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  1. Shame to see him go but can't say no to that kind of money. Wonder if we'll buy someone then? Doesn't give us much time and a lot of teams arent goign to want to sell up a week before the season starts (unless we go abroad that is).
  2. I agree but you do have to worry what might happen to us if Vardy does get injured. It's hard to think of any other player who can produce the goals as the main striker like he can. Hopefully Perez can step up to the plate if he has to be the main striker with Tielemans or Maddison behind.
  3. Him and Matty Fryatt was the league 1 version of Heskey and Owen. Used to love playing with them on fifa back in the day. Howard had a beast headering stat on the game
  4. I'm talking about permanent structures. Flood walls etc. 1/3 of the Netherlands is under sea level. So i'm sure if it came to it, they could find something in place to protect the area. You would imagine that they probably thought about potential flooding risks when they purchased the site.
  5. Isn't out of the realm of possibility to build flood barriers around the area if they had to, albeit at a high cost.
  6. True but i mean.... rivers can flood and being right next to one probably isn't the best idea. I assume it's probably cheaper for them to build there though which is why they've done it. However with the money they have they could probably tackle any potential flooding problem if it were to occur.
  7. ALLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH AKBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR Booked a holiday to Side, Turkey. Been to both Bodrum and Gumbet and really enjoyed going to Turkey so hopefully this is more of the same. The food is just so much better than in Greece in my opinion.
  8. I spoke to a guy who had a hair transplant. He went abroad to get it done thuogh (some central American country i think). Looked alright but he said it was the most painful thing ever. He shown me the pictures of his red raw head and it looked gross. Think i'd accept baldness over that. Said he couldn't sleep for weeks as it hurt when he laid down. If anyone is doing it you might want to book 2 weeks off or whatever so you can heal up at home.
  9. I'd be quite disappointed if we don't use Soyoncu and/or Benikvic when/if Maguire leaves. I didn't think Soyoncu played bad at all in the few games he played for us. I'd rather give these two a go then spend 45 mill on an ok centre back.
  10. Big signing for us. Gives me hope that we'll secure 7th and possibly 6th. Although 5th or 4th don't sound too impossible now!
  11. Still getting flash backs of Slimani and Nacho.
  12. Hope he does well. Seems most times we spend a lot on a player it usually goes to shit. I
  13. Christoph

    A. Perez

    For someone who can't be arsed to go through 24 pages is this more or less confirmed then? What tier source are we talking here?
  14. The only package that matters. The IPTV Package. Anyone ever used it before? Heard good things about it for watching football on it. Get every game from nbc and stuff.
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