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  1. This is my biggest concern. They'll sit back, we'll put the whole team forward with one man left behind and then no doubt they'll lump a long ball over the top and we'll have to watch with our hands over our eyes.
  2. **** me the prices of those houses in Knighton. I know they were pricey but 440k for an unfurbished terrace house is crazy money. Don't think my house in Braunstone Town will be getting to that price any time soon
  3. Meh its ok but wouldn't use them full price. I always sign up with the discounts then cancel straight away. The amount of times i've had missing ingredients is unreal. Quality of the stuff you get can be hit and miss. Ive had carrots that look like they were picked out of a dustbin. The recipes can be alright although some are very hit and miss. Too much mince meat recipes for me. I like mince meat but i'll probably really only eat it once a week. All the nice recipes are always extra as well.
  4. To be honest though clips of matches isn't the same as watching a match live. Everyone knows that. I feel like football is still popular with kids. Fifa is more popular then ever. But yes the lack of channels to watch it on surely has an impact. Can't see why they dont put the matches that wont air on tv on for free. E.G. If Newcastle V West Brom isn't going to be on sky or bt, then let ITV or BBC throw it on for free.
  5. What does the new changes do? The ones that Uefa are trying to implement
  6. Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?
  7. I had monster hunter on Xbox when it was hyped up and never got into it. Too Japanese too me and didn't enjoy the combat. Felt more like modern day final fantasy style rather than something like demon souls etc. If you're not getting into it with the demo doubt you'll enjoy it much more on the full game.
  8. Nah its from the swift queue website.
  9. Someone sent me a link where you can book an AZ jab from those who haven't attended their appointment. Checked it this morning and got in for 11:30. In and out. Unsure if it's been posted in here or not or if i'm allowed to but can share it if anyone is interested.
  10. Why are they allowing no social distancing in gyms now then? I.E. Grappling/Jits is allowed or whatever?
  11. A woman at my work has booked a holiday abroad...in May. I have to admire the hope of some people. May seems way too early to book anything. Even June seems a bit far off.
  12. LG CX probably best TV on the market right now but slightly above ur budget. I'd say if you plan on playing next gen games within the next ten years that's the one to go to. Samsung q70/80/90 are all decent enough albeit not as good as the CX. But they do have annoying adverts that come up on ur TV homebar if u connect it to the Internet. Pissed me off enough to never buy Samsung and yes I could not connect it to the Internet but I prefer everything being on the TV.
  13. Agreed. Also it's hard to believe people will want to stay in lockdown much longer. You already have a lot of people meeting up with friends and family now. My next door neighbour had a birthday party 2 weeks ago...! The point of the lockdown is to protect the NHS and number of people needing to go to Hospital. As far as i'm aware 98% of those who have had to go to hospital are those in the vulnerable group or over the age of 50.. If the most vulnerable are protected the rest of us who might get it will probably be ok. Its a risk I can live with taking anyway.
  14. Yep looks like you're right. Wonder what is making the difference then? People in Germany locked down and socially distanced better? Does the UK have a higher BAME population that are obese...which seems to be a double whammy against Corona. The increase cant just come from dodgy numbers though surely because as someone mentioned our excess deaths from the previous years is much higher than other countries.
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