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  1. What is he get us in the champions league or wins us a trophy while we are at it?
  2. Fits brendans “broken” conversions I guess.
  3. A bit of a gamble this but I guess all signings are!
  4. The thing I was thinking about earlier is we learned our lesson from last season. we went to city and tried to out play them last season and got destroyed. also papy, what a start to the season!
  5. Could it be 2 defensive midfielders? Preat playing wise?
  6. Mentioned it elsewhere, don’t know where his fitness is but sturridge as back up for Vardy wouldn’t be the worst idea. agree on centre back completely. mendy is a decent stand in, but his fitness bothers me. I think we may need to get someone in.
  7. The problem with keeping hamza to cover for wilf is i am not 100% convinced he is DM. More of a savage type workhorse.
  8. Sturridge wouldn’t surprise me at all. Scored goals at this level and know Brendan well.
  9. Hope he’s as good as the other 2 Turkish players we have had.
  10. He was at the game saw him talking to the subs.
  11. Only player we had booked was Justin I believe. For me it is his fitness that is in doubt rather than ability. If he stays fit, he’s steady and a decent back up for wilf. Sometimes I think he is better with the ball than wilf.
  12. He was there though.
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