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  1. Last night was better but overall he's not been value for the money spent. For sides like us if you're going to spend 30 million on one player they have to make a significant difference. He hasn't.
  2. Right now hard to see any way we can cope with it. Intensity is the opposite of all that we currently have on the pitch.
  3. Know nothing about their ability but if they have watched our last two matches they will be full of confidence they can win. If we are to progress this is a must win game for me. Whether there is much point in progressing is another matter. Who knows who will be fit to play but with Vardy out really can't see us scoring.
  4. Extremely unlikely. Two of those players won't be back much before February when the season will be half over. We've go the Euorpa league to play in and not enough players to cope. We might get a top 10 finish is if we basically ditch the Europa League and keep our best players fit for the league. Next 4 league matches look like a possible return of 0 points. Maddison is clearly struggling and Ricardo won't be match fit for weeks either. Right now I don't see how we can compete effectively in more than one competition.
  5. Wow hadn't realised it was going to be that long. when will Riccardo be back we badly need some good news on the injury front. Both Soyuncu and Ndidi will not be back and match fit much before February.
  6. Because we don't have anyone else. That's how shallow our talent pool is.
  7. Disappointing result and performance. The injuries are taking their toll and show how poor our squad really is. Absolutely no depth in quality, especially in the attacking positions. Barnes needs to kick on this season but doesn't look the part often enough. Perez simply isn't anywhere near good enough. Without Vardy we simply don't have a decent goal scorer. Anyone who thinks we can finish top six this season is deranged. Bottom half even potetnially bottom six looks more likely quite honestly. There's just not enough leadership on the pitch and players don't seem able to grind out
  8. The answer now is to try and be positive. The economy will recover. We've been in worst positions before in 1919 and 1945 and we've pulled through. I have agreat deal of belief and faith in the younger generation. They are more tolerant and understanding. In many places in the world, though by no means sufficent, you are no longer persucuted for your sexuality and though race equality has a long way to go I think your kid's generation will be the one that finally tackles it. The same too with climate change. Yes they are being deprived of something at the moment but when this is over or easie
  9. Yes. 5.4 million Asthma sufferers to start with. 1.5 million told to shield. 16 million people known to have some kind of underlying health issue as quoted by Whitty. Everyone over the age of 50. Some of these figures will overlap but the only reason more haven't died so far is because everyone was made to stay at home. Then add to that all the people who will die of become gravely ill beacause the hospitals could be overrun with covid patients. The mark of any decent society is how it looks after its vulnerable and those less able to look after themselves. Living with the virus is w
  10. I think more maybe not than maybe. We're talking Man Utd here.
  11. If it had been at the other end it wouldn't have been a penalty.
  12. Unless they get a widespread outbreak of Covid Man City will win easily. They will pass us off the pitch.
  13. Because we only have around 14/15 decent players and we need to ensure we are in the premier League next season with ease which if we keep getting injuries to our best and key players will be hard work. Not saying we won't but I expect a lot of changes for each match.
  14. The truth is he's 100% correct and last night really showed that up. The end of last season demonstrated it too when we simply couldn't cope with injuries to key players. We have a very decent 14 or 15 players and the rest simply aren't good enough to maintain us at the top end of the league. Ideally we could do with another 4 quality players in this window and clearing out those who are just not going to play. Realistically we might get one in permanently and another on loan. We have to get a CB and we could really use another striker. A few injuries to key players and we are
  15. Rather fear Man City will have a say in that. Would be good not to get battered tonight though our defence looks woeful.
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