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  1. Jones scores for Man u v Leeds in Perth
  2. Well, back to bed, 1st half great, 2nd half poor. Thanks to LC FC for making the stream available
  3. think it was ... "Harry Maguire, he's worth more than you"
  4. yep, just wonder how their management see the value of a game like this
  5. Scunny really havent had much at all, disappointing for their fans
  6. All but Lesh and Jaku have been changed
  7. no complaints, well except, the heater here seems to be struggling
  8. Go to Tesco, pay an admin fee on every item, seems fair, they havent increased the prices.
  9. https://www.lcfc.com/match/46568#latest
  10. Dont know much about this side, byt that new lad Tillrermans keeps giving it away
  11. Congrats to the club, the stream is A+... (so far)
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