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  1. I still think we will do it. also what is amazing as a Leicester fan is we are going into a end of a season with 7 games left 3rd in the league and in a FA cup semi final. To be in with a chance is amazing, to be up there again is fantastic.
  2. When I first saw it, thought he should’ve done better. As he seems to gesture like he’s leaving it. but when you see the replay. Not only does it serve he kinda miskicks it into the ground too. Along with many players we have at the minute, people don’t realise how lucky we are to have kasper.
  3. Indeed! I always thought JM was an articulate intelligent guy. So either I was wrong, or he just thought he could get away with it/doesn’t care.
  4. Great finishing yesterday. Maybe could’ve had one early on too with a little more composure. Was at fault for the 3rd goal with a poor touch. But many players were at fault yesterday for 70 mins.
  5. Does everyone realise that was only the 2nd game we have lost away all season?
  6. Shame we have Kel gave that ball away for the goal. But he did his best to make up for it. albrighton brilliant when he Came on.
  7. Shut up with all this crap! We will make the top 4. Last season we wouldn’t have seen that fight.
  8. We’d had 3 before they scored and at that point they hadn’t had any.
  9. It’s not youri, people are just adding his name as he wasn’t in the training videos.
  10. The injurries did us last year I think. It’s in our hands
  11. He was pretty damn good against Utd, everyone was.
  12. Don’t think we will be selling Perez. Offers us cover in a few positions.
  13. I thought he looked sharp and quick yesterday. Was about our best player overall.
  14. He was doing ok, but got a bad knee injury I think.
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