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  1. We were linked a few years back I believe
  2. teblin

    Gary Cahill

  3. Let's get in the top six then
  4. Alfie mawson, was highly rated by some on here. Worth a pop as a replacement?
  5. Yeah it's like passing to your self.
  6. If you hit the post and then touch it without anyone else it's always been a free kick.
  7. Was a red. Rash, injured the guy. Guy who gave the ball away made the issue.
  8. It's big Sam's grand son I believe.
  9. teblin


    If fit he is better than Ian. But would be a gamble.
  10. teblin

    Papy Mendy

    I personally think papy has had a decent season. I'd like to see him stay.
  11. I remember him doing a step over in the administration year promotion which took 2 opposition players pretty much into the stands.
  12. Before the championship winning team, muzzy for me was the best player I had seen play for city. Maybe one of the few from that oneill team that would have got into the title winning team.
  13. 2nd after ormondroyd of course.
  14. Down to I asked that. Sunday league clearance.
  15. Walsh wore his heart on his sleeve. But wouldn't get anywhere near the prem winning team. My opinion.
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