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  1. Drinkwater

    Doesn't the fact that the title winning team of last year potentially want to spend £37m on a player tell you something? I can't believe some people seem more than happy because Matty James can come in as he has played well in a couple of pre season matches. The difference in quality is huge at the minute. That's why Championship clubs are the ones keen on James. Its also not easy finding great centre mids to buy. Every club wants them and the odds are we won't get better than an England international like Drinkwater.
  2. Drinkwater

    It wasn't all down to Kante. One season of title winning form that would have got him into most teams can't just be forgotten.
  3. Drinkwater

    No he hasn't. Drinkwater was the better player in the Championship and James was marginally better in the one season in the Premier, but was still very average as the link I posted above shows. Schlupp, King and Moore were ranked as having a better season than him! He has not shown the level of Premier League form required yet for our team, so we need to wait and see if he can improve a lot. Drinkwater is proven. Quite simple really.
  4. Drinkwater

  5. Drinkwater

    https://www.foxestalk.co.uk/topic/101253-lcfcratings-season-summary-part-4-player-by-player-review/?tab=comments#comment-3454490 Maybe you are one of the ones that look at him a little with rose tinted glasses on? Yes in that particular season he was probably slightly better than Drinkwater. Still very average though. Drinkwater in the season before and after this, showed how good he can be. James certainly needs to step up if he is going to have break into our team regularly.
  6. Drinkwater

    I've not forgotten at all. Drinkwater was comfortably the better player in the Championship and in the season we just survived, most of the team was distinctly average at best. James has never shown the best form that Drinkwater has. As I said, I need to see James perform well in the Premier League before rating him anywhere near Drinkwater.
  7. Drinkwater

    Let's see what James does in the Premier League first. So far he has done next to nothing, whereas Drinkwater was a key member of a title winning team. Form is temporary, class is permanent.
  8. He has not shown anything like England quality yet. I can't see him getting close enough to our first team to show the vast improvement he would need.
  9. Vicente Iborra

    Did they think we were mad last summer? It's all fair and well looking back on it after his good season in the Premier League. I can't imagine loads thought we wre mad for not paying £20m for a player that had a good season in the Championship.
  10. Vicente Iborra

    This time last year, £20m would have seemed very expensive for Keane.
  11. Mahrez has asked to leave

    It's not that hard to understand. We needed him for another year. If we wasn't prepared to sell him last summer, then his options were to either stay on around 40k a week, or take 100k a week. He then could still probably leave this summer and we get a bigger fee with him being on a long contract.
  12. Wasilewski calls time on LCFC career

    Oh come on! We needed to try and win the game and bringing on a centre back is not going to help us. He got about 10 minutes purely dedicated to him after the final whistle which was far more than I can remember us giving to anyone else. All this considering he has only played for a few minutes in last last couple of seasons. Shakespeare had to do what was best for him and the team trying to win a game of football.
  13. 2018 - Bookies say 8th

    5000/1 was the right odds. That's how big an achievement it was.
  14. Joe Hart ?

    He certainly isn't average to poor. Butland and Forster are not way ahead of him either. If Kasper did leave we wouldn't get anyone better than Hart if the opportunity was there. I doubt it would be though.