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  1. 7 wins 3 losses. Really glad I went for the POTM Lewandoski (even though I had to trade in my entire Spanish team I'd built), he's a beast.
  2. For me, Striker is the most pressing one. I quite like Iheanacho, but I don't think he can lead the line by himself in the same way that Vardy can. I think 'Nacho is a good enough back-up, but the drop off in quality compared to Vardy is still massive. We will never sign a striker as good as Vardy - I think I can say that with near certainty - but we do need to aim for a 'world class' (or as close to as we can get in Leicester) Striker, because 1). Vardy is 34 in just over a month, even he will drop off eventually and 2). If Vardy gets an injury, we're screwed.
  3. I think if you made a poll of "Former Leicester player most likely to become a cage fighter", Wasilewski would have topped it with nearly 100% of the votes. Maybe Huth'd get a few, though.
  4. I regret that I can only give this one like. The worst thing in the world is when someone says they'll bring the crisps, and they're ****ing Pringles.
  5. Got Gold 3 in WL (16 wins, 1 off gold 2 annoyingly), but that's the last time I'm going to play it for a long while. Just not worth the time commitment, players seem to be even more toxic than usual, and the lag/scripting is absolutely BS. I feel like I may have actually benefitted from stupid scripting crap more than in cost me in most games, but it's absolutely horrendous. I beat some people that I definitely shouldn't have, but in others lost to people who were worse than me; in some, I could barely control my own players, and I'd hit the bar when it was an open net, while they'd score 3 ti
  6. I have Vardy, Fernandes and N'didi all in my team But you're right, don't see them often. I do have an untradeable Werner, but I use him as a super-sub, 'cus I prefer Vardy,
  7. Suffering from chronic pain for the past 8 months, with no end in sight. Not sure which is worse, the physical or mental aspect.
  8. I like this FIFA, but I'm sick of facing the same team pretty much every game. Ricarlison, Rodrigo, Traore, Saint-Maximim, Inaki Williams, Dembele, Pick 4 of the above, and then play 4-4-2 (or 4-3-3, with Richarlison in midfield). So boring. And don't get me started on bloody Joe Gomez.
  9. Because if you named a tier 'low', then people there wouldn't STAY ALERT and CONTROL THE VIRUS.
  10. Where does Eric Dier rank on this list?
  11. You said Joao Felix, but it's pronounced 'Rodrigo'. (Or sometimes Richarlison)
  12. I'm not particularly great at FIFA (Div 4) But this week's WL has been hard as nails. I managed 12 wins, 19 losses. I even ended up quitting a couple - and I almost never quit, but when you're 3 - 0 down in under 10 minutes, and you can't even touch the ball in the opponents half, then it's not much fun.
  13. Jesus Christ, there's no need to make tonight even more depressing than it already is.
  14. My current team (De Gea in goal - got a little cropped out) Though when the game starts, I normally sub out tielemans, drop Bruno Fernandes to midfield, drop Kane down to AM, and then stick some pacey player up top (currently using a RF Gelson Martins - he has 94 pace and 85 dribbling, so has done well with a finisher chem style stuck on him). Seems FIFA 21 is all about pace. I never really played counter-attacking football on FIFA 20, but I've had more success with an 80 rated speedster up top than Harry Kane this year.
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