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  1. Watkins rightly yellow-carded for the dive, but so many other offenders seem to get away without sanction.
  2. Remarkable synchronicity that Maguire is the most booked player but has completely avoided suspension.
  3. Definite foul by Mitchell. Berge not going to ground gave the ref a reason not to award a penalty.
  4. I don't know, but I guess not because I haven't had an email yet.
  5. Slow movement, lazy passing, careless play, no desire. Utterly embarrassing. This could be a horrible week coming up.
  6. Too much crappy facial hair depleting our players' powers.
  7. Kasper's legendary distribution put us under pressure.
  8. Flew to Cyprus in the afternoon with my wife and mother. Wore my City top with immense pride and a huge smile. One of the stewardesses was a City fan, she hadn't been able to get the day off. She managed to get the score before we landed. I started some singing on the plane, some lads further back joined in. Watched the extensive highlights on the internet when we got to the villa and I drank Keo into the night. Still sad that I missed the big day and the Victoria Park celebrations.
  9. Kane boots the free kick into the wall yet again.
  10. That would only be punishing the fans. Oh.
  11. Sky now discussing the several players Man U need to sign, perpetuating the entitlement and the "big 6" narrative.
  12. I can't help wondering how much of the Man U protest is partly a demonstration of the same entitlement that the greedy six's owners are accused of. How much of this is because Man U fans, not satisfied with the huge investment in players, and the relatively lean years following SAF's departure, believe they are entitled to more?
  13. The Sky presenter introduced the second half saying "Fulham are on the ropes". It's 1-0 ffs!
  14. We lacked the sharpness that's been the feature of our recent performances. Tonight it was slow, obvious passes, less off-the-ball movement to enable moves down the wings, and snatched half chances. Southampton didn't crumble like perhaps we expected when they went down to 10, and they were assisted by an inadequate referee who singularly failed to take any action against their constant excessive timewasting. At least thirty or forty seconds per goal kick and 20 seconds per throw in add up to several minutes when the ball wasn't in play. We weren't good enough to win tonight, so a point is a s
  15. Yes, and the ref bottled clamping down on the excessive timewasting before every goal kick, throw in and free kick. Not that we'd have done anything with the time.
  16. 25 to 30 seconds to take every goal kick. 10 to 15 seconds to take every throw in. When is the ref going to penalise the repeated time-wasting?
  17. Seventeen seconds from their goalie catching the ball to releasing it.
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