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  1. Don't go on snapchat/instagram. Problem solved
  2. Well my friends wedding is ****ed then, and possibly mine too. Thanks, Tories.
  3. Iheanacho saved our season. Feel like hes not great on the counter, needs to be around the box. Offers a lot more than perez though.
  4. People want to replace him?!?!
  5. I think it's run it's course, though don't agree with the booing in the slightest.
  6. I actually think Ghezzal could have been much better for us than Perez
  7. Is he though? He has 1 more goal than Allison
  8. He shouldn't be starting games. Maybe he's out of form, but he's had more than enough chance to "play his way into form", and it's shocking that he's getting in ahead of Nacho at the moment. Should be a sub to bring on in the 60th minute against tired legs, think he'd have a bit more success that way.
  9. It doesn't help that our defense is put under so much pressure time and time again, because the attack can't hold up the ball, or pose any threat on the counter. Fofana and Thomas both could have done better. But their performance was far better than that of Perez, or Maddison (or even Vardy).
  10. Feel sorry for the bloke. Ridiculous form. Since March, he's the most in form striker in the league. Yet he gets dropped after one poor performance?! AND PEREZ AND MADDISON START!?!"?!"? Words fail me.
  11. Is it possible that they're both terrible?
  12. Cemented himself as a Leicester legend. Thank you!
  13. Kounde from red picks (only played up to Silver 1 this week - the servers were unplayable for me so I cba). Did the 85+ player pick though and got the choice of Jordi Alba or Carrasco. Tough call but took Carrasco - can link him to Tielemans, which is nice.
  14. Just did the 81+ x 25 Bloody awful. The best I got was an 85 (thiago silva) and an 84. Most of them were 81.
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