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  1. Verratti and Thauvin for me. Stuck them straight into the Aouar SBC. Ready for the sweatiest weekend league of the year this weekend, with the ultimate tots rewards
  2. Recently been loving fifa... Until I actually play a game. Trading and completing sbcs at this point is just so much more enjoyable. Hoping for big gameplay changes for next year!
  3. Sommer, lopes and muriel from my picks. Still yet to have one that gets in my team. And I've lost about 150k on the FS vinicius I bought earlier in the week
  4. Managed to get into elite this weekend. Watch my picks be worse than everyone at gold 3 ?
  5. Those that are driving... Any ideas on where the best place to park is?
  6. One of these days I'll get a player pick that fits my team. Frustrating that you can pick a player and then he still appears in the next set of picks
  7. Looking for one ticket to Palace away, can anyone help?? Thanks!
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