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  1. Not interested in personal attacks.. best we just ignore this point and focus on how we can reduce the evil that people of this scumbags ilk can commit. Whether that is in reality or online.
  2. The silence shouts their racism loud and clear.
  3. People who use facebook and forums to ask questions that would be better answered by typing the same question into a search engine are usually not just seeking attention.
  4. Im making zero reference to trump or trudeau... im talking about an Australian media that allows even supports the hatefilled ravings of scaremongers and racists, they do it for dollars, the politicians do it for power and dollars, hate speech doe not equal free speech
  5. NZ Tv has taken Sky News Australia off air because those filfthy racist scumbags were using the footage. I hope you dont work for News, (i did) but if you do... get out, that company has a hand in this massacre, everyone who works with that company needs to reflect on the job they do. Their papers and more particualrly.. their late night news pander to right wing racist hatemongers and they along with our pathetic politicians help give these people a voice and the feeling of righteousness .
  7. opportunity to learn how to play a game out
  8. very good half considering. think we might still sneak this
  9. if memory serves she was a child when he was at Narch that he was very close to?
  10. what did his shirt say?yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  11. Wes has been solid, thats why we keep him
  12. yes... not deliberate ..more clumsy then gray replaced by morgan
  13. gray taken off by Rodgers and replaced with Wes (700th appearance)
  14. youd think they, of anyone would know how to spell Mehrez
  15. I wonder how many words there are in 5 million posts? and im guessing 30% are... swap the kop.. or XXXX out
  16. She has been a superb leader for some time now... sadly as Canada has the USA ...we have become the New Zealnds - USA. Our leader is a fool with hidden racist undertones and no shame. an edit to that. We have locked refugees up on an island for 5 years now... these people are legal/legitimate/internationally accepted as REFUGEES. The NZ Pm offered to take them... our "leader" wont even allow that, these people (Children included) have no end date to their imprisonment...oh and most are Muslims... what a surprise
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