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  1. That'd be almost funny from Madders if it wasn't so sad.
  2. Robert Green on 5 Live, who presumably has access to a monitor, saying he doesn't know why it's been ruled out either...
  3. Over 180 minutes we displayed no skill, no accumen, no guts, nothing. Well deserved Villa. Now go get hammered by Man City.
  4. Once again we're all over them and they hit us on the break. You'd think of all clubs we'd be wise to that.
  5. The last time this was a problem we were worried about losing Jeff Schlupp...
  6. Stupid thing with this is, if that was an LBW review, it'd be umpire's decision.
  7. That's true. I just like the idea of a future pub quiz question more than being practical.
  8. He must have. Surely nepotism wouldn't conspire to make him the captain of the Brunei national team.
  9. Or Faiq Bolkiah. Probably the first prince to play in the FA Cup.
  10. Only because Wesley would miss the ball. It'd be like when we brought in Roberto Mancini only to expect him try to link up with Junior Lewis.
  11. Ever since Tigers expanded Welford Road, Leicestershire Popo say we can't play at home at the same time, so thems the rules.
  12. I'd be surprised if Praet doesn't get a start or two this month. Tielemans has looked a bit knackered lately.
  13. If nothing else because the commentator got to say: "Watford bringing on Isaac Success... they've not seen much of him lately"
  14. Well, Mullins has sorted Watford's defending out, apparently. Besides giving away potentially two penalties, of course.
  15. Some might be interested to know that on the audio track selection on the screen before you get to the actual stream, you can turn commentary off all together.
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