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  1. Peterborough away - 12.30pm Sat 27th January

    No chance I was there at dinner time and nowhere near that number had been sold when I asked.
  2. Over sold away end . ..

    There you go bayfox, she is part of the UFS and she ADMITS IT WAS DANGEROUS.
  3. Over sold away end . ..

    Again your ignorance knows no boundaries. You have clearly skipped out what I've wrote and just started rambling on about stuff what I haven't even said. Please quote me if I'm wrong though. This wasn't my first trip to Peterborough, the league one season was rammed but that day was a lot worst. The year before we played there wasn't know where near as packed either. READ THE THREAD BACK ON PEOPLE VIEWS THAT DAY PLEASE. I'm not in a minority here. Again ive stated I want safe standing and don't question my support of the club please. Just because I'm not part of the UFS. Doesn't mean I don't stand and sing all game. That arrogant attuide won't get the UFS anywhere attacking fans with a different view point of improving the atmosphere.
  4. Over sold away end . ..

    See what I mean with some people ? Bayfox read the thread back and you'll probably get a idea on this. I'm not alone on what I'm saying. So please stop trying to make out it's only me who held that view that day. I got there with 5 mins to go till kick off and couldn't get in any part of the stand and it wasn't just me either. Hundreds of city fans where outside for ages waiting to get in. Made news that boro had to come out and issue a statement on it. It was unsafe so stop trying to be a hero and justify it.
  5. Over sold away end . ..

    Just to remind bayfox of the last trip to the great over sold terrace on the moys end. People have short memories on this shit hole of a away end. Glad they knocked it down. I'm all for standing but that day was a joke. Clearly over sold and I missed the first 30 mins because of it.
  6. 'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    But the difference between the babysquad and the UFS is that the babysquad aren't ultras. The babysquad are old school English supporters, the flags and the stickers I can get. I don't mind them, the chants, they're trying. What I think this boils down to aswell , they have a great chance to improve the atmosphere but the ultra thing puts people off abit. Like a lot of people on here are defending them but also aren't part of the group but like singing and standing. Why aren't more people joining ? These guys wanna improve the atmosphere what I'm 100% behind, just the ultra thing let's them down for me. It's not personal because like said I'm sure they're great guys and work hard to improve the atmosphere and I would always back a idea to improve the atmosphere. Hence why I moved to sk1. Bert made a great point about UTD away support, I think that's the road we should be going down. Black jackets isn't a Ultra thing either. They don't have UFS printed on them. We should be trying to strive for that kinda of support. I will never insult the UFS for trying to improve the atmosphere though because I agree with them on that.
  7. 'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    Read back my post and you'll understand ...
  8. 'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    I have a good take on who's in the UFS on who use to post on here back in the day. Also Man Utd wearing black jackets ? What's that got to do with anything ? They are the best away end in the country and thank you for mentioning Man Utd away end. They are proper English football fans, that's what going to footy is all about. They aren't ultras in the slightest and I know a few proper Utd fans who go away all the time. They would laugh at UFS if they seen them. They dont have a group name or carry stickers or wear t shirts pretending to be ultras. They come to games, stand and sing for 90 mins !!! That's what we should be striving for !!! Nail on the head here. Utd don't need gimmicks and we don't either.
  9. 'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    For a person who stands in L1 but doesn't know them very well. You seem to know a lot about them as people and their ideas. So most lads going footy with their mates, Feel the need to take stickers with them and wear black T shirts ? Or follow a German club so you can pretend to be a Ultra for a day ? Shouldn't be a group, should just be Leicester fans wanting to improve the atmosphere and that's where I stand on it. I wanna improve the atmosphere but I don't feel the need to create a group with a name and copy Palace. Also I was at newcastle away and the whole end was loud. Not just because the UFS where there.
  10. 'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    Who cares about the European leagues ? If you do, I suggest you go support a team in Germany and leave the real Leicester fans to supporting Leicester. Again, I'm all in support of safe standing but I don't want a safe standing section like Celtic. If anyone went Celtic park a couple years ago, will not what I'm on about. They just jumped and danced around and waved flags. Not interested in watching the actual game. That's what groups like the UFS aspire to be and it's pathetic. What happening to lads going footy with their mates, standing up and singing Leicester songs ? These TIFOs, stickers and black t shirts are not English football. Also most people on here , are UFS guys. Go on bentleys roof or other Leicester forums and you'll see how much people agree and like their idealogys.
  11. 'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    Funny because before the West Ham game at home what kick started the great escape , we played hull at home and it was one of the worst atmosphere at the kp. Most games that season when we were losing everyweek. The atmosphere was shite. Man Utd aside but again that was because of the game. The UFS have made no difference this season have they ? The atmosphere is shite now, the UFS are still there. Why aren't they improving the atmosphere then ?
  12. 'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    Where all these people saying how great they are, why aren't you over in SK1 with them ? I moved to SK1 purely for the fact that the UFS was setting up there. I wanted to be part of improving the atmosphere and still very much behind it. If the UFS moved away from the ultra stuff, I wouldn't be in here saying anything. It all boils down to them wanting to be Palace. I hate Palace ultras, they're cringey as ****. Palace were a nothing club with shit fans who tried to reinvent themselves because they had nothing else going for them. Also the ties with crappy 2nd division German sides, nobody cares and I'd rather have genuine Leicester fans in the ground, rather then the UFS trying to show off to their European ultras mates.
  13. 'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    The atmosphere was improved with results on the pitch. The great escape , winning the league and the Seville game. Don't make out the atmosphere been cracking because of them. Results on the pitch helped.I'm not attacking them personally or anything and I admire they wanna improve the atmosphere and I'm all up for a improvement. However I'm not having the Ultra crap and never will. They also need to improve the songs and timing of them. We don't need to be singing a song for 10 minutes with hardly anyone joining in and someone drumming along.
  14. 'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    I stand in sk1 with them. I'm not making things up.
  15. 'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    You wanna be careful mate, bayfox is issusing a statement as we speak ...