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  1. Morgan's performance was great, and I'm so glad I remembered to watch it, but spare a thought for Mali Women, who batted a spirited 9 overs today against Rwanda before ending up all out for 6 (5 of which were extras), Rwanda then took 4 balls to score 8 and win the match. http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/19349/scorecard/1188785/rwanda-women-vs-mali-women-2nd-match-kwibuka-womens-twenty20-tournament-2019
  2. It's a little bit of a battery killer, but if you get an app that refreshes scores during the game, you can get your scores ready for the half-time 4G rush, barring any 45+5 goals or something.
  3. Luckily you only need the Prime sub for two games (for now).
  4. Favourite bit in that strip is where Martin George calls Brian in to tell him the board has become aware we have a talented player, and are in danger of promotion, so they agreed to sell Ormondroyd to AC Milan, followed by a Mercury headline blaming Steve Thompson's ears for not being as prolific as Ormondroyd's nose.
  5. Also let's not forget that if not for the introduction of the dubious goals panel before the 94/95 season, he'd have a Premier League goal against Arsenal to his name.
  6. Honestly though who doesn't want an actual prince turning out for our reserves? I used to pay to go to Hinckley to watch Casino Jimmy and Adda Djeziri.
  7. Inspired one of my favourite pieces of football commentary from one of our games in the Derby playoff final when he got taken out and Alan Parry said "He went down like a felled giraffe there."
  8. Missed the first half of our 3-0 defeat at Southampton due to signalling problems between Waterloo and Woking, gateman said "I dunno why you've bothered, you're 2-0 down!" as I went in. Never actually missed a whole match I had a ticket for, though. They're too expensive to let that happen! (Actually, I missed Yeovil at home in 2009 when I had a season ticket because I went to see Motorhead at De Mont that night)
  9. Soon to be added to this list: "VAR" chants.
  10. People who were allowed to buy up gold and silver memberships in February of 2016, allowing bandwagoners to jump the queue and go to the rest of our home and away games ahead of people who'd given a **** all season. People who sing in the concourse and do gymnastics after goals to look good on Youtube but couldn't give a toss about supporting the team the rest of the time, especially when we're losing. Practically anything that gets sung when we play Cardiff or Swansea.
  11. The walk back to the car after Clive Clarke's misfortune told me all I need to know about how Forest feel about games against us.
  12. Even Akinbiyi managed to score 11 Premier League goals for us.
  13. I don't mind the yellow gold, even though I prefer it as a third strip to white, it's the tacky decoupage shiny gold that I dislike. But then I'm also coming to terms with the fact that the title win means we'll never wear white shorts as a home kit ever again.
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