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  1. People on (of course) social media, having just returned from the shops....complaining about all the people at the shops.
  2. bugger the rematch... i just want to these two photos recreated now
  3. Trump didn’t credit the original author of his 'When the looting starts' quote, but a simple Google search will tell you where it comes from. In 1967, the notorious racist and segregationist police chief of Miami, Walter Headley, declared 'war' against what he claimed was a wave of Black criminals 'taking advantage of the civil rights' movement... This is no coincidence; (Trump) knows exactly what he’s doing. It’s another signal to the racists among his base that he’s with them."
  4. Greatest constitutional crisis of Oz history and the ending of the man who wouldve become our greatest Prime Minister.
  5. Risky Click of the night
  6. What i do on my Friday nights is nobody else's business!
  7. FYI Regarding Corrupt News Corp. One Month ago the Oz government gave $50 million to country publishers (not just news Corp) to help keep jobs etc. Scumbag Murdoch has pocketed the cash and shut up shop. the man is a criminal
  8. If you read my original post, i expressed sorrow for good people that will suffer. OF COURSE i feel for them.
  9. You are not the first to suggest it... and im not in a position to disagree.
  10. Indeed! In fact the scumbag bought many of these local papers quite recently and his cuts and profit squeezing is a much bigger part of their collapse.
  11. I sold for, worked on, and managed more than a dozen of them over 10 years in 2 states. I know full well what he and his papers and employees do. I celebrate the crumbling of an evil empire.
  12. Anyone who believes that Murdoch and his evil empire is speaking on behalf of anyone other than the rich/corporate is a simpleton.
  13. After much disagreement and distrust in OZ about our tracking App. The government still (3 weeks after release) refuse to allow full access to the code. The app fails when using on an Iphone and there are still some questions about data security.
  14. True, but they are the beginning of the end. The wrong juniors took over the company and are as bad as dad.
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