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  1. Currys glitch finally came throufh and got my dpd tracking sorted for tomorrow. Demon souls this weekend then 😎
  2. I'm just not into Assassins Creed games. I enjoyed the first two but after that I never got into it. Figured I might like this one but its more of the same stuff. If you've enjoyed the later assassins creed you'll likely enjoy it but if you haven't then you probably wont. All depends really. Game is too long for me to play. Come on lad buy it off me
  3. Got Assassins Creed for Xbox if anyone was thinking of buying it. £40. £12 cheaper then going to the shops anyway...! And you can probably resell it for £30-35 once youre done.
  4. Still waiting for my order to come from Currys. They don't have a clue. Got one on back order with Shopto that should arrive before Christmas too. So one of them hopefully turns up within the next 2 weeks. Hate waiting around for it.
  5. Flights are with Singapore Airlines which in my opinion are one of the better airlines to use. Think I am entitled to full refund or exchange if its cancelled etc. I want to try and beat the rush as once this vaccine starts rolling out the holiday prices are going to shoot straight back up too.
  6. Looking on Singapore airlines website. Flights to Thailand (Phuket)...540 return in September. Do I roll the dice lads?? Surely it will be ok to fly then right....SURELY??!?!?!?!
  7. There are muntjack deers in Ayelstone meadows. First time I saw one I was thinking wtf was it.
  8. GTA. Any of the PS2 era ones. Absolutely classic songs on there.
  9. Think i'm gonna start looking at booking places for September or October. Thailand hopefully although a bit apprehensive of the country kicking off because of the king or whatever. With the vaccine looking likely I want to catch the wave before the prices for flights shoot up. Think i'm only going to book with a half decent airline though. Won't ever touch KLM after trying to get my refund last time.
  10. If i have to be a guinea pig to the vaccine which means I can go to football then sign me up. I can live with my future kids having three toes if need be
  11. I am not getting into this game one bit. Find it a bit boring and generic like the rest of the assassins creeds. Does anyone want it for £40 before I try flogging it on Facebook Marketplace (Xbox)? Collection only. Live in Braunstone Town by Mossdale Park/The Kingsway.
  12. The Xbox one S is the older Xbox. That is the previous generation Xbox. There will be tons available in all the shops. However, you may have mistaken the One S with the Xbox Series S. The Series S is the brand new 'budget' Xbox which is retailing for £250 also. It's probably sold out everywhere but no harm in looking for them. If you want to get the previous generation Xbox i'd sooner buy one second hand. You can get them for about £100 off Facebook Market place / Gumtree as a lot of people are offloading them now they have the new xbox. Alternatively the Xbox One X second hand is
  13. I didn't want the console anyway. Would look terrible in my living room!
  14. Can you hear that? I think that's the sound of a whip
  15. Looks like the glitch method via Curry's has worked out.
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