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  1. I don't agree, 4 wins in 16 isn't good enough. When the players have stopped playing for the manager it's time we acted. He will be sacked when the season ends.
  2. Ticket Exchange: Positive Feedback

    @Smiler75 trusted seller and good communication.
  3. Hamza Choudhury

    Thank the lord !!! People are trying to make out he had some amazing debut. He didn't , and was a complete passenger. He made two blocks what he should be making. He didn't want the ball and his positioning was poor. He isn't ready yet for this level. I want him to succeed and be a great player but I'm also a realist and people have got their heads in the clouds if they thought he was brilliant yesterday. He wasn't in the game and Burnley next week I would play maquire in midfield.
  4. Iborra could be out for the rest of the season

    Can you please calm down about choudhury. Are you best mates with him or something ? What did he do apart from look completely out of place ? He made about 2 interceptions and passed the ball sideways. He wasn't amazing and if matty James had they 2nd half you would be slagging him off. You always slag off macquire for some strange reason yet he was better in midfield then your mate. Please please tell me though, how he looked great ? Ask a Newcastle fan if they think he looked great when he came on and I bet they wouldn't even had realise he was on the pitch.
  5. Leicester 1- Newcastle 2 post match thread.

    We had Ndidi last 3 homes before and didn't win ? Against teams we should be beating.
  6. Puel In or Out - A simple Poll

    The people voting in ? Do you actually turn up and have to watch this shite week in week out ?
  7. Leicester 1- Newcastle 2 post match thread.

    Out of interest , how many games home or away do you go ? Easy not to moan, when you don't turn up week in week out.
  8. Fireworks Display And Free Chocolate

    Very North Korea.
  9. Jeff astles widow hit by thrown object at wba game

    Is defo a West Midlands thing though. Stoke, Birmingham, West Brom, Wolves, Villa and Coventry always has some kinda trouble. I'd say there's more trouble at West Midlands games then east midland games.
  10. Jeff astles widow hit by thrown object at wba game

    What I noticed Saturday is their a lot of lads who go , don't care about the actual game. Some people Saturday turned up completely rat arsed drunk and had no idea what was actually going on, on the pitch. Also these over the top celebrations of falling down the stairs and ending up on the floor. I'd understand if it was a massive game and was a massive goal but going 3-1 up against the shittest team in the league hardly warrants it. Also noticed they don't sing or anything, or support the team. Spend more time in the concourse throwing beer around singing **** the IRA. I didn't see any coin throwing but did go out for a fag at HT and noticed the fence separating both fans was being targeted by mostly our fans and throwing bottles over. Reading the stuff on Facebook about it, the club have used cctv and got faces of the people throwing coins. They'll get banned but they'll still be able to get tickets and go though. Same as Madrid away, a lot of people out there who weren't even bothered about the Football.
  11. City away shirt sale

    Is it only online ? Or are they on sale in the shop at that price today?
  12. Players you forgotten had played for us

    Luke O'Neill was the one.
  13. Players you forgotten had played for us

    Priet I think played the Crewe cup game, the year we was in the prem under Micky Adams or came on as sub. Nathan Blake ( one of the worst strikers ever ) Chris Makin (scored a fine OG at cov) Jon Ashton (Ipswich away ) Who was that young defender who came on against Sheffield Utd the season we played Cardiff in the play offs. Remember Morrison having a 45 yard screamer just tipped over in that game. He played 45 mins was nowhere ready and never to be seen again.
  14. Least amount of supporters standing?

    If you don't go away games then how can you comment on away crowds ? I don't go to watch the tigers so I wouldn't comment on their atmosphere. If you go away games then I'll take your comments seriously but if you don't then I don't think you should be saying anything in all honesty.
  15. Iborra - lack of closeness within the squad

    Band of brothers was sprouted only 2 years ago. Kante and drinkwater have left. So why all of a sudden is there's none of it left ?