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  1. Adrien Silva

    He has shown flashes of real quality. Remember cambiaso took a good few months. Vardy was poor in his first season with us and was pretty poor in his first premier season.
  2. Burnley Away 14/04/2018 - Pre-Match Discussion

    I would get 3 at the back to get an extra physical presence.
  3. Adrien Silva

    He got better as soon as ibbora went off.
  4. Fireworks Display And Free Chocolate

    Cheer up guys it might never happen. 10 years ago. We were on our way down to league 1. Since then this guy has bought our club, paid off debt, helped us get promoted and WIN THE LEAGUE. Fireworks chocolate and beers, yeah something to complain about.
  5. Linked Players

    We were linked with Madison too earlier in the season.
  6. Full backs who can pass and cross?

    Chilwell is 21 and will improve. Lots of what's being said of him was said of Ashley Cole when he was young. Let's not write him off yet. Simpson has been brilliant but we need a right back who is comfortable on the ball.
  7. Puel

    Give the guy a chance, he is trying to change the way we play. He isn't pep by any means, but he struggled to get man city playing how he wanted in his first season. If we finish 7th or 8th that is a good season. And taking out the anomaly of us winning the league it is our best finish in the premier era.
  8. Iborra - Key Player?

    Iborra isn't consistent, but I have seen games where he has taken control of it and ran the game. I can't say I've seen that if James. I like James but I think we look a better team with iborra in it. Gives a presence, good in the air too and think he does have goals in him.
  9. Drago, Amartey, Iborra

    To be fair everyone was poor against palace. He did have some off games, but he had a good few where he looked a top top player.
  10. Maybe not long term, but against a team that plan to sit back between now and the end of the season.
  11. FA Cup 2018

    Well done Wigan. We have a tough draw but we have a chance this year.
  12. I was there. I remember that one. Just think Musa might have got into our 1994 side over him.
  13. In the premier league?
  14. Musa isn't even in the worst 5 to play for us in the premier league. Heath, Blake, Franz Carr, Willis, Benjamin, David Lowe, Rodgers to name a few