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  1. Let's hope not they usually take around 6 months to clear up properly.
  2. Agents are only intersted in feathering their own nest.
  3. You don't think we need another striker?
  4. Good luck at Leicester. Have you run any of the course before? I've done it a couple of times and if it is the same course the support along the way is pretty thin once you get past the split for the half marathon. Maybe they have changed it though? It went out to Rearsby and Thrussington and it can be pretty quiet out there. Well worth getting a family member to be in that area just to give you a lift. When I did it you ran (well more like crawled for me) up New Walk for the last mile which is pretty tough. Check the course details and if you live anywhere near that part of Leicestershire I'd go and run the rural bit a couple of times as it can drag but once you know it it doesn't seem as far. Was well marshalled though when I did it.
  5. Exactly. And Hull get 15% sell on. 70 million buys around 1.75 players of the quality we need. You really don't get that much for under 40 million unless you get lucky.
  6. It doesn't really matter whether it is Tielemans or someone else of the same calibre. The facts are that to really compete or to have any realistic chance of competing with the top 6 clubs sides like us need to recruit 3 or 4 players of that quality just to have a chance. Yes we can sell the likes of Maguire but that means we have one more top quality player to replace him. we can get lucky on recruitment as we have done in the past but what is our actual success rate in recruitment doing that.ie how may have proved a success aginst those that have not? The market is crazy. 10 million gets you a bang average player 20-25 million possibly one slightly better, though our track record shows this is far from certain even at those prices. Top quality players come in around 40-60 million each and considerably more for the very best. Spending 100--120 million , even if we were possibly considering it and past evidence suggests not, would only get around 3 players of the quality required.
  7. Would Man City pay what we want though? All their signings are in the 40-60million range (Mahrez is their transfer record) and they didn't want to pay any more. Obviously the market has moved on but they baulked at wage requests etc in the past. They spend a lot of money obviously but haven't yet spent as much on a sinlge player as either Liverpool or Man Utd. Not sure they would pay the 75-80 million we would be after.
  8. Just grateful Leeds didn't make it. I think it will be much closer than this season and don't see any of them doing as badly as Huddersfield and Fulham. The competiton from 7th to 20th will be much tighter and probably leave the top 6 even further away.
  9. Have to agree with this sadly. 54 out of 60 top 3 places filled with the same sides year after year is one of the most depressing stats I've seen related to the Premier League. Add to that their dominance in the domestic cups as well and the picture is of a pretty unbalanced era of football. Distribution of money and the transfer system geared so much in favour of the so-called big six need changing asap but doubt anyone will have the courage to take them on.
  10. That was longer than Spurs though wasn't it?
  11. I thought Bailly was out with a long term knee injury and is due to miss this summer's Africa Cup of Nations?
  12. There was one moment which just epitomised his career here for me. Think it might have been the year we won the title and the opponents were through on goal, looked a certain goal and he ran back 50 metres or so to eventually block the shot with his thigh and saved a certain goal. Got a huge cheer. Forget the opposition though. Wholehearted trier and very decent defender. Good value purchase. Hope he finds a good move he could do a decent spell at a newly promoted team.
  13. Anyone who thinks Man Utd aren't an attractive proposition to a huge number of players is living in cloud cuckoo land. They are one of the biggest clubs in the world. The prestige for your career of playing for them is enormous. They also pay big wages. Clubs like us will be under enormous agent pressure this summer as the so-called big 6 look to add to their squads. Clubs of our stature have several players any of them might want and if they come calling with serious money will probably not be able to resist. On tonight's game there is a huge amount of press hype about the possibility of an upset but they have had a whole week to prepare and of go there and open up they will rip us apart. At least if we do lose it is less likely Liverpool will win the title.
  14. I don't like Liverpool but this is way out of order.
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