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  1. It's not that hard to understand. We needed him for another year. If we wasn't prepared to sell him last summer, then his options were to either stay on around 40k a week, or take 100k a week. He then could still probably leave this summer and we get a bigger fee with him being on a long contract.
  2. Oh come on! We needed to try and win the game and bringing on a centre back is not going to help us. He got about 10 minutes purely dedicated to him after the final whistle which was far more than I can remember us giving to anyone else. All this considering he has only played for a few minutes in last last couple of seasons. Shakespeare had to do what was best for him and the team trying to win a game of football.
  3. 5000/1 was the right odds. That's how big an achievement it was.
  4. He certainly isn't average to poor. Butland and Forster are not way ahead of him either. If Kasper did leave we wouldn't get anyone better than Hart if the opportunity was there. I doubt it would be though.
  5. He won't get near to the money he is on here anywhere else. He also wouldn't be a guaranteed starter at any other Premier League club. So he might as well be part of the squad here at a club he obviously enjoys being with, rather than taking less money for regular Championship football.
  6. I thought we played very well against a team that would comfortably win the Premier League. They are a level above any team we play in England and we certainly made them uncomfortable in the 2nd half. So so a lot of good, solid performances from our team, including Chilwell and Ulloa.
  7. I'd definitely agree with that. Without him we would have got relegated two seasons ago and would have missed out on everything great we have had since.
  8. Probably when he was told he could go, we wasn't in a relegation fight. At the time, Sunderland were a direct rival. Would have been stupid to strengthen them. He should have realised this and knuckled down until the summer.
  9. I'll close it when I want to. Yes i'd happily play Barnsley away being Champions of Europe, then struggling in the Premier League every season. The whole point of football is trying to win things. You can't get better than winning the Premier League and Champions League. I'm sure Forest wouldn't want to erase their European Cup wins for the sake of being becoming Bournemouth.
  10. I would take dropping down a few divisions to win the Champions League! We are probably already safe anyway, so all the Palace game would do is maybe move us up a place or two in the league. You would prefer a couple of places higher than progressing in the Champions League? I don't get that at all.
  11. Palace should be winning this pretty comfortably the form they are in. The focus should be fully on Tuesday. If we get anything out of it then it's a bonus.
  12. 36 points will possibly be enough at the end of the season, so it especially will be with 8 games to go. I would have rested Vardy and Drinkwater, but maybe the hope is we can bring them off later in the match.
  13. The chances of us going down now are so slim, the whole focus should be next Wed. If that means resting the whole first team, then fine. If some players would be better off having a game or part of a game then fine also. I personally wouldn't have players like Vardy or Ndidi anywhere near to starting on Sunday though as they are so important to us right now.
  14. They need a very good player that would be happy to sit on the bench and wait for his chance. Riyad probably would accept this. No point spending double on Griezmann when he won't play every week.