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  1. Charl91

    FIFA 19

    Fifa 12 was the best (possibly 13, since it was basically the same game). Has all been downhill from there, really.
  2. Charl91

    PS4 vs Xbox One

    What makes you say that? Xbox was by far better than PS in the '360 era (and I personally preferred the Xbox to the PS2). However the Xbone is awful, and their games have stagnated. I have an Xbox One, but I'm far less happy with it than I was with the '360, for a multitude of reasons. I don't care for fanboyism - I have no loyalty to one Microsoft or Sony - but PS4 clearly has the upper hand at the moment, and nothing I've seen has lead me to believe that will change in the near future.
  3. Charl91

    Stefano Sturaro

    Bodes well.
  4. Charl91

    Strange but True

    You're right, that is certainly odd. You can spend plenty of time in a cemetery when you're dead.
  5. Charl91

    Aleksandar Dragovic

    Dragovic is one of the biggest mysterys since Leon Crncic. Seemed like a very solid player, no idea why we haven't gone for him.
  6. Charl91

    President Trump & the USA

    The man is a joke. The Russians clearly have something on him.
  7. Charl91

    Ex-Leicester City player news

  8. Charl91

    Bethesda teasing new Fallout game

    It's not a New Vegas re-make, or made by Obsidian, so think I'll pass.
  9. Charl91

    Jack Grealish

    I didn't say straight reds though. Two yellows is still a red. Also he is only 22 so far. Yeah, maybe he hasn't had many, but I've seen him play a fair bit, and that's more through luck than anything. In the Prem, where they're hotter on this kind of thing, he'd probably be good for at least 1 red a season. All I know is, had it been us in that play-off final (or any other high stakes game), and Jack had put in a stupid tackle like that for us, I'd be fuming.
  10. Charl91

    Jack Grealish

    Yes he does. One last year for 2 yellows against Forest. Should have also had one in the play-off final last week for a horror 2-footed tackle from behind, but got incredibly lucky. That's not the time where you want players making choices like that. He's a talented player, but very hot tempered and makes rash decisions because of it.
  11. Charl91

    Jack Grealish

    No from me. He's a walking red card.
  12. Charl91

    Riyad Mahrez

    It's odd that no-one's lining up to buy Okazaki, Iheanacho and Slimani for 50m+
  13. Charl91

    Kids on Holidays in Term Time.

    Snow days? That's not really the same same, because it's health and safety. Great, your little Timmy might be able to get into school 'cus it's a 10 minute walk, but someone driving from 30+ minutes out isn't going to have it so easy (Children and teachers alike - sometimes the kids can get in but the teachers can't). And if School isn't closed, and then a child/teacher gets injured, then Schools will be putting themselves at risk for lawsuit after lawsuit. Granted, sometimes schools are closed without a lot of reason when it comes to snow, so I can understand the frustration there. Dunno about Inset days; our school always tends to tack them on to the end of the holidays (so kids just come back a day later from Summer/Christmas, and no-one even tends to be aware that one has taken place). That seems reasonable to me. I imagine it's pretty annoying if schools take them at random times throughout the year, though. As a Teacher, I don't really care too much if parents take their kids out of school for holidays, as long as they don't take the piss with it. A few days/ a week before the end of a term? Yeah, go right ahead. A 2 week holiday in the middle of a term just before/during their SATS? That's pretty crappy really.
  14. Charl91

    Beliall's Revenge

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 114 seconds  
  15. Charl91

    Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Knocky is one of my fav players of all time. I'd love to have him back here. Knocky > Gray