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  1. I'm not going to say a lot, other than the CGI is good, the actors are good, and the writing is very bad. I probably put more thought into this comment than the writers did into season 8 of Game of Thrones.
  2. To be fair, you'll probably have kids saying "yeah but the music my parents didn't 'get' was Stormzee" (or whatever he's called - he's a music person, right?). I will agree though that most modern music is bloody awful. I also thought most mainstream music was shit when I was a kid too, but it's somehow managing to get even worse, which I didn't think was possible.
  3. With how they "concluded" the NK part, I'm finding it difficult to see why Bran is even in the story at all. You could actually get rid of him from the whole show and I don't think it would make any difference to the plot.
  4. Yeah, there does seem to be a couple of morons on there. But isn't that the same with every forum? God knows what people would think of us if they read some of the posts over here To be fair, I think most of their expectations are reasonable, considering since they last played us in the PL, they've played 17, lost one, won 16. They should win, but we're certainly capable of causing an upset - again.
  5. The last episode was bad. Game of Thrones has become The Walking Dead
  6. I'm fairly confident we'll get this over the line. He's had a shit time at Monaco, and seems to be loving life here at the moment.
  7. I agree with your other points, but it's a bit mean to call him a Piece of Sh*t
  8. I don't have strong feelings about Man City or Liverpool, but I would love for us to win. Man City have been crazy this year, and if we did the double over them it would be ridiculous.
  9. Earned his spot against Man City, for sure.
  10. So, so good. Just always in the right place.
  11. Highly doubt there's any truth in this. I like Maguire. I'd certainly like to keep him for next season, but every player has their price; you couldn't refuse 90m for any player really, other than Messi.
  12. Kegworth is Leicester Or at least in my house! Dunno about Castle Donington though, it's always struck me as a bit Derby'ish.
  13. Charl91


    Harder than Freide? Her, and the twin demons, took me forever (with Nameless King being a close third). Might give it another go then. I only got to the part where I got the prosthetic
  14. Nah, as pretentious as her blog is, I'm with her on that one. When I was at Uni, I was normally the staying-up-til-5am being loud and annoying type, and I didn't have too much sympathy for those who complained about it. But everyone knows that exam times are an exception - it's an unwritten rule that if anyone in your house has an exam the next day, you make sure that you're not a complete arsehole and keep the noise down as much as you can. As for her 'blog', nothing particularly wrong with it - I thought I'd have a look at it, because it looked like the context of the original picture wasn't very clear. Ok, it's a little boring and pretentious, but I've known lots of people like that. A very sensationalised headline. If anything, I get more annoyed by the type of politics which seems to involve digging up as many minor things about a persons past and blowing them up way out of proportion. "look, this person once said a swear word 7 years ago on twitter" or indeed "look how he eats a bacon sandwich". It's just shit politics. (Though obviously Russo is a different kettle of fish there - clearly a bit of a twat)
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