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  1. Good to see we've got the next Maldini, until he misplaces a pass and becomes the new Alan Sheehan.
  2. Those are factors too, but we went from cruising to inviting a tremendous amount of pressure on us, which leads to defensive errors.
  3. Yeah, it's missing the reactions when a wicket is taken, or a boundary scored, but that's probably for the best when you compare it to what the Premier League are doing. Beats total silence, though.
  4. Imagine how gutted they must be at Stockley Park right now.
  5. I remember him grabbing the ball for (I think) a corner late on right in front of the away fans and yelling "COME OOOOOON!" Absolute hero.
  6. Thank **** he's got that monkey off his back. Back to regular service now, hopefully
  7. Had it on tape. No idea what happened to it, though. Had the CD of Wembley Song 2000 which was somehow worse.
  8. VAR is really showing its speed, efficiency, usefulness and improvement to the game tonight, isn't it?
  9. They had the last BNP councillor until he stood down a couple years ago. Having been to Turf Moor I'm genuinely not shocked this happened though.
  10. Something had to inform my views that the likes of Andy Johnson, Josh Low and Neil Danns would eventually come good.
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