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  1. I think the answer is probably no to most of those and the difference either way would be negligible. My point was that a tiny difference in cost/profit would not decide every decision made by the club like you suggested. There are other main factors that would be used in any decision making, such as annoying the hundreds/thousands of season ticket holders that would have to move seats if they didn’t want to be in the middle of a singing section.
  2. It would make no difference to profit either way. A full ground is a full ground whether more people sing or not.
  3. I just don’t get how you are ignoring the point of selling out all our league matches and focussing on a cup game against lower league opposition. However, you are perfectly entitled to say what you want.
  4. I can’t tell if you are just trying to wind up people or not. So i’ll assume you are genuinely not on the wind up. The FA cup tie just after Christmas, against a team around the bottom of the Championship, a few days before a cup semi-final has no bearing whatsoever on whether we will fill an extended stadium. We virtually sell out every league game, so the chances are we would sell a lot more tickets every league match if we could.
  5. My position would be exactly the same as before Brendan raised the point. If I needed to leave early like I do on a Saturday 3pm kick off to get to work then I will. If I had to leave early on the odd occasion for family reasons, then again I will. Otherwise I always stay to the end. What anybody says would not change what I decide to do.
  6. I don't think players would decide to stay or not based on how early some fans leave.
  7. I don’t think it’s the best way to impress the boss. I would have thought he might have been interested to see how the team that he supposedly wants to play in performed.
  8. He can do whatever he wants in his own time. However if he is keen on getting into the England team then it wasn’t the best idea. If he’s not fussed, then not an issue at all.
  9. I’m sure we wouldn’t make the news if we did though. Just a bit silly from him really.
  10. They might go to those events once a year or two, so probably less chance of leaving early I imagine. If I didn’t leave 2 or 3 minutes early on a Saturday I wouldn’t get to work on time. So I would prefer to go to the match and miss 3 mins, than not go at all. On a Sunday evening, I might miss 3 mins so I get to see my children before they go to bed. Getting a big smile and cuddle off them is more important to me than clapping off our players in a game we have already won. On other occasions, I stay to the end. It’s not too hard to understand why some people have different priorities especially in matches that are already won.
  11. I really don’t get why people get so mad about this. The comment about watching Sky instead is just ridiculous. I’m sure the people that left at 4-0 had a very enjoyable time. I don’t think Rodgers etc would have been bothered at all.
  12. You need to get your facts sorted yourself. He started 4 matches overall in the great escape. He was subbed off after 60 mins in one of them before not playing the next 3. He then got injured against Southampton after 13 mins in the last of the 4.
  13. When somebody starts talking about him being far superior to a player that was a key part in us winning the league, or could have been on a similar level to Vardy, then people will disagree. We don’t all have to gush about a player that has not shown us anything for a long time and not at all really in the Premier League. People also have a right not to feel desperately sad for a person on such a contract like his. So no, i’ll be sticking around thanks.
  14. Right, regardless of what Drinkwater did in the 14/15 season, the point is that James has never shown any good Premier League form. Its all very easy to assume that he would have turned into a great, but that is still based on nothing. In all likelihood, 13/14 in the Championship was his level and he has done very well for himself on the back of that.
  15. Being selected 20 times in a season when we was poor for most of it is not great Premier League form!
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