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  1. teblin

    Slimani - Wants to leave

    Didn't have to did he? Wasn't he involved in internationals?
  2. teblin

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    For me he is more skilful than both, but hasnt got the raw pace. He is doubled/trebled up on. They can't do that against man city
  3. teblin

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    DOesn't it also reflect that the rest of the team aren't at the same level as that year, so he doesn't get the same opportunities?
  4. teblin

    Thorgan Hazard

    He was involved in 23(scored/assists) goals last season. Pretty effective in my book.
  5. teblin

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    I'm not sure we have replaced Kante and drinky.
  6. teblin

    Serhat Tasdemir

    David kelly
  7. teblin

    Marlon Santos - Barcelona CB

    He has, but Barca can recall.
  8. teblin

    Vardy to Atletico

    I called this a few weeks ago, just had a feeling that he might move on. You couldn't begrudge him it either. Without him and Mahrez it will leave a big hole, but we would have to replace them both sooner or later and maybe getting 80 million to help us do this will help.
  9. teblin

    David Wagner

    Think he's done a cracking job at huddlesfield. However this is a massive summer for us. I'm not sure a young up and coming manager is the right choice. Can he attract players? Can he keep hold of players? Will he be commanding enough for the strong personalities? We need to ship out a few players and allow any manager now to bring in there own players to allow the style they want. (Not puel)
  10. teblin

    Puel Gets Full Backing of the Board

    Im torn on this. I don't want to keep changing managers. But we have to keep the right one. He's had a bad run, however some of the most successful we've had have had runs like this. In the playoff season (deeney) we had a terrible run under Pearson, as well as up until march in the great escape season. O'Neill had protests about him outside the ground. And had winless runs of about 10 games in one of the premier seasons. We could still have our joint 2nd highest league possible in the premier.
  11. teblin

    Relegation to League One - Ten years ago today.

    I work in stoke now, terrible day. Made me appreciate what happened since! Amazing Journey.
  12. teblin

    Marco Silva?

    I'd be happy with this. Though he doesn't hang around long.
  13. Was was against another change of management. But you have to keep the right one.
  14. teblin

    Papy Mendy - coming back ?

    Didn't realise he is only 25 still. Hasn't really has a chance here. Sure if Claude is still here in the summer he will get a chance in pre season
  15. teblin

    Adrien Silva

    He has shown flashes of real quality. Remember cambiaso took a good few months. Vardy was poor in his first season with us and was pretty poor in his first premier season.