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  1. Hugo Sanchez

    Team announced by fans in the stand

    Remember the days of Chelsea dagger Wearing that shitty top tiles kit with Martin Allen changing the flower beds to blue and they where optimistic times aswell !!! Getting home to hear the double signing of Campbell and clemence. Matty fryatt I believe also won a BBQ set that summer in training.
  2. Hugo Sanchez

    Pre-season Fixtures 2018/19

    Wouldn't suprised me, I can see Lille selling on the gate whatever City stance is. Can't see them turning people away at a friendly. Probably won't even ask for any tickets knowing how shite the ticket office is.
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  4. Hugo Sanchez

    Pre-season Fixtures 2018/19

    That's good news then, I reckon we could take a few. You reckon be buy from the club or just pay on the gate ?
  5. Hugo Sanchez

    Pre-season Fixtures 2018/19

    How many tickets do you think we'll get for this ?
  6. Hugo Sanchez

    Cheap Football Shirts

    Right I've order city new shirt and I can't work it out if they're got it wrong or not. The bottom pic is a picture of the kit with no light on it. Looks like Royal blue but the middle pic is clearly not Royal blue. Do you reckon they have got it spot on ?
  7. Hugo Sanchez

    Bumper World Cup Quiz

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  8. Hugo Sanchez

    90's Leicester Quiz

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  9. Hugo Sanchez

    Serie A Quiz Akabusi

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  10. Hugo Sanchez

    World Cup on UK TV quiz

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  11. Hugo Sanchez

    Arsene Wenger

    I know he's never been mister popular to most Leicester fans over the years but I thought tonight at the end was really classy tribute from us. He said a lot of nice things about us in the press conference after. Strange to think that be the last time we shall see him down here. Premiership legend.
  12. I don't agree, 4 wins in 16 isn't good enough. When the players have stopped playing for the manager it's time we acted. He will be sacked when the season ends.
  13. Hugo Sanchez

    Ticket Exchange: Positive Feedback

    @Smiler75 trusted seller and good communication.
  14. Hugo Sanchez

    Hamza Choudhury

    Thank the lord !!! People are trying to make out he had some amazing debut. He didn't , and was a complete passenger. He made two blocks what he should be making. He didn't want the ball and his positioning was poor. He isn't ready yet for this level. I want him to succeed and be a great player but I'm also a realist and people have got their heads in the clouds if they thought he was brilliant yesterday. He wasn't in the game and Burnley next week I would play maquire in midfield.
  15. Hugo Sanchez

    Iborra could be out for the rest of the season

    Can you please calm down about choudhury. Are you best mates with him or something ? What did he do apart from look completely out of place ? He made about 2 interceptions and passed the ball sideways. He wasn't amazing and if matty James had they 2nd half you would be slagging him off. You always slag off macquire for some strange reason yet he was better in midfield then your mate. Please please tell me though, how he looked great ? Ask a Newcastle fan if they think he looked great when he came on and I bet they wouldn't even had realise he was on the pitch.