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  1. It's not regulated like a bank for example. They could get 'hacked' like other bitcoin websites and people can lose their money. Who are people going to complain to or get their money back from? Probably worth moving to a wallet if you have a lot of money in there anyway. It's a lot of trust given to a website.
  2. At the moment it's a sellers market. You have multiple people making offers on homes so a lot of people are sticking to their valuations on the idea they can wait it out until someone does come in. The way I see it...if theres a house you really like..what difference does a few grand make over 10/20/30 years? Obviously you shouldn't be ripping yourself off making daft offers but if theres a house you like then i think its worth chucking a few more quid at it if need be. I think too many people are expecting house prices to fall but tbh the best that I can see happening is house p
  3. No doubt plus Pearson wasn't really playing him enough either but i can see a glimmer of talent and technical ability in Under as well. Albeit not quite that level but hes shown more technical ability than Perez has. Am I just trying to convince myself that everything is going to be ok even though half our team is ****ed? Maybe i am...maybe i am.
  4. Not quite how i remembered. The talent was obvious but he had loads of off games for us at the start. 1st season in the Championship he had 19 appearances and 3 goals. 2nd season in the Prem he had 30 appearances, 4 goals and 1 assist (plus 1 extra goal in league cup). Doesn't sound that amazing to me.
  5. Thing is...so many of our great players had a lackluster first reason. I mean...look at Mahrez. He didn't do an awful lot for his first 2 seasons. I think these things need time and players need time to adjust and gel. Vardy also didn't play great in his first season either. I really think he could become decent and has higher potential than Perez or Nacho. Hopefully this run of games shows what he can do.
  6. Which penny stocks are people getting from trade 212 isa accounts? I know they dont have a lot on there.
  7. Why is Britain behind? Because the corrupt politicians in our government have no reason to legalise it when half their mates are making money on it already selling it as medicinal weed. I read something daft somewhere where the UK is one of the largest exporters of medicinal canabis around the world. Mental.
  8. I work on London Road and know the area fairly well. Houses are really nice but that side of Leicester is full of crack and spice heads now. There was a string of burglaries against the shops on London Road last year so it's definitely a bit risky. Rowley fields (top end anyway) is a nice little area If you want to be close to the city. I think any closer and it gets a bit mehhhh.
  9. https://canex.co.uk/labour-leader-sir-keir-starmer-is-against-cannabis-decriminalisation/ Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer Is Against Cannabis Decriminalisation Honestly Keir Starmer is such a shit opposition. To me he is just a diet can of Tory. No real opposition. No real or interesting policies. Just overall shit.
  10. Yes report them to Mrs Finster
  11. To be honest lads you can go anywhere in Jamaica it's not that unsafe. My mom is half jamaican and i've been multiple times. Kingston is only really dodgy at night if and thats if you stop at the traffic lights lol... Everywhere else is chilling. The tourist resorts are all safe to wander around at night. Although I was mainly down in St Elizabeth area in the villages so it is a lot more rural
  12. Wouldn't worry too much about agents. 90% of people are finding and looking at houses through rightmove and zoopla. Agents don't really bring customers for viewings nowadays...more like guide the sale along to those who have shown an interest.
  13. Took me about 3 months from klm. This is what puts me off booking anything. Doesn’t matter if i get a refund it’s the hassle of getting it back that I can’t be arsed for.
  14. It's the same thing with every Nintendo console since the Gamecube. Start: A good amount of strong exclusives available Middle: Absolutely **** all good...maybe a decent Mario if you're lucky. Bunch of ports and remasters. End: One or two good exclusives which will also release around the same time as their upcoming console which will also have those games. The fact they have the cheek to charge full price for a ten year old Zelda game that has barely been worked on just sums up Nintendo.
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