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  1. Well I'm sure he'll work it out at some point in the next decade if we give him enough time...
  2. All sports psychology says as the attacking team you want to get a penalty over with as quickly as possible, and sorry there's no reason to have a player fresh off the bench take it. Asking for trouble all around.
  3. Writing a story for uni in 2013, I called a character Danny James from our midfield pairing. A friend and I took 10 year terms running the fine city of E.HESKEY on SimCity for the SNES.
  4. I think I'd remember Collins John much less fondly if I could remember anything shit about him besides him blasting an absolute sitter comically wide against Barnsley when he'd already scored and we were already 2-0 up.
  5. I'm tempted to put them in a 4-2-3-1 to mirror the formation causing me so much misery right now, but let's keep it simple: Douglas Laursen Dabizas Keown Rogers Low Johnson Jarrett Sylla Horsfield Hammond the dark 2004 - 08 era is so lucky our defence was generally the only decent part of the team.
  6. Clearly he's just been playing in the wrong position all this time
  7. Dunno, he was out of position for the first half.
  8. I stand corrected He had to foul twice for the ref to notice though.
  9. And you just know that out of Chilwell or Valery, Ben will be the one who gets sent off for something minor.
  10. My first thought was to call it "The Philpott Award" so I guess that's my answer.
  11. "Why do we need Wes Morgan when we have Sol Bamba?" - Me, 2012.
  12. Sterling handed us a real lifeline and we decided to outdo him. Unbelievable.
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