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  1. Spot on, I can’t believe they didn’t mention the push or look at it for the penalty. Anywhere on the pitch we get a free kick. shame nacho didn’t take his 2nd chance.
  2. Supporting city is like being in a relationship with someone who leads you on then doesn’t call for weeks.
  3. Spot on, other team can make changes that really have an impact, we don’t. Well not consistently. Gray has done at times, Albrighton does at times. Kelichi has Had a little more impact from the bench but still does strike fear into the opposition.
  4. Maybe he is just a good guy?
  5. We were better yesterday when Perez(and praet) we’re still on the pitch.
  6. I agree in terms of the premier league season. But the championship year where we fell from the top to about 8th, some of those were terrible. Barnsley away is the main one that springs to mind. i just mean I’m sure this team will bounce back, maybe it needs a few additional players. We just need 3 wins and I’m sure we will be fine.
  7. Not quite, just no need for knee jerk reaction. if we can scrape the points to qualify for the champions league, then maybe just maybe we can build something.
  8. Do you remember when this happened under Pearson twice. we were top or 2nd in the championship, had a bad run then got into the playoffs on the last day, the next season we won the league. they again when we were bottom of the league, we had a scrappy goal by king that sparked us to our survival. And we all know what happened the next season. we just need a win then I’m sure we will be fine. I know it’s a bit if but if we get 2 wins this week. 6 points with 5 games left will look better.
  9. Manager and clubs usually have a bad spell in a season. we are still 3rd despite the bad run, it will turn soon. We need a break or a bit of luck. Even yesterday when their guy blocks a header when he’s not even looking. if we can get 3 win in our last 7 games i think that will be enough.
  10. I’ve heard toothless is good on the wing, when given the right motivation has fire in his belly. It’s all about how you train him.
  11. He usually takes a few games, hopefully he’ll start scoring then we will be fine.
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