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  1. Agreed. Can't you ask a family member or a friend if they would be willing to set up a standing order over the price you pay and they just loan it for a year? I bet plenty of people you know would be up for it.
  2. What would be ideal if they made it where the seats were high up so your standing but get to lean on something.
  3. Well apparently the writers were offered to do up to season 9 for 10 episodes each season but they chose to cut it down. Something to do with them getting work from Disney on the new star wars films/tv shows or whatever. Sounds like they've got bored of it and tried to rush through it. Shame really as you can tell that the last 2 seasons have been way more rushed then the others. The last episode wasn't BAD but it felt like it could have been so much better if they had built it up to make more sense.
  4. Yes i've moved seats twice. Was sitting behind the goal for 1 season, then moved to SK1 up near the top standing up for 3 seasons and then to SK2 in the corner sat back down. Now we're looking back at moving to SK1 because sitting down and cranking your neck all game is worse than standing up all game.
  5. Totally agree. Waste of money buying a prebuilt tower as you're paying extra money for someone putting it together and putting one together is as easy as lego. I'd recommend going on https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/ and asking on there but also reading the FAQS etc. Probably get more detailed support on there than on here.
  6. Totally agree. This is probably the only active forum i'm on now. Checked my profile to see how long i've been on here for and its 2007. Jesus christ.. not even 2000 posts in over 12 years. Absolute lurker
  7. Assume direct debit people don't need to do anything to renew and it will just do it automatically like the previous years?
  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/FenerbahceSK/comments/au7v7l/slimani/ Seems the fans at Fenerbahce think Slimani is doing well
  9. Barca rely too heavily on Messi. There was a point when there must have been about 4 players in the box and rather than just cracking it in goal they pass it to messi. Barca are going to be ****ed once messi leaves.
  10. Think Emery has been told he will have like £60 mill to spend on players? It's something along those lines...might even be less. Arsenal probably need a new back 4 and whatever else. Unsure they'll be able to replace them. Chelsea might be affected by having no Hazard in their team, especially if they cant buy anyone to replace him. Man U i'd favour still hitting top 6 but you never know. Don't get me wrong, I'd still assume we are going to finish somewhere between 7th - 9th next season but we have a decent chance next season as the other top teams aren't doing as well as they normally do.
  11. Every time I've been optimistic about a season its been disappointing and every time I've been pessimistic with a season I've been pleasantly surprised. Arsenal look truly shit and I can see them struggling next season, alongside Man U so I do think there is a chance we could break into the top 6. I think Wolves, Watford and Everton are going to be aiming for the same though, so it might come down to luck and how good our signings are. We need a good winger and striker to really push into those top spots.
  12. Sometimes you need to organise stuff together and purposely make the time for it. E.G. Myself and my work friends have badminton booked once a week for an hour after work. Doesn't get in the way of their life too much because its only one hour after work a week but it makes the time and it can fit around most peoples schedules. Also have a season ticket with my other two friends which means I'll usually see them every other week as well. Last thing you want your life to be is to go work, come home, make dinner, clean up, sit on the sofa for a few hours and then go sleep. All about making time for friends. Obviously it takes two to tango but if you have a decent group of friends then you can usually catch one or two to do something every other week.
  13. Surely Albrighton starts the next 2 games? He had a fantastic game and makes you wonder how Gray got in front of him.
  14. Heard Winstanley House is supposed to be pretty decent if you like the more fine dining stuff. North Kitchen on Hinckley Road is another one which gets decent reviews. Not been to either myself because I'm a tight b*stard but looks nice enough in the photos
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