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  1. The problem isn't with the players taking a cut. If they agree to do that, then good on them. The problem is with the money going to the clubs. Because a few clubs have laid off non-playing staff (Spurs for example), not because they can't afford to pay them, but because they'd rather save money and let the Government (well, the taxpayer) pay for them. If the money goes straight to the club, the danger is that all this "pay cut" will do is take money from the rich footballers, and give it to the even richer club owners. If I was a footballer, I'd be quite rightly annoyed about that. That's why it would (in my opinion) be better for the 30% paycut money to go straight to the Government (and for the clubs to top up the remaining 20% of wages), then at least none of the non-playing staff are losing out on wages, and the money from the players would definitetly be going to any furloughed playing staff, albeit in a more indirect fashion - it'd go from the players, to the governments finances, to the non-playing staff. That ensures that it's not just making Daniel Levy even richer.
  2. Yup, agree 100%. Wouldn't surprise me if teams like Tottenham make all the players take a 30% cut and then keep the money themselves. A donation to the NHS/other charities would make the most sense.
  3. It depends where the 30% is going. If it's going in the pocket of the clubs, it's a terrible idea. If that money is going straight to the NHS/Charities (like Man United are), then it sounds sensible to me. I presume even with the 30% pay cut, they'll still be paying taxes on the 70% of the remaining income.
  4. In this current climate, it's difficult to get hold of any weights for a half decent price - most seemed to go at the same time as the toilet paper. I ended up buying some weights a little over a week ago, and even then most places were saying "out of stock".
  5. Charl91

    Corona Virus

    Both parents don't need to be key worker, it's dodgy if your school are saying that. (to my knowedge at least, and we weren't told anything different at school, nor can I find anything else to say otherwise). As part of the unofficial FoxesTalk Key-Worker Gestapo, I can tell you if your child should be in school. 1) Is one or both of you a keyworker? (Or is your child a 'vulnerable child' that you can't provide care for at school). 2) Are you both out at that time, so unable to care for your child? (and, no, that doesn't mean "I work from home and don't want to be distracted"). 3) Have you exhausted every other possible avenue of getting care for your child? (eg. trying to rearrange work times with your boss) 4) Are they unable to look after themselves? (providing they are old enough?) If the answers to all questions are "yes", then they should be in school during the times you are not at work (so if you work mornings, then pick them up in the afternoon). But it should still only be on parent that needs to be a 'key worker', not both. Probably true for most children, but we also have a class full of the buggers!
  6. Charl91

    Corona Virus

    I've heard similar. "My child needs care because I'm a key worker" "Yes, but you're on maternity leave...."
  7. Charl91

    Corona Virus

    Thank you. And I genuinely mean it, because a lot of parents wouldn't make that effort.
  8. Charl91

    Corona Virus

    As someone who has to be in school tomorrow, this really pisses me off. I know at our school we'd probably refuse to take them on those days, if it were known. We only take children if there's no other possible alternative for childcare, it's not supposed to be a free break from your kids, ffs. Selfish twats.
  9. Charl91

    Corona Virus

    Set up a home gym. Been quite nice. Looks like everyone is panic buying gym equipment though!
  10. Charl91

    Corona Virus

    Going to sound a bit blunt here, so I apologise in advance. But if you have any capability to care for your child, even if it makes working from home tricky, then please, please keep them at home. We've been making it very clear at our school, to parents of key workers, that our care service is literally a last resort for if you cannot provide childcare in any other way, and even, we'll only cover the hours that are absolutely needed. If you only work Mon - Thurs, then your child should not be in on the Friday. Every extra child in school will greatly increase the risk that not only they, but the other children, staff, and parents of those children will get it (and those will be the parents providing those key jobs). You'll be putting you and your child* at unnecessary extra risk. I don't know the needs of your child, and maybe they do need care that you can't provide for them at home, but if you have the capability to look after them at home, then please do it. (*and on a selfish note, also staff. I have a partner with fairly bad asthma so I'd rather not catch it myself)
  11. Charl91

    Corona Virus

    You may know this already by now, but if your Mrs works for the NHS, then you will qualify for the free child care at school. Released it this morning - only 1 parent needs to be classed as a 'key worker'.
  12. Charl91

    Corona Virus

    I think we were told that supermarket staff would count. Gov. supposed to be releasing the information tonight.
  13. Charl91

    Corona Virus

    Interesting, thanks for that. Looks like a lot of schools have had to take a "stab in the dark" at it then (which makes sense, because it's nearly Friday now and we still don't know!), but it's interesting to see that pretty much every school has gone for the "both parents" route. Hadn't even thought of armed forces, but I suppose that makes sense.
  14. Charl91

    Corona Virus

    Yeah - I know that children with EHCP's (Educational, Health and Care plan - that's not every 'special needs' child, but only a very select few) and also children who have social workers can have a place. That parts pretty straight forward at least. The "key workers" should cover more than healthcare workers - I believe Teachers and people who work as delivery drivers, etc. will also qualify - but there's still no definitive list, which has a lot of schools panicking right now. Any school who have already sent out letters about who they'll take could be shooting themselves in the foot when the official definition comes out. I've seen a lot of schools have sent information about both parents needing to qualify, but that's not definitive yet - there's a chance it could just be only 1 of the parents. But yeah, there is a good chance that the school could be a fair distance away.
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