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  1. Print media is (sadly) dead. The internet and Murdoch ripped the guts from it. The will be virtually no newspapers by 2030 (possibly excluding small local rags)
  2. Genuinely dont know if this is good..or bad ?
  3. I Jumped off the Strat Fun Went last year, amazing place with a million places to see, highly recommend the MLK memorial. Also... you can go for a tour of the White house, its amazing but quite a hassle, but well worth it in my opinion.. if youd like to know more about it... drop me a message ill try to help
  4. Pixel 3a is highly recommended by a mate, great phone and cheap. As the owner of a Huawei I'm planning to hold until it dies or support ends 😂
  5. I understand the biggest reason people dont succeed as writers is... they dont write. Keep going, try to find a writers group and have people read and feedback as much as you can is all i can recommend having seen it from the slight outside.
  6. just as an aside, i did a bit of a search on some of my previous houses and recent sales... First house i bought 1984 - cost $42,500 - Sold in 1990 for $55,000 - currently selling for = $200,000 next house I bought/built 1990 cost $64,000, sold in 1997 for $77,000 - current estimate = $210,000 next house bought 1997 cost $64,500, sold in 2002 for $184,000 - current estimate = $310,000 next house i bought 2003 cost $200,000, sold in 2005 for $220,000 - current estimate = $395,000 Just imagine the cost of all the stamp duties and agent fees... unbelievable... not to mention the other 2 houses ive bought/sold since moving to WA.
  7. The wonderful Mrs Oz is a writer. She has won a number of awards/competitions and has had a few plays and one act monologues performed in the fringe etc. Has never been profitable, but some wonderful stories with great characters and positive themes. edit She has just completed a novel/partial autobiography, as others mentioned the trick is finding people to read and offer honest, relevant and useful criticism.
  8. Has progressed as a commentator and improved as a reporter. Long way from perfect, long way from how many are describing here. I imagine that NP was fully aware that it was to be an interview for publication, not a get together and quiet pint and tears on shoulders, he has grown up enough to move on.
  9. Dilly ding Dilly Dong, We are in Champions league man, dilly ding dilly dong... went off at work this morning... mouths agape all round
  10. A million quid on non league... sack the board!
  11. Federal Election in Australia today, polls just closed in the east. Expecting (hoping for) for a Labor win after 6 years of awful conservative mismanagement and hate politics
  12. Starbucks, theyll take a limb quicker than a shark
  13. To be fair... ive been here for 40 years, spent hundreds of hours at beaches especially as a kid... Ive NEVER seen a shark while ive been at the beach, i honestly cant remember ever even having the alarm go off. 90% of beaches arent patrolled or covered by alarms so, seeing them is pretty rare. They have the spotter planes cruise the coast just in case
  14. yep, most should carry it, let me know when you are here if you have any trouble... ive got plenty
  15. nah .... literally millions swim all the time... very very rare to be at risk, WA has... imo, the best beaches in the world, the coast line is stunning, golden sand and warm turquoise waters not swimming is almost a crime We have just released a new bandage for snake bites, well worth getting for your first aid kit, designed to cover an entire limb in one and has a display to show how tight to pull it, very good idea indeed. Also... get this on your phone for when you are here.... very helpful.... https://stjohnwa.com.au/online-resources/st-john-first-responder-app
  16. Try not to worry... its the ones they dont see that are the threat
  17. You got it pretty well right. It was a weird time and not something that is particularly rational to outsiders. He and his Treasurer (Paul Keating) restructured Australia entirely, until then, the Australian dollar was tied to UK Pound and the entire financial system was constrained. Hawke was the leader of the unions and did an amazing job of stopping strikes and bringing about consensus..but he did sell out his labor roots. Keating who eventually took over from him was a better PM (IMO). Hawke was very much the man of the people, popularity rate of 75%!!! and remained so, after politics, left his wife for his biographer, went back to his hard drinking.
  18. Australia's "strong borders" government sent 1000 legitimate refugees to USA, in exchange received 2 known murderers/terrorists who were then resettled in australia. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/may/17/morrison-knew-in-2016-of-australias-resettlement-of-rwandans-accused-of-killings
  19. Bob Hawke - Died Thursday 16th May. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Hawke
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