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  1. Sorry, but that's a strange leap in logic. I don't think anyone thinks Fuchs should be anything other than a back-up player at this point in his career, similar to Wes. The simpler, and much more likely explanation is that people are hammering Chilwell because (whether you agree or disagree), it seems to them that Chilwell isn't putting in very good performances. It's really that simple. No-one hated Ricardo for replacing Simpson. The reason being Ricardo has put in quality performances time and time again. Ricardo might also have poor performances on occasion, but he has earned himself a lot more lee-way as his bad days are few and far between, I don't have strong views on Chilwell either way, but it's undeniable that recently his performances have been shocking. The only thing that's up for debate is whether he's a good player in poor form, or not.
  2. Nah, this is a 'not good', Under Pressure. We're just off form.
  3. Charl91


    I think this exactly proves my point. We live in a world where the President of the biggest country in the world can openly and shamelessly lie directly to the electorate on a daily basis, and have it called "alternate facts". We have our current Prime Minister who also is very liberal with the meaning of the word "truth", refuses to be interviewed, and who has reportedly banned his own ministers from going on the today program, tacitly stating that it's either favourable coverage or no coverage. We have media which in no way can be said to be disinterested, and who at this point don't even pretend to try and portray political stories in a way which actually reflects reality (and that goes across the spectrum, I include the left-wing papers in this). And yet, you genuinely think the biggest problem for free speech is the fact that a couple of hundred students (and that's probably being very generous) at a few universities voted to stop one or two people from speaking? I don't generally agree with the idea of no-platforming, but the idea that this issue would even register as a problem in comparison to the actual, genuine problems we face shows that the right-wing media has done it's job. It's blown up what is essentially a non-issue (how many people do you believe were involved in these votes for no-platforming?) and turned it into a fear story against 'liberals''. So I did a bit of digging, and couldn't find the numbers for the votes on no-platforming, but I did find this, which probably gives you a rough estimate of the sort of numbers that tend to be involved in these kind of votes (and coincides with my own experience of this sort of thing). "The Oxford Union voted by a huge margin (224 to 49) not to support no-platforming and accorded a standing ovation to the case against." That's normally a good ball-park for the kind of figures we're looking at. If you were imagining that tens of thousands of students were voting to no-platform, then you can rest easy at night again. Most students, even though they tend do be left wing, don't tend to get involved in this kind of thing - they have far better things to do with their time. What you are talking about is the far left of an already left-wing institution. They are only representative of the average left wing person in the same way that a National Front member is representative of your average right wing person - it's a tiny, tiny, subsection of the elecorate. So, as I said: The media have done a very good job at whipping up a frenzy about nothing, while the real problems go unchecked. (I won't even get into the comparisons with Corbyn and Trump. I understand criticism of Corbyn, but they are universes apart. They're not comparable. All I can say is, imagine if Corbyn was accused of doing even 5% of what Trump has done - the Sun would have headlines for decades. )
  4. I never understand this kind of speculation. So many comments saying things like "Maddison and Chilwell have had their head turned by transfers, that's why they're playing badly". It's odd that people genuinely believe that, rather than the much simpler explanation that players go through bad runs of form.
  5. Nah, I think that's an easy excuse to make. The simple answer is they're just not playing well at the moment. Doesn't have to be related to transfers at all.
  6. Gray, Nacho and Tielemans all on please. We need the 14 men
  7. Charl91


    You sure like to whip yourself into a bit of a frenzy about this imaginary threat of the "woke left". It reminds me of a conversation I had with my father the other day, when he was talking about how ridiculous it is that people identify as 50+ different genders. So I asked him how many people he'd met that identify as one of these "strange" genders - the answer was of course, zero. And that sums it up really. There's a lot of, dare I say, "project fear" in the media about 'woke' people, and people love to share outrageous things they've read on twitter. But the reality of it is, how many of these people do you actually meet in real life? For most people, I imagine the answer is 'very few'. I mean, Jesus Christ, imagine wanting to vote for Trump because the media has you worried about "woke people". The right wing media has done it's job well - people are genuinely worried about things that have literally 0 impact on their day to day life (and often things that don't reflect reality). However I am starting to come to the conclusion that most right-wing people already know this; they just don't try too hard to see past the misinformation, as it's an easy strawman to justify supporting someone who's clearly morally bankrupt. "Haha, stupid left-wing people wanting the right to marry trees. Trump wouldn't stand for it". In reality, most people who oppose Trump don't define themselves as "woke", they're just normal people with a conscience, but of course, they're a bit more difficult to attack, so let's just focus on the Loony 0.1%. After everything that's gone on, and everything we know about him, anyone who would still willingly vote for Trump, is either someone with very low intelligence (which is somewhat forgivable - I'm not exactly the brightest button myself), or an intelligent person with 0 mortal fortitude (which is not). And I'm not saying that the American left-wing candidates are good, and I could certainly understand not voting for them. But actually voting for 'The Donald' of your own volition? At least in Russia you have the excuse of being shot for not voting the right way. And before people say "ItS LanGuage LiKe ThAt ThAt MEaNs PeOpLe VoTeD for TrUmP", I don't care. Clearly if you're still inclined to support Trump, you are not persuaded by reason, logic or just basic human decency. You're already a lost cause, so it doesn't really matter. /Rant TL:DR - Trump Sucks. Voting for him is bad.
  8. And if you were on the fence, just think: Piers Morgan thinks it's a bad thing.
  9. Good on them. If they're not doing their "Royal Duties", then I don't think they should be earning money from it. But have no problem with them stepping back from in - in fact, I applaud them for it. They get so much shit and scrutiny from the media, I don't blame them for wanting to lead a slightly more "normal" life.
  10. Don't shoot me, but... I think Mendy or Adrien Silva would be better at the moment.
  11. Not panic stations just yet, but we massively miss Wilf, and we've been carrying Tielemans for a while now.
  12. Charl91

    The gym

    Yeah I used the Loughborough PureGym over the Christmas holidays while my regular one was closed. Great place, and loads of equipment (I like that it has dumbells up to 50kg). Only downside is it's absolutely rammed at peak times.
  13. Would we get shares in his JLINGZ brand?
  14. This decade makes it trickier. Can't include most of my favourite games (Baldur's Gate 2, Halo, MW2, Dragon Age Origins, Left 4 Dead 2) Dark Souls (clear winner - won't cheat and put each individually) Fall Out New Vegas Divinity Original Sin 2 Rocket League Fifa 12 AstroBot Fortnite (sorry) Xcom Borderlands 2 Cuphead Few games that narrowly miss out, like BOTW, Pikmin and Nintendo land.
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