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  1. According to Rodgers, he’s not ready for the Premier League. He sees a lot more of him than we do. Therefore he’s currently not a better option than Wes or Fuchs.
  2. Well the manager doesn’t think he’s currently good enough. So for me it makes perfect sense. No point having him around if he’s never going to play.
  3. He will most definitely be starting ahead of Alonso, earning lots more money, Champions League football, a team on the up with a lot of money spent this summer. Also gets stick at Leicester and is clearly not one of the fans favourites. Plenty of reasons to choose them over Leicester.
  4. I’ve watched plenty don’t you worry. To have a consistent 20 goal a season striker, often feeding off scraps is something pretty special. Without Vardy, we could have been in big trouble in the last few seasons. Evans is a very good player, but strikers win you matches. I don’t think Evans has been almost faultless recently either.
  5. I probably wouldn’t have Evans in the top 3. Vardy comfortably clear in 1st.
  6. I think this game was the most important. Following on from drawing to West Ham at home and Vardy being suspended. Lose to Swansea and all of a sudden the run in of Man Utd away, Everton and Chelsea away would have got me very nervous. Also the business end of the season when it really counts.
  7. Look, I’m not getting into what’s the more important job or knocking the great job that anybody is currently doing. The point is that with that there are people out there that could be trained to become a firefighter or nurse. Just like somebody could be trained to do my job. I can’t be trained to be a top level footballer and neither can 99.99% of the population. Thats why they earn the big money. That’s all.
  8. Probably 75% of every boy at school wants to be a footballer when they grow up. So millions every year. A tiny percentage actually have the ability to make a living out of it, never mind making the kind of money Premier League footballers make. You can’t just churn them out. There are many people out there that could become firefighters or nurses etc if that’s what they choose to do.
  9. There will be life after this and it’s perfectly normal for people to be thinking how it will affect things in their lives, including football.
  10. I think the answer is probably no to most of those and the difference either way would be negligible. My point was that a tiny difference in cost/profit would not decide every decision made by the club like you suggested. There are other main factors that would be used in any decision making, such as annoying the hundreds/thousands of season ticket holders that would have to move seats if they didn’t want to be in the middle of a singing section.
  11. It would make no difference to profit either way. A full ground is a full ground whether more people sing or not.
  12. I just don’t get how you are ignoring the point of selling out all our league matches and focussing on a cup game against lower league opposition. However, you are perfectly entitled to say what you want.
  13. I can’t tell if you are just trying to wind up people or not. So i’ll assume you are genuinely not on the wind up. The FA cup tie just after Christmas, against a team around the bottom of the Championship, a few days before a cup semi-final has no bearing whatsoever on whether we will fill an extended stadium. We virtually sell out every league game, so the chances are we would sell a lot more tickets every league match if we could.
  14. My position would be exactly the same as before Brendan raised the point. If I needed to leave early like I do on a Saturday 3pm kick off to get to work then I will. If I had to leave early on the odd occasion for family reasons, then again I will. Otherwise I always stay to the end. What anybody says would not change what I decide to do.
  15. I don't think players would decide to stay or not based on how early some fans leave.
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