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  1. Either John Portsmouth Football Club Westwood is somehow allowed into Fratton Park, he's standing outside, or Pompey have a fake bell ringing during their match with no other crowd noise.
  2. Well we're known for something at least.
  3. Nothing sums up "intimate gig" like the Charlotte, pretty sure I was one wrong door away from walking in on Fozzy's changing room once! Leicester has been largely dead as a tour stop for a long time, even 15 years ago, so it always struggled to draw crowds in my teenage years. The "Academy" at Leicester Uni can't compete as an experience though.
  4. Southend United have been given 42 days to pay off a similar amount, and nobody can say that's a club that has grown beyond its supporter base to inevitably fail.
  5. Went on a whim to the match when they drew with Cambridge to stay in League Two in 2019, thought they'd be able to get a foothold from there and stabilise the club but it seems like it was beyond help. Something has to be done to address the growing inequality between the top and bottom divisions, as professional football in League Two is starting to look ever more untenable.
  6. Good to see we've got the next Maldini, until he misplaces a pass and becomes the new Alan Sheehan.
  7. Those are factors too, but we went from cruising to inviting a tremendous amount of pressure on us, which leads to defensive errors.
  8. Yeah, it's missing the reactions when a wicket is taken, or a boundary scored, but that's probably for the best when you compare it to what the Premier League are doing. Beats total silence, though.
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