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  1. Frankly a disgrace that Amazon have been allowed anywhere near any sporting event. Really hope people boycott them and they never want to get involved again. Premier league is so rich yet they had to offer this package twice as far as I recall. Just imagine the goodwill they could have got if they had given the rights to boxing day fixtures to terrestrial TV so millions could have watched the matches without having to pay even more and without having to pay even more money to Amazon. 8pm kick offf on Boxing Day is just a disgrace.
  2. I don't agree at all. Our season in League 1 taught the club a lot about humility. That is something we still carry with us today, especially, I believe among a great many of our fans, but also at the very top of the club. As well as this humility the fact that we had only recently been in League 1 made our triumph of winning the Premier League even more special. In fact, as one newspaper put it the day after we were given the trophy, the difference between our win and a side like Chelsea winning was that our achievement was one of wonder. I don't think anyone in the stadium that day would disagree with that sentiment. Winning was all the more sweeter because of where we had come from and that season in League 1 is an important part of that and thus an important part of our history. It gave us the breathing space needed at the time to reinvigorate the club from top to bottom, from the stands to the dressing room, and in so doing laid the foundation for what was to follow.
  3. Agree with this. If we try to take them on at their own game we will lose heavily. Their front three are absolutely brilliant and have real pace. We need to stop their full backs pressing forwards. I've read that our midfield is better than theirs. Simply don't agree. Whilst their midfield may not read the most exciting on paper as a unit is is top class. They work incredibly hard. They are best team in the country at this moment if I could take a 0-0 now I would do. To get anything from this game we will need to play far far better than we have done so far this season and they will need to be below par. They were lacklustre away at Sheffield but they know we can pose a threat and they will be really pumped for this game. I expect them to really come at us for the first 20 minutes and we simply must hold out to have any chance. The Man Utd away game was hyped up and we simply didn't turn up. Slightly fear the same will happen here too.
  4. News has reached me that Spurs are issuing a new 3 minute DVD of minutes 12-15 of the match.
  5. It's Adrian Durham. He's a wind up merchant. Though actually on this occasion there is some truth in what he says. The hype surrounding us is frankly way over the top and way too early in the season. There's a very good chance we will get beaten by Liverpool at the wekend and then we'll be down in around 6th/7th possible if other results go against us. Yes we have some exciting players but they are young in some cases and the season is a 38 game one. We will need to better more consistently to have any chance of the top 4 or 6 in my opinion. Yes we've had some good results but we've not always been that impressive.
  6. reynard


    Of course he could have voted along with many of his other Tory colleagues in favour of the deal on the table and we would have left the EU in March. The government had a majority with the DUP but couldn't persuade all of their own side to back the deal. He can get a queen's speech but in all likelihood it would be defeated and as that would be the equivalent to a vote of no confidence we would be exactly where we are now. A one line bill forcing an election could be won by a single vote but could be amended both in the House of Commons and in the Lords to include such things as ok we'll give you your election but only if you guarantee a 2nd referendum and to a certain date. Frankly though any PM, of whatever colour, found by the highest court in the land to have acted unlawfully and to have mislead the queen should resign and if the Tory party itself had any moral fibre about it they should sack him as leader. This issue is far more important than Brexit.
  7. reynard


    Thank God. Someone actually listens to the judgement and understands it. People need to put Brexit to one side for the moment and ask themselves the following question. Do you want a Prime Minister of whatever political colour or persuasion to be able to suspend parliament whenever he/she wants to at a time when keeping it open might prove to be difficult for them? To have allowed this to have gone unchallenged would have set a very dangerous precedent for our democracy. Like it or loathe it we have a system of parliamentary representative democracy in this country. The highest court in the land has found our current prime minister to have acted unlawfully in suspending parliament. Parliament is there to question and challenge the government and executive in the decisions it makes, not only on the floor of the house, but in the vital work at committee. In its ruling today the Supreme Court have helped to protect the very democracy and political independence of our parliament which we should all hold dear.
  8. Presuming Maddison is out I'd keep the team largely the same though I would rest Evans as he's one of our most important players this season for me. Probably bring in Morgan. Vardy also could do with a rest, he worked very hard against Spurs so I'd play Perez in his role and hope he scores as this would boost his confidence. Albrighton probably would replace Perez's role. Maybe bring in Praet for Maddison and push Tielemans further forward?
  9. Getting a bit bored with all the VAR stuff already. Wind the clock back 12 months and the two goals dissallowed today would have stood and we would have won 3-2 instead of 2-1. Those decisions may have been wrong but they would have stood and the result would have been the same.
  10. Spot on. A very good match played at a high standard by both teams. Really wasn't sure we had it in us to raise the bar but we did today and probably just edged it though it was close. Shows the level at which we need to play week in week out to compete at the top though. Thought Praet had a more than decent cameo when he came on.
  11. Doesn't look up for it, doesn't look good enough at the moment and hard to see what he offers. Can he play with Vardy? Ealry days though but he needs to settle quickly now and prove his worth.
  12. 1-3 to them two goals including penalty for kane.
  13. Unless it is afriendly agaisnt someone like Andorra he's unlikely to play. Southgate clearly doesn't rate him or trust him. Sadly if he was playing for one of the so-called big six he'd be straight in the side. Probably also needs to think less about creating chances and more about sideways passing, that is after all the strength of the England midfield.
  14. Hard to see anything but a loss for us in this one. So far this season we've been poor vs Wolves, one decent half vs Chelsea, clung on to win at Sheffield United, beaten a Bournmouth side that for some carzy reason decided to play a high line against us and produced an insipid performance against Man Utd. There's a lot of hype about us and so far we haven't delivered on that. We've played with little fluidity and have been easily stifled at times. Really need to step it up but not sure we know how to. Spurs will win by 2 or 3 clear goals.
  15. There in one match is why, end of season, we will not be anywhere near the top 6. Not enough quality and far too timid. Plus we must move the ball more quickly.
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