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  1. Mike the Metal Ed

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    Okay time for these small time ****ers to do a Stoke so we don't have to come here any more.
  2. I just completed this quiz. My Score 80/100 My Time 36 seconds  
  3. Paul Dickov annoying George Boateng(?) after a coming together in which Dickov lost his boot. Boateng then threw it on top of the East Stand roof.
  4. Gerry Taggart did the same with a diving header at home to Tottenham one year, right?
  5. Mark de Vries turning into an absolute machine during one game against Blackpool and slamming a left footed shot against the crossbar from 30 yards. Funny and shocking in one go.
  6. Bloody hell, when we played Wolves at home I swear he blocked every shot on goal we made. Must have gotten confused after three seasons there.
  7. No video of it, obviously, but Elvis Hammond running faster than the ball at Hinckley during the 2007 pre-season, it landing behind him, and Elvis standing there, looking around, wondering where the ball went.
  8. Mike the Metal Ed

    07/08 squad quiz

  9. Mike the Metal Ed

    07/08 squad quiz

    Hellings didn't feature that season (or, at all for us) btw, whoops. Replaced him with yet another relatively crap loan signing who I missed off my original list. Should (hopefully) be perfect now.
  10. Mike the Metal Ed

    07/08 squad quiz

    Probably because it's programmed to accept the last word of an answer, and it would consider "de Vries" two. I've fixed that now.
  11. Mike the Metal Ed

    07/08 squad quiz

    Just in case you're (very) bored waiting for the new season to start, I made a list of all 40(!) players who played for us in our worst ever season. How many can you name in 15 minutes? For clarification, they have to have made at least one active appearance for Leicester in the Championship, League Cup or FA Cup in the 2007/08 season. Even if just for one minute. (There is a player who played for literally just injury time in one game) https://www.sporcle.com/games/MikeMetal/every-player-who-played-for-leicester-city-in-0708
  12. Mike the Metal Ed

    Car Parking Old Trafford £7

    There is plenty of unofficial surface car parking advertised on a match day, the stadium has its own railway station and is a 12 minute walk from Old Trafford Metrolink station, so there are plenty of alternative options. Avoid Stretford Tesco though as they have enforced short parking times on a match day.
  13. Mike the Metal Ed

    Filbert St Demolition

    As bike shed season ticket holder in the final year, that picture of it with no roof must be the most sunlight the back of that stand seen since the end of the war. Looks like they for some reason bothered to clear up the ivy growing up the back wall too.
  14. Mike the Metal Ed

    Team announced by fans in the stand

    I also remember Martin Allen giving away a bag of Mars bars to the best performer in training, and jumping on Elvis Hammond and telling him he loves him and he's feeding his kids after he scored a goal in training. Strange man.