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  1. You wouldve thought he would have thought he wouldve decomposed by now
  2. Following some suggestions in the other threads... Its time we created a new religion. A religion for us all, with someone we can believe in, someone who brings joy and goodness to our lives, and smites our opponents. So...Guys Gals and Nonbinary pals... may i present to you... "The First Church of Vardy" Lets begin with the ten commandments... 1) Chat sh!t, Get Banged 2)
  3. and i had him at 11/1 :)... now just nee the 3-2
  4. cmonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn yooooooooooooooooooooooo bloooooooooooooooooooooooossss
  5. Native animals are not our forte'. Im currently facebooking with a more experienced group, hopefully i can drop it off to them to care and assist, alternately, we will find an emergency vet.
  6. Not that good, but the quills are great as toothpics
  7. Well.......... just been handed an injured Echidna.. so looks like staying up is the answer
  8. yeh, you wont be saying that when i get up and we get thumped
  9. You wouldve enjoyed the "religion" thread
  10. Come to the conclusion there is no such thing as the GOAT. Maradona had skills that left me breathless... but, (even more so for players like Pele and Best).. he played at a time when defenders simply crunched you if they couldnt take the ball. In the modern "protected" game, it is impossible to comprehend what he may have done. The post career problems are a sad but unsurprising footnote. Im just so happy to have been able to live in a time when we could all dream of being him....we could watch him play (live on TV) and then go out to training the next week alo
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