrase it. We froze. We did in the first leg and we did tonight. The game is all about winning. We didn't impose ourselves on either leg. In the first leg we looked scared to want the ball. Less so tonight but it is about taking your chances in the game. Let's be honest this was a great chance to get to a final and we blew it. I do think there is a certain element of bottling it when it comes to the big games. Not saying I'm not happy with how the season has gone so far or that we don't have good players. But do we have winners? personally I think we are a bit of a flat track bully at the moment. Brilliant at times, lots of possession, lovely play but when needed to step up we can't do it. That to me is bottling it. Not merely throwing away a lead etc etc.
  6. Well. I have to say I'm not surprised at all. We've been poor for weeks now. All the big games this season with the exception of Arsenal at home (Spurs we got lucky) we have basically failed to turn up. There was a saying once you don't win anything with kids and though not entirely correct there is some truth in that. The season can go two ways now. 1 We react from this and become a stronger unit with more determination to not let this happen again. 2 The season falls apart completely. This was the biggest game of the season so far and we blew it.
  7. The Specials were from Coventry for those that can remember them. Could probably win the award for the most unattractive city in England. Always disliked the place and can never forget the Tommy English/Jim Melrose swap. Glad they got relegated down the leagues just for that.
  8. No but a shame there isn't an all Manchester tie for eg. We'll see. Have to respect this tie first and then see what happens.
  9. A here is the key. Villa must start as favourites. We have a chance but I'm concerned because we do seem to bottle it in the bigger matches. Man City away didn't turn up, Liverpool at home didn't turn up at all, Man Utd away didn't turn up. 1st leg vs Villa we looked to freeze on the occasion. Our only decent perfomance in the last few weeks was against a pitiful West Ham. Our big players need to stand up and be counted but the question is can they do it?
  10. Potentially a good draw for us but the FA Cup has probably just got harder to win this season. Presuming Spurs come through against Southampton the last 8 is very likely to include Man Utd, Man City, Spurs, Sheffield Utd, probably Chelsea. Possibly Arsenal, hopefully us and then a toss up in the other fixture.
  11. We want Benkovic to play to get experience so he's a better player for us in the future. We won't do that unless we get cover first. Benkovic is not going to play here other than a few bit part appearances. On loan at Derby he would play most weeks. As to whether this guy is the answer I'm not sure. But we can't go the rest of the season with just Wes as back up so we need to sign someone if Benkovic is to go out on loan.
  12. Going to be a very tough match and a very tough team to call for Rodgers. Can't imagine either Vardy or Mendy will be fit. Don't think Ndidi will be risked. We need Maddison firing on all cyclinders against Villa so he will probably be rested. Ward will surely play in goal and Justin at right back. Fuchs probably left back. Not sure about the two CBs. Albrighton and Gray will probably get a run out. As to the others who knows. It would be good to advance but not at the expense of injuries or tiredness affecting our chances on Tuesday night which will be a very tough match at Villa.
  13. One word sums up last night for me. Quickness. Quickenss of thought, passing, movement off the ball and pressing, the latter done properly, organised in numbers and for pretty much the whole match. Ok so West Ham were poor but our excellent perfomance made them look worse than they are. Really need to keep this level of perfoance up now. Tielemans was absolutely terrific. Some of his passes were brilliant. Some were simple but took us forward and the speed he moved the ball much much better. Ihenacho was really good I thought. For our second goal he quickly realised he would be offside if he played the ball, let in run through for Barnes and his cross was perfection. But what impressed me was Kelechi's movement off the ball. He made run after run just peeling off the central defender and into the space behind the full back. Most of the time we didn't use him but he didn't let their defence settle and he showed great determination for the run which ended up in our penalty. Special mention to the ref who gave one of the worst perfomances I've seen down here in quite a while.
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