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  1. Under is done at the club. Shame, he never really got much of a chance, but clear Brendan doesn't rate him. Still, it baffles me that he's willing to give Choudhury more chances than Under....
  2. The decision to take him off was a joke. Feel bad for him. What more can he do.
  3. I did it too and gutted my club for it. Mid Gerrard, Mid Henry, Prime Pirlo. Eurgh. Went for mid Gerrard. Henry wasn't going to displace Neymar and Pirlo way too slow. Least mid Gerrard just about displaces my Roy Keane. Really could've done with a defender though!
  4. Guess that's where we differ. Would've like to go far in the EL, but not particularly bothered about the FA cup.
  5. With the state our squad is in, and the way we've performed in recent games, I have seen nothing to suggest we have a realistic chance of winning it. The chance of our youngsters winning it probably isn't much slimmer than our main squad, at is currently stands. Call me a boring old pessimist (I like to think pragmatist) but I think we're far more likely to injure players and ruin our already slim top 4 chance than we are to win the FA cup. And not many great players are going to join you just 'cus you won the FA cup.
  6. At this point I'd play the weakest squad I possibly could, just to give what few players we have left a bit of a rest.
  7. Sunday night is the best time by a clear mile for WL. Normally get gold 2 but tend to stop at gold 3 now (found that the rewards aren't worth the extra games). But did Gold 3 on Sat and still had about 6 games left on Sunday, so thought I'd play them on Sunday night instead of doing some rivals. Late Sunday night you seem to come across people that are rushing to finish their games. Came across 3 people that went all-out attack/high pressure from the start, I think in an aim to score early and make me quit. As soon as I went 1 or 2 up, they quit, giving me an easy win.
  8. I did that. The best I got in one was Eriksen, and the best in the other was an 83
  9. Dunno about that - Chris Wood scored a pretty great goal with his face a while back. Don't think he was trying for that one.
  10. You're right he doesn't - but you can only invite so much pressure on yourself before mistakes happen. This seems down to the game plan - we seem to have deliberately sat back.
  11. Teams looking like this now. Only just completed Kroos, but really rate him. Worth doing IMO if he goes in your team. I bought Messi, but ended up selling him again. He just gets pushed off the ball far too easily.
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