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  1. I don't think there is much doubt this is the unofficial Governmet strategy right now. It is likely that all the over 50s who have the vaccine will have received their second doses sometime in August which ties in with the statement that all the rest will be offered the vaccine by the end of September. If you are planning on doing anything travel wise before June I'd say you are possibly going to be dissappointed. Any of this will be highly dependant on the following. 1 No mutation comes along which means the vaccines will no longer work. 2 Enough people take up th
  2. Well it isn't like going out to Harlow Town. There's always one shock in these rounds and though a small one this could be it.
  3. Because we have a much more important game against Everton coming up. Finishing top 4 is far more important to the development of the club right now than winning the FA Cup nice though that would be.
  4. We don't have any alternatives. But he could do with a rest. Shows we need to buy in January a decent attacking midfielder.
  5. And they are likely to be the first things to be allowed to open. Easter is first weekend in April so mid to late April at earliest for schools by the look of things.
  6. Because Pubs and restaurants and shops and musuems and galleries are an easy target. Easier to close than offices and politically easier to close than schools. Personally can't see why Museums and galleries with strict ticketing access are closed as much as pubs.
  7. You would think this would be the case unless he is injured.
  8. Well there is starting to be a lot of media/scientist talk/rumour that restrictions need to be extended into the summer so I wouldn't be surprised at this at all.
  9. There is a subtle difference between a virus's ability to infect and the same virus's ability to kill. Right now we don't have enough clinical evidence to confirm that this particular mutation is definitely more deadly but we do know it is way more infectious. So many many more people are being infected and thus many more are dying. I admit it doesn't look good but right now we don't know for certain. As you say we have drugs to help now and we are using them. I'd like to see figures about how long people are in hospital in comparison to last spring and how many are dying in c
  10. Probably some bird he fancies off the telly!
  11. No chance this will happen as things stand.
  12. Unlikely he will be back and fit until March. Hernias usally take 3 weeks to heal and then another 3 before you can do strenuous excercise. Then there is match fitness to regain. Allowing for the fact he's very fit and will be under top medical teams the recovery might be shorter but we're probably going to have to do without him until Brighton away. That's if the reported Hernia surgery is correct of course.
  13. Massive loss. We simply don't have anyone who can take his place at any level. Perez and Iheanacho are both well below the required quality to sustain a top 4 place. Let's hope this fixes the problem and he's back in 3 weeks or so.
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