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  1. Sure Brendan said we can’t recall him.
  2. Fuchs and cambiasso were pretty decent too.
  3. It’s good that we don’t need to rush him.
  4. Worried about the Chelsea situation. Think Frank might be struggling and wouldn’t surprise me if if they came in for Brendan.
  5. We got a point away, with a much changed side. Should’ve won. We will be in the top 4 going into the new year. I’m sure people forget how far we have come.
  6. Ha youri was the best player on the pitch!
  7. Youri is the best player on the pitch, the pundits won’t notice that as Man Utd are playing.
  8. Think that’s been rubbished. The players in question are suffering long term effects of covid and that’s why they haven’t been in the squad.
  9. With VAR high wouldn’t get away with some stuff he did.
  10. I think we will try a Man City/Arsenal performance. Hope it doesn’t turn out like Liverpool
  11. We were better on Sunday. we had wilf and 2 big centre backs. It makes a difference.
  12. People talk about home and away form. The games might as well be all at natural grounds.
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