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  1. Mike the Metal Ed

    Filbert St Demolition

    As bike shed season ticket holder in the final year, that picture of it with no roof must be the most sunlight the back of that stand seen since the end of the war. Looks like they for some reason bothered to clear up the ivy growing up the back wall too.
  2. Mike the Metal Ed

    Team announced by fans in the stand

    I also remember Martin Allen giving away a bag of Mars bars to the best performer in training, and jumping on Elvis Hammond and telling him he loves him and he's feeding his kids after he scored a goal in training. Strange man.
  3. Mike the Metal Ed

    Team announced by fans in the stand

    https://www.chesterfield-fc.co.uk/news/2018/june/20180625-ogradys-departure-announced/ He's still announcing club news on the website personally at Chesterfield.
  4. Mike the Metal Ed

    Team announced by fans in the stand

    Yep, definitely happened. I remember mass confusion when Patrik Gerrbrand and Patrick Kisnorbo were on the same teamsheet.
  5. Mike the Metal Ed

    Safe standing - time to act

    I remember listening to then-sports minister Hugh Robertson being interviewed on Today one morning in 2011, and his argument basically amounted to "There's no call for standing areas at football grounds", no further questions, end of, at a time when hundreds of fans were visibly standing in front of seats at grounds. He hadn't seen that, he hadn't listened, he didn't care. Labour still opposed safe standing, following on from policy from when they were the previous government, afraid of upsetting their Merseyside heartland. When Don Foster introduced a Ten Minute Rule motion to bring in a bill on safe standing, the second reading was twice delayed until the after the end of that Parliament, killing it without so much as a meaningful vote. We've come so far these past few years, keeping it on the agenda until finally, the Tories are ready to at least look into it, and Labour are actively introducing safe standing as policy. Good work from everyone who kept the pressure on.
  6. Mike the Metal Ed

    Iran Vs Portugal

    Well, I'm out of the office sweep. But what a glimmer of hope. Was praying to Kaebi for a winner.
  7. Mike the Metal Ed

    UK Cities quiz

  8. Mike the Metal Ed

    Stadium Expansion - at last !

    All the more time to get safe standing through Parliament.
  9. This, we would be much better off trying to eliminate unhealthy work-life balances contributing to the health problems this country faces than going for a simple, half-baked solution that singles people out and breeds resentment and perceived entitlement. Also, rather than being excluding from public transport I find being on the heavier side of things is very useful in making sure you can get onto a packed Metrolink tram.
  10. Mike the Metal Ed

    Union FS

    Gonna try to get a ST back in for next season but given I haven't had the opportunity to go to a home game this season due to various reasons, it's gonna be tricky.
  11. Mike the Metal Ed

    Notable people you've been blocked by on social media

    JBL and Michael Cole live during Raw and more locally, Jason Bourne and mayor Colin of FT fame.
  12. Mike the Metal Ed

    Remembering When LCFC Moved From Filbert Street

    I'm not sure what my favourite memory is out of: The entire ground legitimately wanting to murder Remi Harrell during the Atletico Madrid game, even in the normally subdued Carling Stand. Almost the same with Alan Shearer after booting Lenny. Most fans can only manage such venom towards our own players now. Beating Villa to go to the 2000 League Cup final and wanting to celebrate long after the whistle while the Villa fan my parents had invited along got increasingly more mardy. Being right next to the Red Star fans in the UEFA Cup, for my first taste of a more "continental" atmosphere Walshy coming on as a sub in the first home game of the 2000/01 season in what would be his final appearance for City. I'm not sure if it was a known thing that T*ylor had planned to ship him out of the club soon after, but he got a reaction I'll never forget.
  13. Mike the Metal Ed

    You Are The Umpire - how well do you know LBW?

    4/5 because I thought the fourth delivery was a bit wide and also missing. I think I've seen worse missed though.
  14. Mike the Metal Ed

    LCFC players featuring at the 2018 World Cup

    Shinji's made Japan's provisional 27 man World Cup squad, and they've only named four forwards in that 27, so he's pretty much nailed on to make the final squad unless he gets injured in the build up. Goalkeepers: Eiji Kawashima (Metz); Masaaki Higashiguchi (Gamba Osaka); Kosuke Nakamura (Kashiwa Reysol). Defenders: Yuto Nagatomo (Galatasaray); Tomoaki Makino, Wataru Endo (Urawa Reds); Maya Yoshida (Southampton); Hiroki Sakai (Marseille); Gotoku Sakai (Hamburg); Gen Shoji, Naomichi Ueda (Kashima Antlers). Midfielders: Makoto Hasebe (Eintracht Frankfurt); Toshihiro Aoyama (Sanfrecce Hiroshima); Keisuke Honda (Pachuca); Takashi Inui (Eibar); Shinji Kagawa (Dortmund); Hotaru Yamaguchi (Cerezo Osaka); Genki Haraguchi, Takashi Usami (Fortuna Dusseldorf); Gaku Shibasaki (Getafe); Ryota Oshima (Kawasaki Frontale); Kento Misao (Kashima Antlers); Yosuke Ideguchi (Leonesa). Forwards: Shinji Okazaki (Leicester); Yuya Osako (Werder Bremen); Yoshinori Muto (Mainz); Takuma Asano (Stuttgart).
  15. Mike the Metal Ed

    Pyro or no Pyro

    It tends to look bad in the UK because it's hard to get into grounds to begin with, and the repercussions of being caught with it in your hand means a fan is likely just to light it and drop it, which is probably more hazardous than just allowing it to be held until it burns out, but Copenhagen in the CL is one of the most awesome sights I've seen in our ground. Truth be told I'm more fond of a smoke wall in front of the home or away end as the players walk out as has been done by a few groups following non-league teams.