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  1. Louise

    Man City Post Match Thread

    King was involved in some good passing moves. Amartey looks panicked every time he has the ball.
  2. Louise

    Captain Wes Morgan bottles of Rum

    This is where I got some at Christmas. Out of stock at the moment https://www.drinksupermarket.com/captain-wes-morgan-limited-edition-spiced-rum-70cl
  3. Louise

    Shocking Subs

    I'm sure I remember him making a run forward and crossing into the box? (Cross went long, picked up by Albrighton who then lost it)
  4. Louise

    Poor TV pundits with sh#te opinions

    Keown was questioning Shakespeare on MOTD2 on Monday as well. Just rewatching those highlights and after Hamann starts talking about the rumours of players going to the owners he says "Shakespeare as well was coming in. He's saying listen I think I'm good enough to take over. You wonder what was going on with him as well - it has to be said - because that's how it looks from the outside. You know does he fancy himself to be manager?" Seems like he didn't get the right reaction on Monday so he beefed it up last night. Definitely got a bee in his bonnet.
  5. Louise

    Next Manager?

    My heart says Pearson but my head says Hiddink. I hope Nige is somewhere enjoying this good press and that it gets him another job. As with MON I think it's best to keep the good memories and not risk them being sullied by a bad run (though if either came back and said up front it was just until the end of the season to keep us up then left with dignity..... I'm almost talking myself into it). Of the non-ex managers Hiddink is the one who would fill me with the most confidence. Though I'm all for giving Shakespeare a couple of games.
  6. Louise

    Southampton away

    Might be better off phoning them up to get it sorted as I was having the same problem. If they don't have any left you could try closer to the time as people drop out. Or go for Ausden Clark.
  7. Louise

    Middlesbrough Away 2nd January

    £5 food and drink vouchers from the club for this one
  8. Louise

    Stoke Away 17th December

    10:30? Maybe they don't park at the stadium? The FT coaches are leaving at 12:30
  9. Louise

    Here comes the moan in

    Birch said the other day that Beckford gives him a hug every morning. ETA: Presumably on the training ground.
  10. Louise

    Kingy back in the squad

    Surely 'in the squad' just means in the 16. He'll be on the bench.
  11. Louise

    Post Match Hull

    That is (mostly) correct. 08/09 - 1 home loss 09/10 - 4 home losses (+1 playoff leg) 11/12 - 1 home loss Home games managed: 57 league, 8 cup, 1 playoff leg League total: 57 games, 6 losses Total: 66 games, 7 losses. What a jinx for Tuesday
  12. Louise

    Post Match Hull

    It did hit the post, bounced off one of our players (I think) and Marshall cleared off the line.
  13. A lot of it starts pre-season though - players can pick up over the season, like Danns and Beckford as you say, but if you don't do pre-season right then it can catch up with players in the end (or even at the start - just look at Sousa's pre-season...ugh). One thing Pearson said a few times in his first time here was that 'players have to have a 95 minute mentality'. I imagine he'll be drilling that into the players pre-season.
  14. Louise

    Big changes NOT required in the summer....

    Just to keep in mind, these are the players out of contract in the summer: Weale, Logan, Vassell, Howard, Oakley & Tunchev We need.. GK - a back-up keeper, both Weale and Logan are out of contract in the summer. Maybe Weale's will be renewed. Lowish priority though, we have Smith if desperate. RB - Some competition for Peltier... Moore could fill this role but perhaps too much pressure for him at the moment. CB - Depends on who leaves. Tunch is out of contract. If we manage to keep St Ledger, Morgan, Mills and Bamba we might not need anyone else. Winger - preferably versatile so can play either side. Central Midfield - need a younger Wellens (I think he can still do a job for us in the squad but we need to be looking for replacements for the future) Striker - as Howard will be leaving we might need a target man just to offer some variety to our attack, but really this is the area of the pitch where we are most sorted. So to my mind that's 4/5 players, obviously rising if we lose some players we don't want to lose. Not a massive turnover which to my mind is for the best as we really just need tweaking here and there rather than wholesale changes.
  15. Louise